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Chapter 656: Venerable White: How I wish we could start shooting the movie tomorrow!
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No, perhaps I can still save myself!

"Senior White, if I have to be honest, I think that Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role isn't that suited for me." Song Shuhang pointed at his face and said, "I think I'm better suited to play the role of a relatively kind-hearted character like..."

Like... like who?

F*ck, now that I think about it, it's not easy to find a male character that seems gentle and kind-hearted during the beginning of Gao Moumou's story!

The only character that seemed to have those characteristics was that nameless man that got married to the senior sister and then died together with her.

However, this character was going to get a lot of hate in the beginning due to him marrying the senior sister instead of the main character.

Even after pondering for a while, Song Shuhang was unable to think of a role that was suitable for him.

After seeing the conflicted Song Shuhang, Venerable White said, "I feel that someone with a gentle appearance must interpret Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role. Seeing the sharp contrast between his gentle outward appearance and his actions should leave a deep impression on everyone's mind."

What Venerable White said was reasonable. Song Shuhang was unable to refute his argument!

Venerable White glanced at Song Shuhang and continued, "Shuhang, is it possible that you don't like this particular role?"

Song Shuhang forced a smile and said, "Senior White, actually... I never considered performing Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role. I fear I won't be able to perform this role well."

"You don't have to worry about that. Since we have yet to start shooting, you can take your time and try to get accustomed to this role. In addition, we'll still take a screen test when the time to shoot the movie comes. If this role doesn't really suit you, you can exchange it for another one," Venerable White comforted him.

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up as he said, "That's also true."

There was still the screen test left. If he couldn't perform the role well, someone else might take his place.

Venerable White continued and asked, "Now then, Shuhang, when are we going to shoot this movie?"

"I think we can start shooting as soon as Gao Moumou is done writing the story and Great Master Swallow Cloud adapts it into a fitting script," Song Shuhang replied.

Venerable White said, "But that's going to take quite a bit of time!"

"I remember Gao Moumou saying that he should be able to finish the story before the end of this month. We can start shooting around that time, I guess. The semester will also start around that time," Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

This summer vacation would soon come to an end. However, Song Shuhang felt that it had been a very, very long summer vacation. After all, the number of things he had experienced during this period of time was simply too high. As if that wasn't enough, he had experienced close to another extra month thanks to the Time City of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

"We'll have to wait for a long time then!" Venerable White said in a low voice.

"There is no other way. It will take some time to finish the plot. In addition, we have to wait for the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group to contact a good movie crew. After that, the crew will also need to make some preparations before coming here to shoot the movie," Song Shuhang replied.

"In other words, we have to wait a very long time, is that correct?" Venerable White muttered to himself. "How I wish that the script could get completed earlier. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if we could start shooting tomorrow..."

Venerable White felt that the soul of the actor inside him was on fire; he was unable to hold himself back and wished to shoot the movie as soon as possible.

"It's impossible to finish the story so quickly. In addition, both Gao Moumou and Great Master Swallow Cloud drank too much earlier and are now sleeping. Tomorrow, I'll urge them to speed things up and finish the script earlier so we can start shooting the movie at an earlier date," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Although people referred to 'Swallow Cloud' as 'Great Master', he was actually a layman disciple and could thus eat meat and drink liquor. He ended up drinking too much earlier and was now drunk.

"It seems there is nothing else we can do," Venerable White replied.


August 10th, around 7 PM.

The dead drunk Gao Moumou suddenly woke up and was unable to fall asleep no matter how much he tried.

Something inside him known as 'inspiration' had just exploded like a nuclear bomb. At this time, a myriad of thoughts filled his mind.

Inspiration was the most important thing that an author needed while writing. Without inspiration, even if one had the best literary talent in the world, everything they wrote would be nothing but a pile of beautiful and soulless words.

Now that a myriad of inspirations filled his mind, Gao Moumou was unable to fall asleep. Therefore, he quickly got up and took pen and paper, starting to write down all the great ideas that currently filled his mind.

As long as he could put in order all these great ideas, they could become part of the plot he was writing.

After writing for a short moment, Gao Moumou thought of turning the computer on to write down these ideas, storing them into a folder. But just as he was preparing to switch the computer on, he saw his girlfriend, Yayi, lying next to him.

Gao Moumou was a sweet boyfriend. Therefore, he cautiously left the room so as to avoid disturbing Yayi's sleep.

Then, he prepared to head toward Song Shuhang or Tubo's room with pen and notebook in hand to continue with his work.

But just as he opened the door, he saw a figure walking toward his room.

The figure was Great Master Swallow Cloud, the best screenwriter in the country.

"Eh? Little friend Gao Moumou, you woke up?" Great Master Swallow Cloud said with a smile as soon as he saw Gao Moumou.

"Great Master, you woke up as well?" Gao Moumou smiled gently. Then, he waved the hand holding the pen and the notebook, saying, "I'm not sure what happened, but many inspirations suddenly popped up in my head when I was sleeping. The number of inspirations was simply too high to count, and I feared that I might forget them upon waking up. Thereupon, I decided to get up and write everything down."

