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Chapter 670: Senior Northern River and the dumbfounded look on his face
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Song Shuhang didn't expect that the wooden figurine he had casually picked up back then would come in handy today!

According to Northern River's Loose Cultivator's explanation, the wooden figurine was a scouting-type puppet, something akin to a modern reconnaissance drone, but with even better performance.

Once it was activated, the scouting-type wooden figurine could assume the appearance of the user and share its senses with them. The user could see, smell, and listen to things through the wooden figurine. The only flaw was that the pain the wooden figurine felt would also be transmitted to the body of the user. But it couldn't be helped. After all, it was a low-level scouting puppet, and it couldn't be perfect in every aspect.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator's repairing skills were pretty good.

The scouting-type wooden figurine was originally a puppet of the Third Stage rank. Nevertheless, the damage it received back then was too much. Such being the case, Northern River's Loose Cultivator had no choice but to use a spirit stone of the Fourth Stage as the core to allow the figurine to move around.

"Little friend Shuhang, come here. Pour your true qi into the propelling formation engraved on the wooden figurine. You should be able to activate the wooden figurine with that. Give it a try," Northern River's Loose Cultivator said.

"Thank you, Senior Northern River." Song Shuhang happily took the wooden figurine and followed Senior Northern River's instructions, pouring the liquefied true qi in his body into the propelling formation engraved on the body of the puppet.

In the next moment, he felt his five senses getting interlinked with those of the wooden figurine. He was very familiar with this feeling. After all, it was the same feeling he got when he completed the contract with the ghost spirit back then.

Unfortunately, the wooden figurine wasn't as flexible as the ghost spirit, and the level of the 'connection' between it and its user was much worse than that of the ghost spirit and its master.

Nevertheless, this degree of sense sharing was more than enough if the wooden figurine only had to act as a substitute and go on stage in his stead.

The puppet activated. In the next moment, the small wooden figurine inflated and changed into the same appearance as Song Shuhang; even the daoist robe it was wearing was the same as Shuhang's.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator faintly smiled and said, "What do you think? My repairing skills are pretty good, aren't they?"

"Senior Northern River, your timely help really saved me!" Song Shuhang said gratefully. Now, the wooden figurine could go on stage in his stage and complete the shooting of the next scene together with Senior White!

It was a bit saddening that he had to use a spirit stone of the Fourth Stage to fix it, but the wooden figurine wasn't a consumable. It was a good treasure that he could use again in the future. Therefore, he hadn't really suffered a loss this time!

Northern River's Loose Cultivator said with a smile, "In that case, you should seize the opportunity to get familiar with this wooden figurine before the shooting of the next scene starts so that you can control it properly when it is on stage."

Song Shuhang nodded and closed his eyes, starting to familiarize with the wooden figurine.

Thanks to the illusory butterflies brought over from the Spirit Butterfly Island, when the wooden figurine inflated and assumed Shuhang's appearance, the members of the movie crew only saw Song Shuhang's body double suddenly coming over.


Around five minutes later, the artists finished applying the necessary make-up to Venerable White.

Director Jacob gave the order, and the members of the movie crew rushed to their positions.

Venerable White returned to the martial arts stage, while the Eight-Armed Sword Sage (True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple) crossed his arms again and stood on the edge of the platform.

Riverly Purple Mist, who was playing the role of Senior Sister Murong Hua, and some other disciples that were part of the audience watching the match also returned to their positions.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes.

Since he had already carried out the synchronization with his ghost spirit, he needed only five minutes to learn how to control the wooden figurine to perfection. He controlled the wooden figurine and finally headed toward the stage!

When he got on stage, Song Shuhang controlled the wooden figurine and extracted the treasured saber Broken Tyrant inserted into the ground before its body.

When the wooden figurine assumed his appearance, even the clothes he was wearing were copied. However, items such as the treasured saber Broken Tyrant weren't copied.

The wind blew and gently caressed Song Shuhang's face, making his daoist robe flutter.

But right at this time, within the size-reducing purse in his clothes, an exquisite puppet issued a weak radiance~


On the martial arts stage, Venerable White was already ready.

As soon as Song Shuhang stepped on the stage, Venerable White entered in his acting mode. A weak expression appeared on his face, and he started panting.

Venerable White's actor's soul was on fire. He felt that performing in a movie was truly exciting!

Since he was so excited, he decided to go all out during the performance.

At this time, the camera had switched angle and was recording the scene from the side, with Venerable White's head being in profile. From this angle, the other side of Venerable White's face, where the bruises were painted, wasn't visible.

According to the script, the scene of Senior Brother Gao Sheng beating up Ling Ye would start soon after the start of the shooting of this part.

At that time, Senior Brother Gao Sheng would launch a surprise attack and appear next to Ling Ye, slashing toward his head.

Ling Ye would brandish his saber and try to block the attack, but Senior Brother Gao Sheng's blow would break his steel saber, with the broken blade leaving a wound on Ling Ye's face.

Only at that time would the other part of Venerable White's face appear in front of the camera.

"Everyone, get ready," Director Jacob said in a grave tone.

Song Shuhang arrived in front of Venerable White, and the two of them stood in their positions.

There was no need for Director Jacob to intervene. The two of them were currently standing precisely in the same places they were standing when the shooting stopped the last time.

After Song Shuhang took out the saber, Venerable White faintly furrowed his brows due to the pain.

Director Jacob silently nodded. The scene looked very good. This was exactly how this scene was supposed to look!

