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Instructor Li Jr. stared at the sword next to his feet—the sword was very bright and sharp!

Additionally, under the light, the sharp edge of the sword was able to reflect a ray of light that was piercing to the eyes! Judging solely from its appearance, one could tell that it was an exceptional treasure sword that was so sharp it could easily slice a falling strand of hair.

If it pierced into a human body, it probably would claim one’s life, right? Instructor Li Jr. was worried to death.

It they were filming, it didn’t warrant them to use a real weapon, right? Even though some perverted production teams did use real weaponry to create a sense of reality, at least theirs weren’t sharpened to that extent!

Hence, Instructor Li Jr. ran his mouth and said, "Hold on a second, little friend, are you misunderstanding something? I am not Little White. Furthermore, I am not an actor. If this is a filming set, all I did was just accidentally stumbling onto it, and unknowingly became a walk-on!"

However, unless you hit the young man’s G spot—ugh! I mean, weak spot with a particular keyword, he would keep going on with his fixed lines and not change the storyline.

"Little White, look at the sword!" the young man in the green robe raised his sword and his body moved in front of Instructor Li Jr. in a flash, after which his hand shook and the sword light transformed from one to three rays—three sword flowers were seen aiming at Instructor Li Jr.’s shoulder, abdomen, and thighs.

Instructor Li Jr. was only an ordinary human, he had absolutely no means of avoiding the quick sword of the young man in green robe. He was just like a wooden figurine and took a direct blow from the young man’s sword.

Thereafter, fresh blood splattered from his shoulder, abdomen, and thighs…


Then, instructor Li Jr. fell to the ground like an average hoodlum and cried in pain—What is this all about, what feud do I have with him? What kind of grievance? What made him confront me and stab me with a sword immediately after?

Luckily, the young man in the green robe was only acting as ‘Little White’s sword training partner’, and did not make any lethal attack—he was only using the sharp end of the sword and lightly pierced it into his muscles, mildly tearing his skin.

The young man kept his sword and looked at Instructor Li Jr.’s body that was lying on the ground with a baffled expression and said, "Eh? Little White, why didn’t you dodge?"

Dodge my a*ss, I couldn’t even see the sword clearly!

"Sobs…" Instructor Li Jr. cried out of injustice. Although it was said that a man does not shed his tears easily, today, for reasons that even Instructor Li Jr. himself did not know, he suddenly felt sad and that he had been treated extremely unfairly. Hence, he started crying out loud.

Perhaps it was the effect of him losing that part of his memories? He might have felt that during the period where he lost his memories, he seemed to have undergone an extremely unfair treatment? Hence, coupled with the fact that he got stabbed by a stranger for no apparent reason, he got so upset that he could no longer repress his emotions?

Instructor Li Jr. really wanted to stop crying because he felt that he himself crying so hard as a man in front of a little boy was very embarrassing.

However, the more he wanted to control the sound of his cries, the louder it got. Soon, tears blurred his vision and he couldn’t open his eyes.

Seeing him cry to such an extent, the young man stiffened. Thereafter, he hurriedly rushed to instructor Li Jr.’s side and asked out of concern, "Little White, Little White, what happened to you?"

As he was speaking, the young man reached out his finger once again and pointed lightly at all three bleeding wounds.

The bleeding stopped, just like that.

"I am not Little White, I am not!" Instructor Li Jr. choked with sobs—I am Li Xihua, flying instructor Li Xihua!

"Little White, you don’t wanna do sword training?" the young man in the green robe actually went forward along the plot and entered the next phase.

"Then today, I shall teach you something different, and after that, tomorrow, let’s try something different. Didn’t you tell me you wanted to learn fist techniques the last time? Why don’t I teach you fist techniques?" asked the young man in a green robe.

This plot seemed to be the same one Song Shuhang experienced when the young man in the green robe taught Song Shuhang the basics of sword techniques within the ‘real illusion’.

"I don’t wanna, I wanna go home!" replied Instructor Li Jr..

However, the young man ignored him entirely, and instead reached out his hands and lightly pulled, pulling Instructor Li Jr. up from the ground.

"Look carefully, Little White! This is the basic fist technique!" after finishing his sentence, the young man performed a set of fist motions for Instructor Li Jr.

To cultivators, this was a very ordinary staple basic fist technique. It was the type of ‘body tempering fist technique’ that Medicine Master wanted to teach Song Shuhang from the start. However, after Medicine Master accepted the Poisonous Dragon Plant, he switched to teaching Song Shuhang the ‘Basic Buddhist Fist Technique’ instead.

After completing the first demonstration, the young man turned his head around, looked at Instructor Li Jr., and asked, "Have you memorized the steps?"

Instructor Li Jr. was dumbfounded—What, memorize what exactly?

It isn’t a gymnastics broadcast, how can I learn by just seeing it only once?

Even if it was a gymnastics broadcast, one needs to watch it several times and then follow the steps a couple more times before being able to learn it!

"If you’ve memorized it, let’s practice fist techniques, ok?" the young man smiled brightly.

Instructor Li Jr. complained, "What, I did not memorize a single bit!"

However, after finishing his sentence, the young man pounced in front of him like a ferocious tiger going down a mountain, and a threw a punch at his head.

Instructor Li Jr. could only feel his vision go black… and fainted immediately as he fell onto the floor, losing consciousness.

