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Chapter 623: Little friend, don't worry. This daoist priest will scatter the heavenly tribulation for you!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

The actions of that powerful senior from the Heavenly Island were extremely quick. She quietly opened the space gate and used that cheat-like magical technique that could increase Song Shuhang's resistance to the lightning from afar. Afterward, she quietly retreated and returned to the Heavenly Island, sealing up the whole island. She no longer paid attention to Song Shuhang, so as to avoid the new Wielder of the Will discovering her traces.

The magical technique of the powerful senior was very covert, and the new Wielder of the Will was unexpectedly unable to discover her petty tricks due to its worsening condition.

It was truly the go-to cheat-like magical technique while transcending the tribulation.


In the Netherworld Realm, the lustrous scholar that was currently occupying Song Shuhang's ghost spirit was able to pull part of Song Shuhang's heavenly tribulation to his side through the connection between them. After completing his task, he quickly closed the space passage and cut off the connection between him and Song Shuhang.

The pillar-shaped heavenly tribulation had locked onto the position of Song Shuhang's ghost spirit and madly charged toward him.

The scholar quickly grabbed one of the books hovering around his body which had the voice of the Sage spreading from it and threw it inside the lightning of tribulation.

The book was consumed inside the heavenly lightning and ultimately changed into a streak of purple-golden lightning.

The lustrous scholar controlled the streak of purple-golden lightning and merged it with the lightning pillar of the heavenly tribulation. In the next moment, that lightning pillar of the Second Stage rank instantaneously erupted with the power of the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm!

"Ahahaha, excellent! Truly excellent!" The lustrous scholar laughed madly. His body moved and dashed through the Netherworld Realm at extremely high speed.

In the rear, the strengthened lightning pillar of the Ninth Stage rank pursued him relentlessly.

All the evil and filth in the places the lightning pillar passed through was completely wiped out. Even the soil of the Netherworld Realm had been purified thanks to the evil-cleansing properties of the heavenly tribulation.

Unless some powerhouse of the Netherworld intervened, this stretch of land of the Netherworld Realm wouldn't recover to its original state even after ten years.

And even if it were to recover to its original state, the remaining power of the heavenly tribulation would act like deadly poison for the organisms of the Netherworld Realm there present.

The heavenly tribulation was the same as a dangerous nuclear weapon for the creatures of the Netherworld Realm. Even after the nuclear explosion faded away, the radiation would stay behind for a very long period of time.

It was something the demons of the Netherworld despised with all their might.


In the place where Song Shuhang was transcending the tribulation.

Song Shuhang felt his whole body weak and numb, but due to his increased resistance to lightning, the pain that the heavenly lightning caused him had greatly decreased.

In addition, more than half of the lightning pillar was gone now.

I can do it! I can transcend this heavenly tribulation! Song Shuhang's eyes lit up, and his confidence increased.

As long as he could transcend the heavenly tribulation, he would become a cultivator of the Third Stage.

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, Yu Jiaojiao, who was still midair, was now able to move again. Earlier, she was frozen in place due to the evil and tyrannical aura leaking out of the space gate. But now that the gate had disappeared, she had recovered the capacity to move.

As soon as that happened, she tried to sense Song Shuhang's aura... That's bad! Song Shuhang's aura is getting weaker and weaker!

Even if its power had been reduced by more than a half, Song Shuhang would die under the attack of the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation if this continued!

Yu Jiaojiao didn't know about that cheat-like magical technique that was currently affecting Song Shuhang's body. Therefore, her guess was wrong. Anyway, after thinking up to this point, she secretly clenched her teeth and made her move, quickly shooting toward the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation.

Now that the lightning pillar had lost more than half of its power, she was 100% sure that she could scatter the heavenly tribulation!

Miss Yu Jiaojiao was preparing to scatter the heavenly tribulation and put an end to Song Shuhang's tribulation transcending process!


On the ground. When Song Shuhang, who was currently facing the heavenly tribulation, saw Yu Jiaojiao heading toward the lightning pillar of the heavenly tribulation, he immediately guessed her intentions.

