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The demonic monkey had already guessed how things were going to end.

A beat later, this beautiful female cultivator with a pained and sorrowful expression on her face would stretch out her delicate white hands and smash its head, splattering its monkey brain fluids everywhere.

It was going to die for sure!


But the actions of the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group weren't something that this monkey could predict.

Riverly Purple Mist didn't attack the demonic monkey. Instead, she revealed a pained smiling face, and looked toward a not too distant place.

There, a sunshine boy-like cultivator had his sword raised, and was fighting bravely against the nearby demons.

Soon after, Riverly Purple Mist's body slowly fell to the ground. Afterward, she looked for a comfortable position and started to play dead.

The demonic monkey had managed to escape death again!

In the last three or four seconds, it had faced death several times already.

She didn't kill me? Did I manage to evade another calamity? The demonic monkey was delighted.

Its monkey life had been an emotional roller-coaster recently.

Since the female cultivator didn't kill it, there was no need to wait any further.

The demonic monkey jumped backward, preparing to flee for its life.

But right at this time, the not too far sunshine boy cultivator, who was fighting bravely the other demons, roared, "Hua'er!!!"

The glistening tears shone in his eyes as he roared and rushed over.

He was like a bulldozer, and all the demons that blocked his path were sent flying.

The demonic monkey was stunned. It had seen a similar scene earlier!

After the 'death' of that Eight-Armed Sword Sage, that other guy of the True Monarch rank, Dragon God Fist, likewise called out in grief and rushed over, shredding that demon of the Fourth Stage that had 'killed' his companion to pieces with his 'Fist of the Tyrannical Flood Dragon'.

Is it possible that I'll die in the hands of this sunshine cultivator just like that demon of the Fourth Stage?

The demonic monkey felt that death was approaching again!

At this time, it wished it could grow several extra pairs of feet to flee from this married couple of cultivators as soon as possible.

However... what happened next surprised the demonic monkey again.

After rushing over there, the sunshine boy cultivator didn't attack the money like that 'Dragon God Fist' guy did earlier with that other demon.

The sunshine boy cultivator hugged the 'corpse' of that female cultivator called Murong Hua, and burst into loud sobbing. "Hua'er... Hua'er... open your eyes! Please, open your eyes!"

Tears streamed down the cheeks of the man, with the scene looking extremely sad.

The demonic monkey had escaped death once again!

It heaved a sigh of relief, and quickly retreated, running away from that couple of male and female cultivators.

While escaping, it turned its head around, and glanced at that male cultivator with the corner of its eye so that it could prepare if that man was planning to rush over and kill it.

But the following scene was going to be the last thing that the demonic monkey would see in its life.

That sunshine boy cultivator stretched out his hand, and took out a small round jar from his clothes, saying gently, "Hua'er... in that case, allow me to accompany you."

In the next moment, he patted the small jar, and powerful true yuan endlessly poured into it.

Very soon, the jar started to heat up!


The sound of an explosion was heard.

The small jar wasn't a bomb or anything of the sort. Purple mist gushed out of the broken jar, spreading in all directions.

The speed at which the mist was spreading was incredibly fast, twice as fast as that demonic monkey of the Third Stage that was running away with all its might.

The mist quickly caught up to the demonic monkey.

As soon as that purple mist came in contact with its body, the demonic monkey felt a wave of great weakness attack its body. Soon after, its physical strength, the energy inside its body, and even the foul power of the Netherworld started to get drained.

After that, even its life force was quickly drained. The demonic monkey felt as though its whole body had been hollowed out.

Everything before the eyes of the demonic monkey turned black as its lifeless corpse fell to the ground.

The monkey wasn't the only one that the mist affected. The nearby demons of the Netherworld also fell to the ground dead after coming in contact with this purple mist.

The purple mist spread in all directions very quickly, and disappeared at the same time.

After the mist disappeared, the ground was littered with the corpses of the demons of the Netherworld, as well with the 'defunct' Medicine Master and Riverly Purple Mist, who were hugging each other.


After seeing this scene unfolding before their eyes, the members of Jacob's Production Team clicked their tongues in admiration.

"This scene was both beautiful and sad. Ah, this is the power of love!"

"We should add a sad song as the background of this scene. It will absolutely make the audience burst into tears!"

"I was really moved when the husband, Feng Chuanzi, hugged the corpse of Senior Sister Murong Hua. Earlier, I was a little upset that Senior Sister Murong Hua didn't get to marry the main character, Ling Ye. But after seeing this scene, I discovered that Senior Sister married a man that truly loved her. I unexpectedly started to root for Senior Sister Murong Hua and Feng Chuanzi after this scene."

"We have to properly edit this scene later, and present it in the best way possible. I get the feeling that it will reduce countless people to tears during the broadcast."


"Brother Northern River, did you see? This is what true strength looks like!" Medicine Master said complacently via secret sound transmission to the nearby Northern River's Loose Cultivator while playing dead.

"..." Northern River's Loose Cultivator.

Then, Medicine Master used the AOE version of the secret sound transmission technique, and said, "In this movie, you don't really need to manufacture lifelike stage props to steal the scene! Aside from good stage props, what you need to do is to reveal your true feelings. Only if you put your true feelings in the scene will you be able to move the hearts of the masses and shoot a touching scene!"

"Fellow Daoist Northern River, this public display of affection from Medicine Master is simply unbearable!" True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple interrupted.

