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The mountain road on Mountain Niuding was rather spacious after the reconstruction. It had been built for only one purpose—to race safely! Therefore, even if you were driving a tractor at 150 km/h, as long as you weren’t courting death, you wouldn't get into an accident.

Now, let’s hope that Uncle Lu won’t court death while driving! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Since Uncle Lu had drunk a lot, he was very worried about their safety!

Just think about it, a drunkard driving a tractor at 150 km/h… that was rather fearful.

On the road on Mountain Niuding, the tractor had left behind the three sports cars.

At this time, Old Lu loud voice echoed from the driver’s seat, "Old Song, did we just surpass those three sports cars?"

He didn’t dare to believe his own words.

"I… I think so." Papa Song replied while stuttering. Right now, he had only one question in mind—just where did Song get this tractor? A tractor that could exceed 150 km/h…? Was this a joke? Wasn’t it even better than sports cars?

"We even overtook three sports cars. Our speed should be surely above 100 km/h! Ahahaha!" Old Lu nervously laughed.

After hearing this laughter, Lu Tianyou, who was sitting in the open container, had an awful premonition—whenever he heard his father laughing like that, there were two reasons:

Reason 1: Uncle Song came to visit them and poked at his father's sore spots. Once Uncle Song was gone, his father would nervously laugh for a while. In this case, he was extremely angry.

Reason 2: His father was the one visiting Uncle Song and poking at his sore spots. After completing his mission and returning home, he would also nervously laugh for a while. In this case, he was extremely happy.

But, no matter what the reason was, once he started laughing like that, his father wasn’t clear-headed anymore.

As expected, Old Lu deeply sighed after the strange laughter and said, "It seems I’ve really gotten drunk!"

Under what circumstances would a tractor reach 100 km/h?

Under what circumstances would a tractor overtake three sports cars?

It could only happen in a dream!

Or... when you were dead drunk and would start having hallucinations!

At this time, Old Lu had started to wonder whether he was drunk or not.

After hearing his father’s words, Lu Tianyou got anxious, "Father, return to your senses! Keep the tractor in check, Uncle Song and I are also in the back!"

"Don’t worry, even if I’m drunk, I’m still an expert at operating tractors!" Old Lu laughed strangely. His whole body started to shake back and forth along the tractor, "Old Song, let’s have fun!"

Then, Old Lu started to sing loudly, "The great river… flows east! The stars in the sky… pay their respects to the Big Dipper! Old Song, you go next! Let’s have some fun!"

"To hell with your fun!" Papa Song roared, "Properly drive the tractor and look ahead! Don’t get distracted!"

"Tsk. Old Song, you’re too uncooperative! At this time, you should act like a good brother and sing the next line. You sing one line, and I sing the other; that’s how it should be!" Old Lu put on a self-important look.

Just as he was shaking back and forth, he really started to feel drunk. Although his mind was still clear, his hands weren’t as agile as before. His whole body was a tad slower than his brain.

Old Lu shook his head forcefully to stay sober, "Old Song, you’re really a party pooper. If you won’t sing, I’ll do it alone—If you want to go… we’ll go! You have a share, I’ll have a share, we’ll all have a share! If we see injustice on the road, we roar and… AAAAAH…"

It wasn’t that Old Lu had forgotten the next line… he had sung this song for half of his life. He was very familiar with it, and even without thinking, he could easily sing it.

The problem was the turn that lay ahead. It was a very tight U-turn!

This was what caused Old Lu’s song to turn into a scream halfway.

Papa Song also saw the U-turn. "Get a hold of yourself and quickly decrease the speed of the tractor!"

"I already applied the brakes! But, we are going too fast; we won’t slow down fast enough!" Old Lu roared. Then, he gave his all as he turned the tractor to the right, trying his best to let it smoothly turn the corner.

Since he was too anxious, he inadvertently turned his waist too.

The tractor entered the curve and steadily kept going, smoothly entering the U-turn curve.

Papa Song heaved a sigh of relief.

But, at the same time, Old Lu screamed in pain, "F*ck, I sprained my poor waist!"

Although he still had a bear-like build, he wasn’t as tough as in his prime. When they turned the corner, he instinctively turned his waist too. Since he twisted it too much, he sprained it!

His waist was very painful, to the point that he had difficulties controlling the tractor.

As a result, the angle of the tractor slightly changed while making the turn. It was a very small change, but the tractor was still going at 150 km/h!

When going that fast, even something as insignificant as that could endanger one’s life!

In the open container, Papa Song howled, "Be careful! Keep the vehicle under control; we’re going to bump into the guardrail!"

