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"Haha, I accidentally strained my back, it’ll be ok after a while." Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh and after sitting properly, he carefully grabbed the monster onion. At the same time, he placed the fist-sized stone—possibly the enlightenment stone—into his pocket.

Zhao Yaya only casually asked and then she started up her sports car, driving towards Song Shuhang’s house. "Right, previously you got someone to help you with the tractor. Is it settled?"

Earlier on, she didn’t get off her car and hence, she couldn’t see the tractor combusting and turning into scrap iron, as well as the traces of explosion at the site—which was why she asked.

"Hahaha, the tractor did have a small accident after that. But it’s fine, I will call my friend to help settle it in a while." Song Shuhang made another hollow laugh.

"Oh." Zhao Yaya nodded and asked, "Shuhang, you recently changed a lot, huh? When I met you in June you weren’t this tall. And also, where did you learn that skill that lets you move so nimbly?"

She had too many questions she wanted to ask Song Shuhang. Be it about Song Shuhang carrying Papa Song and the others from mountain slope till the mountain road, or that tractor that could race past a sports car…

But comparatively, she was more curious about his skills than the tractor. Where did he get it from?

"Hehe, when you met me in June, wasn’t I working out and training persistently? My physique became a lot better before I noticed." Song Shuhang laughed heartily and said, "Also, during that period of time, a good friend of mine sent me something good, it is very effective. After we get home, I will let you try it."

What he was referring to was the ‘Spirit Green Tea’. Since he met Zhao Yaya, he’d take the opportunity to give her a portion.

"Something good?" The corner of Zhao Yaya’s mouth rose and she asked, "And also, what’s the deal with that tractor?"

Song Shuhang knew that everyone would ask that question and hence he had already prepared an answer, "That tractor had undergone modification to strengthen it! The specific details of the process is classified information, because the technology belongs to my friend. Without his approval, it’s not very nice of me to spill the method."

Zhao Yaya nodded, expressing that she understood. "Oh, aunt mentioned that you brought back a friend who kept sleeping, is that him?"

"That’s him." When Song Shuhang thought of Venerable White who was in the midst of secluded meditation, he felt a little depressed.

Right now, Song Shuhang was very afraid that Senior White might accidentally use his illusory reality and create that desert while in secluded meditation. If it really happened, what should he do? ...Hopefully his family members weren’t that unlucky.

At the same time, he had to quickly look for Doudou and the small monk and get them back.

At least he had to firstly get Doudou to set up a defense against the illusory world, in order not to let the desert metamorphosed by Senior White appear once again.

Right, since he had already reached Wenzhou City, he’d better give Doudou a call first.

Hence, Song Shuhang took out his phone and made a call.

This time, Doudou’s call got connected very quickly.

"Hello, is this Little Friend Shuhang?" The voice on the other line did not belong to Doudou but ‘Heaven Shrouding Hook’ Zhou Li, the person that helped Doudou settle his problems.

"Eh, Senior Brother Zhou Li, it’s you. Where’s Doudou?" Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

"He just accompanied the small monk Guoguo to look for the hemorrhoid surgeon, so he passed his phone to me temporarily. I am looking at them from the outside." Zhou Li sighed deeply.

In the afternoon today, when he just finished helping Doudou settle the traffic accident, Doudou gave him another call and summoned him.

Initially, he’d thought it was something important, but only after he got there did he find out that Doudou actually wanted him to accompany the small monk to the hospital to get the hemorrhoid surgery—reason being that the small monk was too young, so when he went to the hospital, it was mandatory for an adult to accompany him to sign and register.

Zhou Li really did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"Brother Zhou Li, thanks for your trouble." Song Shuhang consoled him.

"Thanks." Zhou Li sighed deeply once again and said, "Doudou said that the small monk’s hemorrhoids still require another round of treatment tomorrow. I will send them to you tomorrow in the afternoon, Little Friend Shuhang. Is that ok?"

"Thanks for your trouble!" Song Shuhang replied.

If that was the case, he did not have to specially pick up the small monk and Doudou.

"It’s no trouble, it’s what I have to do." Zhou Li laughed and at the end, he lowered his voice and muttered audibly, "Actually, Senior Brother also occasionally wants a holiday, just one week will do…"

"No problem, Brother Zhou Li. After you send Doudou over to me, this time, I promise I wouldn’t let him stir up any trouble for a week," Song Shuhang assured him.

"Thank you! Shuhang, thank you so much!" said Senior Brother Zhou Li.

"You’re welcome. Actually… Senior Brother, a small accident just happened over at my side. The tractor that Song Bai drove back charged out of the road and fell into the valley. When you come over, I would like you to help settle the site of the accident, you’re my only hope," Song Shuhang said embarrassingly—he was giving Senior Brother Zhou Li more trouble again.

"Song Bai? Oooh, Senior White. No problem, when I get to your place, I’ll help you settle it." Senior Brother Zhou Li readily agreed.

"Ok, so that’s settled, see you, Senior Brother Zhou Li." Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

After waiting for Shuhang to hang up, Zhao Yaya casually asked, "Is he the friend that you mentioned before, who will settle the tractor issue?"

