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Chapter 643: This poor monk is the first-class screenwriter 'Swallow Cloud'
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Although that seven dao names thing was something he had come up with, he didn't know where to start complaining after he was addressed as 'little friend Seven Dao Names'.

Song Shuhang took a deep breath.

He couldn't afford to waste time on dao names and such at this moment. The most important thing to do right now was to inform Scholar Xian Gong of that matter related to the 'demodragon'. After all, both his future safety and the demodragon medicine were at stake here!

Song Shuhang typed on the mobile phone: "Senior Xian Gong, I obtained some information related to a demodragon earlier."

Scholar Xian Gong: "!!!"

"Little friend, you have news about demodragons? Where? Where is this demodragon descending?" Scholar Xian Gong wrote excitedly. His typing speed was off the charts. He had managed to write that long message and reply in less than one second. As one might have guessed, Scholar Xian Gong's mobile phone was also magically modified.

Recently, Scholar Xian Gong had tried his best to get his hands on the 'blood of demodragon'. But no matter how hard he tried, it was to no avail. Then, just as he found someone that was selling the genuine blood of demodragon, this person turned out to be an a*shole that quoted a sky-high price for just a tiny quantity of blood.

As a consequence, Scholar Xian Gong had fallen into depression due to his inability to acquire the blood of demodragon. But right at this time, Song Shuhang messaged him and told him that he had obtained information about a demodragon, providing him timely help just when he needed it!

Stressed by a Mountain of Books: "That's correct, Senior Xian Gong. I obtained information about a demodragon. However, this information isn't about a demodragon that is about to descend on Earth, but about a demodragon that descended on Earth a thousand years ago. Later, an insect with the capacity to take possession of other creatures took control of its body and carried it in the Netherworld Realm."

"In the Netherworld Realm? Are you saying that the body of the demodragon that the insect took control of is now in the Netherworld Realm?"

Stressed by a Mountain of Books: "Yes, that's right."

Scholar Xian Gong: "Dammit! Why did it have to be the Netherworld Realm? That place is very troublesome, and even with my current strength, I can't stay there for too long. In addition, the power of the formations I excel at will be greatly weakened after entering the Netherworld Realm. The materials necessary to arrange the formations will get polluted by the energy of the Netherworld, and if I use the spiritual energy of my 'Spirit Lake' to forcefully arrange the formations, the effects will worsen and the time to arrange them increase. How can I be so unlucky?"

"..." Song Shuhang.

Senior Xian Gong, are you really thinking of forcefully barging into the Netherworld Realm and killing that demodragon...?

After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang typed on the keyboard: "Senior Xian Gong, I have a question. If a demodragon stays in the Netherworld Realm for too long and gets contaminated with its energy, with its appearance twisting and undergoing great changes, will its blood still retain its original properties?"

"It's not a big deal. Cosmic demons aren't that much different from the creatures of the Netherworld in the end; both are chaotic and crazy by nature. If the demodragon got contaminated with the energy of the Netherworld, I'll need to perform a bunch of extra steps during the refining process. The effects of the final product will be the same," Senior Xian Gong replied.

Then, he worriedly typed: "From the looks of it, I'll need to ask a few fellow daoists for help. Right. Little friend Shuhang, in which part of the Netherworld Realm is that demodragon residing?"

"It lives in the Evil Dragon Cave situated on the Mountain of Next Life, one of the 77 mountains of the Netherworld. It's a demodragon of the Sixth Stage Realm," Song Shuhang replied. This was the information he had obtained after using his appraisal technique on that strange and muscular dragon.

"Scholar Xian Gong: "As expected, my luck is truly horrible! 🙇‍ The Mountain of Next Life? Although the target is only a cave lord, the Mountain of Next Life is truly a troublesome place, even more troublesome than a nuclear bomb! Raiding the Mountain of Next Life and killing a cave lord is simply too difficult... dammit, I just wanted a little bit of blood demon!"

It seemed that Senior Xian Gong's morale had instantly plummeted.

Speaking of which, wasn't the word 'nuclear bomb' a taboo for Scholar Xian Gong? He would get angry whenever someone mentioned it. How come he brought it up on his own this time?

Stressed by a Mountain of Books: "Senior Xian Gong, you don't need to be this worried, because this demodragon will come out of the Netherworld Realm in a short while."

Scholar Xian Gong's eyes immediately lit up. "Little friend Seven Dao Names, do you have any special information?"

"Actually, that demodragon swore not too long ago that it would find me even if I were to escape to the ends of the Earth. If it was serious about what it was saying and has a few tricks up its sleeve, it shouldn't take it long to find me," Song Shuhang replied.

"Finally some good news! Ahahaha!" Scholar Xian Gong laughed loudly and said, "In that case, where are you now, little friend Shuhang?"

"Jiangnan area, Honghe Town, Jiangran Street, Number 105. This is my temporary address," Song Shuhang quickly replied.

"Little friend Seven Dao Names, I'll be at your place tomorrow at the latest!" Scholar Xian Gong also quickly replied.

The target was a demodragon of the Sixth Stage Realm that had been contaminated with the energy of the Netherworld Realm. Thereupon, Scholar Xian Gong decided to contact other people as well just to be safe. No matter the cost, he couldn't let that demodragon escape!

Only God knew when the next wave of demodragons was going to descend on Earth... what if the next wave came after several thousand years? He couldn't wait that long!

Therefore, he had to succeed on the first try.

It seemed that his luck was finally changing for the better after receiving the baptism of that nuclear bomb back in the days!

"Sure, Senior. I'll wait for you here," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

New buff obtained: Scholar Xian Gong's protection.

