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At first, Daoist Priest Horizon decided to stay inside Yu Jiaojiao's villa and not interfere with Song Shuhang's heavenly tribulation. It wasn't that he didn't want to help Shuhang, but he himself was also on the verge of transcending his tribulation.

If he were to carelessly make his move, he might trigger his own lightning of tribulation. At that time, both he and Song Shuhang would die if the two tribulations were to join forces and rain down together.

Thereupon, Daoist Priest Horizon decided to stay inside Yu Jiaojiao's villa and hide his aura, keeping an eye on Song Shuhang's situation from afar and paying close attention to the level of his life aura.

Wave after wave of heavenly tribulation, Song Shuhang finally reached the tenth wave.

This boy unexpectedly met the tenth wave of the heavenly tribulation that is hard-to-come-by even in a hundred years. Luckily, he managed to successfully transcend the tribulation in the end. Daoist Priest Horizon secretly heaved a sigh of relief back then.

But right at that time, the clouds of tribulation in the sky didn't disperse. On the other hand, the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation started to condense.

Does the heavenly tribulation really have an eleventh wave?

As if that wasn't enough, the strength of this eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation seems incredibly high. There is no way a cultivator of the Second Stage can survive its power! In addition, Fellow Daoist Song Shuhang didn't prepare in the least for the heavenly tribulation. The eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation is surely going to take his life!

Daoist Priest Horizon furrowed his brows.

Then, he made a few calculations in his mind. Since it was already the last wave of the heavenly tribulation, he could try to scatter the clouds of tribulation in one go. As long as he was quick and careful enough, the heavenly tribulation wouldn't affect his condition.

He could consider it doing someone a favor.

Thereupon, Daoist Priest Horizon rode his flying sword and headed toward the place where Song Shuhang was transcending the tribulation at high speed. Actually, the relationship between them wasn't so good that Daoist Priest Horizon would risk his life to save Song Shuhang.

The two of them had just met three days ago and carried out a transaction.

But due to Immortal Fairy Bie Xue, and also because he had stayed inside Yu Jiaojiao's villa for three days, freeloading her food, Daoist Priest Horizon had a good impression of Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao.

Therefore, he decided to help him to the best of his ability.


While flying, Daoist Priest Horizon kept paying close attention to the changes happening to the heavenly tribulation. The heavenly tribulation had apparently received the influence of a mysterious power, and its power greatly reduced. However, little friend Song Shuhang's life aura was getting weaker and weaker.

Thereupon, as soon as he arrived at the scene, Daoist Priest Horizon shouted loudly to comfort Song Shuhang, "Little friend Song, don't worry! This daoist priest will lend you a hand!"

Song Shuhang, who was currently transcending the tribulation: 😳

Luckily, Yu Jiaojiao was close by.

Before Daoist Priest Horizon could make his move, Yu Jiaojiao blocked him and said, "Daoist Priest, please wait a moment!"

Daoist Priest Horizon was confused.

"Daoist Priest, Shuhang's heavenly tribulation is almost over. You don't need to worry," Yu Jiaojiao explained in a hurry.

Song Shuhang had managed to transcend the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation with much difficulty. Now, only the last blow of the heavenly lightning that would temper his body was left. If someone were to scatter the heavenly tribulation at this time, Song Shuhang would surely cry himself to sleep.

The heavenly lightning had the capacity to temper one's body. After ordinary cultivators advancing to the Third Stage Realm managed to successfully transcend the tribulation, they would get hit by the body-tempering heavenly lightning. As a result, their constitution would strengthen and reach the Third Stage rank, evolving into the Body of the Battle King.

However, Song Shuhang's body had already evolved and turned into the Body of the Battle King while he was transcending the heavenly tribulation earlier. As such, the body-tempering heavenly lightning would just strengthen his constitution a bit.

Anyway, the body-tempering heavenly lightning was also part of the heavenly tribulation. If it was scattered, Shuhang would have to transcend the heavenly tribulation anew!

Only God knew if the heavenly tribulation would still have the eleventh wave the next time.

If the eleventh wave were to appear the next time as well, Song Shuhang wasn't sure if he could successfully transcend the tribulation. Although he had already reached the Third Stage Realm, the strength of the heavenly tribulation was going to increase accordingly to his strength!

After hearing Yu Jiaojiao's words, Daoist Priest Horizon ultimately stopped and landed next to Jiaojiao.

Then, he sensed Song Shuhang's current state. Shuhang had finished consolidating the Body of the Battle King, and even the true qi inside his body had formed a 'great river'!

"He's really a talented youngster!" Daoist Priest Horizon said.

Yu Jiaojiao likewise sighed with emotion and nodded. Then, she explained to Daoist Priest Horizon all the dangerous things that happened during the tribulation transcending process.

