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Chapter 659: How can you find happiness in life without seeking death?
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"An interesting fellow?" Song Shuhang glanced at the sea urchin warriors beneath and couldn't spot any difference between them.

"The second sea urchin warrior from the right side isn't a living creature... but a puppet!" Scholar Xian Gong took out his big tobacco pipe and puffed out some white smoke; he was no longer concealing his presence.

The approaching enemy wasn't that demodragon from the Netherworld Realm. Therefore, there was no need for him to hide. The strength of these sea urchin warriors wasn't too high, and he could easily take care of them.

"A puppet?" Song Shuhang stared at that particular sea urchin warrior for quite some time but all of them were clad in black clothes with only their eyes visible. How was he supposed to tell the difference between them?

"I'll head down and take care of these sea urchin warriors. I can't allow them to ruin the traps I arranged," Scholar Xian Gong said.

Scholar Xian Gong had spent a great deal of time to arrange these traps. He didn't want to waste them to catch these small fries.

Senior Xian Gong jumped down from the roof of the villa.

The sea urchin warriors stopped in their tracks and carefully watched him.

"Hehe." Scholar Xian Gong laughed and shook his tobacco pipe. After that, a lifelike fire dragon gushed out of the pipe.

His tobacco pipe was a powerful fire-type magical treasure.

The fire dragon was more than twenty meters long; the water in the air evaporated as soon as it appeared, with waves of heat bombarding the whole area.

However, the heat and the light the fire dragon was releasing disappeared without a trace when it closed in on Yu Jiaojiao's villa. Scholar Xian Gong had arranged a huge defensive formation next to Jiaojiao's villa so as to avoid destroying it during the fight.

With this defensive formation in place, Gao Moumou and the others inside the villa wouldn't even realize that there was a battle outside.


The fire dragon coiled around the sea urchin warriors.

Amongst the sea urchin warriors, the strongest one was that team leader—a sea urchin warrior of the Fourth Stage Realm—that fell into the first trap. All the others had a strength of the Third Stage Realm and had no chance of escaping from Scholar Xian Gong's fire dragon.

As soon as the fire dragon coiled around them, the sea urchin warriors were reduced to ashes, dying thoroughly.

Scholar Xian Gong gently tapped his tobacco pipe, and the fire dragon returned inside after making one circle in the air.

"Puff~" Scholar Xian Gong kept smoking and then puffed out a white cloud of smoke. His eyes were closely watching the place the fire dragon attacked just now.

In that place, a humanoid puppet that seemed to be made of either wood or metal was lying prone on the ground. At this time, its outer sea urchin warrior skin cover had been destroyed. However, even Scholar Xian Gong's terrifying fire dragon had failed to destroy its body and was only able to burn black the outer layer.

"Not bad. This puppet was manufactured with the method of the Jet-Black Sect. Its ability to resist fire is pretty good," Scholar Xian Gong said calmly.

The body of the puppet twitched, and it slowly got up from the ground.

Something similar to an electronic eye was glowing in the eye socket of the puppet. The electronic eye glanced at Scholar Xian Gong and said hoarsely, "It wasn't just manufactured with the method of the Jet-Black Sect. The heat resistance of its outer layer was strengthened with highly advanced technological equipment as well. In this era where technology is quickly developing, we cultivators can't afford to be complacent and conservative."

"Ahaha, technology your sister," Scholar Xian Gong said. As soon as the word 'technology' was mentioned, he remembered that nuclear bomb that exploded above his head. Whom exactly did he offend back then? He was quietly meditating when someone casually dropped a nuclear bomb on his head.

The puppet stiffly moved around. It seemed that the attack just now had damaged it to some extent. Its movements had now become similar to that of a zombie—some parts inside its body were probably broken. However, it didn't matter, because the puppet wasn't planning to return home safely.

Its electronic eye moved and finally locked onto Song Shuhang, who was standing on the roof of the villa.

"Found you," the puppet said.

Song Shuhang asked, "Do we know each other?"

This puppet has come for me as well? I can understand why the sea urchin warriors have come, but how am I exactly related to this puppet?

Very soon, Song Shuhang remembered a certain matter.

Was it possible that this puppet was related to that Mister She Lan? That guy brought several sea urchin warriors and human skin puppets with him and bravely barged into the land of the Chu Family. But in the end, it turned out that he was a disciple of the Thousand Hands Sect that had been transformed into a puppet. Afterward, Venerable White was careless while disassembling him and made him explode.

"We don't really know each other," the puppet replied. After saying this much, it raised its hand and pointed it at Song Shuhang, seemingly ready to attack him.

The nearby Scholar Xian Gong sneered. Was this guy treating him as though he didn't exist, trying to attack Song Shuhang even though he was there?

Scholar Xian Gong stretched out his hand and flicked his fingers. In the next moment, a formation on the ground suddenly activated as countless vines came out of it, firmly binding the puppet.

The vines directly pierced into the body of the puppet and destroyed its internal parts.

"Ahahaha..." However, not only the puppet didn't try to resist, it also started laughing complacently.

In the next moment, its body inflated, and energy burst forth from the core.

"Is it trying to self-destruct?" Scholar Xian Gong snorted. The vines quickly wrapped around the puppet and turned it into a green cocoon.


The power of the explosion was completely suppressed by the green cocoon, just like a defective bomb that had failed to explode.

