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Chapter 622: Appraisal technique: As long as you don't die, you'll feel wonderful!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

"The eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation?" The powerful senior used one hand to gently caress the rabbit in her bosom and the other jade-white hand to count on her fingers.

Song Shuhang's size-reducing purse was something she had manufactured personally. Therefore, her mark was on the purse.

Usually, the mark was in a dormant state. But if Song Shuhang got involved in a dangerous situation related to the new Wielder of the Will, the mark would trigger and draw her attention.

At that time, if needed, she could secretly make her move and help Song Shuhang.

Since 'heavenly tribulation' was something related to the 'Will of the Heavens', the mark that the powerful senior had left behind activated as soon as the lightning pillar hit Song Shuhang and bombarded his body with the lightning of tribulation.

The powerful senior could sense Song Shuhang's current state through the mark on the purse. That brat had unexpectedly met the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation of the Second Stage, something that was hard-to-come-by even in a thousand years!

That's bad. Is it possible that the new Wielder of the Will discovered the presence of the mark I left on the size-reducing purse and thus decided to send this eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation?

After all, in the eyes of the new Wielder of the Will, she was a 'surviving evildoer' member of the ancient Heavenly City.

The powerful senior kept counting on her fingers... but even after she finished counting, she didn't come to any conclusion.

Forget it. Regardless of the situation, I still have some responsibility in the end. I can secretly help him once. Moreover, this little friend Song can't die yet... I'll help him on behalf of Nine Lanterns this time, the powerful senior thought to herself.

But before making her move, she had to conceal the 'Heavenly Island properly' so as to avoid the new Wielder of the Will discovering its presence.

The powerful senior gently waved her crimson-red hand. Next, all the restrictions of the Heavenly Island activated.

Immediately after, the powerful senior started to count the time in her mind and prepared to use her other hand to open a space gate to help Song Shuhang survive the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation.

She had at her disposal a very covert secret technique that could allow her to quietly increase the resistance Song Shuhang's body had towards the lightning of tribulation.

If she managed to increase the resistance Song Shuhang's body had towards the heavenly tribulation, his probability to transcend the eleventh wave of the tribulation would become much greater.

The powerful senior had been researching ways to elude the detection of the Wielder of the Will for a long time ago. This magical technique was the result for the research of all those years, and its effects were pretty good.


On the periphery of the Heavenly Island, Miss Nine Lanterns closed her book of buddhist scriptures.

At this time, she wore a white dress and was stepping on white lotuses. Her whole body was surrounded by thick light of virtue.

After closing the book, she glanced towards the depths of the Heavenly Island and gently joined her palms together, paying her respects. She was thanking the powerful senior for lending a hand this time.


In the Netherworld.

All the filth and evil in the world was gathered in this place.

An intellectual-looking man wearing a scholarly robe had stepped into the depths of the Netherworld. Countless scholarly texts were floating next to his body, with the voice of the voice of the Sage reading their content aloud.

The resounding voice of the Sage was keeping all the filth and evil away from his body.

The eyes of the scholar were full anger and killing intent. After stepping into the Netherworld, he had carried out a massacre and wiped out several demons natives of the place.

But right after, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

After a short pause, the corner of his mouth rose into a smile. "The eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation... interesting, interesting."

"The power of the heavenly tribulation is precisely what I need right now. I wonder how big is the area of the Netherworld that the lightning pillar can clean up." The scholar laughed aloud like a madman.

Afterward, he restored the 'connection' between him and Song Shuhang, locking his position through the connection and opening a space gate to his location.

The body he had taken over was that of Song Shuhang's ghost spirit. Therefore, if he were to open a space passage and connect the two, half of the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation would automatically lock the aura of the 'ghost spirit' and enter the Netherworld through the space passage.

"Ahahahaha, come, come!" The scholar madly laughed and opened the space gate.


In the meantime, inside some ruins at the bottom of the sea.

Senior White's group had already reached the depths of the ruins. What they found there was a secret technique with 'self-recovering' properties. After activating the secret technique, one could regrow severed limbs.

This secret technique that looked rather simple at first glance had required whole six walls to be noted down!

Of course, this secret technique wasn't as simple as it looked. Perhaps it even concealed information about Immortal Cheng Lin's way to immortality. Therefore, the members of Venerable White's group had stayed here for the past few days in the hope of comprehending the secret technique.

As expected, the secret technique was truly complex, and even with Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly's natural talent, it had been impossible to completely understand the concept behind the technique during these days.

But regardless of that, the two Venerables had obtained a lot of benefits while studying the secret technique.

True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, True Monarch White Crane, True Monarch Fallout, Great Master Profound Principle, and Cave Lord Snow Wolf also comprehended it to some extent.

However, the one that obtained the largest benefits was Soft Feather. When she heard Immortal Cheng Lin explain the Daoist Canon earlier, the bottleneck of her realm started to wriggle.

Then, after she comprehended bits and pieces of the 'self-recovery' secret technique, she stepped into the final stage of the Third Stage Realm. At this time, she needed but a single thought to attract over the heavenly tribulation of the Third Stage and advance to the Fourth Stage Innate Realm.

From now on, she would be able to ride a flying sword and chop the enemy's head from a thousand miles away.

She only had to wait to leave the ruins and return to the Spirit Butterfly Island. Then, she would make thorough preparations to transcend the tribulation with Venerable Spirit Butterfly's help and advance to the Fourth Stage Realm.

Just as everyone was trying to comprehend the 'self-recovery' secret technique, Venerable White froze for a moment.

Afterward, he stretched out his hands and made a hand seal.

