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Song Shuhang scrolled through the chat logs.

After the seniors replied to Song Shuhang’s issue about the ‘300 years old monster onion’ in the afternoon, the topic of the conversation veered off, and they ended up talking about Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s ‘Immortal Feast’.

Many of them were wondering what kind of dishes would be present at this year’s feast.

Seniors with experience gave rise to much discussion and started to recall the delicacies of the previous Immortal Feasts.

There were all sorts of strange and unusual dishes, but it seemed that each of them was incredibly delicious. Song Shuhang touched his belly. Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist gave him a gastric lavage with his ‘Emptying Miracle Hands’ before, and after hearing about these dishes, his mouth started watering.

Song Shuhang kept scrolling through the chat logs till he saw a message from Spirit Butterfly Island’s Soft Feather.

Soft Feather: "@Stressed by a Mountain of Books, Senior Song, what’s your current address? My handmade ‘Spirit Green Tea’ is finally complete. I’ll send some of it to you via mail! 😊"

At the time, Song Shuhang was in the middle of that horrifying nightmare and didn’t reply.

After seeing Soft Feather’s message, Song Shuhang lightly smiled. Then, he sent her a private message. "Thank you, Soft Feather. I’ll look forward to your handmade ‘Spirit Green Tea’."

Next, he sent his home address.

After stretching himself, he decided to go in the kitchen and eat something.

Spirit Butterfly Island.

An incredibly handsome middle-aged man frowned as he read a message on his phone.

Soon after, the middle-aged man clenched his teeth and said, "Go and replace Soft Feather’s handmade Spirit Green Tea with a normal one."

Boy, you’re lucky that I saw this message. Otherwise, you would have spent the next month on the toilet!

Deep in the night, Mama Song suddenly got up, and after rubbing her eyes, she went into the kitchen.

Then, she stretched her hand as usual and picked the cutting board… but just as she picked it, the thick cutting board split into many pieces. Not only the cutting board, even the marble table below had several marks left behind by a blade.

"Eh? What’s happening?" Mama Song immediately became clear-headed.

She started to recall what happened in the evening… when she was preparing the lamb with fried green onions earlier, there was a green onion that she couldn’t cut no matter what. And then, she decided to go to the living room and take Shuhang’s ornamental blade to chop this green onion and prepare the dish.

After recalling things to this point, Mama Song was alarmed, "Have I gone mad?"

Leaving that weird green onion aside, why in the world did I think that it was appropriate to use a one-meter-long saber to cut it?

However, what was the matter with that green onion? Why couldn’t I cut it?

In normal circumstances, if she found an uncuttable green onion, she would either throw it away or call everyone over and show it to them.

But at the time, she didn’t think anything of the sort and was strangely hellbent on cutting it up!

After recalling all of this, Mama Song felt as though something had influenced her. It was the same as if someone had possessed her body, and she couldn’t think clearly anymore.

‘It was Shuhang who brought home that green onion. He said it was a new species or something.’ Mama Song remembered this point.

Afterward, Song Shuhang had suddenly eaten all the lamb with fried green onions by himself.

Was there something wrong with that green onion?

After eating the lamb with fried green onions, Song Shuhang immediately went to his room.

Later, Zhao Yaya discovered that he was sleeping on the floor. Then, Papa Song went to his room and picked him up, laying him on the bed. At the time, everyone thought that Shuhang was tired due to the long journey and didn’t think much of it.

But after linking all these events together, she felt that there was something wrong with this situation.

"Shuhang, that boy..." Mama Song frowned and jogged toward Song Shuhang’s room with large strides.

Coincidentally, Song Shuhang, who was starving at this time, came out of his room and was preparing to go in the kitchen.

"Ma? What are doing here in the middle of the night?" Song Shuhang said, somewhat confused.

Mama Song replied, "I just wanted to check up on you."

"You wanted to check up on me? Haha, I was sleeping and got hungry after I woke up. Therefore, I decided to go in the kitchen and eat something." Song Shuhang laughed.

"There should be still some rice left. Come, I’ll prepare you fried eggs with rice," Mama Song replied.

And then, Mama Song returned to the kitchen with Song Shuhang and started to prepare fried eggs for her son.

While cooking, Mama Song asked, "Shuhang, don’t lie and tell me the truth. Was there something wrong with that green onion?"

Song Shuhang quietly looked at Mama Song’s expression and honestly replied, "There was indeed something wrong with it. I don’t really know the reason, but if someone with a weak constitution eats that type of green onion, they might be harmed by it.

But you don’t have to worry. It didn’t cause me any harm. After all, I was the one that brought it home, and I know what I’m doing." Song Shuhang brightly smiled.

It wasn’t the time to tell Mama Song and the others about this matters related to the world of cultivators...

He wasn’t strong enough yet. Once he was a little stronger and had gathered enough cultivation resources, he might think about it.

"If that’s how things are, I’m a little relieved." Mama Song heaved a sigh. "If you have time tomorrow, follow your father and go to the hospital with Zhao Yaya and do a complete body check-up."

After Papa Song and the others got into an accident, Mama Song was rather worried. Therefore, she told Zhao Yaya to bring them to the hospital tomorrow if she was free and give them a full check-up. This way, if there were any internal injuries, it would be discovered in time.

"I don’t think there is a need for that. Elder Sister Yaya gave me a full body check-up not too long ago," Song Shuhang blurted out.

"You did a full body check-up not too long ago?" Mama Song, who was holding the rice with fried eggs, had a confused expression.

"Cough, it was when I had to compete in the games. Elder Sister Yaya came to our university for her internship, and since she was at it, she gave me a full body check-up. I’m in very good health, and there is no problem with my body." Song Shuhang patted his chest.

In a hotel close to the Number Six hospital.

The small monk secretly touched his butt. There was only one last treatment left to cure his hemorrhoids.

Afterward, I’ll have to return to Senior Brother Shuhang’s place.

The video that Doudou had shown him was continuously being replayed in the mind of the small monk.

Song Shuhang was holding a fist, towering with rage, "Hemorrhoids or not, wait till I catch you. I’ll spank you till you shit all over the place!"

I’ll spank you till you shit all over the place! I’ll spank you till you shit all over the place!

This sentence was constantly echoing in the mind of the small monk.

The small monk had a serious expression. After all, he was a very conscientious kid. "If I go back after tomorrow’s treatment, Senior Brother Shuhang would surely spank me till making me shit all over the place, right?"

This scene was rather fearful.

The small monk couldn’t help but shoot a look at the sleeping Doudou and Zhou Li who was in the middle of meditation.

Should I try to negotiate with Doudou after tomorrow’s treatment? Instead of directly going back, we might stay out for a while… at the very least, until Senior Brother Song Shuhang’s anger hasn't completely disappeared...

On the Spirit Butterfly Island.

Soft Feather looked at the huge box before her eyes with a satisfied look on her face. "Hehe, it’s really perfect! Now, I only have to wait for the express delivery man to come and take it!"

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