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Black Venerable White stretched out his hand, and gently waved it at the stone statue lying on the ground. Afterward, he said, "Dust return to the dust, earth return to the earth... crumble into dust!"

When he gently waved his hand, all the strength of the Netherworld Realm was mobilized. He was the absolute ruler of the Netherworld, and his will was the will of the Netherworld Realm!

Under Black Venerable White's control, the strength of the Netherworld Realm completely covered the statue, ready to destroy it and wipe it out of existence.

But right at this time, a hand made of steel appeared out of nowhere, keeping the strength of the Netherworld off Senior White's statue.

This hand of steel was the same as Black Venerable White's clothes. It was a concentration of the purest and foulest energy of the Netherworld Realm.

After making its sudden appearance, the hand of steel kept off Black Venerable White's attack.

That hand made of steel could likewise mobilize all the strength of the Netherworld Realm... its will was likewise the will of the Netherworld Realm!

One world... but two different wills! Wasn't this situation similar to that of a patient affected by schizophrenia?

In the next moment, the main body of the hand also appeared midair. It was an existence without a concrete shape or form.

Its main body seemed to be formed by something akin to molten iron molded into the shape of a ball.

As soon as the main body appeared, that hand made of steel retreated back inside the ball of liquid metal, changing into molten iron. From the looks of it, this ball of liquid metal had the ability to assume all kinds of shapes.

Black Venerable White glanced at that ball of liquid metal and said indifferently, "It's you? Were you following me all along?"

"Of course, it's me! :strange_laughter:," the ball of liquid metal replied.

Its voice was like that of a robot and completely emotionless, and the words ':strange_laughter:' were something it added at the end of the sentence verbally. Its body didn't send out the sound of strange laughter.

"For how long do you plan to keep following me? At this point, you should be clear that we can't deal with each other. Therefore, it's pointless for you to keep following me," Black Venerable White said helplessly.

The ball of liquid metal replied, ":complacent_smile: As long as I keep following you and ruin your plans, I'll find a way to get rid of you one day! One will is enough for the Netherworld Realm; you are unnecessary! The people you want to kill, I'll save; the things you want to build, I'll destroy!"

Black Venerable White shrugged his shoulders and said, "If there is someone unnecessary, that would be you. After all, I appeared in the Netherworld Realm way before you."

":angry_smile: Nonsense! According to the rules of the Netherworld Realm, you should have disappeared from this place as soon as I appeared here, leaving the control of this world to me! In that case, why are you still here in the Netherworld Realm, shamelessly occupying the world that should rightfully belong to me?! You goddamn unnecessary creature!" After having spoken up to this point, the ball of liquid metal seemed very angry. Its body was jumping around on the ground, just like a rubber ball.

Black Venerable White shrugged his shoulders, and said, "You can't really blame me. After all, I don't know how to leave the Netherworld Realm, either. If you have the skills, find a way to make me leave this place, and I'll gladly leave."

":super_angry_smile: If I knew a way to leave the Netherworld Realm, I would have left myself! Dammit, after getting reborn in the Netherworld Realm, you can leave this place one time only, and then have to stay here forever!" The ball of liquid metal was still angrily jumping around.

"See? Therefore, you can't blame me." Black Venerable White yawned.

The ball of liquid metal was still very angry, continuously jumping around.

But right at this moment, Black Venerable White suddenly stamped his foot on the ground, turning the soil of the Netherworld Realm into a marsh that gobbled up Venerable White's statue.

Black Venerable White faintly smiled, and said, "I win."

The ball of liquid metal paused for a very short moment.

Then, it complacently shouted, ":complacent_smile: Idiot, idiot, idiot! The winner is me!"

Just as it was speaking, a sword made of metal drilled out from the depths of the ground and merged into the body of the ball of liquid metal. "The statue you buried in the ground just now was a portion of my body. As for the real statue, that human cultivator, and that small four-headed snake, I secretly send them out of the Netherworld Realm while you weren't paying attention!"

After saying this much, the ball of liquid metal started to transform, quickly assuming the shape of a humanoid creature made of metal.

Afterward, this humanoid creature made of metal started to twist in front of Black Venerable White, dancing around with the intention of making him angry.

The dance was very annoying, and made the onlookers feel like swatting this metallic creature to the ground.

":complacent_smile:, :super_complacent_smile:, :ultra_complacent_smile:." That humanoid creature made of metal cheerfully danced around.

Black Venerable White was speechless.

"Come! You must be angry, right? You feel like swatting me to the ground, don't you? Come, let's fight! :happy_smile:, :complacent_smile:." The humanoid creature made of metal swayed from side to side while taunting Black Venerable White.

"Idiot, quickly learn how to smile." Black Venerable White stretched out his hand and gently stroked his long black hair, which fluttered in the wind and made him look extremely charming.

Then, he also added, "In addition, I have to thank you for getting them out of this place."

The body of that metallic humanoid creature swaying from to side to side suddenly stiffened.

