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Luckily, the little rationality he had left prevented Cao Delian from doing something disastrous—he did not switch on the air conditioner again to smell the sleeping gas.

Thereafter, he looked at the small monk’s puzzled face, and forced a laugh saying, "Haha, I thought you were sleeping, so I wanted to carry you out of the car."

...That being said, the small monk’s hand was pretty strong, earlier after he smacked Cao Delian’s wrist, the stinging pain was still there.

"I see." The small monk nodded his head, and smiled brightly, "Thank you Benefactor Cao, but small monk was just chanting scriptures, not sleeping. In the temple, this is the hour to chant scriptures after dinner. Even though I’ve left the temple, I will not fall behind my sutras homework."

"Hehe, hehe." Cao Delian forced a continuous laugh. Seeing how awake the small monk was, he was incessantly depressed. Dammit, the sleeping gas actually did not work?

Forget it, if it didn’t work, then so be it.

This small monk is only a 6 or 7 year-old child. Kids at that age usually love sleeping when night comes. I shall wait till he falls asleep at night before secretly taking those 4000 RMB back! Cao Delian thought to himself.

"Benefactor Cao, we have arrived at our destination, right?" The small monk turned his head and looked at his surroundings, and suddenly thought of something and touched his own butt before excitedly asking, "Benefactor Cao, are we going to the hospital now? You said that when we have arrived at our destination, you’d find a good hospital for me to do the hemorrhoid surgery and treat it so there would not be any pain or relapse, right?"

"There’s no rush, you can treat your hemorrhoids anytime. But firstly, come with uncle to a good place. It’s already late, let’s rest for the night." Cao Delian wore a harmless smile on his face.

His smile was able to make one feel warm and that they would be able to rely on him.

In order to practice that perfect smile, Cao Delian went through quite a bit of hardships!

"But Benefactor Cao, you said it before—once we arrive at our destination, you’d find me a good hospital immediately to do my hemorrhoid surgery!" The small monk furrowed his brows, his face became extremely stern.

Dammit, is this little fella out of his mind?

Hehe, we have already arrived in Wenzhou City, I don’t have to follow the small monk’s wishes anymore.

He was trafficking a child after all—not only did he have to wear the perfect, comforting smile, sometimes he also needed to use vicious tactics as well. There’s a phrase that goes ‘carrot and stick’—it describes the situation perfectly.

Hence, Cao Delian looked serious and made a fierce and scary face at him. "Hemorrhoid, hemorrhoid, treating hemorrhoids my a*ss! You better obediently listen to me—it’s late now, we should find a place to rest for the night. If you don’t listen to me, I will throw you into the huge river and feed you to sharks!"

The small monk continued to look stern and his eyes furrowed even more.

After a moment, the small monk said in a deep voice, "Benefactor Cao, you clearly said that when we arrive at our destination, you’d look for a hospital for me to treat my hemorrhoids. Did you lie to me?"

"That wasn’t considered lying, I was just coaxing you!" Cao Delian laughed grimly while pulling up his sleeves—if this small monk still refused to listen, he was going to beat him up real hard.

He was a brat—once he’s been beaten once, he would listen. Cao Delian was very familiar with this line of work.

"Lying is a terrible conduct, master once said that people who lie, need-to-be-spanked!" The last few words were said in a staccato manner, with his teeth clenched.

After finishing his words, there was fear in his eyes, albeit faint; that was the psychological trauma he had as a result of constantly being beaten on his butt for two years.

"Dammit, acting up again? Get spanked? Not if I beat you to death first!" Cao Delian flew into rage out of humiliation and reached out with his hands to grab the small monk—I will be the one who spanks you first!

The small monk’s face became even more stern and he stood still, not budging an inch, allowing Cao Delian to grab him by his clothes.

After Cao Delian grabbed the small monk, he pulled at him, wanting to grab him up and beat him hard.

However… when he used his strength to drag him, he felt as though what he was grabbing wasn’t a child but a very heavy chunk of metal. The small monk’s legs were as though they had taken root in the soil—they would not move a single muscle.

What’s happening? Cao Delian was in disbelief and once again used all his might to lift him!

The little master still would not budge, like a mountain.

"Benefactor Cao, people who lie need-to-get-spanked!" The small monk said in a deep voice, like an angry Buddha.

Thereafter, he reached out his with hands and pinned down the hand Cao Delian used to grab his clothes with instead. He didn’t seem to use that much strength, but Cao Delian’s entire body got flung like a windmill.

Eventually, he fell hard onto the ground, on all fours and with his butt sticking out.

What’s happening? Earlier, just what exactly happened in that instant? Cao Delian got a huge scare, his brain was akin to a Ferrari with the engine of a tractor—completely jammed.

But before he could even think anything, suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his butt.


The small monk reached out his palm, squatted next to him and fanned really hard at his butt.

...Your mom, that small monk’s palm is practically not a human one! It was entirely just like an iron whip whipping him, causing a burning pain. The butt of a human being was a body part with more fat, but the slap to his butt with the small monk’s palm was so hard that he felt the pain travel to his bones.

