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Chapter 673: Immortal Master Copper Trigram, Fairy Lychee, and the daughter
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Su Clan's Seven: "Everyone, I have some good news for you. I managed to capture that shady fortune teller. Immortal Master Copper Trigram didn't resist while I was trying to capture him, and allowed himself to be seized without putting up a fight. Therefore, I will bring him back with me in a short while. Right, Doudou is also here with us. @True Monarch Yellow Mountain, I will bring Doudou to the place where the movie is being shot, is that fine? From what I remember, Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer said that he wanted Doudou to play a role as well."

True Monarch Yellow Mountain sent a simple reply: "Approved."

True Monarch Yellow Mountain was busy at this time. He was busy catching Fairy Dongfang Snow, who had sought death again and again recently. He wanted to let Fairy Dongfang Snow know what it truly meant to 'break the wings of music'!

"Very well, I will bring Doudou back as well in that case," Su Clan's Seven said. Then, he also added, "In addition, I have some news for you as well, Fairy Lychee. @Fairy Lychee, I met a very interesting girl on this mission to catch Immortal Master Copper Trigram. From a certain point of view, this girl is very similar to the Sobbing Old Man. Right, the Sobbing Old Man is also here with us. The scene that he and this girl created was almost comical. PS: Fairy Lychee, you have to know that this girl has been calling Immortal Master Copper Trigram 'mother' all along."

Fairy Lychee replied, "What does that have to do with me? Why did you tag me?" Fairy Lychee had a bad feeling just as she finished writing this message.

Was it possible that that shietty Copper Trigram...

Su Clan's Seven laughed, and wrote: "Ahahaha, when I found Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram, he was disguised as you, Fairy Lychee. 😂 Therefore, unless something unexpected happens, I congratulate Fairy Lychee for getting a cute daughter."

In the place where the movie was being shot.

"I'm going to kill that shady fortune teller!" Fairy Lychee said angrily. Afterward, a murderous look appeared in her beautiful eyes.

The last time, she was merciful, deciding to forgive Immortal Master Copper Trigram... but little did she expect that Copper Trigram would push his luck like this. Did he think that Lychee was someone easy to bully? This time, she wouldn't easily let off that damnable shady fortune teller!

The seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group took out their mobile phones one after another and started to look at the new messages in the group.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram was surely a big death seeker!

This time, he had really angered Fairy Lychee. Fairy Lychee was like a wild beast that was having a bad fit of temper at this time. Immortal Master Copper Trigram was done for!

Northern River's Loose Cultivator touched the white floral wreath in his cosmos bag... he had initially prepared this floral wreath as a gift for little friend Song Shuhang, but now, it turned out that the wreath was a suitable gift for Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram as well!

There was a reason Copper Trigram was known as the only fellow daoist in the Nine Provinces Number One Group that could keep up with Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless Mad Saber when it came to seeking death. Immortal Master Copper Trigram's death seeking skills had seen a sharp rise lately. It was just a matter of time before he surpassed Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless Mad Saber in this field!

Song Shuhang also took out his mobile phone and glanced at the new messages. F*ck, I was just thinking about Senior Copper Trigram earlier, and now, it turns out that he was captured and the fact that he disguised as Fairy Lychee was exposed. As for that girl that kept calling Senior Copper Trigram 'mother'... they should be talking about Senior Sister Ye Si, right? If Senior Su Clan's Seven managed to see Senior Sister Ye Si, he should have entered the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion...

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, Fairy Lychee sent a message in the Nine Provinces Number One Group: "Fellow Daoist Seven, I have a serious question for you. How much do you want to butcher that bastard Copper Trigram?"

Su Clan's Seven smiled, and replied, "I'm sorry, Fairy Maiden, but I'm not a killer for hire. 😁"

Fairy Lychee clenched her teeth and wrote: "In that case, how about beating him up until he's half dead and unable to get out of bed for at least a month?"

Su Clan's Seven: "In all honesty... this is difficult as well."

After coming in close contact with Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram this time, Su Clan's Seven's keen senses made him realize that there was something wrong with Immortal Master Copper Trigram's state. From the looks of it, Copper Trigram was secretly suppressing his strength.

After thinking about the fact that Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram and Fellow Daoist Northern River were going to have a showdown on the summit of the forbidden city at the beginning of September, Su Clan's Seven faintly guessed what was going on.

Fairy Lychee: "😠😡🤬"

Su Clan's Seven: "Fairy Lychee, no need to get impatient. I'm about to bring this shady fortune teller and Doudou back to the place where little friend Song Shuhang and Venerable White are shooting the movie. Aren't you there as well? I can restrain this shady fortune teller and bring him in front of you so that you can deal with this matter on your own."

Su Clan's Seven also added, "Instead of me giving him a lesson, isn't it better if Fairy Lychee gives him a lesson personally to dispel her anger?"

Fairy Lychee: "Fine. What you said makes sense. When are you guys coming back?"

Su Clan's Seven: "We have to wait for that girl to prepare her baggage so that she can come back with us."

"Girl? Are you talking about the one that kept calling that shady fortune teller 'mother'?" Fairy Lychee quickly replied.

"Yes... after I exposed him, Immortal Master Copper Trigram canceled his disguising technique. As a consequence, the girl received a huge shock and kept crying. Therefore, Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram had no other choice but to promise her that he would find the real 'Fairy Lychee' for her. In other words, you," Su Clan's Seven explained.

"He promised to find me? Isn't this Copper Trigram a piece of 💩, simply using me to solve the problem he's created?" Fairy Lychee said angrily.