In the far away Jiangnan area, while he was transcending the tribulation, something suddenly lit up on Song Shuhang's chest... it was the mark of a flying sword.

It was the mark of the 'disposable Song Shuhang 001 edition' that Venerable White had left on Shuhang's body a long time ago.

The tattoo of the 'disposable Song Shuhang 001 edition' had disappeared after the technique activated to help Song Shuhang get away from the tsunami Yu Jiaojiao had summoned.

However, although the tattoo disappeared, the 'root' of the mark was still present.

Such being the case, there was a possibility that Venerable White might be able to sense Song Shuhang's conditions if the latter was facing a life and death situation and the former wasn't in secluded meditation already.

Venerable White had now sensed Song Shuhang's conditions.

"He is transcending the tribulation?" Venerable White furrowed his brows. Then, he grabbed the sword worn at his waist, Meteor Sword.

Meteor Sword had accompanied him for many years and transcended each heavenly tribulation together with him. If he were to hold Meteor Sword in his hands, Song Shuhang's probability to safely transcend the tribulation would surely increase.

Venerable White pierced the void while holding the sword in his hands.

After that, Meteor Sword disappeared in the void and was delivered to Song Shuhang's side through Venerable White's innate space-related talent.

Hopefully, his sword would be able to give little friend Shuhang a helping hand.


Jiangnan area, in the mountain valley.

Song Shuhang's current condition was truly tragic. At this time, he really wanted to cry.

Just as he was trying his best to resist the lightning pillar of the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation, the omnipresent lightning of tribulation passed through the gloves of passion of Swordsman Wooden Ox and touched his hands.

In the next moment... that damned secret appraisal technique activated.

What kind of joke was this? This was the heavenly tribulation we were talking about!

Wouldn't the price to appraise the heavenly tribulation be incredibly high? It was like making an already bad situation even worse!

This time, the secret appraisal technique had wounded even his poor heart.

But no matter how sad he was, it wouldn't help him stop the secret appraisal technique.

One breath later, Song Shuhang started to spurt out blood crazily. A total of 500 wounds of different sizes opened up on his four limbs and back. In the next moment, he felt as though his hands, feet, and back had been cut into slices.

The volume of blood was huge, and the piercing pain made Song Shuhang's knees become soft.

However, the price was lighter than what Song Shuhang had expected. He believed that he would receive thousands of wounds all over his body after the appraisal.

In the next moment, runes gushed out of his eyes and fell on the heavenly tribulation. They formed the picture of a clock, whose hands turned counter-clockwise. Then, they returned to Song Shuhang's eyes with the information they had gathered.

"Since the appraisal technique activated, it better give me a good method to solve this situation!" Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and said.

Perhaps the secret appraisal technique was his last hope of surviving this ordeal.

If he could successfully appraise the method to transcend the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation, it would have been worth it to pay the price for the appraisal.

This is the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation of the Second Stage, and it has the power of a prolonged all-out attack of a cultivator of the Third Stage rank. Whenever the strength of the mental energy, constitution, or true qi of the person transcending the heavenly tribulation reaches the Third Stage rank while still in the Second Stage Realm, there is a small probability of triggering this phenomenon. The probability of triggering this phenomenon is one in a 100 trillion.

Is it making fun of me? I ended up triggering the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation even though the probability was so low? Since I was a child, I didn't win any major lottery prize. Does it mean that I've wasted all my luck on this stupid probability just now?

How to transcend the heavenly tribulation: Clench your teeth and resist, treating the pain as sweet torture. As long as you don't die, you'll feel wonderful!

Wonderful your sister!

Song Shuhang's heart was in pain. If he hadn't lost that much blood, perhaps he could have had a small possibility of resisting. But how was he supposed to resist with that massive loss of blood and his body full of wounds?

He could already feel the wounds that had opened on his body getting burned by the power of the heavenly lightning.

This time, it was really over.


Yu Jiaojiao clenched her teeth and tightly grasped her small claws. Then, he gently growled and assumed her monster form.

She hadn't expected that an eleventh wave would come after the tenth.

Dammit, Shuhang was so close to successfully transcend the tribulation! Yu Jiaojiao thought to herself. However, she didn't have too much time at this moment.

Song Shuhang was unable to resist the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation. Therefore, she had no choice but to scatter the heavenly tribulation.

Yu Jiaojiao jumped high up and got ready to destroy the lightning pillar that the heavenly tribulation generated.

But right at this time, a space gate opened, and a tyrannical aura reached over.

At the same time, an incredibly evil and wicked aura also leaked out.

After getting influenced by that aura, Yu Jiaojiao's body stiffened. That tyrannical aura had completely suppressed her, making her unable to move.

Heavens, what was happening?

Just as she was in deep thoughts, the thick lightning pillar in the sky divided into two. One part was slightly bigger, and one slightly smaller.

The slightly bigger one ruthlessly barged into the space gate.

As for the slightly smaller one, it kept attacking Song Shuhang's body.

As a result, that power of the heavenly tribulation that Song Shuhang had to withstand had reduced by more than a half in an instant!

Yu Jiaojiao was dumbfounded.

Song Shuhang was likewise dumbfounded.

At this time, another space gate quietly opened. Afterward, a glittering and translucent finger came out of the gate and pointed at Song Shuhang. The whole process was extremely covert, and neither Song Shuhang nor Yu Jiaojiao noticed anything.

Song Shuhang immediately felt that something had changed in his body... he felt that he could withstand the lightning now!

Has my body developed some resistance after receiving electric shock upon electric shock?

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