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Just like that unlucky ox-headed demon from before, these ten or so demons were also swallowed by the saber qi of the Flaming Saber Technique. The aura of the Netherworld radiating from their bodies triggered the power of the heavenly tribulation stored within the saber qi. Under the strengthening effect of the heavenly tribulation, the flaming saber qi instantly reduced these humanoid demons to ashes.

Song Shuhang's crisis had been temporarily resolved. At this time, he was standing in place with a saber in hand and thirteen swords piercing through his body. Blood was dripping from all over his body, making him look both tragic and heroic.

Although he was temporarily out of danger, that third batch of demons not too far away had already gotten past Young Master Phoenix Slayer, who was playing the role of the Heaven Devouring Cat, and was coming over to kill him.

If he couldn't find a way to quickly solve this problem related to the protective barrier, another crisis would soon follow.

Had Fairy Lychee and Senior Phoenix Slayer noticed that there was something wrong with his situation?

But right at this time, a faraway member of Jacob's Production Team gestured something to Song Shuhang. The member was hinting him to quickly 'die' so as to avoid affecting the shooting of the following scenes of the movie.

Song Shuhang forced a smile.

How could he die at this time! If he died in the movie, he would die in real life as well!

Anyway, how come neither Fairy Lychee nor Senior Phoenix Slayer, who was right in the front, reacted to what happened? Was it possible that they didn't notice that there wasn't a protective barrier around his body at this time?

If that was the case, he was a goner!

But right at this time, Lady Onion's voice was transmitted from his clothes. "Shuhang, do I have to activate another armor talisman for you?"

"These armor talismans can only provide a defense of the Fourth Stage rank. They can stop the attacks of demons of the Third Stage without problems, but the next wave is mostly composed of demons of the Fourth Stage Realm. It would take them just a move to break through the defense of my armor talismans." Song Shuhang took a deep breath, and continued, "Anyway, I'll remember your kindness, Lady Onion. As soon as we are done with the shooting of the movie and Venerable White comes out of secluded meditation, I'll ask him to find a way to separate you from the enlightenment stone so that I can set you free."

"..." Lady Onion said, "Is it absolutely necessary to separate me from the enlightenment stone? Can't you be magnanimous and directly gift me the stone?" Now that she had taken root on the enlightenment stone, Lady Onion felt as though her mental horizon had expanded by several times; inspirations would continuously pop out in her head while she was practicing. Therefore, she was somewhat unwilling to get separated from the enlightenment stone.

"In your dreams," Song Shuhang replied. He had already lost a cheat-like entity like his ghost spirit. If he were to lose the enlightenment stone as well, his journey on the road of cultivation would become twice as hard.

After seeing that the third wave of demons was getting closer and closer, Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh. He had to ask Fairy Lychee and Senior Phoenix Slayer for help, but if he were to open his mouth and shout, the whole scene would be ruined...

Whatever, if the scene was going to be ruined, so be it. In the worst case, they could shoot it again. The most important thing was to protect his life.


But just as he was preparing to interrupt the shooting of the scene and ask for help, a clear and melodious voice echoed from behind. "Husband~"

The voice was sharp and pleasing to the ear, just like the sweet notes of a pipa lute. When this person shouted the word 'husband', it made all those that heard it feel as though they were going to melt.

On the contrary, when Song Shuhang heard this person shout the word 'husband', he got goosebumps all over the body. This sharp and melodious voice belonged to True Monarch White Crane's neutral form with feminine tendencies.

True Monarch White Crane had come to save the scene. Fairy Lychee and Young Master Phoenix Slayer noticed that Song Shuhang didn't activate his transparent barrier and 'pass away' after he followed the script. Instead, he heroically got up and started to fight again. As such, they correctly guessed what had happened.

Fairy Lychee made some quick preparations.

According to the original plan, True Monarch White Crane was going to play the role of the 'White-Clothed Swordsman' Fan Bai, a friend and drinking companion of the main character, Ling Ye. This female character had a petite build and delicate features, and would be disguised as a man at the beginning of the movie.

In the end, she would marry Senior Brother Gao Sheng, and would quickly hurry over to assist him during the scene of his death in the secret passage. Then, she would take upon herself the duty to continue the task of her deceased husband 'Gao Sheng' and continue to protect the rear for the fleeing disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect.

At last, she would also die in the hands of the demons just like Senior Brother Gao Sheng.

But to save Song Shuhang, who was playing Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role, True Monarch White Crane had to play the role of the 'White-Clothed Swordsman' Fan Bai and enter the fray ahead of time.


When the shooting of this scene started, Song Shuhang was rather happy. Senior Brother Gao Sheng's character would die before Fan Bai's arrival. Therefore, there was no need for him to play with True Monarch White Crane in this tragic scene where death would part a husband and a wife.

But little did he expect that True Monarch White Crane would enter the fray ahead of time...

Actually, after assuming its neutral form with feminine tendencies, True Monarch White Crane was no different than a cute girl.

However, people would usually get affected by their first impression of someone, and Song Shuhang could only associate True Monarch White Crane with its neutral form with masculine tendencies!

To explain things with an example, Song Shuhang felt as though True Monarch White Crane was an uncle that had undergone plastic surgery and turned into a cute girl.

No matter how tender and delicate True Monarch White Crane's voice was, Song Shuhang was unable to find it cute.

Therefore, Song Shuhang felt that he would be really unable to play a scene where lovers were getting separated together with True Monarch White Crane.

