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Chapter 608: Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery is worth your while!
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Right at this time, ripples formed in midair and a faint silhouette of a small immortal boat suddenly appeared.

As one might have guessed, the prime culprit that had sent Daoist Priest Horizon flying was precisely this immortal boat!

Just as the immortal boat became visible, a weak aroma filled the surrounding area.

As soon as the confused Gao Moumou smelled the aroma, he rubbed his eyes and sat down on the spot, leaning against the big tree and quickly falling asleep.

"Is that sleeping gas?" Yu Jiaojiao said.

From the looks of it, this gas could only influence ordinary people. As long as the person in question had started cultivating and there was qi and blood energy, true qi, or spiritual energy inside their bodies, they could automatically counter the effects of the gas.

It was very likely an automated emergency measure to prevent ordinary people from spotting the immortal boat, something that activated on its own just like the airbag of a car.

After Gao Moumou lost consciousness, the door of the immortal boat opened and a young man anxiously rushed out of it.

The young man quickly headed toward Daoist Priest Horizon, who had been just hit flying by the immortal boat. While running, he also pulled out some medicinal pills and said, "I'm so sorry! Senior, how are you? I swear I didn't do it on purpose!"

Daoist Priest Horizon rubbed his waist and got up. Although the collision wasn't enough to endanger his life, it sure was painful!

Dammit, which bastard was driving without looking where he was going!

What hit him wasn't an ordinary vehicle, but an immortal boat. Judging from the model, it was a delivery type immortal boat that could shuttle back and forth in space. In addition, the pointed tip of the immortal boat could burst open meteorites and even smash them to pieces.

Therefore, it hurt his waist quite a bit when it bumped into him. Luckily, he was a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor, and the spiritual qi of his Golden Core automatically protected his body, preventing his muscles and bones from getting injured.

"Senior, are you really safe and sound?" The young man rushed next to Daoist Priest Horizon, looking very anxious. Just as he was speaking, he took several medicinal pills out of his clothes. There were medicinal pills to heal external injuries, internal injuries, restore physical energy, restore spiritual energy, and so on.

After seeing the worried expression of the young man, Daoist Priest Horizon's anger lessened. "You don't need to worry. This daoist priest isn't as fragile as you think. However, you were just too careless while driving the immortal boat!"

"I'm sorry, I'm very sorry, Senior. What happened just now was very strange. Although I had been steadily controlling the immortal boat all along, there was a sudden interference when I was about to land that made me lose control of the vehicle. In the next moment, I discovered that I couldn't brake nor change the direction. As a result, I ended up bumping into you, Senior," the young man explained. At the same time, he stretched out the hands with the medicinal pills and said, "Senior, perhaps you can casually take a medicinal pill and eat it?"

However, the young man forgot to mention one thing. Just as he was about to land, the 'sealed package' inside the immortal boat produced a resonance with another item on the ground, and the power the sudden resonance generated was the main reason that caused him to lose control of the immortal boat.

"..." Daoist Priest Horizon.

Is medicine something you can eat carelessly? If you aren't ill, you shouldn't eat it!

Daoist Priest Horizon sighed with emotion and said, "I'm really fine. Forget it, let's just say that my luck today wasn't too good. Little friend, you better carefully inspect your immortal boat. If you hadn't bumped into me but someone else, I'm sure they would have died."

Whether it was Gao Moumou, who was just a normal person, or the not too far away Song Shuhang, who was a cultivator of the Second Stage, they would have both died without a doubt if hit by this small immortal boat that could burst open even a meteorite.

If someone had lost their life, things would have become rather difficult to handle, especially if it concerned that little fellow daoist that had Venerable White's backing. The anger of a Venerable wouldn't die down so easily.

"In that case, it was very lucky that I bumped into you Senior... ah, that's not what I meant! I mean, it was a lucky coincidence that you happened to be so strong, Senior! I'll immediately inspect the immortal boat and will report about this accident to the headquarters. Something of the sort can't be allowed to happen a second time. It's simply too dangerous," the young man quickly explained.

"..." Daoist Priest Horizon.

"Right, I forgot to ask your name, Senior," the young man said and gave Daoist Priest Horizon his business card. "I'm a four-star disciple of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery. My name is Ling Duzi."

Daoist Priest Horizon took the business card with Ling Duzi's contact details. In addition, there was his personal mark, two tear stains. Each official disciple of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery had their personal mark, and the tear stains were Ling Duzi's personal mark.

The Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery?

After overhearing the conversation, the nearby Song Shuhang was somewhat surprised. He had been to the Jiangnan area's branch of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery this morning to take care of the procedures necessary to collect that sealed package. Unexpectedly, the opposite party had come to deliver the sealed package so quickly?

It had been just a little more than two hours since visited the branch... their efficiency was simply shocking!

In addition, didn't that girl wearing a cheongsam in Jiangnan's branch say that they would deliver the sealed package within two days?

Or... this employee of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery was just passing by when the immortal boat had problems and crashed?

The latter was way more likely!

