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Under the enveloping white smoke, Zhou Li’s eyes stared at Doudou calmly. "Misappropriated her account?"

"Yes, trust me! All the while, it has been Fairy Ouyang talking to you online. Just by looking at the content of your chat history, I feel that it’s so mushy. How can I bring myself to chat with a man like you in that manner?" Doudou raised his voice; in order to protect his chastity, he felt the need to announce the truth!

"Hehehehe." The smoke shrouding Zhou Li’s face got thicker and thicker. He let out a bitter laugh and said, "Doudou, you don’t have to console me."

"What?" Doudou was puzzled.

Two streams of smoke came out of Zhou Li’s nostrils. "Actually, I have thought about it carefully before, you are right—a man like me who spends his time chasing a pekingese all over the world, what kind of lady would like me?"

"Zhou Li, you underestimate your charm. In reality, there is this one fairy who is currently silently waiting for you! If you don’t believe me, you can send a message to her and ask her yourself!" Doudou raised his voice. "You see, my phone is already broken and I am being tied up by you. If you quickly send a message to your ‘sweetheart’, when she replies, it would prove what I’m telling you is the truth, wouldn’t it?"

The hand that Zhou Li used to hold his pipe was stiff, his eyes seemed to shine with a tinge of anticipation.

Thereafter, he took out his phone and carefully send a message to his chat partner: "Are you there?"

Zhou Li had never felt so excited and anxious from sending just an ordinary message like currently.

The message was sent!

Five minutes later…

Within the instant messaging app, Fairy Ouyang’s account showed that she was ‘online’, but she did not reply.

Before, when her status was ‘online’, she would definitely reply within five minutes—even if it was just sending an emoji.

"Hehe." Zhou Li forced a laugh and continued turning his head around to look at Doudou; he exhaled two streams of smoke from his nostrils and mouth. Indeed, Doudou was playing tricks on me!

Doudou was speechless.

Are you kidding me?!

"Right, give her a call! You have her number, right? You can give her a call and clarify with her!" Doudou shouted.

Zhou Li didn’t say anything this time, he only silently swiped for his contacts and retrieved Ouyang Yuan’s name and tapped on it to call.

Thereafter, the familiar sound of the zither was played.

The melody played over and over again, but his call still did not connect!

"Hehe." Zhou Li took a long drag and exhaled. This time, it wasn’t just his mouth and nostrils—white smoke even came out of his ears, and once again engulfed his entire face.

Doudou wanted to cry so bad.

This is a joke played on me, a joke played on me... definitely a joke played on me!

Seriously, f*ck, stupid Yellow Mountain, what’s exactly happening!?

I don’t want to date Zhou Li, I definitely do not want to! Somebody save me!

Just at this moment, a person approached Doudou, the small monk, as well as Zhou Li from afar at a very fast speed.

"Eh? Doudou, you guys were already caught?" That figure halted and stood still on the sword, smiling.

It was indeed Venerable White who rushed here.

Venerable White evidently knew ‘Zhou Li’, hence he teased them after stopping.

Doudou looked up, and looked at Venerable White—indeed, the reason why both he and the small monk were so unlucky during their journey was that Venerable White was chasing after them.

But it didn’t matter who came; as long as he could be saved, that was enough for him.

"Senior White!" Doudou shouted. "Save me!"

Venerable White laughed. "Save you? I’m here to catch you and bring you back."

"You can take me wherever you want, and you can also punish me as you see fit!" Doudou said loudly.

Venerable White raised his brows and asked, "What happened?"

Thick smoke came out of Zhou Li’s nose and mouth; he opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say a single word.

"Doudou? What kind of trouble did you get yourself into?" Venerable White looked at Doudou and asked.

Likewise, Doudou opened his mouth... but he didn’t know where to begin.

"Senior, why don’t I tell you instead!" At this moment, the young female monster hunter that had been staying next to Zhou Li raised her hand.

Thereafter, she happily started her narration of the incident from the beginning, to details of what happened, and finally to the end.

"Doudou, tonight after we get home, write a thousand-word apology letter with a pen, and I will personally pass it to little friend Zhou Li," said Venerable White indifferently.

Doudou swallowed his saliva—he wanted him to use his dog paws to write a thousand words letter? What kind of joke was this, how could a dog write with its paws?

He was just thinking about resisting, but when he saw Venerable White’s still and expressionless face, he couldn’t bring himself to do so.

"Additionally… little friend Zhou Li, let me see your phone for a bit." Venerable White reached out his hand.

Zhou Li quickly put out his pipe and carefully passed his phone to Venerable White.

During the whole process, he dared not make eye contact with Venerable White—his boss, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, had already set an example and told everyone about Venerable White’s fearful charm from his first-hand experience.

Venerable White swiped on Zhou Li’s phone and looked for a bit before asking, "Which sect is your partner from?’

"She’s a disciple of White Cloud Academy, her name Ouyang Yuan and she teaches to play zither," Zhou Li rigidly reported her name to Venerable White.

"White Cloud Academy, I might have some recollection. Hold on a moment." Venerable White opened his phone and searched his contacts.

