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"???" Venerable White was confused.

Yu Jiaojiao said, "Shuhang, what were you trying to say?"

Ye Si also looked at Song Shuhang with a curious expression on her face.

Song Shuhang replied, "Weird, what's happening? I apparently can't say the words I want to say!"

After pondering for a moment, he tried to use the secret sound transmission technique to transmit his words to Venerable White. He suspected that the [Senior White] he'd met in the nightmare might have used some sort of technique on him to prevent him from saying unnecessary things.

But even if this technique could control his mouth and tongue, he could still use the secret sound transmission method. It shouldn't be able to block that too, right?

Thereupon, Song Shuhang decided to transmit the words he wanted to say through the secret sound transmission technique.

However, that method didn't work, either.

Venerable White had a confused expression on his face. This time, the entire content of Song Shuhang's message was censored, and Venerable White only heard, 'Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep~'.

"So the secret sound transmission technique doesn't work, either?" Song Shuhang wasn't convinced yet. He grabbed his small notebook and wrote on it with a pen. 'Senior White, I had a dream yesterday, and in the dream, I met XXXXXXXX.'

But just as he was writing the last part, Song Shuhang felt that his hand wasn't under his control anymore; the final part of the sentence turned into a series of Xs as a result.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Was this technique so powerful, to the point that he couldn't even write about that matter?

Venerable White furrowed his brows, and asked, "Are you affected by some kind of curse?"

Song Shuhang nodded his head, and said, "Speaking of which, there is indeed a curse that is affecting me. Unfortunately, my ghost spirit disappeared. Otherwise, it could have swallowed it down at once."

"What type of curse is it? And when was it placed on your body?" Venerable White asked.

"It's a magical technique of the ancient Jet-Black Sect. This curse-like magical technique has the ability to make me sink into a nightmarish dream. Anyway, it happened when those sea urchin warriors attacked Yu Jiaojiao's place. There was a puppet amongst the sea urchin warriors, and that puppet pointed its finger at me and activated this magical technique," Song Shuhang replied.

Venerable White furrowed his brows even more. Back then, he examined Song Shuhang's whole body, and didn't find the traces of any curse. Was the curse so well concealed?

"Nevertheless, this matter that I can't speak or write about isn't related to the curse," Song Shuhang said, somewhat worried.

During the discussion, Song Shuhang tried to use words with similar pronunciations or spelling to write out the things he wanted to say, but it was all useless.

What was the background of that formidable Senior White he'd met in the nightmare yesterday? This censoring skill simply went against the rules!

The more Song Shuhang was trying to reveal what happened in the dream, the strongest the power of censorship was getting.

It reached the point that as long as Song Shuhang thought of telling Venerable White anything related to that other [Senior White], the words he was saying, writing, typing on his mobile phone, and even the things he was drawing, would automatically turn into a series of 'beep, beep, beep~' or Xs.

This feeling was simply **** **** ****.

But right at this time, Venerable White asked, "Is this matter you want to speak of related to me?"

Song Shuhang repeatedly nodded his head.

"Interesting. I'm really curious as to what you saw in your dream. I'll try to find a way to solve this problem. You don't need to worry, Shuhang. Anyway, it's better if we complete the shooting of the movie first." Venerable White looked at the time, and then said, "Director Jacob will get angry if we are late."

Song Shuhang forced a smile, and said, "It seems there is no other way."

Afterward, Venerable White, Song Shuhang, Yu Jiaojiao, and Ye Si jogged toward the shooting location.


After Venerable White arrived, the shooting of the movie started.

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group and Venerable Spirit Butterfly's subordinates were already lying on the ground and playing the parts of their dead characters.

Next to their corpses was a large stretch of ruins littered with flames. They had accomplished all of this overnight through the usage of magical techniques.

Director Jacob was somewhat surprised.

Scenes such as this usually required computer-generated imagery to be completed, but this group of rich people had recreated this scene in real life in 1:1 scale just to shoot this part!

What was burning weren't the ruins of the sect, but money!

Director Jacob felt that this movie was going to be the easiest movie of his life.

The investors were immediately satisfying all the conditions about the locations he was putting forward.

The actors were incredibly good-looking, and their acting skills were excellent.

Furthermore, all the scenes of the movie that were shot were as beautiful as pieces of art.


After the shooting of the movie started, Song Shuhang wore once again that daoist robe pierced with swords, and lay next to True Monarch White Crane in that secret passage used for emergencies, playing dead.

In this arc where the main character Ling Ye was rushing toward the ruins of his sect, Senior Brother Gao Sheng would make one last appearance.

Senior Sister Ye Si also seemed very interested in the movie. Therefore, she took the place of one of Venerable Spirit Butterfly's subordinates, and played the role of a dead female disciple of the sect. She was now lying on the ground not too far from Song Shuhang.

Playing the part of a corpse had a special feeling for Senior Sister Ye Si. After all, 'death' had a different meaning for those that had already experienced it once.

At this time, they were shooting the part of Venerable White riding over from a distant place with his flying sword and landing in the proximity of the Immaterial Cloud Sect.

Since the scene hadn't shifted onto them yet, the corpses inside the secret passage could chat freely.

Song Shuhang said, "Senior White Crane, you are too close to me."