"Yeah, that’s him. By then, he will make sure that the site of the accident will be returned to normal. I’m troubling him again." Song Shuhang smiled embarrassingly.


Jiangshui’s Civil Aviation Training Center.

Li Jr. finally woke up. When he was awake, he abruptly jumped from his bed—the muscles in his entire body were tensed up!

Eh? Why did I anxiously jump out of the bed in such a manner? Instructor Li Jr.’s face was filled with bewilderment.

Immediately after, he saw a bunch of people sitting next to his bed. It was Caselli and five, six other flying instructors from the aviation academy.

At this moment, they were all squeezed together in the small lounge, using giant panda-like eyes to stare at Instructor Li Jr.

Caselli smiled brightly at Li Jr. and said, "Li Jr., you finally woke up."

Upon seeing her smile, Instructor Li Jr.’s face was slightly burning—Caselli, a Western beauty, was the goddess in Jiangshui’s Civil Aviation Training Center; she was the love interest of many flying instructors there, including Instructor Li Jr.

"Say something, Li Jr., what happened within the two days you spent with the two rich guys? They brought you to somewhere fun?" One of the flying instructors couldn’t wait any longer and asked.

"Rich guys? Brought me to somewhere fun?" Instructor Li Jr.’s had a puzzled expression on his face. He furrowed his brows and tried recalling, but strangely, there was a gap in his memory.

The last thing he could recall was going up the helicopter with the two rich guys. But after that, he couldn’t recall anything else.

Upon seeing his colleagues’ eyes that were filled with anticipation, Instructor Li Jr. sensed something amiss and asked in reply, "When I left, was there anything significant that happened?"

"You don’t know?" A flying instructor looked at Li Jr. with great shock and took out a video that he prepared a long time ago. "This is video of an American spacecraft returning from outer space and safely landing onto earth."

He could only see two members wearing a spacesuit sitting on the chair.

Albeit faintly, the audience’s cheers could be heard. "Aguero, Aguero!"

In the video, one of the astronauts opened his helmet, revealing his big bald head before waving his hand at the audience, acknowledging them.

Following, the audience cheered, "Anthony, Anthony!"

Anthony? This name seems to ring a bell. Instructor Li Jr. furrowed his brows even harder, why was it that when he thought of that name, his entire body ached, as though he had undergone all kinds of cruel punishment?

The second astronaut in the video couldn’t open his helmet.

After a moment, under the help of the staff, the helmet was finally taken off.

Under the spacesuit was an astonished Eastern man’s face!

In reality, instructor Li Jr. was dumbfounded—isn’t this freakin’ me?

"This is me, right?" Instructor Li Jr. asked.

"You’re asking us? We wanted to ask you," Caselli and another instructor asked in reply.

"Why do I not have a single memory of anything? Dammit, I might have lost my memory." Li Jr. used all his strength to rub his temples.

Caselli and other flying instructors looked at each other.

Li Jr. didn’t look like he was acting… he seemed to have really lost his memories? 

"Dammit, Anthony… Anthony. F*ck, who the hell is Anthony?" Instructor Li Jr. clenched his teeth.

After saying that, he felt the other half of the sentence stuck in his throat, but without thinking, he blurted out, "And who the hell is Little White?!"

"Little White? Could you be referring to one of the rich guys, that ‘Song Bai’? Caselli immediately grabbed the information passed on to her by True Monarch Yellow Mountain that was describing Senior White and handed it to Instructor Li Jr.

"Song Bai? Song Bai?" Instructor Li Jr. used his forefingers to press against his temples really hard, and racked his brains.

"Anthony, Anthony… Little White, Little White… Song Bai, Song Bai?" 

In his mind, there seemed to be pieces of Instructor Li Jr’s. memories being dug up, but those pieces were too fragmented; he could not piece them together at all.

White horse… and... right, there was also a desert… a young man in green clothes… and there was also a fist technique? Thereafter, it was so painful, he got beaten up!!

Suddenly, tears welled up in Instructor Li Jr.’s eyes and started flowing down.

"Eh? Weird, why am I crying?" Instructor Li Jr. was very baffled and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes—but no matter how much he wiped them, he could never finish wiping them off. His tears were like an open tap, they kept flowing continuously and he was unable to stop crying even if he wanted to.

"Weird, why do I feel so upset? Why do I keep wanting to cry?" Li Jr. was very puzzled.

Caselli and the other flying instructors surrounding him stared blankly at Li Jr.—they had a feeling that Li Jr. might have had a sorrowful experience.

Zhao Yaya’s sports car stopped at the entrance of Song Shuhang’s house.

"Get going, quickly go up. Uncle is waiting for you to step in and save him." Zhao Yaya laughed.

"I’m coming immediately!" Song Shuhang pinched the little onion in his hand and threatened in a low voice, "Remember, when you get to my house, you must not reveal your true form. You must not let anybody find out you’re a monster. Or else… don’t blame me for using a heavy hand!"

The little onion spirit shuddered, she was frightened…

ED/N: Bai means 'white' in Chinese
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