"Little friend Gao Moumou, you seem in a pretty good state!" Great Master Swallow Cloud smiled and said, "Actually, I'm in the same situation. I suddenly sobered up while sleeping and felt my whole body brimming with energy. As such, I decided to put this energy to use and do something productive, and it was right at that time that I remembered about your story. Therefore, I decided to seize this opportunity and adapt your story into a script as soon as possible."

Gao Moumou and Great Master Swallow Cloud looked at each other and smiled.

For some unknown reason, the two of them felt as though they had just found an 'intimate friend'.

Gao Moumou waved his small notebook and asked, "In that case, Great Master Swallow Cloud, should we look for a quiet place where we can finish the story?"

"I was thinking the same," Great Master Swallow Cloud replied.

"Such being the case, how about going to your room, Great Master? My girlfriend is still sleeping," Gao Moumou continued.

Great Master Swallow Cloud replied, "Fine by me."

Thereupon, an author filled with inspirations and a screenwriter filled with energy decided to head toward Great Master Swallow Cloud's room to start working on the script.

Gao Moumou felt that he hadn't such great inspirations for several years now. With so many inspirations in his head, countless good ideas for the plot were incessantly flashing through his mind. These ideas were more than enough to let him finish the story!

Great Master Swallow Cloud likewise never felt so motivated and full of energy in his life. This energy was enough to let him revise and adapt several stories into scripts overnight!

Both Gao Moumou and Great Master Swallow Cloud were very confident.

They felt that today was the day!

They would finish writing down the story this very night!


In the meantime.

On the border between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, a mysterious island not present on any map could be found here. A supernatural force covered the whole island, making it impossible to detect even with the most advanced technology.

In the airspace of the small island, countless multicolored butterflies were dancing in the air. This place was Miss Soft Feather's home, the Spirit Butterfly Island.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly was calmly sitting inside a pavilion, educating his daughter about the formations she had to arrange while transcending the tribulation.

One had to pay extra attention to the formations used while transcending the tribulation. After all, the heavenly tribulation wouldn't end after just one wave. In addition, while transcending a tribulation of the Fourth Stage, aside from the lightning of tribulation, one would have to face the water of tribulation, flames of tribulation, and earth of tribulation too.

The heavenly tribulation was unpredictable. Therefore, one had to prepare for all eventualities while arranging these formations.

Soft Feather wiped the sweat away from her forehead. It was very tiring to arrange big and complex formations alone. However, she had to arrange all these formations by herself. If her father, Venerable Spirit Butterfly, were to help her set up these formations, the strength of the heavenly tribulation would increase.

"There is only a little bit left. I have to be patient. Today, I'm the 100% calm 'Young Feather'. After I arrange this formation and transcend the tribulation, I can finally look for Senior Song and shoot the movie together with him. Father also promised me that I could do it. Young Feather, you can't give up now!" Soft Feather muttered to herself.

"Senior Song, wait for me! You need to reserve a good role for me!" Soft Feather clenched her fists and kept arranging the formation undaunted.

Shooting a movie was a really interesting matter. She couldn't miss it!


In the pavilion, Venerable Spirit Butterfly sipped some tea.

But right at this time, a multicolored butterfly landed on his shoulder.

"Teacher, I already contacted a first-class movie crew. The crew is currently shooting a scene on Mountain Niuding, in Wenzhou City. I reached an agreement with them, and they will head toward the Jiangnan area tomorrow, starting to get ready to shoot little friend Song Shuhang's movie," the multicolored butterfly said via secret sound transmission to Venerable Spirit Butterfly. "In addition, I made one of our men infiltrate the crew to increase their productivity. I can guarantee that they'll finish shooting the movie in the shortest time possible. Then, I followed your instructions and provided an illusory butterfly to each member of the movie crew. With that, even if they were to witness something astonishing while shooting the movie, they wouldn't get surprised by it."

Since the actors were a bunch of powerful cultivators, they might start flying or using explosive magical techniques while shooting the movie.

So, to avoid something unexpected happening, the careful Venerable Spirit Butterfly prepared an illusory butterfly for each member of the movie crew. With that, even if they were to witness the supernatural power of cultivators, their brain would automatically block or 'fix' the scene.

For example, if a cultivator used the 'Lightning Palm', their brain would block the picture of the Lightning Palm. If a cultivator were to start flying, their brain would fix the scene and make it seem as though they were using stage props.

"You did well." Venerable Spirit Butterfly faintly smiled and nodded. Then, he also added, "At the appointed time, prepare some special food for this movie crew on behalf of our Spirit Butterfly Island. Add a little bit of 'Energizing Medicinal Liquid' and diluted qi and blood pills to each meal. Then, put some leaves of Spirit Green Tea in their water as well. Make sure that the whole crew stays full of energy."

The multicolored butterfly flapped its wings and said, "As you wish, Teacher."

Venerable Spirit Butterfly nodded and said, "That's all for now."

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