"No! Jiaojiao, have mercy!" Song Shuhang called out. Now that the lightning pillar in the sky had become smaller—added to the fact that his body had gained resistance to lightning as well—there was hope for him to successfully cross the tribulation!

But if Yu Jiaojiao was to scatter the clouds of tribulation, he would fail to transcend the tribulation!

Unfortunately, Song Shuhang's voice couldn't spread outside the 'lightning pillar' and thus couldn't reach Yu Jiaojiao's ears.

In the sky, Yu Jiaojiao advanced bravely!

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately started to tear up.

He could only helplessly stretch out his hand and wave at Yu Jiaojiao... looking at her figure getting closer and closer to the clouds of tribulation.

It was over. As soon as Yu Jiaojiao scattered the clouds of tribulation, the heavenly tribulation would be forcefully stopped, and the pain he had endured earlier would have been all for nothing!

He was grateful that Yu Jiaojiao had disregarded her safety and decided to scatter the clouds of tribulation to save him... but the problem was that he needed no saving at this time!

Jiaojiao, don't mind me! Please, allow the heavenly tribulation to hit me to its heart's content! Song Shuhang felt that his tears were about to fall.

Unfortunately, he had no tears to shed, and even if he had, they would quickly evaporate under the strength of the lightning.


Whatever. In the worst case, he could recover his strength during the next few days and ask the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group about their experiences while transcending the tribulation, challenging it at a later day!


Just as Yu Jiaojiao was about to bump into the clouds of tribulation, a fist-sized black hole appeared in the middle of the sky. It was likewise a space-related ability. However, it wasn't the same method that Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders used.

In the next moment, a plain and simple longsword drilled out of the fist-sized black hole. The sword, which seemed to have a certain intelligence, flew in circles in the sky.

It was precisely Venerable White's Meteor Sword. After staying together with Venerable White day and night, Meteor Sword had developed some very basic intelligence. It only needed some refinement before turning into a sentient weapon.

It was a sword with intelligence!

After circling in the sky, Meteor Sword stopped for a moment.

Soon after, it shot toward Yu Jiaojiao and immobilized her, starting to spin and bringing away the surprised Jiaojiao.

The sword whizzed, and Yu Jiaojiao was brought outside the range of the heavenly tribulation.

It wasn't that Meteor Sword had decided to prevent Yu Jiaojiao from scattering the heavenly tribulation after noticing her.

Its intelligence wasn't that high yet. At this time, it was relying on its low intelligence, focused on helping Song Shuhang transcend the tribulation to the best of its ability.

Such being the case, it planned to keep the area where the tribulation was taking place clean, protecting Song Shuhang and not allowing anyone to come close to the heavenly tribulation.

One could only say that Meteor Sword had appeared just at the right time!

Yu Jiaojiao's face stiffened as she was carried away.


Afterward, Meteor Sword whizzed toward Song Shuhang, passing through the lightning of the heavenly tribulation and landing in Song Shuhang's hands.

Meteor Sword wasn't a cultivator, and although the strength of Song Shuhang's heavenly tribulation was going to increase with its interference, the increase would be nowhere close to the one taking place if a cultivator of the same rank had interfered.

It was one of the main reasons cultivators tried their best to get their hands on powerful magical treasures when they had to transcend the tribulation.

The most liked magical treasures by cultivators that wanted to transcend the tribulation were those that had low rank, high defense, and high resistance to the heavenly tribulation!

As soon as he saw Meteor Sword, Song Shuhang knew that it was Venerable White sending help.

Song Shuhang had already seen Meteor Sword. Back then when he was under the effects of the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique, he headbutted 'Cold Flame Sword' of the Penniless Thief Sect and brought him to Venerable White's side, bringing Meteor Sword back along with him.

Meteor Sword appeared just at the right time! Venerable White is the best! Song Shuhang was moved.

As soon as he grabbed the sword, he felt that the resistance he had toward the heavenly tribulation had gotten stronger.