However, even though he had fainted onto the floor, the young man did not have the intention to let him off.

His fists were akin to raindrops falling, mercilessly attacking his body. It was similar to the fate suffered by Branch Leader Jing Mo’s substitute body.

Fortunately, the young man decided to change to practice fist techniques—if it were a sword instead… Instructor Li Jr.’s body would have been pierced so many times it’d end up looking like a beehive by now.

Instructor Li Jr., who was in the midst of being unconscious, couldn’t help but groan continuously in pain—his entire body was in so much pain that it curled up like a mantis shrimp.

So much pain and suffering, is this hell?

It was not known how much time had passed when Song Shuhang regained consciousness.

"Ouch…" after he woke up, he felt his entire body stinging in pain. 

"Shuhang, you’ve woken up." Next to him, Senior White was pressing his body with his fingers, and pure spiritual energy entered Shuhang’s body.

Song Shuhang’s pain and wounds healed quickly under the work of the spiritual energy.

Senior White finally finished cultivating! His eyes were brimming with tears of excitement.

"Shuhang, when I was cultivating, what happened? How come you looked like you got struck by lightning? When I found you, your body was charred black!" Senior White furrowed his brows as he asked.

"Nothing happened, nothing happened at all! It’s just that I thought of something suddenly and inserted my finger into the power source and got electrocuted." Song Shuhang told a white lie…

"Oh really?" Senior White was skeptical and asked, "What happened to Instructor Li Jr. on the other side? When I found him earlier, his entire body was seriously injured, he got beaten up by someone really badly—he looked like he was gonna die anytime. Luckily, I found him in time and gave him a session of treatment first."

Song Shuhang sighed, so Instructor Li Jr. ultimately did not avoid that calamity? Thereafter, Song Shuhang wept and said, "Sigh, this is because Instructor Li Jr. just got saved by True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s underling from America. Speaking of which, he is rather pitiful, he must have been mistreated in the States, right? This is my fault, I grabbed the wrong person, causing Instructor Li Jr. to undergo so much suffering."

Senior White nodded his head doubtfully.

"Oh yeah, Senior White, when True Monarch’s underling sent Instructor Li Jr. over, he said that there were some problems that occurred when his memories got erased—his memories of his time spent in the States were not fully erased. Hence, they would like to ask for your help to erase his memories one more time in order to avoid leaving any traces," said Song Shuhang after recalling Senior Brother Zhou Li’s words.

Senior White nodded his head, "Let me try. In actual fact, I’m not good at erasing memories."

Furthermore, repetitively erasing a person’s memories within a short period time dealt a great amount of inevitable damage to that particular person’s brain.

As he was speaking, Venerable White walked next to Instructor Li Jr. and pressed his head with his hand.

The memory deletion technique was activated once again and re-deleted Instructor Li Jr.’s memory of ‘July 9th—the moment he met the two newbie students’.

"Done. However… as the previous memory deletion was not complete, it might leave some fragments of memories behind. But, there should not be any problems." Senior White replied as he clapped his hands.

"Will he suddenly remember the content of these fragments of memories out of the blue one day?" Song Shuhang asked out of concern. He was worried that Instructor Li Jr. might suddenly recall his memories of being mistreated in America and grieve a lot to the extent he wished he was dead.

"As long as there is no trigger, he should not think of it." Senior White also had no confidence, because he did not specialize in erasing memories.

Forget it, hopefully he can live the rest of his life happily from now on. Song Shuhang thought to himself.

In the past few days, to Instructor Li Jr., the traumatic experience he went through was extremely terrible.

Morning, 9:23 AM.

Senior White was riding on his flying sword, bringing Song Shuhang, Instructor Li Jr., as well as some suitcases along with him and flew to the ‘underground parking lot’ in the area of Jiangnan.

A few days ago, True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s agent called and said that all the cars had already arrived, awaiting Song Shuhang to go over to inspect them in his free time.

Today, Song Shuhang was preparing to return to Wenzhou City with Senior White and hence made a call to the agent to arrange for him to go over and complete the inspection before signing the contract.

There were thirty-one cars in total in this batch, just like the previous time—all kinds of brands, all kinds of prices, and all kinds of models.

Just like the last time, all the cars in there were registered under Song Shuhang’s name. Song Shuhang’s name was also used for the roadworthiness certificate.

Song Shuhang’s eyes scanned the entire parking lot—there were more luxury cars in the second batch, there was also quite a number of sports cars.

Wait a minute, there seems to be a couple of strange things in the midst!

Song Shuhang stared at the three conspicuous vehicles that were out of place amongst the luxury cars. They were huge and had a coarse and wild appearance—a tractor, a small-sized excavator, and a bulldozer...

"These three vehicles were also sent to us by Mr. Huang Wenzhong?" asked Song Shuhang in embarrassment.

"Yes, they were all ordered by Mr. Huang Wenzhong." The agent wiped the sweat on his forehead—truth be told, when he saw the tractor, the excavator, and the bulldozer on the contract, he was completely dumbfounded too.

"Alright, thanks for the trouble." Song Shuhang sighed and finally signed his name on the contract.

The agent raised his brows in delight—this batch was worth millions of RMB.

After True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s agent had left, Song Shuhang stretched his body and said, "Senior White, let’s choose a car to drive to Wenzhou City. And, we also have to send Instructor Li Jr. back to the aviation school first!"

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