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"I don’t want to be brainwashed!" Instructor Li Jr. said with tears streaming down his face.

"Pat!" Senior White gently patted on Instructor Li Jr.’s helmet, knocking him out again.

"Done! It’s really troublesome to use the memory-erasing technique. I deleted his memory until this morning when he met us. If he hadn't uselessly struggled, I could have let him keep a few more memories." Senior White said.

Song Shuhang shot a look at Instructor Li Jr—he felt sorry for him.

Afterward, Venerable White unfastened his seatbelt and said excitedly, "Now, let’s go fix the hole in the space station!"

"Let us go?" Song Shuhang pointed at himself. Do I also have to come?

"Of course! This hole is quite big. If we’re together, we might be able to fix it a little faster." Senior White replied.

"Alright." Song Shuhang agreed.

He had absolutely no idea on how to fix a space station, but at least he would be able to keep an eye on Senior White if he were to tag along.

"Let’s go!" Senior White grabbed Song Shuhang and dissolved the protective barrier surrounding the helicopter-style flying sword. Afterward, he lightly jumped and arrived on top of the space station.

Once the protective barrier was gone, Instructor Li Jr, who was still inside the helicopter, started to flutter. Luckily, the seatbelt was still latched. Therefore, he didn’t fly away.

The various accessories inside the helicopter also started to flutter. If they weren’t properly dealt with, they would surely turn into space junk.

Senior White, who was still holding Song Shuhang, arrived at the edge of the hole. They were both protected by a magical art and were currently invisible.

Then, Senior White stretched his hand and made a sign. An invisible force seized all the broken accessories in the aircraft that had started to flutter and pulled them to his side. Maybe he wanted to use these broken accessories to fill the hole?

Next, Senior White activated a sword art, and the fuselage of the helicopter slowly came out of the big hole in the space station.

Song Shuhang stared for a long time at the place of the collision. He had no idea which part of the space station was this.

He could see that the thick metallic layer outside now had a huge hole, while there were many broken circuits and pipes on the inside.

Even if Song Shuhang was a student of the mechanical design and manufacturing department, he knew nothing about the design of this space station. Even after looking at it for a long time, he wasn’t able to gain any insight.

"How should I fix it?" Venerable White squatted down near the hole. As first thing, he put a protective barrier around the hole to keep the broken equipment inside the space station.

"Senior, is there a magical art to restore things? For example, you use the technique, and the damaged object returns to its previous state as if time had flown back?" Song Shuhang asked.

Venerable White turned around and gave him a supercilious look, "You think that there is really such a technique in the world?"

If such a technique existed, Venerable White would have been the first to learn it.

"However, thanks to the experience I’ve gained after disassembling all those electrical appliances and cars… I know that if wires are damaged, patch them up. If pipes are damaged, solder them. You can’t go wrong if you proceed this way! As for the damaged external layer, we’ll just replace it with a new one. Afterward, everything will be fine!" Senior White said full of confidence.

Song Shuhang nodded and said, "You can give it a try."

Anyway, they would try their best. If they were able to fix it, good. Otherwise, he would ask Senior White to use a protective barrier to block the hole and leave the rest to the staff of the space station.

"Leave it to me." Senior White started to tinker with the big hole. From time to time, he would ask Song Shuhang to look for some components amidst that pile of ‘fluttering accessories’.

Little by little, Senior White fixed that complex-looking circuit and the broken pipes were also soldered together—it was unknown whether they were connected in the correct order, but everything seemed fine at first glance.

After thirty minutes.

"Hahaha. As long as I pour my heart into it, things won’t go wrong. Fixed!" Senior White stretched himself. Then, he said to Song Shuhang, "Come. Help me take a few pictures. Once we’re back, we’ll send them to the group. The title will be: Fixing the hole in a space station!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

However, he still took his mobile phone and helped Senior White take a few photos.

"Alright, done! Now, only the outer metallic layer is left. Should we cut down the fuselage of the helicopter and solder it to the space station?" Senior White proposed.

"We can’t. Let’s not talk about the strength of the material, the fuselage of the helicopter has a lot of markings on it. If someone discovers that it used to be a part of a helicopter, how will we explain the fact that it arrived in space and magically soldered itself to a space station?" Song Shuhang immediately rejected the idea.

"You have a point. In that case, I’ll arrange a small defensive formation first. After a week, if they haven’t fixed it yet, I’ll go back to Earth to get a few steel plates to solder onto the space station." Senior White nodded and used his spiritual energy to draw a small formation on the edge of the hole. Afterward, he poured his spiritual energy inside to activate it.

With that, a protective barrier was now surrounding the hole. This barrier would last for around a week.

