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Chapter 662: Little friend Song Shuhang will forever live in our hearts
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Getting a pair of husband and wife to play the roles of Senior Sister Murong Hua and Feng Chuanzi could save the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group from some unnecessary embarrassment while shooting the movie.

In addition, if an already married fairy maiden were to play the part of Venerable White's first love, she would have a higher resistance to Senior White's charm and not fall in love with him while acting.

Everyone approved of Su Clan's Sixteen's suggestion.

"In that case, which fellow daoists are husband and wife?" Song Shuhang asked.

Since the day he'd joined the group up until now, he still hadn't seen any official couple.

Fairy Dongfang Six had Liu Long as a pursuer. However, the two of them were still stuck at the courting stage, and there was nothing official yet.

Su Clan's Sixteen replied, "There are several married couples in the group. However, they are currently in seclu— on honeymoon. Therefore, they won't make it in time for the shooting."

Yu Jiaojiao said, "I feel that these two roles were very suited for my father and mother... but my mother got angry again some time ago and didn't talk to my father since then. As for my father's other wives, I don't recommend them. They don't really suit my aesthetic standards."

Gao Moumou looked at Yu Jiaojiao in surprise. Not only was Miss Yu Jiaojiao's father a very rich man, he had married several women as well. He was a true winner in life!

But right at this time, Song Shuhang said, "Isn't it better if we directly send the script and the original story to the group? That way, everyone can see it and choose the roles by themselves."

After all, they weren't a real movie company. There was no need for them to make a list of the roles and choose an actor for each of them.

Venerable White said, "I'll send it!"

Senior White grabbed the laptop and logged in to his chat account.

At the same time, Yu Jiaojiao threw a bewitching gaze at Gao Moumou.

After a slight moment of confusion, Gao Moumou entered an absent-minded state.

It was the innate charm of a mermaid. Yu Jiaojiao had inherited this power from her mother.

The messages sent in the Nine Provinces Number One Group touched many seniors of the world of cultivators. Leaving Song Shuhang who was added to the group by mistake aside, it was better not to let an ordinary person like Gao Moumou read the contents in the group before they are given the approval of True Monarch Yellow Mountain or the other administrators.

Venerable White quickly uploaded the file to the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Then, he wrote in the group: "All of you that are online, please take a look at the script of the movie and see if there is any role you would like to play. We'll start shooting the movie soon."

The first one to reply was the always online holy warrior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Northern River's Loose Cultivator. "Eh? Little friend Song and Yu Jiaojiao took care of this matter rather quickly. Even the script is finished already? Let me take a look and see if there is something suited for me. Right, which role is Copper Trigram going to play? I want to play a role that allows me to beat him up!"

Song Shuhang was very curious and had always wondered how Northern River's Loose Cultivator could have so much free time to chat. Was it possible that he didn't need to practice? Or perhaps he had some secondary clone that he was using to keep an eye on the Nine Provinces Number One Group while the main body was earnestly practicing?

Northern River's Loose Cultivator opened the file and quickly took a look at the content.

The first thing he noticed was 'Senior Brother Gao Sheng' oppressing a certain 'Ling Ye'.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator asked happily, " @Senior White, is Ling Ye's role a supporting one? If that's the case, can you give this role to Copper Trigram and Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role to me?"

Venerable White replied, "No, Ling Ye is the main character, and I'll be the one playing this role. Fellow Daoist Northern River, are you interested in playing Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role?"

Northern River's Loose Cultivator almost got a heart attack. Oppressing Venerable White during the shooting? He wasn't that tired of living yet!

Therefore, he quickly replied, "Ahahaha, no, no. I just spoke thoughtlessly. I'll keep reading."

Now then, who was going to play this role?

Whoever was going to play it was in big trouble!

After the end of the movie, he would prepare a floral wreath.

On the left side, he would write [The one who sacrificed himself for the people], and on the right one [He will forever live in our hearts].

It was a tribute to the fellow daoist that would sacrifice himself and play Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role, saving the other men of the Nine Provinces Number One Group from this calamity.


Song Shuhang sighed sorrowfully. How wonderful would it have been if Senior Northern River had accepted that role!

Now then, where is Senior Thrice Reckless? If Senior Thrice Reckless were online, he would surely be interested in Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role. After all, what Senior Thrice Reckless likes the most is seeking death.

But right at this time, the founder of the group, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, made his appearance and wrote: "Eh? The script is already ready? That was quick. Fellow Daoist White, do you need help with the shooting of the movie? If you need help, you can contact me directly. I can provide the technology, manpower, resources, and other stuff whenever you need them."

Next, True Monarch Yellow Mountain tagged everyone with the '@everyone' feature.

Venerable White: ":soft_feather_bright_smile:"

Venerable White: "Alright. Fellow Daoist Yellow Mountain, I'll contact you if there are problems."