Daoist Priest Horizon listened while sighing with emotion.

But then, he suddenly thought of something.

Wait a moment!

Didn't he just forget something? When he met Song Shuhang three days ago, he was just a cultivator of the Second Stage Fourth Dantian Realm!

Such being the case, why was he transcending the tribulation right now?

Who had secretly imparted strength to little friend Song Shuhang?

Just what was happening... he had already booked little friend Shuhang and had to impart him his strength first, who had stolen his prey?



In the sky, the purple-golden body-tempering heavenly lightning rained down.

"Aaaaah!" Song Shuhang's body tingled with numbness after it was struck by the purple-golden lightning. But the strange thing was that a comfortable feeling kept spreading from the depths of his body, and his constitution was getting strengthened amidst this comfortable feeling.

Song Shuhang was panicking a bit. Although he was currently getting struck by lightning, he felt very comfortable and wished it could go on forever.

There isn't something wrong with my body, right?

After striking Song Shuhang's body for around ten breaths, the purple-golden heavenly lightning finally dispersed.

Song Shuhang immediately raised his head and looked at the clouds of tribulation in the sky.

The clouds of tribulation had disappeared without a trace! His heavenly tribulation of the Second Stage was finally over!

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief.

"Finished." This time, he didn't dare to laugh loudly like before. What if he were to laugh and a twelfth wave of the heavenly tribulation appeared right after?

Then, he started checking the changes that had happened in his body.

First was his true qi. After officially advancing to the Third Stage, the true qi inside his body formed a circle, creating the great river of true qi. The true qi was moving in an endless cycle in a steady stream. Soon after, the true qi inside his body started to change into true liquid.

Ten streams of true qi would transform into one stream of true liquid after condensing. The total volume reduced, but the strength remained the same. On the other hand, the quality increased.

Now, he only had to wait for all the true qi in his body to condense and transform into true liquid. At that time, his dantians would be able to store ten times the energy while having the same size as before.

Nevertheless, the size of the dantians was going to double after reaching the Third Stage. If we were only talking about the capacity to accommodate true qi, a cultivator of the Third Stage could have more than twenty times the true qi of a cultivator of the Second Stage! In addition, Song Shuhang had also experienced the effects of Venerable White's 'Qi Storage Expanding Technique'. As such, his dantians could accommodate more true qi than ordinary cultivators of the Third Stage. As long as he kept diligently practicing, the density of his true qi would be much higher than that of other cultivators of similar level.

Then was his constitution. The body-tempering heavenly lightning had the capacity to strengthen the constitution of cultivators and could strengthen the constitution of a cultivator of the Second Stage until making it reach the Third Stage rank directly. The higher the number of waves of the tribulation, the stronger the effects of the body-tempering heavenly lightning.

Song Shuhang's constitution had already evolved and turned into the 'Body of the Battle King' before he finished transcending the tribulation. After experiencing this heavenly tribulation with eleven waves, the intensity of his constitution shot up and almost doubled.

He had discovered that dots of starlight were now appearing all around his body whenever he was operating his true qi at full strength.

Song Shuhang was still unaware that this starlight appearing around his body was a phenomenon that would take place only after ordinary cultivators of the Third Stage had opened their 'Dazzling Star Meridian'.

However, Song Shuhang had yet to open the four mysterious meridians inside his body. This change had taken place because his constitution had reached the same strength as that of a cultivator of the 'Third Stage Dazzling Star' rank right after he advanced to the Third Stage Realm.

Song Shuhang felt that his constitution had become very strong. Such being the case, it should be enough to alleviate the pain his mental energy was causing, right?

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Song Shuhang felt his mental energy fluctuate. Soon after, he got a headache, just as though someone had pounded his head with a small hammer.

After transcending the tribulation, one's constitution, true qi, and mental energy would all increase. Although his constitution had strengthened, his mental energy had increased as well. At this time, the mental energy between his eyebrows was leaning even more towards the silver color.

Although his head was still in pain, Song Shuhang felt happy. The situation was much better than when he was a cultivator of the Second Stage.

Back then, he felt as though someone was pounding his head with a huge hammer, but now it had changed into a small one. If he could strengthen his constitution some more, that small hammer would turn into an inflated one. At that time, he would be able to sleep peacefully.

Just thinking about this matter filled him with happiness.

Song Shuhang put away Meteor Sword. He would return the sword to Senior White the next time he met him.

Then, he looked to a distant place, smiling and gesturing to Yu Jiaojiao and Daoist Priest Horizon that he had managed to successfully transcend the tribulation.

This time, it was really over!

After he finished reporting the good news to Yu Jiaojiao and Daoist Priest Horizon, Song Shuhang's heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Then, he stretched out his hand and took something out of his size-reducing purse—the enlightenment stone. The same enlightenment stone on which Lady Onion had taken root.