"I'm Daoist Priest Horizon. Little fellow daoist, you don't need to worry so much. I'm really fine, and you can take back your medicine. Just don't be this careless again." Daoist Priest Horizon received the business card and sighed with emotion. After seeing Ling Duzi's frightened expression, he didn't feel like scolding him further.

"Thank you, Daoist Priest Horizon. I'll pay you a visit after a few days and make a formal apology for what happened today!" Ling Duzi continuously expressed his gratitude. But then, he suddenly thought of something and unconsciously blurted out, "The 'Frenzied Strength Imparter'!"

Daoist Priest Horizon complexion darkened.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Senior! What I meant was... oh, I meant that strength imparting is truly great! Strength imparting is a very good thing. Therefore, Senior is incredible as well!" Ling Duzi really wished he could slap himself in the face. Now, he would have to apologize for one more thing when he went to visit him.

Daoist Priest Horizon faintly sighed. It was a rather depressing thing. He really wished to find a place to cure this depression.

After seeing this scene, Song Shuhang really felt like laughing aloud.


After finishing with the apologies, Ling Duzi remembered about his task.

He turned around and arrived next to Song Shuhang.

"Excuse me, are you Fellow Daoist Song Shuhang?" Ling Duzi asked.

"Yes, it's me," Song Shuhang said with a nod. He had really come to deliver his sealed package! Their efficiency was astonishing!

Ling Duzi took out a folder and followed the standard procedure, saying, "I'm Ling Duzi, a disciple of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery. Fellow Daoist Song Shuhang filed an application to collect a sealed package early this morning in Jiangnan area's branch. In addition, you have already paid the storage fee, is that correct?"

Song Shuhang nodded and said, "Yes, that's correct."

Ling Duzi continued, "Fellow Daoist Song, may I ask you to show that golden chain as proof again?"

Song Shuhang took out the golden chain and gave it to Ling Duzi.

However, Ling Duzi didn't take the golden chain in his hands. He swiped it with a small magical treasure and nodded his head after determining its authenticity.

"Please wait for a moment. I'll immediately bring you the sealed package." After saying this much, Ling Duzi jogged up to the immortal boat and picked up a box that had the size of a cubic meter.

The box is so big? What could be there be inside?

Song Shuhang really hoped to find a pile of spirit stones inside the box after opening it. If they were all spirit stones of the Ninth Stage, even better! Of course, it was just his imagination running wild. He knew that it was impossible for something of the sort to happen.

"This is the sealed package that Elder Bamboo Pipe of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect entrusted us to deliver back then. Now, it has been returned intact to its rightful owner. In addition, I'll have to ask Fellow Daoist Song to leave behind a signature as proof that the goods have been delivered," Ling Duzi said as he passed Song Shuhang a crystal plate.

"What do I have to do? Use my fingers or the whole hand?" Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

Ling Duzi smiled and explained, "Fellow Daoist Song has to place his whole hand on the crystal plate and leave behind a wisp of true qi as a signature."

Song Shuhang followed Ling Duzi's instructions and stretched out his hand, placing it on the crystal plate and operating the true qi inside his body.

When the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique❯ was activated, the faint cry of a whale echoed in the surrounding area. Afterward, the true qi entered the crystal plate and left behind Shuhang's unique signature.

"Such being the case, my duty can be regarded as complete. Fellow Daoist Song, I wish you a good day!" Ling Duzi said as he put away the crystal place.

Then, he took out another business card and gave it to Song Shuhang. "Right, Fellow Daoist Song. If you want to send something to space the next time, you can contact me directly. However, I'm on leave each December. If you contact me during December, I can only work privately. If I work privately, the place to which I can deliver the package can't be too far away, but the price will be much lower!"

The Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery allowed their disciples to take on individual tasks while they were on leave. However, the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery wouldn't guarantee the complete safety or integrity of the items delivered in such a way.

However, these private jobs were cheaper, and if the package to deliver wasn't too high-profile or dangerous, it would be delivered without problems. As such, these private jobs became a way for the disciples of the Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery to earn some quick bucks.

"I understand. Thank you. If there is a need to, I'll surely contact you," Song Shuhang said as he received the business card.

The business card was rather sophisticated. There were two water stains above, and whenever someone saw these two 'tear stains', it gave them a very strange feeling. It was probably the effect of a small formation.

However, he probably wouldn't send anything to space in the near future. Therefore, he wouldn't need this business card immediately.

Speaking of which, he had another weird business card inside his size-reducing purse. It was the business card of that fearsome group of people demanding their pay. 'Even when it comes to demanding the payment, we are professional!'

Shuhang felt that he had to take good care of this business card and not let other people see it. Otherwise, if he were to borrow too many spirit stones from Venerable White and were unable to return them afterward... what would he do if Senior White were to see the business card of that group of people demanding their payment and call them over?

Of course, it was unlikely that Venerable White would do something so cruel. It was just an example!

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Shuhang stretched out his hand and picked up the box.

But right at this time, the golden chain in his hand resonated with the item inside the sealed package.

The golden chain slightly shook, and a golden light covered the surface of the chain.

Song Shuhang immediately calmed down.

Since it resonated with the golden chain, the item inside the box shouldn't be a teddy bear or something of the sort!

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