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Black 'Venerable White' stared at the four-headed snake demon.

Then, he scratched his head and said, "That's very strange. I'm pretty sure someone called my name just now."

Afterward, he glanced at Song Shuhang and Venerable White, who had the neck and tail of the demonic snake coiled around them. Song Shuhang was facing upward while Venerable White was facing downward, with his face not visible.

"One is just an ordinary human cultivator of the Third Stage, while the other is... hmm?" A curious expression appeared on Black Venerable White's face. Unless his senses were betraying him, the other one seemed to be a human cultivator of the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm. And yet, the strength of this demon was only at the Sixth Stage...

A demon of the Sixth Stage had actually managed to capture a human cultivator of the Seventh Stage. It seemed this demon had some skills.

After staring at that figure hovering in the sky for a while, let alone the tail, even the four heads of the demonic snake had become soft. If this situation continued, it would become soft to the point of turning into an earthworm, drilling underground with how scared it was.

"That human cultivator with the tail of this little snake coiled around him is giving me a strange feeling..." Black Venerable White pondered for a moment, then shook his head, saying, "However, it doesn't have anything to do with me."

Thereupon, Black Venerable White yawned and gently waved at the four-headed snake, which was scared out of its wits at this time. "Well done. I won't disturb you any further. You can proceed with your meal."

Actually, he was rather interested in seeing how this very ordinary demon of the Sixth Stage was planning to eat that strange human cultivator of the Seventh Stage, but if he kept staring at that poor four-headed snake, he might scare it to death.

Therefore, he decided not to bother the small demon anymore out of kindness. In the end, it was a member of the new generation of the Netherworld Realm, and it was improper to bully it.

After gently smiling, Black Venerable White elegantly waved his hand and finally started to take his leave...


On the ground, the four-headed snake demon heaved a huge sigh of relief.

When it sighed, it almost ejected all the air in its body through its four mouths. Afterward, it nearly squatted down to the ground.

Luckily, that fearsome existence in the sky didn't seem to have any evil intentions, and even encouraged it.

The four-headed snake felt that it had barely escaped with its life this time.

Anyway, which super expert of the Netherworld Realm did it meet just now? The four-headed snake felt that not even the 'Mountain Lord' of the Mountain of Next Life had such a terrifying presence.

After thinking up to this point, the four-headed snake raised its head, and carefully looked at the back of that powerful expert in the sky. It wanted to see if that expert had already left or not.

But it was right at that time that it saw a very scary scene!

In the sky, after weaving his hand, Black Venerable White elegantly took his leave. He was stepping on the air as if he was stepping on flat ground, and left the place step after step.

Since he wasn't in a hurry, he was yawning and walking at a moderate pace.

But right at that time... Black Venerable White suddenly lost his footing. The strangest thing was that he was stepping on the air in the first place. Therefore, how did he exactly 'lose his footing'?

Anyway, regardless of how that happened, his other foot also got entangled with the one he misplaced just now.

As a result, Black Venerable White stumbled in the air.

Since he was in the air, he ended up falling to the ground like a meteorite after he 'stumbled'.

"Eh? I lost my footing again?" Black Venerable White muttered to himself.

After saying this much, he yawned once more. It seemed he wasn't planning to adjust his posture and stand up. He just let himself crash to the ground.

On the ground, the four-headed snake immediately tensed up.

Its four heads started to make various calculations at very high speed. From the looks of it, if that powerful expert in the sky kept falling and didn't stop in time, he would eventually fall exactly where it was standing.

If such a terrifying expert were to hit it directly, wouldn't it die?!

It was going to die for sure!

Thereupon, the four-headed snake demon forcefully operated the energy inside it, and tried its best to run away with its soft body.

Just as it was running for its life, two of its heads turned around to take a look at that expert falling from the sky.

In the next moment, the demonic snake saw a bizarre scene.

That powerful expert in the sky suddenly changed direction while falling. He continuously adjusted his angle until he started to head toward the snake!

F*ck, what's happening?

Did that powerful expert suddenly stop finding me pleasing to the eye and decide to kill me?

But it still didn't make any sense! Given the strength of that person, he just had to use a random magical technique to wipe the four-headed snake demon out of existence. There was no need for him to go through so much trouble just to deal with it.

However, a thought suddenly flashed through the mind of the four-headed snake at this time.

It almost seemed as though that mysterious expert falling from the sky was like a chunk of metal getting attracted by a magnet.

After pondering about it for a while, if that powerful expert was really attracted over by something... the culprits could be only the two human cultivators it was carrying with it, right?

Was it possible that these two human cultivators were the 'magnets'?

While it was running for its life, the four-headed snake demon clenched its teeth, and threw Song Shuhang aside. It actually preferred to keep that pretty and delicate cultivator instead of the evil survivor of the Jingang Temple that would allow it to get a fat reward.