"F*ck, if it weren’t for my sprained waist, I could have easily made this U-turn!" Old Lu howled. Then, he resisted the pain and braked, keeping the tractor under control.

He hadn’t been driving for twenty years for nothing!

By hook or by crook, he made the tractor enter the U-turn curve!

When the tractor entered the curve, the two wheels of the open container behind rose into the sky. The container ‘flung’ itself into the U-turn!

If it weren’t for the strengthening formation applied by Venerable White on the vehicle, the open container behind would have twisted and broken apart from the tractor after this drift, directly flying away!

But, thanks to the formation, the open container only emitted a grating sound and sustained no damage. Even the huge rock, the suitcase, Papa Song, and Lu Tianyou were protected by the formation. They fiercely swayed, but nothing else happened to them.

They smoothly made the first U-turn!

All the people on the tractor heaved a sigh of relief.

In the rear, the three girls were still following the tractor from far behind.

The three girls all saw the tractor beautifully ‘drifting’ and entering the U-turn.

How could they describe it? Maybe only with the word ‘awesome’? These driving skills could only belong to a God!

"Yaya, the driving skills of that Uncle Lu are unparalleled under the heavens! Just now, even if he reduced the speed a bit, he was still going around 120 km/h! The way he drifted into the curve was just too cool! Literally a God!" Little Maisui said to Zhao Yaya.

"A tractor drifting! The open container even rose into the sky and directly flung itself into the U-turn! Was your camera turned on? Did you record that beautiful drift?" The trendy Alice was also very excited.

"It was turned on, but the tractor was pretty far. I’m not sure if it clearly recorded it." Zhao Yaya clicked her tongue.

...Is this what they call an expert?

Uncle Lu is driving a modified tractor at 150 km/h. As if that wasn’t enough, he can even make it beautifully drift. He is a real expert! Later, should I ask him for advice?

From what she remembered, Uncle Lu had been a car instructor in the past.

At this time, the ‘God’ in the eyes of the three girls had a pale face, and his waist was hurting to the point he wished he could die.

After seeing Old Lu’s pale face, Papa Song quickly said, "Old Lu, quickly stop the tractor. Let’s change the driver!"

The nearby Lu Tianyou bitterly smiled, "Uncle Song, I don’t know how to drive a tractor!" He thought that Uncle Song wanted him to drive the tractor.

"It doesn’t matter, I can drive it. Old Lu, quickly stop the tractor!" Papa Song shouted.

Even if he seemed weak and frail, Papa Song had also suffered his share of hardships back in the days. His driving skills weren’t inferior to those of Old Lu!

"I’ve already applied the brakes, but the speed was just too fast. It’s taking a while to slow down. Ouch, ouch, ouch, this pain. I’ll try to slowly stop—shiiiiiiit!" Old Lu stopped midway and screamed.

Another U-turn had suddenly appeared in their front.

Moreover, it was even worse than the one they had just cleared!

On one side of this U-turn was the mountain; on the other side was a five-meter-deep steep slope.

This small steep slope had the shape of a terraced field and was formed by many layers, which were either four or five meters deep and linked together. Moreover, it extended till the foot of the mountain

Both sides were very dangerous. No matter if it was the hard mountain rock or the steep slope, both could claim one’s life.

As if that wasn’t enough, the speed of the tractor had yet to decrease! Old Lu felt his liver tremble.

Papa Song calmly said, "Old Lu, try it to endure it. Once we’ve turned the corner, stop the vehicle and change driver!"

"Ouch, ouch, ouch. Fine! It’s just a turn! Let alone one, I can make even two! Look how fierce I am!" Old Lu roared.

He once again endured the piercing pain and made the tractor turn, trying his best to enter the U-turn!

He only needed to make this turn successfully. Afterward, they would be safe! He had to hold on; a small turn couldn’t stop him!

Ah, time is heartless and will make one turn old. It’s impossible not to give in to old age, said the painful old waist!

At this time… the three girls were trying their best to keep up with the tractor.

"Oh! The one in front is an S-shaped curve, and both curves are very tight! Let’s quickly catch up; I really want to see how ‘God’ is going to make this turn! I’m really looking forward to seeing him make two consecutive drifts!" Little Maisui looked at the navigator and said excitedly.

"Little Maisui, don’t accelerate too much. You don’t have his godly skills. Slow down and let’s make the turn slowly," the trendy Alice quickly said.

"Don’t worry. I’ll be careful," Little Maisui laughed.

This S-shaped curve was formed by two tight U-turns linked together. It was a very difficult turn to make.

Could Old Lu’s strained waist hold on?

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