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After clenching his teeth in anger, True Monarch Yellow Mountain said in a deep tone, "Keep a close watch on that pekingese, and don’t let him board any other aircraft! Once he’s done flying, do everything in your power to keep him in place. Don’t let him run! As for the other matters, I’ll send someone to deal with them."

Hopefully, Doudou won’t cause too much trouble this time.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain wasn’t afraid that the men of the training center would make a video and put it online.

After all, even if they were to put online the video of a pekingese flying a helicopter, people would think that it was either made via a computer or that it was the advertisement of a movie shooting.

But even if it were to start a commotion, True Monarch Yellow Mountain had means to deal with it—after all, it wasn’t the first time that Doudou was causing problems. Doudou had caused trouble countless times, and it was always True Monarch Yellow Mountain that was cleaning up his mess behind the scenes. He was already an expert in this field.

After hearing his words, Caselli heaved a sigh of relief and began to take action according to True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s orders.

After hanging up, he then called Song Shuhang.

Immediately, the warm voice of the system lady transmitted from the phone, "Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unreachable. Please try again later."

The number is unreachable? Are they really in space?

Without Little Friend Shuhang and Senior White there, who will take Doudou down from the helicopter?!

He always had a specialized squad at hand to take care of the mess left behind by Doudou, but they were too far from his current position.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain was getting worried.

After twenty minutes, Venerable White returned to Earth with the helicopter-style flying sword.

Even if space is beautiful and makes one feel happy, only on Earth can I truly be at ease. Song Shuhang thought to himself.

"Senior, where are we?" Song Shuhang asked thoughtlessly. By looking down, he could faintly see skyscrapers and many lights.

Moreover, it was nighttime.

However, when he and Senior White had left, it was still early morning.

"I don’t know either. I casually entered the atmosphere without looking where I was going. We’ll discover where we are once we descend to the ground." Venerable White replied.

After a while, the two of them descended to a certain height. Song Shuhang quickly saw a very eye-catching structure.

It was the big statue of a goddess wearing ancient greek clothes.

The goddess was wearing a crown with seven pointed ends, holding a torch in her right hand and a book in the left one. Under her feet were broken cuffs and chains.

"The Statue of Liberty?" Song Shuhang suddenly broke in cold sweat. How did we end up in the United States?

Venerable White stabilized the helicopter and seized up the statue of the goddess, "Oh, this is the Statue of Liberty that is very famous on the net! So ugly!"

"Ugly? It’s not. I think that the statue of this goddess is quite fine." Song Shuhang held his chin. He was no expert in appreciating art, but he wouldn’t call the statue before his eyes ugly.

As soon as he finished his sentence, he shot a look at Venerable White—Wait a moment. Is Venerable White using himself as a reference when determining if something is ugly or beautiful? If that’s the case, the Statue of Liberty is indeed ugly.

After making this guess, Song Shuhang immediately probed out, "Senior White, do you think I’m handsome?"

Senior White was taken aback, but soon after, he laughed, "Shuhang, you think that my aesthetic standards are very high? There is no such thing. There is not much difference with that of an average person… maybe it’s just a little higher. From my point of view, you’re passable, certainly not ugly."

"Ah? Only not ugly? Recently, I felt as If I have become quite handsome." Song Shuhang said while holding his chin.

"..." Venerable White.

"Hahaha. However, we’re still in the United States. It’s better if we return home. If we go in that direction, we’ll be able to reach China." Song Shuhang pointed to the east and laughed.

"I see. Let’s go then." Senior White activated his sword art once again. The helicopter-style flying sword took off once more.

On the way back, Song Shuhang had nothing to do. Therefore, he took the phone and tried to see if there was signal. With a phone credit of 10 million RMB, even if abroad rates were applied, it was nothing but pocket change.

At this point, Song Shuhang sent several pictures to the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

In the first batch of pictures, Senior White was fixing the hole in the space station. In these pictures, Venerable White was earnestly connecting pipes and wires; he seemed very engaged.

Title: "Senior White earnestly repairing the hole in a space station."

After sending these pictures, Song Shuhang had yet to refresh the page when comments of several seniors started to pop up.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Little Friend Song Shuhang, did you really go to space? No wonder I couldn’t get in touch with you guys just now."

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator also quickly replied, "On the other hand, I’m wondering why little friend Shuhang and Senior White went into space to repair a space station? What exactly happened?"