A moment later, he dialed a number—since the day Venerable White decided on organizing the ‘hand-guided tractor competition’, he started contacting his old acquaintances one by one.

One of them happened to be from White Cloud Academy.

After the call connected, Venerable White asked, "Hello, is this True Monarch Eternal Fire?"

"Oh, it’s Senior White. What’s up?" A gentle and polite voice came from the other end of the line.

"True Monarch Eternal Fire, is there a female cultivator in your White Cloud Academy called Ouyang Yuan that holds zither classes?"

"Oh, you’re talking about teacher Ouyang Yuan. Is there anything you need from her?" asked True Monarch Eternal Fire.

Venerable White answered, "I want to ask a question, what is fellow daoist Ouyang Yuan currently doing?"

Although True Monarch Eternal Fire was very curious as to why Senior White was asking about what Ouyang Yuan was doing, he just answered, "Teacher Ouyang Yuan is currently in the midst of a zither class with the other disciples. If you need to talk to her, I can help you pass on a message?"

"There’s no need for that, everything’s fine. That’s all then, bye!" said Venerable White.

"Alright." Even though True Monarch Eternal Fire didn’t get what was happening, he answered calmly and patiently… in the Erudite School, the cultured practitioners had the same behavior—they would not panic even when the sky collapsed. Their personality might sometimes cause others to feel anxious!

After Venerable White hung up, he said to Zhou Li, "Your partner is currently giving her students a zither lesson… if you trust my words, you can try contacting her again after a few hours.

Zhou Li stiffly nodded, his face was still wearing a bitter smile... he was still very worried... what if the person he was exchanging sweet and romantic messages with was Doudou and that Fairy Ouyang Yuan had absolutely no clue about it? In that case, what could he even do when he contacted her later?

Venerable White looked at Zhou Li and saw his bitter expression—he knew immediately what he was thinking and what his worries were.

"How about this—let me guarantee you, if relationship problems surface between you and that female cultivator Ouyang Yuan, let me mediate and be the matchmaker, ok? I have quite a lot of experience when it comes to matchmaking." Venerable White smiled.

After all, ever since he came out of secluded meditation till now, True Monarch Yellow Mountain helped Venerable White and Shuhang quite a lot. Hence, he decided to help Zhou Li matchmake. After all, it was only a small effort for him.

Furthermore, Venerable White was indeed very experienced at matchmaking. Even though… in the past, when he helped to act as the go-between, a lot of unexpected things happened, such as having both parties suddenly change their affection for each other to one aimed at him at the same time, etc.

With Venerable White’s assurance, Zhou Li looked instantly a lot better.

After settling the matter, Venerable White turned around and faced Doudou and the small monk who were tied and bundled up together, saying, "In that case, Doudou, Guoguo, let’s go home."

Thereafter, he took out two disposable swords, activated the sword technique and both disposable swords steadily halted, hovering in the air.

Next, Venerable White reached out his hand and grabbed out. Doudou and the small monk were pulled towards him—the chains of the ‘Heaven Shrouding Hooks’ on their bodies undid themselves automatically.

"Both of you choose a flying sword and stand on it, I will send you guys home." Venerable White smiled warmly.

The clueless small monk Guoguo smiled adorably and climbed onto one of the flying swords.

When Doudou saw Venerable White taking out those two disposable flying swords, he found them familiar. Weren’t these disposable flying swords the same that Venerable White used to send some items on a ‘space trip’?

What was Venerable White planning to do? Send them to space directly?

"Senior White, I can fly back myself! Don’t worry, this time I won’t run away!" Doudou hurriedly answered.

"Hush, don’t talk anymore." Venerable White held up his index finger.

Thereafter, he reached out his hands, grabbed and threw Doudou on the other flying sword. "Grab firmly."

He did not even wait for Doudou to resist, Venerable White just activated the sword technique. "Off you go!"

"Whoosh, whoosh!"

The two disposable flying swords, one in front and one at the back, flew straight ahead at lightning speed.

In the blink of an eye, only two black dots could be seen—one in front, and one at the back.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah…" This was the small monk’s version of screaming, sharp and clear and sweet-sounding.

"Woooooooooof…" This was Doudou’s version of screaming. Originally this speed was within Doudou’s range of tolerable speed, but for some reason, he felt as though he was being sent into space…hence he couldn’t help but scream. 

Can’t you at least let me use an oxygen tank?

As for jumping down from the flying sword? Don’t even joke, when you ride on Venerable White’s one-time disposable sword, there isn’t a choice for you to get off midway—it’d only end up with cases such as Big Monster Snake that got sent into space after offending Venerable White.

"Then, little friend Zhou Li, see you. I will contact you in a couple of days." Venerable White waved at Zhou Li and rode on ‘Meteor Sword’ that had now transformed into a sword light, following behind Doudou and the small monk.

Zhou Li was dumbfounded.

The young female monster hunter next to him blinked—she felt that the senior from earlier was very handsome!

On the plane, Song Shuhang vaguely dreamt of that bustling floating island and the majestic city in the sky!

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