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, True Monarch White Crane's petite figure quickly arrived beside him, gently supporting his body.

"Husband! Husband!" True Monarch White Crane's feminine version wept copiously. That charming and delicate appearance made the onlookers feel like rushing over and gently comforting her.

On the other hand, Song Shuhang's whole body was shivering. When he heard True Monarch White Crane shouting 'husband, husband', he felt that the world had become bleak.

Little friend Song, don't open your eyes again. Quickly close your eyes and pass away! The voice of the feminine version of True Monarch White Crane was transmitted to Song Shuhang's mind through the secret sound transmission technique.

Senior White Crane, I don't have that protective barrier with me, Song Shuhang replied.

That's why I came here to save the scene! Anyway, you don't have to do anything, just close your eyes and drop dead. I'll be the one in charge of your safety, True Monarch White Crane said.

In that case, I'll entrust my safety to you, Senior. Make sure to protect me properly! Song Shuhang said anxiously. He felt that True Monarch White Crane was somewhat unreliable.

"..." True Monarch White Crane.

If you have to die, die quickly! Enough with this useless talk!

It appeared that assuming this feminine form had affected True Monarch White Crane's disposition as well. From the looks of it, White Crane's feminine version didn't have much patience.

Once it had chatted with him a bit, it found Song Shuhang extremely annoying.

Since you don't want to die on your own, let this wife give you a helping hand!

As such, True Monarch White Crane gently patted Song Shuhang, making some spiritual energy enter his body.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang's whole body fiercely shook. Afterward, everything before his eyes went black and he lost consciousness.

True Monarch White Crane burst out in tears once again and shook Song Shuhang's head. "Husband~ Husband~ wake up! Quickly wake up!"

It used so much strength while shaking his head that even Song Shuhang's brain fluids were about to come out.

Luckily, Song Shuhang had already fainted, and was no different than a dead person at this time. No matter how much he was shaken, he didn't wake up.

In the meantime, that large group of demons also came over!

True Monarch White Crane regretfully placed Song Shuhang's head down and turned toward that group of demons.

Soon after, it put itself in the shoes of its character.

True Monarch White Crane looked upward and, with its long hair fluttering in the air, shouted, "Aaaaah~"

Since they were just trying to save the scene, they weren't any lines available for this part. The only thing they could do was to rely on True Monarch White Crane's improvisation.

But True Monarch White Crane was too lazy to put extra effort into performing this scene. After all, it didn't have much interest in the scenes where Venerable White wasn't present.

Thereupon, it started fighting and killed thirty or so demons before revealing a fatal weakness and getting pierced through by the spear of a demon. Afterward, True Monarch White Crane lay next to Senior Brother Gao Sheng's 'corpse' and activated its transparent barrier.

The barrier covered both True Monarch White Crane and Song Shuhang's bodies.

The scene where both Senior Brother Gao Sheng and his wife died in the hands of the demons was shot without a hitch.

What a brilliant save!


In a distant place, Director Jacob slightly furrowed his brows. This scene was completely different from the script!

But right at this time, one of Venerable Spirit Butterfly's subordinates came over, and explained to him what was going on.

In short, complications arose with Mister Song's equipment while he was playing Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role. As such, Miss Bai He had to make her appearance ahead of time and save the scene.

This subordinate of Venerable Spirit Butterfly was very good with words, and needed just a few sentences to make Director Jacob calm down. Of course, the illusory butterflies and the large amount of money at stake also played a significant role.

Since even this version of Senior Brother Gao Sheng's death was rather good, Director Jacob didn't inquire any further.

The shooting of the movie continued.

After these stage props known as 'demons of the Netherworld' were completely taken care of, the shooting of the act of the destruction of the Immaterial Cloud Sect also came to an end.

Aside from the scenes where 'Daoist Priest Wuwei' and 'Senior Brother Gao Sheng and his wife' died being somewhat different from the original script, everything else proceeded smoothly and was shot without problems.

According to the original script, the sect master, Daoist Priest Wuwei, was supposed to die with thousands of arrows piercing through his body. But in the end, he was instantly killed by Evil General Mingyue during that hot-blooded showdown between him and 'Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears'.

Anyway, this act had also come to an end.

At this time, the pitiful Senior Brother Gao Sheng was still unconscious.

That gentle pat from True Monarch White Crane's feminine version was enough to put Song Shuhang to sleep for more than one hour.

Thereupon, Yu Jiaojiao came over and brought Song Shuhang to the lobby, placing him next to Venerable White's statue.


The fast asleep little friend Song Shuhang was currently having a nightmare, and more than one at that!

In the dream, he was getting married.

He was in a chapel in the countryside. Here, he exchanged wedding rings with his wife under the eyes of a priest. Afterward, he raised the veil of the mysterious wife.

Why did I decide to marry in a chapel? I'm a cultivator, after all! Song Shuhang ridiculed this dream in his heart.

After the veil of the bride was lifted, what appeared before his eyes was True Monarch White Crane's masculine version, who revealed a sweet smile, and said in a hoarse voice, "Husband~"

Holy shiet! Song Shuhang felt that this scene was truly terrifying. Not even his wife being bald would terrify him this much!

In the dream, he unconsciously raised his fist and punched the face of the 'bride'.

After Song Shuhang punched, the nightmare was shattered to pieces...

But just because it shattered to pieces, it didn't mean that the nightmare was over.

The scenery in the dream changed. He was now in a classic, old Chinese residence...Pinyin for White Crane.

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