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Chapter 638: Overturn the Mountain of Myriad Books, the Still Pond of Wisdom...
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Although their outward appearance was the same, Song Shuhang discovered— after a careful inspection—that the scholar before his eyes wasn't really the same as him. On the contrary, it was part of him... it was his ghost spirit, the same ghost spirit that was forcefully borrowed by that powerful expert a while ago.

That's strange. Isn't the ancient well supposed to show me the wildest and darkest desires hidden within the depths of my heart? Why am I seeing my ghost spirit?

Is it possible that the secret desire in my heart consists of having my ghost spirit become a powerful scholarly cultivator? In that case, what about me? Where is the main body?

Is it possible that my main body turned into a good-for-nothing lazybones and had the ghost spirit become a righteous warrior in its stead so that it could take all the credit and the glory...? However... I don't think I'm that type of person, right?

Perhaps what I'm seeing isn't one of my desires or aspirations... but a real event?

If what I'm seeing is a real event, how is that possible in the first place? Wasn't the connection between me and the ghost spirit blocked? Was I able to reestablish the connection with the ghost spirit thanks to the mysterious power of the ancient well?

However, the viewpoint from which I see this scene isn't that of the ghost spirit. This is the viewpoint of a bystander!


Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts... in the picture the ancient well was displaying, the battle between the ghost spirit dressed up as a scholar and the demon started.

From the looks of it, it was a very incredible battle.

But Song Shuhang was rather confused after watching it.

He could only see that the 'scholar edition' ghost spirit and the demon made of filth and evil were standing one in front of the other, keeping a close watch on each other. Then, particles of light were continuously flashing in the space that separated them.

Those particles of light were probably the traces of the battle going on between the two.

However, Song Shuhang was completely unable to discern how the two of them were fighting.

Nevertheless, large numbers of demons standing close to the two fighters were continuously dying.

These demons that were continually dying had all kinds of different appearances. Amongst them were some that had shape similar to humans. They had a beard and were wearing pink clothes with a red belt tied around their waists...

As soon as he saw their appearance, Song Shuhang muttered to himself, "Are those the disciples of the Netherworld?"

Although he didn't have any memory of ever meeting a disciple of the Netherworld, he felt that he had seen them somewhere.

Was it possible that he had lost his memory?

If he had lost the memory of this event... was it possible that he had met them on the mysterious island?


Then, just in this fashion, the 'scholar edition' ghost spirit and the foul demon kept fighting in a way that Song Shuhang was unable to understand.

It was unknown for how long the duo kept fighting, but the evil laughter of the foul demon suddenly echoed.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang saw the whole 'Netherworld' turn into sticky black liquid. Soon after, the black liquid poured into the body of the foul demon and continuously increased its strength!

On the other hand, that row of scholarly books floating next to the body of the 'scholar edition' ghost spirit, from which the voice of the Sage was spreading, started to burn. After a short time, all the books floating around his body turned into ashes and disappeared.

Song Shuhang's heart skipped a beat. He had a very bad feeling at this time.

The 'scholar edition' ghost spirit sighed faintly and said, "It seems that the time to drop the curtain has finally come."

Just as he was speaking, a figure drilled out of the body of the ghost spirit. It was precisely that 'lustrous scholar' that had forcefully borrowed the body of Song Shuhang's ghost spirit back then.

At this time, the anger and killing intent in his eyes had reduced quite a lot. However, there was still an unwilling expression on his face. If he had more time and sufficient energy inside his body, he would have tried to seal and suppress the demon before his eyes.

But as the saying went: If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas...

The lustrous scholar took a step forward. At the same time, a huge book condensed next to him, wrapping up his body. The voice of the Sage echoed from the book and purified all the filth and evil in the surrounding area, striking the foul demon.

Song Shuhang's ghost spirit was also wrapped in the energy of the scholar, and a space gate appeared next to its body.

Go back. Return to your master's side. The voice of the lustrous scholar echoed in the ears of the ghost spirit.

At the same time, Song Shuhang felt his body shake slightly.

The connection between him and the ghost spirit had been restored. Just as he'd expected, the picture he saw through the ghost spirit wasn't the manifestation of his inner desires. It was the scene of the lustrous scholar that had forcefully borrowed his ghost spirit fighting against another powerful opponent while in the Netherworld Realm.

The great battle was about to come to an end. Therefore, the lustrous scholar decided to send Song Shuhang's ghost spirit back.

As soon as the connection between Song Shuhang and the ghost spirit was reestablished, Song Shuhang was able to sense the condition of the ghost spirit once more.

What came after was...

Pain, pain, pain!

There were two extremely deep wounds on the back of the ghost spirit. Words alone weren't enough to describe the piercing pain.

Song Shuhang's face whitened due to the extreme pain.

In addition, the ghost spirit felt very uncomfortable at this time, just as though it had fallen into extremely filthy sludge. If not for the protection of that last stream of energy of the lustrous scholar, the filthy sludge would have already contaminated the ghost spirit, turning it into one of the demons of the Netherworld!

The pain made Song Shuhang gasp for breath.

Right at this time, the crack in the space enlarged, dragging the body of the ghost spirit inside.