Just now, he felt a huge life aura transmitting from the enlightenment stone.


Several minutes earlier.

Lady Onion felt that her luck was awful today. The green onion sprout she had managed to regrow with much difficulty was reduced to ashes under the heavenly lightning, filling her with despair.

Just how much time would she need to grow back her green onion sprout and assume human form again?

Just as she was in deep thoughts, the 'body-tempering heavenly lightning' in the sky rained down. While tempering Song Shuhang's body, part of the lightning also struck Lady Onion on the enlightenment stone who happened to have been dyed with Shuhang's blood.

After getting struck by the body-tempering heavenly lightning, Lady Onion's root was tingling with numbness from time to time. She felt that her life was really turning into a tragedy today!

But right at this time, Song Shuhang took the enlightenment stone out of the purse.

What's happening? Lady Onion was confused.

In the next moment, a dark-green onion sprout with shades of red quickly grew on the enlightenment stone. Lady Onion instantaneously grew into a half a meter tall green onion.

Lady Onion was dumbfounded.

Immediately after, her lovely laughter echoed. "Ahaha... wahaha!"

Her green onion sprout had grown back. Moreover, it had grown back in its entirety!

At the same time, a thought welled up in Lady Onion's heart.

In the next moment, her body magically changed and transformed into a beautiful girl with fair skin.

She was wearing a green cheongsam that made her slender and hot figure stand out. In addition, her long green hair was arranged into twin-tails, hanging behind her back.

Due to Song Shuhang holding the enlightenment stone in his hand, Lady Onion was standing on her tiptoes on Song Shuhang's palm after assuming human form.

"Ahaha, I managed to assume human form again!" Lady Onion said happily.

This time, she didn't make the same mistake as the last time and properly hid the enlightenment stone inside her body. Therefore, she didn't look as though she was pregnant.

Lady Onion placed her hands on her waist and stood on Song Shuhang's hand, laughing complacently.

"Fellow Daoist Onion, congratulations for recovering your capacity to assume human form." Song Shuhang felt that Lady Onion, who was currently standing on his hand, was very light.

After hearing Song Shuhang's voice, the sound of Lady Onion's laughter stopped, and a bitter expression appeared on her face.

Although she had managed to assume human form again, she was still the same Lady Onion... she was nothing but a small onion spirit with the cultivation of the First Stage Third Aperture 'Nose Aperture' Realm.

Even if she had the help of the enlightenment stone, her green onion sprout had been cut off several times during the past few months. She was already lucky enough that her realm hadn't decreased! Remembering the whole process made her eyes tear up.

Her enemy, Mister Song Shuhang, who was just a small human cultivator with a strength similar to hers back then, had cheated his way to the mighty Third Stage Realm within a short period of time.

Lady Onion raised her head and looked at the sky... Unknown mother, when will I be able to escape from the hands of this man and regain my freedom?

At this time, Lady Onion really regretted acting on impulse and trying to steal Song Shuhang's enlightenment stone...

After a long sigh, she lowered her head and looked at Shuhang, blinking her eyes. "Fellow Daoist Shuhang, I've been able to assume human form after such a long time and endured a lot of hardships in the process. Can you set me free now?"

"Hehe." Song Shuhang laughed gently. The enlightenment stone was still attached to Lady Onion's body. How could he let her go before taking back the enlightenment stone?

Lady Onion shouted, "Dammit!"

"Hehe." Song Shuhang laughed again.


In a distant place.

Yu Jiaojiao and Daoist Priest Horizon smiled. Then, they headed toward Song Shuhang to congratulate him for transcending the tribulation.

Whenever someone transcended a tribulation, it was something worthy of celebration in the world of cultivators. If disciples of big sects and families successfully transcended their tribulation, it wasn't uncommon to invite guests over and host a banquet.

But after taking a few steps, Daoist Priest Horizon's complexion suddenly changed.

The aura on his body had started to get restless.

From the looks of it, he had been influenced by that last attack of the heavenly tribulation and couldn't suppress his realm anymore.

What an awful turn of events. He had been influenced by the tribulation even though he had been so careful.

At this time, suppressing his realm was of no use. Therefore, he had to impart his strength to someone! After imparting his strength to another person, he would decrease his realm and delay his heavenly tribulation.

Daoist Priest Horizon made a hand seal and turned around, looking at the nearby Yu Jiaojiao. "Miss Jiaojiao, although you are a sea monster, my strength imparting technique has been perfected through the years and now works on monsters as well. I just happen to have here ten years' worth of high-quality strength that I can impart onto you. There is no need to carry out a transaction this time. It's free of charge. Are you interested?"

