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Chapter 648: That's bad, I need to ask Cave Lord Dragon to get into action!
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Name: Qing Wu. Dao name: Flying Goddess.

Qing Wu was an adorable monster tree—a monster willow, to be more precise.

She was a senior general under the command of Cave Lord Dragon, who was the cave lord of the Evil Dragon Cave situated on the Mountain of Next Life, one of the 77 mountains of the Netherworld Realm. Her strength had already reached the Fifth Stage Realm.

Had she been living on Earth, she would have immediately turned into a beautiful and fair woman after reaching the Fifth Stage Realm and condensing a Monster Core.

It was regrettable that the place she lived in was the chaotic, evil, and filthy Netherworld Realm. After getting influenced by the energy of the Netherworld, she was unable to assume human form even after condensing a Monster Core. The best she could do was to materialize a face. Her current appearance was that of a willow tree with the face of a beautiful woman growing on it.

Unlike the leaves of willow trees on Earth, her tree leaves were black.

The fact that she couldn't assume human form was one of the biggest regrets of her life.

Qing Wu's biggest wish was to become a monster of the Sixth Stage someday in the future. At that time, not even the energy of the Netherworld Realm would be able to stop her from assuming human form. Even if she couldn't turn into a beautiful and fair woman, she could turn into a beautiful and black woman!

Returning to the topic, early this morning, Qing Wu received an order from Cave Lord Dragon. The cave lord ordered her to look for a passage that led to Earth so that it could quietly sneak into China and look for a small human cultivator of the Third Stage. That small cultivator was an evil survivor of the Jingang Temple. Back in the days, the Mountain of Next Life paid a tremendous price to destroy the Jingang Temple; they absolutely couldn't let the Jingang Temple make a resurgence!

Thereupon, the monster willow Qing Wu set out and started her mission.

The terrifying battle between that powerful demon of the Tribulation Transcender rank and that scholar, also of the Tribulation Transcender rank, had destroyed a lot of known space passages. Even a few secret and well-concealed passages ended up getting discovered and sealed by human cultivators and sects on Earth after the shock waves of the battle gave their position out.

It wasn't easy to look for a passage that connected Earth and Netherworld at this time.

Qing Wu found a space passage only after spending most of the day searching. However, the passage was somewhat small, and it wasn't easy for her to squeeze into it. Therefore, she would have to spend quite some time controlling the energy of the Netherworld to corrode and expand this passage.

Qing Wu furrowed her brows and wondered if she should look for another passage instead. But right at that time, the space passage started to expand.

Before long, it had become big enough to allow her to squeeze into it.

Qing Wu was very happy.

However, she decided to use a small magical technique first to scout the other side of the space passage. Earth was an extremely dangerous place; she had to be very careful.

According to the information she obtained through this scouting-type magical technique, there was a boundless sea on the other side of the space passage, with not a soul in sight. It was a really good place to set foot on Earth.

Thereupon, Qing Wu happily squeezed her tree branch into the space passage.

Yay, that was the feeling! The moist sea breeze and the feeling of seawater made her willow branch become all glossy.

Earth was such an excellent place, much better than the Netherworld Realm!

If possible, she would have really liked taking root in the soil there, passing off as a monster willow and practicing until turning into a stunning black beauty.

It was regrettable that the aura of the Netherworld emanating from her body was like a beacon of light in the dark night; it would immediately attract the attention of human cultivator.

If it was for just a short period of time, she could use a secret technique to conceal her aura.

But if she dared to take root on Earth, a powerful human cultivator would come over to take care of her in one month at most.

Hmph. One day, our Netherworld Realm will conquer Earth! At that time, all the places on Earth will belong to us. I'll take root in the fertile soil next to a mountain stream and enjoy the sunlight and the water of the stream, quietly turning into a beautiful woman! Qing Wu thought to herself.

But right at this time, she discovered that someone had grabbed her willow branch!

"What's happening? I already scouted that place and there was only the vast sea on the other side, without a single soul in sight! How come someone suddenly appeared? And they unexpectedly dared to grab my willow branch as well, so bold! I'll show you my strength and directly pull you into the Netherworld Realm. The energy of the Netherworld Realm will corrupt you and make you fall!" Qing Wu clenched her teeth and took root in the soil of the Netherworld Realm.

Then, she put her strength in her willow branch, preparing to pull that person that had been so bold to grab her tree branch into the Netherworld Realm.

But Qing Wu soon started to panic. Although she used all her strength, the person on the opposite side of the passage didn't move in the slightest! Instead, it was her body that was slowly being pulled towards Earth!

Was the person on the other side Hercules? How could they have such terrifying physical strength?

Anyway, the situation was bad. Qing Wu felt that her root was getting pulled out of the soil of the Netherworld Realm.


At this time, above the surface of the sea.

True Monarch White Crane blinked its eyes. Its magical technique was already half-prepared, ready to kill that thing that had come over from the Netherworld, as well to seal the space passage.

But little did it expect that the thing that would come over from the other side would be a tree branch.

Just a moment ago, Venerable White was like 'I wish I could get a tree branch...'

And in the next moment, a space crack appeared, and a tree branch came over from the Netherworld Realm... was this creature from the Netherworld Realm trying to curry favor with Venerable White?