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman explained, "Haha. If I’m not mistaken, Senior White and little friend Song Shuhang had flight lessons together today."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: "He took flight lessons with Senior White? This is madness!!! Who else besides Senior White can send an ordinary aircraft into space? Little Friend Shuhang, I suggest you to get a life insurance. It will be useful."

Scholar Drunken Moon: "I see. They went into space while they were taking piloting lessons! Anyway, Brother Thrice Reckless, the one who is mad is not little friend Song Shuhang but you! Maybe you’re unaware of it, but Senior White is also in the group now. LUL."

Medicine Master: "LUL."

Immortal Master Copper Trigram: "LUL!"

Su Clan’s Seven: "LUL!"

"LUL your sister!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber got mad, "Senior White is in the group?! Did he already read my comment? F*ck, how do you delete comments again? Stop laughing and tell me!"

Dharma King Creation: "I have no idea how to do it, but I can teach you of a way. Go search on the Internet. LUL."

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: "I know how to delete messages, but I won't tell you. LUL."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: "You bastards! Pray not to meet me again. Otherwise, I’ll make sure to give you a taste of my Seventy-Two Swift Saber Strikes!"

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator: "I think we’ve neglected something important. After looking at the picture again, I’m wondering about something else—where did that huge hole come from?"

"You’re right! Where did that huge hole come from? 🤨" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman also attached a perplexed emoji.

Medicine Master: "@Stressed by a Mountain of Books, Same question."

At this time… another ID suddenly popped out.

Venerable White: "I got distracted and bumped into the space station with the helicopter, but it’s all fixed now. Hahaha."

"Senior White is incredible!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber immediately started to flatter. He had just finished deleting that message from before with great difficulty, and as soon as he saw Senior White, he thought of saying sweet words to him.

"Thrice Reckless, I saw your message 😅" Venerable White continued, "The one you deleted."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: "..."

True Monarch Yellow Mountain reappeared and changed the topic of conversation, "Cough. Venerable White, Little Friend Shuhang, where are you now? I need your help with a small matter."

Stressed by a Mountain of Books: "We’re in the United States. We’re on our way back to China right now. Senior Yellow Mountain, what did you need?"

"Aye." True Monarch Yellow Mountain heaved a sigh, "If possible, I would like you and Senior White to hurry back a little bit faster."

Venerable White: "What happened?"

"Doudou boarded an aircraft!" Even if it was only a short sentence of four words, everyone in the group could feel True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s deep depression...

"Impossible. Doudou stayed back home and should be looking after the house!" Song Shuhang subconsciously said.

But right at this moment, he thought of something.

He put a hand in his pocket. Originally, Doudou’s dog fur should have been there, but now, there was nothing inside.


Song Shuhang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

"Doudou must have used some magic arts to follow you. Anyway, he caused you a great inconvenience. Once you have caught him, feel free to hit, scold, and lecture him as much as you like!" True Monarch Yellow Mountain said bitterly.

Hit, scold, and lecture him as much as I want? The problem is, will I even be able to hit him?

"I understand. Senior White and I will rush back as fast as possible." Song Shuhang replied.

After closing the chat, Song Shuhang looked at Venerable White.

Senior White laughed, "Then, sit tight."

"Heavenly Peng’s Flying Technique"

The wings of the Heavenly Peng appeared on both sides of the fuselage. Just as the wings flapped, the helicopter reached a supersonic speed, quickly heading toward China.

On another side, inside the space station.

The spacecraft ‘Soyuz’ had smoothly docked at the space station. Its objective was to bring back to Earth the two astronauts named Aguero and Anthony.

"Where are Aguero and Anthony? Why aren’t they replying?"

"Let’s enter and look. They shouldn’t be still doing experiments, right? The last time I called Anthony, he remembered that he had to finish an experiment. Then, he closed himself in the laboratory, refusing to come out."

After a short moment.

"Found them! Heavens, they are both unconscious!

"What happened? Damn, just what happened in this space station? Let’s take a quick look at the surveillance system."

"Someone deleted all the video records. Several hours worth of records are missing. What’s the matter?"

"Oh my God! There is also a huge hole in the space station… oh? But it seems that someone repaired it?"

"Let’s leave it for later. Let’s send Aguero and Anthony back to Earth first. Once they wake up, we can ask them what happened."

Everything inside the space station was a mess...

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