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Chapter 634: Senior Copper Trigram really f*cked me over!
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Who is this person? Su Clan's Sixteen was immediately alarmed. Her petite body tensed up, and the liquid true qi inside her body condensed, turning her right palm into a blade. Her bright eyes closely stared at the grinning tall man.

A cultivator of the Third Stage... in addition, it seemed he had been waiting for her here for quite some time. Was this an assassination attempt from the enemies of the Su Clan?

Thereupon, Su Clan's Sixteen instantaneously counterattacked. The expression on her small face froze, and her right palm violently moved forward—❮Spirit River Saber Technique—Tyrannical Saber Technique—Imperial Saber❯!

It was an overbearing and awe-inspiring attack.

Violent saber intent burst forth from Sixteen's small body.

Just as she was about to make her move, the grinning man grimaced and used a strange tone to ask, "Sixteen, guess who I am?"

But his voice had yet to fade when a frightened expression appeared on his face. "Stop! Sixteen, it's me..."

Eh? This voice... isn't this Song Shuhang's voice?

At the critical moment, Sixteen tried her best to pull her right palm back, restraining the saber qi of her Spirit River Saber Technique as much as possible.

But the remaining strength of the saber-palm still ended up hitting Song Shuhang's body.

The Spirit River Saber Technique was extremely tyrannical; all the attacks would focus on pressing forward without stopping, destroying everything in their path! It wasn't easy to stop such a saber technique when it was on its way to attack the enemy.

"Aaaaaah~" Song Shuhang pitifully called out. His body was sent flying while upside down amidst the heavy rain. Since he was going to meet Sixteen, he didn't hear his emerald-green kasaya. Therefore, he had to tank Sixteen palm attack with his physical body.

The true liquid in Song Shuhang's great river of true qi exploded and tried to protect his body. But how could he properly keep off Su Clan's Sixteen's unique skill, the Spirit River Saber Technique, with a defense he had hastily put up?

Although Sixteen had tried her best to restrain the strength of her saber qi at the critical moment, the attack was still as overbearing as before.

Song Shuhang was sent flying while in an upside down position and heavily fell into a nearby puddle. The heavy rain fell on his face and streamed down through the corner of his eyes... his heart was wounded at this time.

This wasn't how things were supposed to go!

In Song Shuhang's imagination, things should have gone like this:

[He was supposed to elegantly lean against a white wall with green tiles while the light rain was continuously pouring down, with him beneath the eaves. Then, Su Clan's Sixteen would pass before him while holding an umbrella in her hand.

Right at that time, he would make his appearance and say to Sixteen, "Sixteen, guess who I am?"

Sixteen would get a scare at first. Then, she would charmingly smile and say, "Shuhang, you gave me a scare."

Afterward, the duo, which had reunited after a long separation, would look at each other under the fine rain and smile.]

Little did he expect that Sixteen would suddenly attack him, and with so much strength at that! At this time, he was lying in the heavy rain with bean-sized raindrops hitting his dirtied face.

In addition, he felt as though his stuffy chest was about to split open.


In the heavy rain, Song Shuhang lay in the puddle, getting drenched like a chicken.

Before him, Su Clan's Sixteen held an umbrella in one hand—with her other palm still having the shape of a blade—while looking at Song Shuhang with a confused expression on her face.

Song Shuhang forced a smile and deactivated the shapeshifting brooch on his chest, saying to Sixteen, "Sixteen, it's me, Shuhang! You almost killed me! Please, lend me a hand and help get up."

That blow from Sixteen had been rather painful. Luckily, his constitution was very strong, and he only felt some pain but didn't suffer any injury.

However... Su Clan's Sixteen didn't immediately go forward to help him get up. She looked at him vigilantly, with her hand still having the shape of a blade and saber qi condensing on it.

"..." Song Shuhang. What's the matter now? I already changed back to my original appearance, why is Sixteen still being so cold?

"Who are you? And why are you pretending to be Song Shuhang!" Su Clan's Sixteen said coldly while holding the umbrella with one hand and pointing the other toward Song Shuhang. Her shiny black pupils were full of cold intent.

"What? It's me, Song Shuhang! I'm not an impostor!" Song Shuhang got up from the puddle and rubbed his chest, saying, "Sixteen, do you not recognize me? Oooh, perhaps I know the reason. Is it because of my strange appearance? The reason for this is the heavenly tribulation! Both my hair and eyebrows were reduced to ashes, and I have this long hair now because I used the hair growing technique. I still didn't have the time to cut it yet."

"Are you still trying to trick me? In that case, don't blame for being rude." Su Clan's Sixteen approached Song Shuhang with light steps, her right hand releasing powerful saber intent.

Is it possible that my hair and eyebrows aren't the reason? Song Shuhang said in a hurry, "Sixteen, I think you are misunderstanding something."

Do I really have to prove that I am 'me'? But how can I prove it?!

"Hmph, Fairy Firefly sent the real Song Shuhang to space a few days ago. Therefore, he is still there at this time," Su Clan's Sixteen said coldly. "Speak, who are you? Why did you disguise as Song Shuhang and tried to approach me?"

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

F****ck! At this time, he felt as though 10,000 horses were galloping in his heart!

He got f*cked by Senior Copper Trigram!

"About that... Sixteen, calm down a bit and listen to what I have to say," Song Shuhang said as he waved his hand. The fact that Sixteen was slowly approaching him made him feel a lot of pressure.