"Aaah…" Cao Delian let out an embarrassing and miserable cry. It was too painful, he instinctively cried out.

"You liar! You liar!" The small monk reached out with his palm once again and attacked Cao Delian’s butt continuously on both sides.

"Aaaaaaah…" Cao Delian cried continuously, his mucus and saliva were dripping down.

He kept crawling and moving on the floor with all his might, wanting to dodge the small monk’s devilish hands.

However, after he crawled only one step, the small monk dragged him backwards by grabbing his legs, effortlessly bringing him back to the original position. Cao Delian’s fingers created five obvious drag marks on the ground.

"Pat pat pat pat!"

"Do you still dare to tell lies?" The small monk said angrily.

"I don’t dare, I don’t dare to do it again!" Cao Delian’s face was filled with tears; the extreme pain caused his mind to go blank. In any case, he dared not go against the words of the small monk.

If they were in the ancient war times, fellas like Cao Delian would definitely spill all the information they know to the enemy once they get captured and tortured.

"Pat pat pat!"

The small monk continued to hit him and said angrily, "So, are you going to bring me to the hospital to do my hemorrhoid surgery?"

"I will bring you there immediately, I will bring you there immediately!" Cao Delian begged loudly, "Don’t beat me anymore, if you beat me further, I will become disabled! I will bring you to the hospital immediately!"

The small monk stopped his hand movements, put his palms together and stood up. The angry look on his face started to dissipate and he smiled warmly instead as he said, "Excellent, excellent. Benefactor Cao is willing to repent, there is nothing better than someone repenting for his mistakes. I hope that Benefactor Cao will remember this lesson, and from now on, never lie ever again."

"Yes, little master. I will definitely change, I will definitely change. I will never lie ever again in this life!" Cao Delian said while crying.

"So, are we going to the hospital? I can feel my hemorrhoids becoming more and more painful," said the small monk sternly.

"We’ll go, we’ll go. I know that the Number Six hospital is nearby, they are very good at treating hemorrhoids." Cao Delian replied—at the same time, he became slightly more clear-headed.

F*ck, what happened earlier?

Where did this small monk, who looked at most 8 years old, get so much strength in his hands? Cao Delian, a fully grown adult, actually couldn’t gather enough strength to defend himself?

This martial art is off the charts! I have absolutely no strength to retaliate at all.

This couldn’t be the Shaolin Kungfu from folklore, right?

This begs the question—if this small monk is so formidable, why would he come to me to sell himself?

That fella, he couldn’t be setting me up, right?

If he’s really out to set me up, what should I do? Run away from his side?

But I cannot give up right now—I brought the small monk all the way to Wenzhou City from the area of Jiangnan. All I have to do is look for a buyer and happily sell the small monk away.

Furthermore, I already decided that this would be the last time, and after completing this transaction, I will stop doing this line of work entirely.

Cao Delian rubbed his butt and slowly got up.

At the same time, his mind started thinking really fast.

Oh yeah, why do I have to fear the small monk’s formidable martial arts skills? I just have to make sure not to come in conflict with him and when I get a few sellers to take a look at him, I only have to hand him over to one of them.

Since I can’t handle the small monk, then I should just leave it to the seller to deal with him?

It had to be said that the human heart was as such—in the face of benefits, it was easy to lose one’s rationality. Just like a person dabbling in stocks—his rationality tells him that it’s about time to withdraw, but when he sees the stocks rising continuously, he would still think: One last day, let me earn for one more day! Thereafter, he’d end up losing terribly.

At last, Cao Delian brought the small monk to the Number Six hospital.

Because it was night time, they could only go to the emergency room.

The business at the Number Six hospital had always been good. Even if it was night time, there was still a long line of people waiting to register.

At this time, the small monk and Cao Delian joined the back of the line that was slowly inching forward.

One by one, the people in front completed their registration and paid their registration fee before looking for their respective doctors.

When the small monk saw a patient pay some money after registering, his face suddenly turned pale, "Registration… requires money?"

He searched ‘how much does a hemorrhoid surgery cost?’ on the internet. According to his findings, it costed approximately 3000 to 5000 RMB, but he forgot to include the registration fee.

"Benefactor Cao, can you lend me some money?" The small monk turned his head around and looked pitifully at Cao Delian.

Cao Delian looked at small monk and secretly rubbed his own butt that was still in extreme pain. He then smiled brightly and said, "No problem, it’s just a registration fee, I can pay it on your behalf."

"Benefactor Cao, you’re quite a good person. I am extremely grateful." The small monk’s eyes showed that he was sincerely touched by his gesture.

Cao Delian secretly swallowed his saliva.

The line gradually moved forward and soon, it was the small monk’s turn to register.

"Who’s the patient? What treatment are you looking for?" The nurse at the counter raised her head and asked.

"I’m the patient. I have hemorrhoids, I want to do the hemorrhoid surgery!" The small monk raised his hand and replied.

"Oh, this little fella is really cute." The nurse smiled and looked at Cao Delian, "Sir, are you his father?"

"No, he’s someone who bought me." The small monk replied on his behalf.

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