I'm sorry. Since I've borrowed your ghost spirit for so long, I thought of giving you a reward while returning it to you. But now, all the things I had with me have been reduced to ashes, and there isn't anything left for me to give you as a reward. I might have to go back on my word. The voice of the lustrous scholar directly echoed in Song Shuhang's ears through the ghost spirit.

Song Shuhang sighed faintly. Speaking of rewards, he had already received his. The energy that was transmitted over from the body of the lustrous scholar allowed him to directly break through from the Second to the Third Stage Realm. This reward was more than enough to offset the fact that the scholar had borrowed his ghost spirit.

Just as though he had read Song Shuhang's mind, the lustrous scholar turned his head and smiled faintly. Heh. In that case... I can be free from worries.

After he had said this much, the strength of the space gate completely covered the ghost spirit, and the teleportation process started...

At this moment, it was already slightly past midnight in China; a new day had started.

August 10th, Saturday. Dao name: Path-seeking Scholar.

Although the ghost spirit was getting teleported away, Song Shuhang could still see the scene of the battle between the lustrous scholar and the demon.


"ROAR!!!" Right at this time, the foul demon of the Netherworld crazily roared.

That sticky black liquid that was being carried over from all over the Netherworld was like a vast black sea, continuously pouring into the body of the demon.

At this moment, the whole Netherworld Realm was backing up this demon. Under the influence of this huge power, the demon suddenly broke through the limitations of its original realm, temporarily reaching a higher realm.

This method that relied on external energy to empower oneself could be used for a limited amount of time. This state would last for only a few breaths.

However, those few breaths of time were more than enough for the demon.

Thousands of demonic claws stretched out from the body of the foul demon and struck at the 'book' that the lustrous scholar had summoned.

One blow was sufficient to destroy the book.

At the same time, those thousands of demonic claws intertwined. Then a giant black sun was summoned amidst the intertwined claws through a magical technique.

The lustrous scholar crossed his hands behind the back and stood still. He didn't try to defend himself and faced the black sun directly.

Actually, he had already exhausted all his energy and didn't have the strength to fight back. The little bit of energy he had left was barely enough to keep his body together, preventing it from dissipating.

He wasn't afraid of death. After all, he was someone that had died a long, long time ago.


The black sun descended and swallowed the body of the lustrous scholar. The body of the scholar turned into particles that scattered in the Netherworld.

In the very core of his body was a lustrous writing brush. It was a parasite-type magical treasure belonging to the lustrous scholar. The magical treasure was of the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender rank.

Nevertheless, the lustrous writing brush was blown to pieces after one breath of time under the terrifying strength of the black sun. The pieces scattered in all directions...

The strength of the huge black sun was tremendous. After swallowing the body of the lustrous scholar, it detonated; the power of the explosion filled the whole scene Song Shuhang could see!

The explosion of the black sun even broke through the limitations of space. The energy of the exploding sun pierced through the void.

Song Shuhang's ghost spirit, who was currently getting teleported away, was also involved in the explosion of the black sun.

"No!" Song Shuhang called out.

In the next moment, the explosive power of the black sun shrouded Song Shuhang's ghost spirit.

The ghost spirit felt as though it was thrown into a mixer, getting continuously and brutally mixed until it turned into a mass of dough. Afterward, another great power locked the ghost spirit and started pulling it until it was turned into noodles.

The whole process was accompanied by extreme pain.

The severe pain was transmitted to Song Shuhang's main body through the sense sharing, making him break out in a cold sweat.

Song Shuhang's ghost spirit had already reached the high-rank and thus possessed an intellect that wasn't inferior to that of a human. Therefore, it made up its mind and resolutely cut off the sense sharing between itself and the main body so as to avoid Shuhang experiencing this piercing pain alongside it.

After the sense sharing was cut off, Song Shuhang gasped for breath in agony. The contract between him and the ghost spirit was still there. Therefore, he could sense the current condition of the ghost spirit.

A powerful force grabbed the ghost spirit and dragged it toward the depths of a bottomless abyss.

Unfortunately, the ghost spirit didn't have the slightest strength to revolt at this moment.

Song Shuhang clenched his fists and said, "What can I do? What can I do?"


"Boom, boom, boom~"

The power of the black sun was still shaking the nearby space. Amidst the explosions, a lustrous fragment was attracted by the aura of the ghost spirit and ended up falling on its body.


As soon as that lustrous fragment and the ghost spirit came in contact, the aura of the lustrous scholar also briefly resurfaced.

The lustrous scholar used the last bit of his energy and forced a smile.

After a short while, his voice echoed in the ears of the ghost spirit.

I'm sorry, little friend. It seems I won't be able to safely return the ghost spirit to your side.

I didn't think I would have to go back on my word once again.

Overturn the Mountain of Myriad Books, the Still Pond of Wisdom...

The lustrous scholar was trying to pass some important information to Song Shuhang. But before he could finish his sentence, the sound of a powerful explosion echoed next to the body of the ghost spirit.


The force of the explosion twisted and finally turned into a type of energy that surpassed 'space' itself. That energy covered the ghost spirit and stretched it apart as it was noodles, finally turning into a ball and pulling it toward the depths of the abyss...

NO!!! Song Shuhang roared inwardly.

That fearsome energy that was covering his ghost spirit had now disappeared.



Song Shuhang felt as though an explosion had hit him. His body became soft, and he weakly lay on the ground...

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