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Chapter 647: Venerable White: I wish I could get a tree branch...
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly obtained a lot of inspirations from this small 'self-recovery' technique that Immortal Cheng Lin had left behind in the ancient ruins.

At first glance, it seemed just a small technique to grow back severed limbs. But the truth was that Immortal Cheng Lin's way to immortality was concealed within. The way to immortality that could allow the user to give birth to itself.

Actually, Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly had finished studying this small 'self-recovery' technique quite a few days ago. Now, they had to think of a method to extrapolate Cheng Lin's way to immortality from the technique and use it as a reference to create their own way to immortality. However, it wasn't something simple; it required a lot of time.

The reason they had stayed in the ancient ruins for so long was to give the other fellow daoists the time to grasp this magical technique as well.

At this time, True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, True Monarch White Crane, True Monarch Fallout, Great Master Profound Principle, Cave Lord Snow Wolf, and Miss Soft Feather had all grasped the magical technique.

After grasping the small magical technique, there wasn't anything else left to do in Immortal Cheng Lin's ruins.

Venerable White stood up and said with a smile, "Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly, it's time to leave."

"I was thinking the same." Venerable Spirit Butterfly looked at his daughter with a loving gaze. With all the things she'd comprehended this time, Soft Feather was on the verge of breaking through. The lightning of tribulation could descend at any time and make her advance to the Fourth Stage Innate Realm.

Therefore, Venerable Spirit Butterfly wanted to bring her back to the Spirit Butterfly Island as soon as possible and arrange the necessary formations to help her transcend the tribulation.


At last, the group left Immortal Cheng Lin's ruins under Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly's guidance.

Afterward, Venerable White sealed the entrance of the ruins again, concealing it. Although these ruins from the era of the previous Wielder of the Will didn't have any magical treasure inside, that recording of Immortal Cheng Lin holding a speech was far more valuable than any magical treasure.

At this time, Venerable White was wondering if he should bring all the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group to these ancient ruins for a stroll before closing up.

"In that case, Fellow Daoist White, Fellow Daoist Tyrant Flood Dragon, Fellow Daoist White Crane, Fellow Daoist Fallout, Fellow Daoist Profound Principle, and Fellow Daoist Snow Wolf, I'll take my leave first and bring my daughter back to the Spirit Butterfly Island. Let us meet again." Venerable Spirit Butterfly cupped his hands and bid farewell to the other fellow daoists.

"Eeeh? We are immediately heading back to the Spirit Butterfly Island? Aren't we going to Senior Song's place to take a look at the movie he wants to shoot? I even wanted to perform the role of a female character in his movie!" Soft Feather was somewhat unwilling to accept the fact that she had to return to the Spirit Butterfly Island immediately.

This time, she had managed to leave home with much difficulty, and she hadn't enjoyed herself to the fullest!

"Transcending the tribulation is a serious matter," Venerable Spirit Butterfly said coldly.

Her father's argument was too strong, and Soft Feather had no idea how to refute.

However, she wouldn't give up so easily.

Soft Feather blinked her eyes and, trying to act cute, said to her father, "In that case, can I go over and take part in the movie if Senior Song isn't done with the shooting by the time I transcend my tribulation?"

Venerable Spirit Butterfly faintly smiled and said straightforwardly, "Sure."

After returning to the Spirit Butterfly Island, I'll send a first-class crew that will help little friend Song shoot the movie as quickly as possible. Then, after Soft Feather transcends the tribulation, I'll bring her to the cinema to take a look at little friend Song's movie, Venerable Spirit Butterfly thought to himself.

Youngsters were no match for old veterans!

Soft Feather said happily, "It's a deal then."

Then, she happily waved her hand at the people present and said, "Seniors, I'll return with my father to the Spirit Butterfly Island, then. Let us meet again in the future."

Cave Lord Snow Wolf waved his hand and said, "Goodbye, Soft Feather."

"Senior Snow Wolf, that's wrong, very wrong!" Soft Feather said earnestly.

"?" Cave Lord Snow Wolf.

"Today, my dao name is Young Feather! Senior Snow Wolf, please call me Young Feather," Soft Feather said earnestly.

Cave Lord Snow Wolf was startled, but after a moment, he earnestly nodded and said, "It makes sense. In that case, goodbye, Young Feather."

"Goodbye, Senior Snow Wolf," Soft Feather said with a smile.

At this time, all the fellow daoists aside from Venerable White looked at Venerable Spirit Butterfly... right, that 365 dao names thing!

Venerable Spirit Butterfly turned his body around and showed everyone his big and lonely back.

He felt that his hair had started to turn white lately. Perhaps he should make use of some black sesame seeds after returning home to fix this problem?


After Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Soft Feather left, Cave Lord Snow Wolf, True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, Great Master Profound Principle, and True Monarch Fallout also took their leave. All these fellow daoists had influences of different size behind them and couldn't afford to stay away for too long. Now that they had finished exploring the ruins, it was time to return to their sects and take care of the various matters.

Only True Monarch White Crane stayed next to Venerable White and didn't leave. "Senior White, where should we go next?"

"Eh? White Crane, you aren't going back?" Venerable White asked.

"I would like to stay together with Senior White until you decide to go into secluded meditation again to repay your kindness." True Monarch White Crane patted its chest, and continued, "Therefore, if you need my help with something, you just have to ask."

'I can even warm your bed!' ...Of course, True Monarch White Crane didn't dare to say this sentence aloud.

"Oh." Venerable White nodded. Then, he took out his mobile phone and dialed Song Shuhang's number.