The script supervisor raised the clapperboard in front of the camera and clapped.

Director Jacob shouted, "Action!"

The scene quickly changed to Venerable White's body, displaying the results of Senior Brother Gao Sheng's slashes from before.

Ling Ye's body was covered with bruises, and the fresh blood dripping from each cut had dyed his daoist robe red.

The scene perfectly resumed from where it had left off. Therefore, they could keep going!

The corner of Senior Brother Gao Sheng's mouth rose into a cold smile as he said, "Ling Ye, is that all you got? You are simply too weak. Both you and your blade!"

"Haa... haa..." Ling Ye didn't reply and just gasped for breath. He tightly held the steel saber in his hands, with beads of sweat continuously streaming down his cheeks.

"Do you know something? I really like this unyielding disposition of yours. Since you refuse to admit defeat, I can only let you suffer some more." The corner of Song Shuhang's mouth rose upward as he played Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role.

In the next moment, his body moved forward at high speed and left behind several afterimages before appearing next to Ling Ye.

Senior Northern River really did a good job while repairing this wooden figurine. Our five senses are interlinked, and the voice is the same as my main body's. Even the speed it was able to display thanks to that spirit stone of the Fourth Stage was pretty good. This substitute is simply perfect! That spirit stone was well spent! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

According to the script, he now had to use the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in his hands to slash horizontally toward Ling Ye's head.

During the shooting of this scene, there was no need for Venerable White to use his threads of spiritual energy to control Song Shuhang's body, since his performance was outstanding.

Venerable White also followed the script and used the blade in his hands to block the incoming blow.


The steel saber and Song Shuhang's treasured saber Broken Tyrant clashed against each other.

"Break!" Song Shuhang growled.

Venerable White coordinated with Shuhang, and spiritual energy surged from his hands, causing the steel saber he was holding to break into two pieces.

Soon after, the broken piece of the blade flew away under Venerable White's control and gently brushed past his face, falling to the ground afterward.

Every single detail was under Venerable White's control!

Gao Moumou had given his best to devise this plot where he could freely torment Song Shuhang... he had even thought of a large number of stage props that he could use make Shuhang suffer. Unfortunately, he had had no chance to make use of any of these ideas in the end.

The story continued...

Venerable White, who was playing Ling Ye's role, let out a muffled groan and stumbled to the ground.

The other side of his face finally appeared in front of the camera, revealing the wound that the make-up artists had drawn there.

The scene had played out perfectly!

Director Jacob was extremely satisfied.

Next was precisely the scene where Senior Brother Gao Sheng would hit Ling Ye savagely after taking advantage of the fact that the latter had fallen to the ground.

Was this going to be the easiest shooting of Jacob's career as a director?


On the martial arts stage.

Venerable White, who was playing Ling Ye's role, fell to the ground, injured. His whole body was covered with bruises, and even his face was bleeding. He looked extremely delicate and charming in this weakened state.

Song Shuhang, who was playing Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role, grinned fiendishly, not showing an ounce of pity. He continuously slashed towards Ling Ye with the blade in his hand. Ling Ye was in a predicament and rolled on the ground again and again to dodge the attacks.

Song Shuhang secretly heaved a huge sigh of relief. Luckily, he had decided to use the wooden figurine to shoot this scene instead of his main body. Otherwise, he would have been unable to attack Venerable White after seeing him roll all over the floor like that.

Nevertheless, even if he was rolling all over the place, Venerable White's charm didn't diminish in the slightest. Even if he was just rolling, he was rolling in a handsome way.

No one had ever seen Venerable White in such a big predicament before. Since it was something new that no one had ever seen, Senior White's charm increased by another 100 points while rolling due to the surprise effect.

"You are done for, Ling Ye!" Senior Brother Gao Sheng said gravely at this time.

Song Shuhang lifted the treasured saber Broken Tyrant and used the ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique—Dragon Dance Style❯!

The saber qi surged and transformed into a lifelike true dragon. Although the ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯ didn't have any attack power, the dragon still increased Song Shuhang's imposing manner.

This saber technique was perfect to conclude this first act!

The defensive dragon made of saber qi headed toward Venerable White under Song Shuhang's control.

Then, it coiled around Venerable White's body.

Venerable White coordinated with Song Shuhang and called out in pain, "Aaaaah~"

Senior Brother Gao Sheng said coldly, "Ling Ye! Willing to admit defeat already?"

Ling Ye clenched his teeth as the dragon made of saber qi coiled around his body, and said, "Ne... ver..."

"Unwilling to accept defeat until the bitter end, eh? In that case, get ready to pass a whole month in bed!" Senior Brother Gao Sheng said coldly.

After saying this much, Senior Brother Gao Sheng took a step forward and started to hit Ling Ye savagely...

At this time, both Song Shuhang and Venerable White were fully immersed in the roles they were playing.

The more they were performing, the better the tacit understanding between the two was getting.

The shooting of this scene was absolutely perfect!


At this time, the several seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group standing amidst the crowd had dumbfounded looks on their faces... Northern River's Loose Cultivator in particular was absent-mindedly looking at the 'Song Shuhang' sitting next to him.

Since the very beginning, he felt that there was something wrong with this situation!

But now, he was sure that the 'Song Shuhang' sitting next to him was the wooden figurine...

Such being the case, the little friend Song Shuhang on the stage could only be the main body, right?

What game was little friend Song Shuhang playing?

Northern River's Loose Cultivator was completely unable to understand what was going in little friend Shuhang's head!

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