"Actually, the one that was sent to space the second time wasn't me... it was Senior Copper Trigram!" Song Shuhang explained. "At that time, Senior Copper Trigram suddenly decided to assume my appearance. Afterward, he was unlucky enough to meet Fairy Firefly and got sent into space. Fairy Firefly wasn't able to see through Senior Copper Trigram's disguise and wrote in the group that she sent me to space a second time. But the truth is that I've been on Earth all along."

Su Clan's Sixteen stopped in her track, but her shiny black eyes kept staring at the 'Song Shuhang' before her eyes.

"There are no problems with this reply, right?" Song Shuhang said with a smile. "I read in the Nine Provinces Number One Group that you were coming to the Jiangnan area. Therefore, I secretly came over to look for you to give you a surprise."

Su Clan's Sixteen slightly lowered her eyes and firmly shook her head after a short time. "That's impossible; you can't be him. Song Shuhang reached the Second Stage Realm just a little before the start of the hand-guided tractor competition."

And yet, the person before her eyes was a cultivator of the Third Stage!

Song Shuhang stepped on the path of cultivation just a few months ago, and now, in just these few months, he had reached the Third Stage Realm? What kind of joke was that?

"I advanced in realm as well, and it happened during the wee hours of today's morning! Try to smell; my body should still have the smell of the heavenly tribulation," Song Shuhang said hastily.

Su Clan's Sixteen said, "I only smell the fragrance of green onion."

"..." Song Shuhang scratched her head and said, "In that case, do you want to take a look at my identification card?"

"That kind of thing is too easy to fake," Su Clan's Sixteen said. Whenever senior cultivators came out of secluded meditation, they would immediately look for 'Cave Lord Snow Wolf' and have him take care of certificates and whatnot.

If Cave Lord Snow Wolf could do it, other cultivators could do it as well. Such being the case, how could she trust something like an identification card?

"In that case, what do I have to do to prove that I'm indeed Song Shuhang!" Song Shuhang didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He was really at a loss at this time.

Sixteen slightly lowered her head, her eyes bright. Actually, after chatting with him for a bit, she already knew in her heart that the person before her eyes was the real Shuhang. Although the aura on his body had changed—as well as the fact that he had gotten taller, with his cultivation realm increasing—his unique disposition was still the same. She was able to see through him after talking him with for a while.

However, she still wanted to test Song Shuhang one last time.

"In that case, I'll ask you a question." Su Clan's Sixteen arrived by Shuhang's side while holding the umbrella, blocking the rain for him.

Song Shuhang said, "What question?"

"That day, when that uncle from the Immortal Farming Sect was pursuing us... what did you give me to eat after we found a place to hide?" Sixteen said softly.

This matter was something that only she and Song Shuhang knew about.

"Are you talking about that fasting pill?" Song Shuhang said, somewhat embarrassed. Sixteen still remembered about that matter about the fasting pill?

Sixteen smiled, and dimples bloomed on her face.

She stretched her hand and helped Song Shuhang get up.

After Song Shuhang finally got up, Sixteen secretly clenched her teeth. At this time, Song Shuhang was quite a bit taller than a few months ago. His height had increased from his original 175 cm to his current 182 cm.

On the other hand, Su Clan's Sixteen hadn't grown taller at all. Even at this time, she was only around 150 cm tall...

With that 30 cm difference in height, she would at most reach Song Shuhang's chest if they were to hug.

Did you have nothing better to do other than growing up?! Wasn't 175 cm tall enough? Why did you have to grow even taller! Won't you turn into a two meters tall small giant if you keep growing up like this?!

Song Shuhang noticed that Sixteen had suddenly become angry. He scratched his head in confusion. How exactly had he offended her this time?

Sixteen faintly sighed.

Then, she stretched her hand and pasted it on Song Shuhang's body. Afterward, liquid true qi was transmitted over from her palm and covered Shuhang's body.

Song Shuhang's drenched clothes and hair immediately dried up.

True qi can be used like this too? Song Shuhang carefully experienced the process.

Just as though she had discovered what was on Song Shuhang's mind, Su Clan's Sixteen explained in a gentle tone, "As long as you possess fire-type true qi, it's very easy to do something like this."

It was a rather handy trick. But in the absence of fire-type true qi, one had to rely on something like the clothes cleaning technique.

"Fire-type true qi? I have a dual type—lightning and fire—true qi," Song Shuhang said.

"Having fire-type true qi is enough," Su Clan's Sixteen said. "This is also one of the methods to train one's ability to control true qi. Seven trained me the same way back then. In a while, I can teach you how to use your true qi to evaporate the water soaking your hair and clothes. You can try it by yourself too so as to improve your ability to control true qi."

"Sure." Song Shuhang also asked, "Sixteen, where were you planning to go just now?"

Sixteen paused. Since she believed that Song Shuhang was still in space, she thought of taking a stroll around Jiangnan University Town. In addition, she wanted to take a look at the place when she and Song Shuhang had met the first time before transcending the tribulation.

But she hadn't expected that Song Shuhang would come to look for her and even give her a surprise—almost getting killed in the process.

In that case, where could she go now?

Sixteen lowered her head and noticed that she was still wearing that set of red clothes. This time, Dharma King Creation came to pick her up, and she got out in a hurry and didn't have the time to change her clothes.

Therefore, Sixteen said, "I want to go to a clothing store."

"A clothing store?" Song Shuhang's eyes suddenly lit up. "Sixteen, come with me. I just happen to have some very fitting clothes to gift you!"

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