Between love and wealth, the four-headed snake decided to choose love!


After getting rid of Song Shuhang, the four-headed snake kept running for its life. It the meantime, two of its heads kept an eye on that mysterious expert falling from the sky.

But just as before, that expert adjusted his direction while midair, and kept getting closer and closer to the position of the four-headed snake demon.

"Dammit," the four-headed snake demon exclaimed, somewhat depressed.

That evil survivor of the Jingang Temple wasn't the 'magnet' attracting the powerful expert.

As expected, the one attracting over that mysterious person was that pretty and delicate human cultivator. Actually, it had thought of this possibility long ago. After all, the facial features of that powerful expert falling from the sky and the human cultivator it had kidnapped were almost identical.

If that expert was attracted over by someone or something, it was almost certain that it was that pretty and delicate human cultivator.

However, the four-headed snake demon was unwilling to resign itself to this fate.

Therefore, although it clearly knew that the 'magnet' was very likely that pretty and delicate cultivator it was carrying away with its tail, it still decided to throw away Song Shuhang first in an attempt to deceive oneself.

It was somewhat similar to the crazy psychology of a gambler.

However, there was nothing else it could do this time.

The four-headed snake demon unwillingly loosened its tail and threw to one side Venerable White, who was still in secluded meditation.

Love was precious, but life even more!

Between love and life, it ultimately decided to choose life!


As expected, as soon as it threw Venerable White to one side, that powerful expert falling from the sky followed suit and crashed in the same direction.

The heart of the four-headed snake demon twitched in pain. That powerful expert in the sky was simply too terrifying. That pretty and delicate cultivator would have no chance of survival if they collided!

What a disgrace! It feels as though the heavens are jealous of such beauty!

Just as it was in deep thoughts...


The sound of a huge explosion was transmitted beside its ear.

Immediately after, the four-headed snake demon felt a powerful shock wave hit its back, sending it flying.

As if that wasn't enough, a bottomless pit appeared beneath its body.

Therefore, it fell inside the bottomless pit soon after it was sent flying.

Terrifying... he created such destruction only by stumbling and falling? This thought flashed through the mind of the four-headed snake demon.

In the next moment, everything before its eight eyes turned black; it had lost consciousness.


After a while.

Black Venerable White rubbed his eyes and got up from the ground.

So sleepy. What happened just now?

Oh... it seems I lost my footing when I was walking earlier, which caused me to fall from the sky...

It wasn't the first that something of the sort happened. It wasn't uncommon for him to get distracted while walking, falling from the sky as a consequence.

However, he'd never paid too much attention to these occurrences. After all, it wasn't like he would die after falling down.

If his posture after falling down was comfortable enough, he would seize the opportunity to take a nap in the hole he had created with the crash.

If it was a short nap, it would last a few days. If it was a long one, it might last for several decades.

"It seems my posture after falling down today wasn't too good. I wasn't able to fall asleep." Black Venerable White drilled out of the hole and yawned.

Then, he looked toward a nearby place... the body of the injured four-headed snake demon was lying there. It had been hit by the shock wave he generated after falling down.

The four-headed snake demon had the capacity to regenerate its heads. However, its body had taken too much damage this time, and its heart had been crushed as well. There was no way for it to survive.

Black Venerable White looked at it with a gaze full of pity and sighed with emotion. "Life is so fragile!"

After a while, he turned his head around and looked in another direction. He felt as though there was something else next to him when he fell down.

Very soon, Black Venerable White discovered a statue made of stone.

It was a human cultivator covered with several protective layers of energy belonging to the earth attribute. From the looks of it, it was the same cultivator of the Seventh Stage that the four-headed snake demon was carrying alongside it earlier.

"This guy has some skills. He managed to escape unscathed from the explosion just now." Black Venerable White faintly smiled and squatted beside the statue, turning it around.

In the next moment, Black Venerable White was dumbfounded.

The layer of stone perfectly wrapped up the cultivator inside, allowing the onlookers to clearly see the face of the person.

For some reason, this statue seems rather familiar...

"Wait, isn't that my face?" Black Venerable White said suddenly.

The face of the statue was identical to his own!

When he was in the sky earlier, he felt that this human cultivator was somewhat strange. Now that he was seeing him from close up, this feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

It was a feeling he couldn't describe with words alone.

Black Venerable White stretched out his hand and knocked on the statue.

"Knock, knock..."

There wasn't any reaction from the statue.

However, Black Venerable White dashed backward, just as though he had received an electric shock.

What was that feeling? I felt as though my whole person was going to get absorbed into that statue.

This human cultivator gave him a feeling of extreme danger.

Should I kill him...? Black Venerable White wondered. After all, it was better to get rid of this dangerous thing before it could fully mature...

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