"..." Yu Jiaojiao.

"I'm sorry, Daoist Priest. I don't think I need a strength imparting at this moment," Yu Jiaojiao refused.

Daoist Priest Horizon was filled with regret.

Then, he turned toward the distant Song Shuhang and shouted, "Little friend Shuhang, although you just transcended the tribulation, you can't look down on something like strength imparting. I have here ten years' worth of high-quality strength to impart. It's all free of charge, are you interested?"

"..." Song Shuhang.

"I'm sorry, Daoist Priest. Since I just transcended the tribulation, I would like to consolidate my realm first," Song Shuhang replied sincerely.

"You have a point. Consolidating one's realm is rather important." Daoist Priest Horizon sighed faintly. If he couldn't impart his strength, he would have no choice but to seal his strength.

But if he were to seal his strength, he would have to deal with the aftereffects and bear a lot of limitations. It was different from strength imparting, where he could just impart his strength and get done with it.

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Daoist Priest Horizon noticed Lady Onion, who was currently standing on Song Shuhang's hand.

"Eh?" Daoist Priest Horizon opened his eyes wide.

Since Lady Onion could change her appearance, he thought that she was a powerful monster of the Fifth Stage Realm. Therefore, he didn't even consider giving Lady Onion his strength.

If both parties were at the Fifth Stage Realm—and of different species at that—his ten years' worth of high-quality strength might not be so appealing in the eyes of the opposite party.

But after a careful look, Daoist Priest Horizon discovered that the green onion girl before his eyes was unexpectedly a cultivator of the First Stage Third Aperture Realm.

Her strength was very low.

Now then, how could this monster assume human form while having such low strength? Was it possible that she was from a special race? Was she a special creature? Or perhaps she had had a fortuitous encounter in the past?

But regardless of the reason... this female monster was the best target for the strength imparting!

Daoist Priest Horizon asked, "Little friend Shuhang, is that onion spirit on your hand your monster pet?"

"What monster pet?! I'm a FREE onion spirit. I'm not anyone's pet!" Lady Onion turned around her small face and glared at Daoist Priest Horizon, putting special emphasis on the word 'free'.

Song Shuhang faintly nodded his head and said, "That's correct, Daoist Priest. Lady Onion isn't my pet, but she's sticking with me for the time being due to certain reasons."

"Very well then!" Daoist Priest Horizon said. "Little monster onion, I have here ten years' worth of high-quality strength to impart. All free of charge, are you interested?"

"I don't want it! I'll be plagued with bad luck after receiving your strength and won't live for long!" Lady Onion said. Since Song Shuhang was carrying her along wherever he was going, she had also heard the rumors about the 'Frenzied Strength Imparter' from Yu Jiaojiao.

Daoist Priest Horizon faintly smiled and said, "Those are just vicious slander about this daoist priest that people are spreading. If one diligently practices after receiving my strength, thoroughly refining it, they won't have any problem. For example, a small fellow daoist that accepted this daoist priest's strength imparting not too long ago kept diligently practicing and is now at the peak of the Third Stage Realm, ready to advance to the Fourth Stage Realm!"

After hearing these words, Lady Onion was somewhat moved.

She felt that if things continued like this, the difference in strength between her and Song Shuhang would keep getting bigger and bigger.

Afterward, as Song Shuhang's realm was getting higher and higher, and the gap between them increasing, she would have absolutely no chance of escaping!

On the other hand, she could quickly reach the Fourth Stage Realm if she were to accept the strength imparting of this daoist priest!

"Is it really free?" Lady Onion asked.

"Yes, ten years' worth of strength, completely free of charge!" Daoist Priest Horizon said with a gentle smile.

"In that case, I accept!" Lady Onion said firmly. "But I'll tell you something first. I don't have any spirit stones with me. You won't be able to obtain anything even if you decide to charge me later."

"Don't worry. This daoist priest is someone that keeps his word," Daoist Priest Horizon reassured her. Then, he hinted Song Shuhang to place Lady Onion down.

After the hint, Song Shuhang remembered that Lady Onion had been standing on his palm all along.

Thereupon, he placed Lady Onion on the ground.

Lady Onion had made this choice even though she knew about the rumors surrounding the 'Frenzied Strength Imparter'. Such being the case, Song Shuhang didn't try to stop her. Perhaps she could obtain something good out of it?


Lady Onion sat cross-legged on the ground according to Daoist Priest Horizon's instructions.

In the next moment, Daoist Priest Horizon started to hover midair.

"Take a look at this daoist priest's strength imparting technique!" Daoist Priest Horizon said as he hovered, arriving on the top of Lady Onion's head. Afterward, he started the strength imparting process as his head pressed against Lady Onion's while in an upside-down position.

This strength imparting posture was really weird!

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