On the roof, Song Shuhang furrowed his brows and said, "What's going on? Did it come here just to say a few sentences and self-detonate?"

Was it possible that the puppet launched some kind of attack when it stretched out its hand and pointed at him? For example, some kind of mental attack?

Perhaps I should ask Senior White to give me a general physical checkup later?

After a short moment of silence, Scholar Xian Gong turned his head around and looked at Song Shuhang. "Little friend Shuhang, do you feel anything strange?"

Song Shuhang shook his head.

"In that case, for what reason did that guy come here?" Scholar Xian Gong stretched out his hand and waved it. In the next moment, the vines forming the green retracted, disappearing without a trace.

Only some parts of the puppet were left inside the green cocoon. Its main components had been destroyed during the explosion.

Anyway, no one would believe that someone would sacrifice such a valuable puppet just to say hi to little friend Song Shuhang.

"Little friend Shuhang, come over. I'll check your body. I feel that there is something wrong with this situation," Scholar Xian Gong said.

Song Shuhang nodded and jumped down from the roof, landing next to Scholar Xian Gong.

Scholar Xian Gong gave Song Shuhang a thorough check.

However, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with his body. He didn't find traces of curses or other injuries.

Scholar Xian Gong was unable to understand what was going on. Therefore, he pondered for a moment and said, "Let's go. Let's look for Venerable White and ask him to give you a checkup."


At this time, far away from Yu Jiaojiao's villa. A figure was hiding inside a mountain forest and indifferently looking at the sea urchin warriors getting killed.

When the moonlight shone on this figure, its real appearance was finally revealed. It was the Hall Leader of the 'Nine-eyed Kama Hall' of the Limitless Demon Sect.

While in space, the Hall Leader personally witnessed Song Shuhang, who was at the time a cultivator of the Second Stage, ferry the souls of his dear subordinates to the afterworld. That scene made him so angry that he almost exploded from rage. After returning to Earth, he kept looking for Shuhang.

Just like the sea urchin warriors, he was also attracted to this place when Scholar Xian Gong used his trapping formation to amplify Song Shuhang's aura.

However, he wasn't as rash as those sea urchin warriors and hid in this place to observe the situation first.

"It's a trap, huh? It is possible that it's a trap they prepared to lure me out?" the Hall Leader of the Nine-eyed Kama Hall muttered to himself.

Soon after, he sneered.

What a bunch of fools! It had been a grave mistake to lure him here with this trap.

Now, the enemy was in plain sight while he was still hidden. The only thing he had to do was to keep watching that small cultivator and act as soon as there was an opportunity. When the time was right, he would kill the target in one move and flee as far as possible at the fastest speed! Who would even catch him at that time!

After looking at things from another perspective, there was really no need for him to hastily deal with this small cultivator now that the knew that it was a trap.

He only needed to know his coordinates and look for some ordinary disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect later, telling them to pay close attention to Song Shuhang.

He would have a lot of time and opportunities in the future to tear that brat to shreds.

After thinking up to this point, the Hall Leader of the Nine-eyed Kama Hall quietly retreated.


In the Netherworld Realm, on the Mountain of Next Life.

Several cave lords had gathered together once more, and behind them were their elite subordinates.

"Hmm? Where is Cave Lord Dragon? How come it didn't show up?"

"Cave Lord Dragon was really impatient. Is it possible that it already barged into China? The last time, it quickly left after receiving some news from its monster willow subordinate."

"What should we do in that case?"

"No need to panic. We already devised a plan back then. In addition, Cave Lord Dragon told me how to lock onto the coordinates of its monster willow subordinate that day. I just used that method, and that monster willow is already in China at this time. From the looks of it, she found that evil survivor of the Jingang Temple already. Therefore, let's just follow the plan!"

"If we manage to bring the head of that evil survivor of the Jingang Temple back to the Netherworld Realm, gifting it to the Mountain Lord, we will receive big rewards!"

"In that case, let's follow the plan and enter into action tomorrow!"

"The Netherworld will protect us and bless us with a successful raid!"

"The Netherworld will protect us!"

"The Netherworld will protect us!"

By the time these several cave lords of the Mountain of Next Life gathered here to discuss, a suitable space passage leading to Earth had been found already.

Everything was ready.

At the appointed time, they would bring their elite subordinates with them and head to China, instantly killing that evil survivor of the Jingang Temple. After that, they would capture a batch of human cultivators and bring them back to the Netherworld Realm.


In Medicine Master's house.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber had been tied up like a dumpling and was currently hanging from the roof as though he was a sandbag.

Su Clan's Seven said calmly, "Brother Medicine Master, I'll leave Thrice Reckless to you."

"You can leave him to me and be free from worries. I can guarantee you that no one will see Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless for the next one year of time," Medicine Master said indifferently.

"In that case, I'll take my leave." Su Clan's Seven turned toward Medicine Master and cupped his hands.

"Brother Seven, have a safe trip," Medicine Master added.

"Seven, Seven, you can't be this cruel! Bring me with you~ I don't want to stay here with Fellow Daoist Medicine Master!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber shouted and wriggled while hanging from the roof.

Su Clan's Seven coldly smiled and didn't even turn his head around before walking out, showing his back at Thrice Reckless Mad Saber as he left.

"Seveeeeen~" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber called out pitifully again.

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