Thereupon, Northern River's Loose Cultivator—also via AOE secret sound transmission—said, "Damned couple! Stop with this public display of affection and drop dead quickly!"

Medicine Master was speechless. When did he make a public display of affection?

Riverly Purple Mist giggled via secret sound transmission. "Hehehe~"

True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon said, "Unfortunately, my wives aren't here. Otherwise, I would have gone on stage with them and shown everyone how to shoot a scene where one's true feelings are laid out."

The nearby Yu Jiaojiao couldn't help but interject, "Father, how are you planning to show your true feelings when the various stepmothers start to fight to steal the scene?"

True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon: 😓

True Monarch When the Bright Moon Appears interrupted, "Wait a moment! Did you just say that it's possible to shoot a touching scene after revealing one's true feelings, obtaining more time on screen as a consequence? What Fellow Daoist Medicine Master said just now... is it true?"

"..." Medicine Master.

"..." True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple.

"..." Riverly Purple Mist.

"..." Yu Jiaojiao.

When the bright moon appears said, "Hey, how come no one is saying anything? I have something to ask you. I'm playing the role of Evil General Mingyue, the commander of the demonic army; how should I exactly reveal my true feelings while playing this role? I don't even need to appear on screen for a long time; everything above ten seconds is fine! The previous scene of just two seconds was simply too short, and I can't accept it!"

Scholar Drunken Moone was unexpectedly fine with just a scene of ten or more seconds. It was truly a wish that made one's heart ache.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator didn't have the heart to reply, and thus continued to play dead. "Cough. I'm supposed to be dead at this time. Sorry, I can't speak."

Medicine Master followed suit. "I'm also dead."

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple kept the formation. "I almost forgot that I was dead as well."

When the bright moon appears was speechless.

When the bright moon appears threatened, "You scum, do you really think I won't dare to whip your dead bodies during the play?"

True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon replied hurriedly, "Scholar Drunken Heaven, don't get impatient. Jiaojiao, go have a talk with Director Jacob and tell him to give Scholar Drunken Heaven a full-length shot of ten or more seconds. We must fulfill this wish of Fellow Daoist Drunken Heaven!"

It was such a small wish, why not help him fulfill it?

Yu Jiaojiao replied, "Sure, Father. Leave this task to me."

In the next moment, Yu Jiaojiao assumed her mother's appearance, and jogged toward Director Jacob.

When the bright moon appears said excitedly, "Fellow Daoist Tyrant Flood Dragon, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon replied, "Scholar Drunken Wine, there is no need to thank me. It was nothing."

When the bright moon appears raised his head high and looked at the sky. Since True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon had told his daughter to help him get some more time on screen, he wouldn't argue about the fact that he had gotten his dao name wrong twice in a row.

How wonderful would it be if all the fellow daoists in the group could remember his dao name, just like Northern River's Loose Cultivator!

...Whatever. He didn't have the time to think about this matter now.

The most important thing to do right now was to reveal his 'true feelings' in the upcoming scene of ten seconds, showing his presence as much as possible!


Very soon, the time for 'Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears' to reveal his true feelings came!

Although the demons had suffered serious losses, their reinforcements seemed endless. The cultivators of the Immaterial Cloud Sect in charge of bringing up the rear were almost all 'dead'.

The only one still standing was the sect master of the Immaterial Cloud Sect, Daoist Priest Wuwei, that True Monarch Fallout was playing.

" Daoist Priest Wuwei 1 ... this dao name actually suits me a lot," True Monarch Fallout said in a soft voice.

True Monarch Fallout had a pretty good relationship with 'Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue'. After all, he was the descendant of 'Fifth Cultivator of True Virtue'.

Fifth Cultivator of True Virtue had successfully transcended his heavenly tribulation, and passed the primordial treasure 'Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber' onto Miss Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue. As for his current realm of cultivation, not even Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue was able to guess it.

"Yet, the curtain will soon fall on the character of Daoist Priest Wuwei," True Monarch Fallout continued in a soft voice. Next, he slowly extracted his sword, and blocked the path of the demons of the Netherworld.

"I won't allow you to easily get past this point," True Monarch Fallout said in a grave tone. The sound of his voice was low. However, it reverberated in the ears of the demons like a raging thunder.

All the demons unconsciously retreated of one step.

Now, it was the time for 'Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears' to enter the fray!

The commander of the demons, Evil General Mingyue, took a step forward and said loudly, "No need to fear him. The lifespan of that old man has already reached the limit. He is like an arrow at the end of its flight!"

The demons of the Netherworld were speechless.

Are you blind or something?! With which eyes did you see that his lifespan has already reached the limit? That daoist priest is clearly in the prime of his life!

As long as no one kills him, he can easily live up to several thousand years. Is this what you mean by 'his lifespan has already reached the limit'?

Are you using 'million years' as a time unit when measuring lifespan?

Right at this time, the commander of the demons, Evil General Mingyue, waved his large blade, and said, "Subordinates, you don't need to worry... leave this old man to me! You get past him and chase after those fleeing disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect!"

After this saying these words, Evil General Mingyue headed toward Daoist Priest Wuwei with large strides.

It was the prelude to the earth-shaking battle that was about to occur between the two bosses!

Sixteen full seconds had passed since the moment 'Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears' made his appearance and headed with large strides toward True Monarch Fallout, who was standing on the opposite side!

'Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears' was very satisfied at this moment! Wuwei can also refer to a daoist doctrine of non-interference with the natural course of things.

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