After Venerable White's expression package, Soft Feather also uploaded the 'Soft Feather's expression package' and Senior 'Song's expression package' to the space group of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. The expression packages of the other members of the group were still work in progress.

Thanks to the meteor shower from the last time, the spam of the emotes from Senior White's expression package had decreased quite a bit. However, there were still some fellow daoists that didn't fear death and kept sending Senior White's emotes from time to time.

Actually, Senior White had already stopped investigating this matter. As long as people weren't spamming like crazy, flooding the whole group, he wouldn't care if they sent a few emotes from his package. Even he himself had downloaded the Soft Feather and Senior Song's expression packages and used those emotes from time to time.

As one might have guessed, this 'Senior Song's expression package' was full of pictures where Song Shuhang was terrified. The whole package consisted of emotes were Song Shuhang was fully afflicted by his acrophobia.

After True Monarch Yellow Mountain tagged everyone, all the lurking members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group made their appearance.

Dharma King Creation: "Got it, I'm reading the script right now. Senior White, are you currently staying at little friend Yu Jiaojiao's place? I'm also in the Jiangnan area. I'll head over there after I finish today's live broadcast, which is scheduled at noon."

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: "I'm also reading the script and trying to find a suitable role. I have a lot of free time lately... PS: Fellow Daoist Creation, have mercy this time. You sent something like 300,000 innocent people to the hospital just two days ago."

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple replied in shock, "What? I closed up for just a few days and Brother Creation gave birth to a calamity that shook the world?"

"People like you who don't understand music aren't allowed to belittle me," Dharma King Creation said complacently. "For your information, there are currently more than two million people waiting for me to start the live broadcast, wishing to see me sing at noon! You guys are simply unable to understand the charm and beauty of my music."

Fairy Lychee: "I can already imagine the disaster that will follow. Is the world about to end?"

Island Master Tian Tiankong: "All the fellow daoists that have hospitals under their name should get ready to receive as many patients as possible."

The discussion got derailed after Dharma King Creation's appearance.


Song Shuhang reminded Venerable White, "Senior White, since Senior Ancient Lake Temple got online, you should ask him if he's interested in playing the role of the Eight-Armed Sword Sage elder. Then, you should also ask if there is any married couple in the group that has free time. We should give precedence to a real couple to play the roles of Senior Sister Murong Hua and Feng Chuanzi."

Venerable White nodded and wrote in the group: " @True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, are you free? I feel that the role of the Eight-Armed Sword Sage in the first act of the script is very suited for you."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Eh? A role appointed by Senior White himself! I'm so envious!"

Fairy Lychee: "I'm so envious +1."

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: "I'm so envious +2."

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman: "I'm so envious +3."

Fairy Dongfang Six: "I'm so envious +4."

The fellow daoists maintained the formation, and tens of similar replies instantly followed. Song Shuhang was now sure that the cultivators of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had all practiced the 'secondary clone technique'!

Otherwise, how could they have the time to chat and flood the group all day?

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple: "No problem, Senior White. You can leave the role of the Eight-Armed Sword Sage to me. I'm currently headed towards southeastern China. I'll come over there in around two hours."

It was a role that Venerable White himself had appointed... if True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple had free time, he wouldn't refuse to play it.

Perhaps he could seize the opportunity to freeload some luck.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Anyway, speaking of husband and wife... Cave Lord Snow Wolf, you and your wife are quite suited to play the role of the senior sister and her husband, don't you think?"

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: "But I was thinking of playing another role! @Venerable White, in the second act of the script, when the main character heads toward the place where the wedding ceremony will be held, he encounters a ferocious wild beast and ends up in a coma. Is it possible to change the beast from a single one to a group? If you do that, I can bring my wife and the various snow wolf cubs over for a stroll."

Venerable White: "Sure, no problem!"

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Such being the case... I can only think of one last couple. @Medicine Master, no need to lurk, I'm talking about you! Miss Riverly Purple Mist, I bet that you are using Medicine Master's account to spy on us. Can we leave these two roles to you and Medicine Master? What do you think?"

Medicine Master: "Senior Northern River, leave it to me. I'll convince Medicine Master one way or the other—Riverly Purple Mist."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Senior White, see, it's settled."

Venerable White: "Northern River, you did a great job! 👍"

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "You are welcome, Senior White. Now then, who is going to play Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role?"

When he asked this question, Northern River's Loose Cultivator had faintly guessed the answer.

"Little friend Song Shuhang," Venerable White replied.

Just as I expected, little friend Song Shuhang will forever live in our hearts.

It seemed that Fairy Firefly had made it so that she would receive a notification whenever the words 'Song Shuhang' were mentioned.


Fairy Firefly: "Eh? Little friend Song Shuhang has returned to Earth already? Where is he now? It hasn't been a month yet!"

Song Shuhang was speechless. This was what he was scared of the most!

He took a deep breath and looked at the nearby Venerable White. Luckily, Senior White was with him this time, and he could explain things to Fairy Firefly!

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