True Monarch White Crane replied, "Tsk! Do you think I want to be close to you? If not for you forgetting your protective talisman the last time and me dying together with you to save the scene, we wouldn't be pasted together in death!"

Song Shuhang replied, "...I'm sorry."

Just as they discussing, Yu Jiaojiao said via secret sound transmission, "Senior White Crane, Shuhang, don't speak. The camera is about to move toward your position."

Ling Ye had now landed, and was looking at the ruins of the Immaterial Cloud Sect. He saw the ground littered with the corpses of his fellow disciples and the blazing flames shrouding the ruins of the sect. After seeing the scene, Ling Ye lost his mind, and turned over the corpse of each disciple while his tears were falling uncontrollably.

While shooting this scene, the camera took several long shots and captured the various corpses of the disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect lying on the ground. Soon after, the camera shifted to the secret passage, and took a close-up of Song Shuhang, True Monarch White Crane, Ye Si, and the various other people lying on the ground.

After finishing with the close-ups, the camera focused on Venerable White's body again.

Ling Ye silently carried away the corpses of the various disciples, and decided to erect a gravestone for each of them.

While digging the grave for Senior Sister Murong Hua and Feng Chuanzi, Ling Ye stiffened for a moment. But in the end, he still buried Senior Sister Murong Hua and Feng Chuanzi together.


In the secret passage, Song Shuhang was silently playing the role of the corpse of his character when some words were transmitted to him via secret sound transmission.

It was Ye Si's voice. "Shuhang, your ghost spirit could swallow the curses affecting your body? Which kind of magical technique did you use to coordinate with the ghost spirit and allow it to swallow down these curses?"

Song Shuhang replied, "About that... my ghost spirit underwent a mutation, and it gained that skill after the mutation."

Ye Si replied, "Oh, I see."

She had come in contact with various ghost spirits in the past, and she had never heard about a ghost spirit possessing a similar ability.

Little did she expect that she, too, would turn into a ghost spirit one day!


Time flew by, and the day was over in the blink of an eye.

All the scenes that had to be shoot in Venerable White's holiday residence had been completed.

The scene of Song Shuhang and True Monarch White Crane's wedding was very simple. The two of them just had to wear a wedding outfit, and didn't even need to speak any lines. The scene was very short... after all, the two of them weren't the main characters.

Then, there was the scene of Ling Ye waking up and discovering that Senior Sister Murong Hua had already gotten married, which caused him to go berserk and leave the Immaterial Cloud Sect.

The various supplementary scenes were shot entirely.

Venerable White was originally planning to bring the whole movie crew to the 'Mountain of Myriad Books' in the territory of the scholarly faction after the shooting of the remaining several scenes...

Yet, he didn't expect that completing the shooting of the remaining scenes related to the Immaterial Cloud Sect would take the whole day.

Thereupon, the members of Jacob's Production Team went to rest, and they would set out for the 'Mountain of Myriad Books' of the White Cloud Academy the following day to shoot the next act.


Night was falling.

The members of Jacob's Production Team were tired after a day of intense work, and were already sleeping.

However, the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group weren't planning to sleep just yet.

They were all powerful seniors that didn't need to sleep every day. Even if they were really tired, they could just sit in meditation for a while and recover their strength.

Thereupon, the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group formed several groups, and were either discussing profound principles, drinking tea and chatting, refining pills with their furnaces, or competing in martial arts.

After returning from space, Su Clan's Seven had brought Immortal Master Copper Trigram together with him.

As such, the great battle between Fairy Lychee and Immortal Master Copper Trigram was currently going on the martial arts stage in Venerable White's holiday residence.

Song Shuhang, Senior Sister Ye Si, and Yu Jiaojiao had come over to see Fairy Lychee.

In addition, Su Clan's Sixteen didn't appear for the whole day. She was seized the previous night by Su Clan's Seven, who was preparing the treasures necessary to help her transcend the tribulation.

Thereupon, she had to study the new formations to transcend the tribulation.

After the shooting of the movie, Su Clan's Seven would carry her off so that she could arrange the formations for the tribulation and challenge the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage Realm one more time.


"Is Fairy Lychee there?" Ye Si asked curiously. She was very curious about this 'Fairy Lychee'.

Earlier, when Immortal Master Copper Trigram had disguised himself as Fairy Lychee and was merely imitating her aura, it gave Ye Si a very familiar and gentle feeling.

Therefore, how would she feel after meeting the real Fairy Lychee?

However, she hadn't seen Fairy Lychee for the whole day after Su Clan's Seven brought her back. It almost felt as though Fairy Lychee was trying to hide from her.


On the martial arts stage, Fairy Lychee was currently beating up Immortal Master Copper Trigram.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram had no justifications for his actions, and was mostly on the defensive, allowing Fairy Lychee to vent her anger.

In addition, he wanted to conceal his true strength so that he could trash Northern River's Loose Cultivator at the beginning of September during their battle on the summit of the forbidden city.

When Song Shuhang and Ye Si came over, they saw Fairy Lychee gently shouting and grabbing Immortal Master Copper Trigram, swinging him around like a windmill.

Scary... Song Shuhang secretly wiped the sweat off his forehead.

As soon as she saw the real Fairy Lychee, the eyes of the nearby Ye Si lit up.

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