Judging from his expression, Venerable White seemed really satisfied with this fresh branch. Thereupon, his body quickly moved and appeared next to the black willow branch, directly grabbing it with his hand.

After seeing the scene, True Monarch White Crane quickly reminded, "Senior White, be careful! That evil thing comes from the Netherworld Realm! It's probably contaminated with the foul energy of the Netherworld!"

"You don't need to worry," Venerable White replied calmly.

Purifying energy spread from the center of Venerable White's palm, dispersing the evil aura covering the willow branch. The aura of the Netherworld couldn't hurt Venerable White in the slightest.

In the next moment, Venerable White put some strength into his arm and slowly pulled the tree branch out of the space passage.

After one breath of time, the willow branch was pulled out of the passage along with more than half of its main body.

"It's unexpectedly a willow tree?! True Monarch White Crane exclaimed in surprise.

"Aaaaaah! Painful! Damned guy, why do you have such great physical strength?! My roots are about to snap! Let me go! Otherwise, I'll bite you!" At this time, even the beautiful face growing on the tree trunk, which was currently crying out in pain, was pulled out of the space passage.

Qing Wu had firmly taken root in the soil of the Netherworld Realm earlier, but she didn't expect that the opposite party would be so strong to directly uproot her! At this time, she felt that her roots were about to snap.

As if that wasn't enough, an endless stream of purifying energy was transmitted from the body of the opposite party. This energy caused her whole body to become soft. At first, she thought of using her other branches to attack the enemy, but in her current state, she didn't even have the strength to move her tree leaves.

True Monarch White Crane said, "Senior White, it's a willow tree that has practiced until turning into a monster willow."

"Indeed." Venerable White nodded and kept pulling the willow branch. Then, his eyes met with the eyes of the monster willow.

At the same time, the eyes of the monster willow Qing Wu met with Venerable White's, and after a short moment, her small face blushed... What?! Such a handsome man unexpectedly exists in the world? He seems an immortal that has directly come out of an ancient painting!

She felt that her heartbeat had started to accelerate at this moment... no, wait, that couldn't be. After all, she didn't have anything akin to a heart yet!

"It turned out to be a willow tree that has turned into a sentient monster. No wonder the quality of wood of its branch was so high," Venerable White said.

Venerable White just wanted a tree branch to manufacture a disposable flying sword, but when he pulled the branch out of the space passage, he discovered that there was a big tree attached to it as well.

Senior White felt that the wood of this willow tree was very good; it definitely conformed to his tastes. If he could pull out the whole tree, he would be able to manufacture a lot of disposable flying swords of excellent quality.

Thereupon, Venerable White made an extra effort and decided to pull the whole tree out.

When he pulled out half of the tree, he discovered that the willow tree had already become a sentient being and turned into a monster tree.

Since it was a sentient monster tree, Venerable White felt that it wasn't appropriate to treat it as firewood and chop it to pieces to make flying swords out of it. After all, this monster tree didn't offend him in any way.

In addition, Venerable White wasn't a monster hunter who killed monsters as soon as they saw them.

After pondering for a moment, Venerable White made up his mind.

Thereupon, he said to the monster willow while holding her branch with one hand, "Forget it. After seeing that you practiced up to this point with much difficulty, I decided to let you go. From this day onwards, you'd better stay in the Netherworld Realm and not cause trouble here on Earth, got it?"

Two rosy circles appeared on the cheeks of the monster willow Qing Wu. Other than being handsome, this mister was also very gentle. She felt that she had perhaps fallen in love. She thought that it was worth it to devote her whole life to this mister and take care of him!

Mister, please, allow me to follow you! I'm perfectly fine with being an adorable monster pet! the monster willow Qing Wu thought to herself.

She was about to open her mouth and say these words when she felt a piercing pain transmit from her willow branch.

The handsome and gentle mister, whom she felt was worth to devote her life to, stretched out his hand and grabbed her branch, bending and breaking it.

"Aaaaah! So painful!" the monster tree called out in pain. She felt that sap was about to flow out of her eyes.

This gentle mister had unexpectedly snapped her branch so viciously!

Next, Qing Wu saw Venerable White use his hand as a blade and cut her branch.

One had to remember that she was a monster willow of the Fifth Stage rank. In addition, her body had been strengthened by the energy of the Netherworld. As such, the hardness of her branch was comparable to that of a magical treasure of the Fifth Stage rank. But this mister was cutting it as though it was an ordinary tree branch!

This gentle mister was super scary!

Should I look for Cave Lord Dragon after going back and ask him to get into action? the monster willow Qing Wu thought to herself.


Venerable White was very good at manufacturing disposable flying swords. After a short moment, the embryonic form of the flying sword had already appeared in Venerable White's hands.

Then, he engraved all kinds of runes and formations on the body of the flying sword, ultimately completing the disposable flying sword 004 edition.

Actually, this series of disposable flying swords had already reached up to the 005 edition, and after the 005 edition came the 'disposable meteor sword 001 edition'.

"Done!" Venerable White blew air on the wooden sword and said, "White Crane, let's go."

"Senior White, wait a moment! Let me take care of this monster tree before leaving. Then, I'll seal this space passage that leads to the Netherworld Realm as well!" True Monarch White Crane said at this time.

Qing Wu's small face immediately whitened.

That's bad, I must immediately ask Cave Lord Dragon to get into action!

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