He knew that Song Shuhang had already returned to Earth.

Song Shuhang was taking a break at this time. Therefore, he quickly picked up the phone. "Senior White, are you finally out of the ancient ruins?"

Ding~ Your friend Venerable White is now online.

Ding~ Your cheat Venerable White has been renewed.

"Yes, those ancient ruins weren't bad; we obtained many benefits. I can carry you there for a stroll whenever there is some free time, "Venerable White said coolly.

"That's great!" Song Shuhang said happily. Since even Senior White said he'd obtained many benefits from the ancient ruins, Song Shuhang's realm might rapidly increase after exploring them.

Speaking of which... his luck had been pretty good lately.

He wanted to see Sixteen, and Sixteen arrived in the Jiangnan area. He wanted to find a demodragon, and a demodragon appeared before him on its own initiative. He wanted a martial skill, and he obtained the ❮Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique❯. He needed a screenwriter, and a screenwriter came to visit him.

The only regret he had was that his precious ghost spirit had disappeared... but it wasn't that bad, either. After all, his ghost spirit was still alive! As long as the ghost spirit was alive, there was a chance to get it back.

"Did you manage to break through without problems?" Venerable White asked.

Song Shuhang replied, "It was all thanks to Senior's blessing. Although many unexpected events happened while I was advancing in realm, I managed to successfully transcend the tribulation thanks to Meteor Sword and the help of other seniors that aided me in secret. I'm already a cultivator of the Third Stage at this time."

"That's very good. When the time comes, I'll examine your foundations," Venerable White said.

Song Shuhang said, "Right. Senior White, when are you coming back? We have already taken care of the initial plot of the movie. Soon, this initial plot will be adapted into a suitable script for the movie. Senior White, if you come back, you can take a look at the story."

"The script of the initial part is almost ready? Hmm, that's good. I'll immediately head back. Where are you now?" Venerable White asked. He had just finished exploring the dangerous ruins. Therefore, he could seize the opportunity to shoot the movie and relax a bit.

"Jiangnan area, Honghe Town, Jiangran Street, Number 105. We are currently living in Yu Jiaojiao's villa," Song Shuhang said.

If Venerable White was coming back, his follow-up cultivation technique was also coming back with him! In addition, with Venerable White by his side, he was even more eager to see the muscular dragon appearing in front of him.

Speaking of which, would that muscular come alone or bring some helpers with it?

It was better if it could come for him a little early. After all, he still had to make preparations for the movie! It would be troublesome if the muscular dragon were to make its appearance right when they were shooting.


Wait a minute! If the muscular dragon were to make its appearance while they were shooting the movie, the ones it would face would be the various seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, as well as their friends and the other seniors that wanted to play a small role in the movie for fun.

The resulting scene was bound to be rather amusing, right?

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang couldn't help but recall the scene of the seniors taking on that blood demon not too long ago.

The more Song Shuhang was thinking about this turn of events, the more excited he was getting.

"Very well. I'll immediately come over with my flying sword," Venerable White said this much, then added, "I'm a little hungry."

Song Shuhang said, "In that case, I can ask someone to prepare a meal for Senior White. Senior White, is there anything in particular you want to eat?"

"I'll leave the choice to you. I just felt a little hungry and thought of eating something," Venerable White said. Then, he pondered for a moment and continued, "If it's something delicious, even better."

"Alright, I'll find a way to prepare something delicious for Senior White," Song Shuhang said.

"I'll set out, then," Venerable White said and hung up the call. Then, he stretched out his hand and touched his waist...

But Meteor Sword was nowhere to be found!

He sent Meteor Sword to help Song Shuhang earlier, and when he left home this time, he brought only one flying sword with him.

There was no alternative. He had to see if he could find a fresh tree branch and turn it into a disposable flying sword he could ride.

Venerable White looked all around.

Now, that was troublesome... they were in the middle of the sea, and there wasn't any tree branch there.

True Monarch White Crane asked, "Senior White, are you looking for something?"

"I was looking for a tree branch. Unfortunately, we're in the middle of the sea, and there isn't anyone riding a tree branch on the surface of the sea this time," Venerable White said regretfully.

"A tree branch? Senior White, why do you need a tree branch?" True Monarch White Crane felt great regret at this time. Why didn't it place several tree branches in its space bag? With that, it could have made Venerable White happy and redeemed the good points it would obtain some time later.

"To manufacture a disposable flying sword," Venerable White replied.

"Senior, I have an immortal boat here. We can ride it together!" True Monarch White Crane said happily. It finally had the opportunity to be useful.

Venerable White pondered for a moment and said, "But I still prefer a tree branch."

Riding a flying sword was much more exciting than riding an immortal boat.

"But we are in the sea. It's impossible to find a tree branch in this pla—" True Monarch White Crane was just halfway through its sentence when it saw a space crack appear before its eyes.

A foul and evil aura came from within the crack.

"The Netherworld Realm!" True Monarch White Crane's said coldly.

It formed a seal with its hands and light spread from its body. The Netherworld Realm was the common enemy of cultivators. If one chanced upon similar space cracks, it was their duty to kill the demons inside and seal the passage.

Just as True Monarch White Crane was about to use its technique and destroy the passage... a fresh tree branch came out of this passage that connected Earth and Netherworld Realm.

The branch was similar to the branches of the willow tree found in our world. The only difference was that its leaves were black.

Venerable White nodded his head in approval. The quality of the wood of this branch was pretty good, fresh and full of life. Venerable White was very satisfied at this time...

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