Now that Meteor Sword had joined the fray, the strength of the lightning pillar of the heavenly tribulation had increased by a large margin.

However, Song Shuhang was unable to determine exactly how big the increase in strength was. The reason was that the strengthened heavenly lightning didn't harm him directly!

Meteor Sword unexpectedly absorbed all the lightning, and only after it was filtered did the lightning finally shift onto Song Shuhang's body.

After the filtering, the strength of the heavenly lightning decreased greatly and didn't cause Song Shuhang too much damage after seeping into his body.

At the same time, the strength of the heavenly lightning stimulated the transformation of Song Shuhang's body.

This was the last step of the heavenly tribulation!

After successfully transcending the tribulation, the energy of the heavenly tribulation would start stimulating the body of the cultivator and make them advance in realm.

Song Shuhang sighed with emotion and said, "Senior White's Meteor Sword has the ability to filter the power of the heavenly tribulation? The next time I transcend the heavenly tribulation, I should bring with me Venerable White's sword to reduce the pain caused by the tribulation by five tiers!"

Just as he was in deep thoughts, his whole body started to transform.

The speed at which the true qi inside his eight dantians was revolving was getting faster and faster, linking and becoming a uniform mass.

A 'wonderful' feeling welled up in Song Shuhang's heart.

It was an indescribable feeling, both wonderful and comfortable. It made him feel so light that he felt he could float up.

The true qi inside his body kept revolving faster and faster until it reached the critical point.

Soon after, Song Shuhang felt that his eighth dantians broke through their limits, causing an earth-shaking change!

Each dantian was originally a formless mass similar to a great container where the true qi was stored.

But right at this time, each of his dantians doubled in size out of nowhere!

Except for the Sea of Qi Dantian, when the other seven dantians—the Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw, Dragon Body, Dragon Palm, Dragon Neck, Dragon Head, and Dragon Horn Dantians—expanded, it felt as though each of them had now a 'new' dantian attached to them, albeit separated with a membrane.

In other words, each of the seven dantians had now an extra dantian closely attached to them.

Along with the change that happened in his Sea of Qi and other seven dantians, the route Shuhang's true qi followed also changed.

Originally, all the true qi in his dantians was supposed to pour into the eighth dantian, the Dragon Horn Dantian, and spray out of it.

But now, his true qi used the Sea of Qi Dantian as the starting point and passed through the Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw, Dragon Body, Dragon Palm, Dragon Neck, Dragon Head Dantians and arrived in the Dragon Horn Dantian.

Soon after, the true qi entered the 'new' dantian that was now attached to the Dragon Horn Dantian and passed through the various 'new' dantians, ultimately returning to the Sea of Qi Dantian and forming a circular route.

A great river of true qi had taken shape.

Song Shuhang's body slightly trembled. He had broken through to the Third Stage!

When his realm increased, his mental energy, constitution, and true qi likewise increased.

That wonderful and light feeling spread to Song Shuhang's whole body.

Clench your teeth and resist, treating the pain as sweet torture. As long as you don't die, you'll feel wonderful!

That method to transcend the tribulation resurfaced in Song Shuhang's mind.

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Super wonderful!

Was this what it meant for cultivators to transcend the tribulation?

The feeling of advancing in realm was so good that one might get addicted to it!

Along with Song Shuhang successfully reaching the next realm, the lightning of tribulation in the sky stopped in its tracks.

Soon after, the power of the lightning of tribulation started to shrink, and the lightning pillar also shrank until turning into a streak of purple-golden lightning that started flashing through the clouds of tribulation.

This time, it was really the last attack. As long as Song Shuhang could resist this attack, he would receive the body tempering of the heavenly lightning and finally transcend the tribulation.

Song Shuhang looked at the purple-golden lightning condensing in the sky, somewhat excited.


But right at this time, a sound was transmitted from a faraway place.

"Little friend Song, don't worry. This daoist priest will lend you a helping hand! Clench your teeth and resist. I'll scatter the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation for you!" Daoist Priest Horizon anxiously shouted as he was riding his flying sword.

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