"What do you mean by that? :angry_smile: Thanking me for getting them out of this place? Didn't you try to kill that cultivator inside the statue just now?" The metallic humanoid creature assumed once more the shape of a ball of liquid metal, starting to jump around again.

"Indeed. At that moment, I felt that the cultivator inside the statue was a harmful existence. But when I made my move, I felt a heart-warming feeling coming from him... who knows, perhaps he is a descendant of mine or some relative? Therefore, I had no intention of harming him." Black Venerable White smiled, and said, "Didn't you notice that the face of that cultivator inside the statue was very similar to mine?"

":angry_ smile: Similar your sister! According to my calculations, your faces only had a similarity of 80%. They absolutely weren't the same!" that ball of liquid metal said angrily.

Black Venerable White yawned, and said, "When it comes to us 'humans', an 80% similar face is almost identical."

After hearing these words, the ball of liquid metal paused.

After a short moment, it suddenly said, ":sneer: Hmph! Look at you, stubbornly refusing to admit that you f*cked up and trying to ruin my plans. Even if you have that indifferent expression on your face right now, you must hate me to the bone deep inside your heart! And yet, here you are, acting all cool to make me angry!"

Black Venerable White rubbed his eyes; he had started to get sleepy. "Ah~ it's up to you how you interpret things. You can interpret them in a way that makes you happy if you wish. Anyway, it would be truly excellent if you could consider me dead from now on. I was planning to dig a hole and sleep for some time... at least a hundred years. Therefore, I was hoping you wouldn't trouble me, and consider me dead for the time being. During these hundred years, you'll be the sole ruler of the Netherworld Realm. Good luck, I have faith in you."

The ball of liquid metal was speechless.

Afterward, Black Venerable White waved his hand, and added, "Right, I'll teach you something before leaving, listen well. 'Sniff, sniff, sniff~' This is the sound of laughter. Note it down and learn quickly how to reproduce it!"

After saying this much, Black Venerable White's figure disappeared without any trace. It was unknown in which part of the Netherworld Realm he would dig that hole he wanted to rest in.

The ball of liquid metal was left standing all alone in its original position.


In the meantime.

Song Shuhang finally returned to his senses.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch." He felt his whole body in pain at this time, just as if someone had broken all his bones. Therefore, he quickly activated the 'healing technique' engraved on the ancient bronze ring and used it on himself three times in a row. Only then he recovered a little bit of his strength.

Afterward, he discovered that he was currently lying on the 'layer of light' generated from a flying sword. The flying sword in question was Venerable White's Meteor Sword.

Meteor Sword was unexpectedly floating in the air?

Was it possible that Senior White had returned to his senses and killed that four-headed snake demon?

"Senior White, did you manage to wake up in time and solve the problem? As expected, Senior White is truly reliable!" Song Shuhang happily turned his head around...

...just to see a familiar statue.

It was Venerable White's statue. It was currently lying flat on Meteor Sword's layer of light, completely still.

From the looks of it, Senior White was still in secluded meditation. That protective layer of stone covering his body was something that Senior White used to protect himself while he was closing up.

Venerable White was in the same state when Song Shuhang met him the first time.

At the critical moment, not only Song Shuhang turned out to be unreliable... Venerable White was also the same!

Since Venerable White was still in secluded meditation, who saved them from that four-headed snake demon?

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, Song Shuhang saw the four-headed snake demon as well.

At this time, its battered body was coiled above Meteor Sword's layer of light like a ragged cloth.

It seemed as though someone had pounded it with a hammer and rolled it over continuously. It looked very pitiful.

Three of the four heads of the snake were hanging down already, devoid of any life aura. Even the last one was half flattened, and was listlessly staring at Song Shuhang.

"I didn't expect... that I would die... like this. Even heroes... fall for beauties!" It seemed that the last head of the snake had used all its remaining energy to squeeze out these words.

It had tried its best to survive up until now only to show off in front of Song Shuhang one last time.

Even heroes fall for beauties?

What does that mean? Is it possible that we met a peerless beauty along the way that killed the demonic snake? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

But why were they hovering in the sky at this time?

Was it possible that Meteor Sword automatically activated to protect its master as they were falling from the sky, stopping midair both him and Venerable White?

Song Shuhang gently caressed Meteor Sword.

Meteor Sword issued a buzzing sound and transmitted a 'smug' feeling to Song Shuhang. Without them noticing, Meteor Sword's intelligence had increased up to this point.

"Well done. Thanks for your help," Song Shuhang said with a smile, then added, "Anyway, where are we now?"

Just as he was in deep thoughts, his mobile phone rang.

Song Shuhang took out his phone and discovered that the screen had cracked.

Luckily, the phone wasn't broken, and he could still use it.

The caller was Northern River's Loose Cultivator.

Song Shuhang picked up the phone and said, "Senior Northern River, is something the matter?"

"Little friend Shuhang, how come you and Senior White haven't returned yet? Quickly come back, it's your turn to die next!" Northern River's Loose Cultivator said anxiously.

"..." Song Shuhang.

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