"Done. Let’s leave." Senior White said satisfied.

Then, he grabbed Song Shuhang and lightly jumped, returning to the helicopter.

Senior White proposed, "How about searching for a meteor or some other thing to have fun? Afterward, we’ll return to Earth."

"Fine." Song Shuhang felt his heart. Today’s experience had been a little too much for him. Right now, he wanted to return home as soon as possible!

But after seeing Senior White’s excited face, he couldn’t bring himself to refuse him. Alright, since I’m here, I might as well accompany Senior White for a stroll in space.

After entering the helicopter, Song Shuhang was stunned. He quickly turned his head and looked at the front seat.

"Senior White… where is Instructor Li Jr.?"

The front seat was empty, and there were no traces of Instructor Li Jr.!

Senior White was also at a loss, "What happened? Where is that guy?

"Senior, did he run away once he regained consciousness?" Song Shuhang said.

Venerable White shook his head, "Impossible. He will stay unconscious for at least twenty-four hours due to my technique."

"Then, why is he not here? Did he float away…?" Song Shuhang carefully examined the front seat of the helicopter and immediately broke out in cold sweat—when they went to repair the hole in the space station, they took great care in strengthening Instructor Li Jr.’s seatbelt.

But now, the seatbelt in the front seat was... broken!

It was broken!

"Senior White, this is bad. Instructor Li Jr. is really drifting in space!" Song Shuhang said impatiently.

"Don’t worry. It didn’t take us too much time to repair the hole. He couldn’t have gone too far. I’ll use my mental energy to find him." With that, Venerable White released his mental energy and started to search in all directions.

Going back in time, around ten minutes earlier.

Inside the space station.

"Aguero, did you discover anything through that damned monitor?" The white-haired Anthony shouted.

"F*ck. There is a huge hole in the space station. I have no idea what we’ve bumped into. Sh*t, not even a warning from the system. How the hell was this hole even made." The bald Aguero cursed.

"That aside, will that hole influence the performance of the space station?" Anthony thought of another matter. After all, their lives were at stake.

"There shouldn’t be a problem. That place was a mechanical arm and won’t cause problems to the rest of the space station." Aguero replied.

Just as they were discussing, the monitors caught the image of a white object that was passing by.

"What’s that?" Anthony was scared by that thing—suddenly encountering an unknown object in space was indeed scary.

Aguero quickly zoomed in with the camera. Next, they discovered that that white objected was a human being wearing a spacesuit.

"It’s an astronaut!" Aguero said in disbelief.

"Does he have some relations with the thing we just bumped into? Quick, bring him over here." Anthony shouted.

"I hope that guy is still alive." Aguero said.

The flashback continues. Around five minutes earlier...

The two astronauts brought their colleague inside the space station, taking him into the service module.

"It’s an Asian guy, and he’s still alive! Tsk, this guy’s luck is really good." Aguero continued, "Let’s wake him up and ask him what happened."

Around four minutes before Senior White and Shuhang returned...

The two of them tried everything in their power but were unable to wake up the Asian guy.

Suddenly, Anthony’s eyes suddenly lit up, "Let’s take off his spacesuit. I have an impression of this model. If I’m not mistaken, there should be a camera on the helmet, and inside the spacesuit, there should be a hard disk and video screen. I’ll put his spacesuit on and see what happened to him before he fainted."

Around two minutes before their return to the helicopter...

The two astronauts quickly took off the spacesuit of the Asian guy. Afterward, they made him wear an extra spacesuit they had in the space station.

Anthony, who had a similar build to the Asian guy, wore the spacesuit and started to fiddle with it.

A black layer covered the originally transparent part of the helmet, blocking Anthony’s sight. This was the video function of the helmet.

It was a feature added to spacesuits in 2019. It was very cool but also quite useless, and since using it increased the number of risks, there weren’t many spacesuits making use of this feature.

"Strange. This guy didn’t activate the camera? How come all I see is a black screen?" Anthony said dissatisfied. After meddling with the spacesuit for a while, he wasn’t able to find anything useful.

The present time...

The door of the service module opened on its own.

Anthony and Aguero both turned their heads and looked at the entrance. However, there wasn’t anything there.

And just as they wondered what had happened… they started to feel dizzy.

The two of them were unable to resist and soon fainted.

Three people wearing spacesuits were floating in the service module.

"Done. Who would have thought that Instructor Li Jr. would end up in the orbital module of the space station." Song Shuhang’s smiling form appeared in the middle of the service module.

Then, he went forward and grabbed the astronaut with a familiar spacesuit, quickly leaving the orbital module afterward.

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