Su Clan's Seven sent a row of smiling emojis: "😂😂😂"

After reading up to this point, Song Shuhang was also surprised. Senior Sister Ye Si was going to leave the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and come to China? However, her current state was strange. She was something akin to a ghost spirit, and a powerful cultivator might force her into a contract if they were to discover her true nature!


In a distant and well-concealed immortal cave, Immortal Master Copper Trigram's beloved disciple, Immortal Fortune Teller Iron Trigram, silently placed his mobile phone down.

Then, he packed his bedclothes and decided to move to another immortal cave that was even more concealed. Not even his teacher knew about the existence of that immortal cave.

Iron Trigram felt that the situation was getting out of hand. His teacher had brought upon himself a great calamity.

Sometimes, innocent people could get caught in the crossfire.

Iron Trigram felt that he was the innocent bystander, while his teacher the shooting target. Since a lot of people had already started to aim at the target, there was a chance he might get involved as well if he wasn't careful enough.

Right, it was best if he disguised himself before running away so that people wouldn't discover that he was Iron Trigram.


In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Su Clan's Seven sent another message: "@Stressed by a Mountain of Books, little friend Song Shuhang, please stop playing dead."

Su Clan's Seven: "Eh? I wasn't able to tag him? Did little friend Song Shuhang change his name again? Is he still playing that seven dao names game? What is his dao name today?"

Virtuous Cultivator (Song Shuhang): Senior Seven, I'm not playing any seven dao names game! It's just that I haven't decided yet which one to use. I'm planning to choose the one that sounds best amongst these seven names."

Su Clan's Seven: "Thrice Song Tyrannical Saber sounds pretty good! Just choose that one!"

Virtuous Cultivator: "It's Song One, Song One!"

Su Clan's Seven: "It's the same. If I have to be honest, Thrice Song sounds much better than Song One. Anyway, you should quickly make up your mind and choose a dao name. I'm seeing more and more fellow daoists in the group starting to call you 'Fellow Daoist Seven Dao Names'. If things go on this way, your dao name will become 'Seven Dao Names'. At this point, you might have just kept your original name, Stressed by a Mountain of Books. At least it reminded one of scholars after hearing it."

Virtuous Cultivator: "..."

Shuhang felt that he would start crying if his dao name really ended up being 'Seven Dao Names'.

Su Clan's Seven: "Anyway, let's forget about this matter about the seven dao names. I have heard that you know this girl named Ye Si, is that correct?"

Virtuous Cultivator: "Yes, that's correct. Senior Seven."

After he had written this much, Song Shuhang felt a pair of sharp eyes staring at him. Those eyes belonged to Fairy Lychee.

"Little friend Song Shuhang, why don't you tell me what's the matter with this girl called 'Ye Si'?" Fairy Lychee asked in all seriousness.

"I don't think I can explain everything with just a few sentences... but I know a little about why Senior Sister Ye Si referred to Immortal Master Copper Trigram, who was disguised as you at the time, as 'mother'. According to Ye Si, when Immortal Master Copper Trigram copied your appearance and aura, she felt a very kind and gentle feeling coming from his body," Song Shuhang explained.

Fairy Lychee said, "Little friend Song Shuhang, you already knew about this matter?"

Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh and said, "Cough, not really. I discovered it the day before yesterday."

Fairy Lychee smiled brightly at Song Shuhang, and said, "Little friend Shuhang, can you tell me everything you know about this girl named Ye Si so that I can mentally prepare myself for when I get to meet her?"

Just imagining the scene of Seven coming back with a vivacious little girl, with the girl opening her mouth and calling her 'mother', was enough to make Fairy Lychee feel as though she was suffocating.

Therefore, she had to mentally prepare herself before meeting that girl. After all, if you knew the ins and outs of the enemy, you were assured to win!

Su Clan's Sixteen leaned against a pillar while fiddling with her phone. Then, she raised her bright eyes and glanced at Song Shuhang in puzzlement.

Afterward, she smiled gently. She recalled Song Shuhang's disposition and the scene when she'd first met him.


In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Su Clan's Seven kept writing. " @Virtuous Cultivator, the reason this girl called Ye Si decided to come to China was to see Fairy Lychee and you."

Virtuous Cultivator: "Senior Seven, is Pavilion Master Chu aware of the fact that Senior Sister Ye Si wants to go to China?"

Senior Sister Ye Si's current situation wasn't too good. Did Pavilion Master Chu really agree to let her go to China?

Wasn't Pavilion Master Chu afraid that someone might forcefully sign a contract with her?

"Although I didn't get to see Pavilion Master Chu personally, she sent a message through that pair of male and female attendants and agreed to let Ye Si leave this place," Su Clan's Seven said.

After reading this message, Song Shuhang nodded. Since Pavilion Master Chu agreed to it, she must have taken some precautions to avoid anything bad from happening, right?

Su Clan's Seven: "Right. Shuhang, Pavilion Master Chu told me to forward you this message as well. The condition of that Li Yinzhu girl you brought to her place the last time has worsened. Therefore, she hopes you can quickly find a method to get rid of the cold inside her body."

"I understand, Senior Seven. I will try to find a method as soon as possible." Song Shuhang heaved a sigh.

To cure Li Yinzhu's disease, he either had to wait for Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue to bring him to meet the mysterious 'Almighty Merchant' and buy a treasure to cure Li Yinzhu's disease from him...

...Or wait to explore the 'forbidden area' that the loose cultivator Li Tiansu discovered before his death together with Senior White and find a cure there.

As for the time, he had only one year.

He had to make haste.

After putting his mobile phone away, Song Shuhang raised his head and glanced at the far-off Venerable White.

Senior White, give me your blessings so that everything can be solved without problems!

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