But right at this time, Scholar Xian Gong asked, "Little friend Shuhang, is there anything you want in return?" Any information related to demodragons was simply too important for him. After all, whether or not he could advance in realm was at stake here. Therefore, he had to give Song Shuhang a matching reward in return for providing him with this information.

"Senior, it would be great if I could obtain some of that demodragon medicine." Song Shuhang got straight to the point.

"Ahaha, sure, no problem. As long as we manage to capture that demodragon alive and extract its blood essence, we'll have enough to prepare a lot of demodragon medicine. When the time comes, I can give you a portion of the refined medicine as well," Scholar Xian Gong said straightforwardly.

"Thanks a lot, Senior Xian Gong 😁," Song Shuhang replied with a smile. Then, he rubbed his temples. His mental energy 'pulsated' just now, and he felt as though someone was pounding his head with a small hammer, rather painful.

"You are welcome. You deserve this share of yours," Scholar Xian Gong said this much and then asked out of curiosity, "Right, little friend Shuhang. You didn't reply to my previous question. Didn't Fairy Firefly send you to space? How come you are already back to Earth?"

"About this matter... well, this is what happened. A certain senior disguised himself as me recently, getting delivered to space in my stead," Song Shuhang replied coolly.

"Oh? Ahahaha, I see. That's really good news. With this information, I can get several fellow daoists to help me even more easily. Anyway, see you soon, little friend Shuhang 😉," Scholar Xian Gong said with a smile.

"Senior, don't mention me while passing this news to the other seniors of the group!" Song Shuhang reminded. He didn't want Fairy Firefly to send him to space again!

"Don't worry. I still need your help to lure out that demodragon! 😂" Scholar Xian Gong laughed, finally going offline.


When they returned to Yu Jiaojiao's villa, it was already early morning. 6 AM, August 10th.

Daoist Priest Horizon stopped his flight-type magical treasure, and Song Shuhang and the others jumped down.

"Another beautiful day is starting." Daoist Priest Horizon gazed at the rising sun and sighed with emotion, saying, "The weather is really good. How about getting dead drunk?" They still had to drink that good liquor he got from Immortal Fairy Bie Xue earlier!

Getting dead drunk early in the morning? Song Shuhang felt his stomach ache a little.

"Daoist Priest, there is no need to rush. Let the servants prepare food that goes well with liquor first. We can drink at noon, alright?" Yu Jiaojiao said straightforwardly.

"That's also good. How can food be missing when there is liquor? We'll drink at noon and won't stop until everyone gets dead drunk!" Daoist Priest Horizon said valiantly.

Song Shuhang got the sudden impulse of running away from home. He wanted to flee from Yu Jiaojiao's villa.

Just as they were chatting, the rumbling sound of a motorcycle echoed outside Yu Jiaojiao's villa.

Someone was riding a motorcycle, quickly approaching the villa.

Song Shuhang turned his head around and looked at a far away place. Soon after, he saw a fair-skinned, fat man quickly riding over with a small motorcycle.

The small motorcycle wasn't like those electric motorbikes designed for women. It was a real motorcycle that reached the knee of a grown-up adult; it was around half a meter long.

That fair-skinned, fat man riding over with the small motorcycle resembled an elephant riding on the back of a small donkey. After seeing the scene, one couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor little motorcycle, fearing that it might break at any time.

However, not only the small motorcycle didn't break, it was also extremely fast.

At last, the small motorcycle arrived in the proximity of Yu Jiaojiao's villa and stopped after a beautiful drift.

Afterward, the fair-skinned, fat man grabbed the small motorcycle and lifted it up, turning his head around and looking at Song Shuhang's group standing at the entrance of the villa.

Song Shuhang's group and the man looked at each other.

Then, the fair-skinned, fat man faintly smiled and placed the small motorcycle down. Next, he joined his palms together and greeted Song Shuhang and the others, saying, "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Can you tell me if this place is Jiangnan area, Honghe Town, Jiangran Street, Number 105?"

Yu Jiaojiao waved her small claws and said, "Yes, that's the place. Who are you looking for?"

"This poor monk is a layman disciple of the Warring Buddha Sect, Swallow Cloud. Aside from that, I'm also one of the best screenwriters in the country. Senior Brother Dharma King Creation entrusted me to come to this place and look for Fellow Daoist Yu Jiaojiao." The fair-skinned, fat man smiled gently and said, "I've heard from Senior Brother Creation that Fellow Daoist Yu Jiaojiao needs my help to adapt a story into the script of a movie, is that correct?"

"Ahaha, so you are Great Master Swallow Cloud! You came here very quickly. According to my original agreement with Senior Creation, he was to help me look for a screenwriter and send them over here after one month. Great Master, how come you came over so quickly?" Yu Jiaojiao quickly greeted the fat man.

Back then, she promised Gao Moumou she would look for a screenwriter to help him adapt the story into the script of a movie.

Afterward, she asked in the Nine Provinces Number One Group if there was any senior that could get in contact with a screenwriter so that they could adapt the story of the movie Venerable White wanted to shoot into a suitable script that would then be turned into a movie.

At that time, Dharma King Creation replied and said that he knew a very famous screenwriter and that she could leave this matter to him.

According to their original agreement, Dharma King Creation would have the screenwriter come over one month later to adapt the story into a suitable script for the movie. But little did she expect that Great Master Swallow Cloud would come over so quickly...

"Oh!" The fair-skinned, fat Great Master Swallow Cloud sighed and said, "Yesterday, Senior Brother Creation started a live broadcast and sent nearly 300,000 people to the hospital. I and my several junior brothers came over here mainly for this reason. Therefore, since I was already on the way, I decided to meet Fellow Daoist Yu Jiaojiao as well so that we could get to know each other."

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