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The Turtle Breathing Technique was a technique easy to comprehend, and anyone can easily guess what it did by simply hearing its name—it was a technique that allowed a cultivator to decrease the number of times they had to breathe for a period of time.

In the world of cultivators, there were various techniques related to lowering breath and heart rates. Even Turtle Breathing Technique was divided into two different types, ‘short-term Turtle Breathing Technique’ and ‘long-term Turtle Breathing Technique’.

Soft Feather’s senior brother, Liu Jianyi the lazybones, practiced the long-term Turtle Breathing Technique as hard as he could because he was too lazy to breathe. Now, he had reached the stage where he only had to breathe two to three times a month.

As for the ‘short-term Turtle Breathing Technique’, it uses magic to replace breathing within a short period of time. The stronger the power of the cultivator, the higher the efficacy of the technique.

The flexibility of this technique was rather high—once a low-level cultivator had the technique, he could enter underwater or underground places that lacked oxygen to carry out activities or go on an adventure.

Alright, these ain’t the problem. The problem is—why did Venerable White suddenly choose this timing to teach him the short-term Turtle Breathing Technique? Song Shuhang panicked in his heart.

Senior White’s face was still as peaceful as before as he calmly asked, "How ‘bout it, do you wanna learn it or not?"

"Senior." Song Shuhang’s face looked like he was in distress as he asked, "You can tell me directly, did something happen?

Venerable White turned his head around and smiled, "Yeah, if there are no mishaps, after we continue flying high up towards the sky, we will pass through the atmosphere and fly into space!"

Pass through the atmosphere and… fly into space…

His worst fears were coming true.

"Senior White, can’t we stop the flying sword? Based on your capability, stopping the flying sword isn’t a problem, right?" Song Shuhang asked carefully.

In reality, if it was just the two of them, even if they flew up to space, he would just accept it and resign himself to his fate. Besides, he was already wearing a spacesuit anyway—at most he can take it as participating in a ‘Senior White brings you on a space adventure for a day’ activity.

But this time, they have an Instructor Li Jr. with them and there was only one spacesuit. Wait… f*ck, is this why Senior White wants me to learn the Turtle Breathing Technique?

Is it because he wants me to give Instructor Li Jr. my spacesuit and get me to use the Turtle Breathing Technique? Song Shuhang’s eyes started to water.

"You guessed right, you can give the spacesuit to Instructor Li Jr." The master of mindreading Venerable White still had a smile on just like before and gave him a thumbs up. He explained, "How should I put it, earlier when we were racing on the flying sword with that fella, we flew too fast and there’s nothing we can do about the speed now, we can’t stop. Of course, based on my capabilities, stopping the flying sword isn’t a problem… but the fuselage of the helicopter is unable to withstand so much pressure, it will explode—which is no problem for me, but it’s hard to say the same for you and Instructor Li Jr."

The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched, ‘It’s hard to say the same for you and Instructor Li Jr.’? Could it be... death?

"I understand, Senior." Song Shuhang said, "Please teach me the Turtle Breathing Technique!"

At the same time, he removed the spacesuit on his body and gave it to the pitiful Li Jr. to wear. He felt rather apologetic towards the instructor for dragging him into this unexpected calamity.

Hopefully, when things have ended and after Senior White performs a ‘brainwashing operation’ on him, it would allow him to forget this traumatic experience and continue living his life happily.

"No worries, with me around, going to space wouldn’t pose any danger! I am a Seventh Stage Spiritual Venerable." Senior White reassured him.

Truth to be told… Senior White lied. Yeah, he said a white lie.

Based on his capabilities, even if the speed of ‘helicopter-style disposable flying sword’ was ten times faster than the speed it was going at at the moment, if he wanted to stop the flying sword, he could do it with just a thought.

Furthermore, it would definitely stop in a steady and stable manner.

It’s just that, Venerable White thought of the spacesuit on Song Shuhang’s body, and his conversation with Song Shuhang prior to getting onto the helicopter.

Song Shuhang has always wanted to go to space, right?

Additionally, because of his admiration for astronauts, he couldn’t help but don a spacesuit when he sat in the helicopter, wanting to experience what it’s like to be an astronaut.

Even though he didn’t know what exactly Song Shuhang was worried about… Senior White still decided for himself that since Song Shuhang had taken care of him well on several occasions, now that he had an opportunity, shouldn’t he fulfill his wish?

Even though he couldn’t go too far into space, going one round around the earth and looking for a bigger meteor or other things to land on before taking a picture to commemorate the trip was all within his means.

Senior White was a person who takes good care of his juniors.

Sometimes, he can be very meticulous!

Perhaps ‘an immediate encounter with space’ incoming was a huge motivation for Song Shuhang, for he managed to quickly grasp the Turtle Breathing Technique.

The Turtle Breathing Technique was only a little more complicated than ‘Lightning Palm’. It also required qi and blood energy, and then to engrave a ‘龟息’ rune on each palm.

One had to use one’s mental energy to activate the power of the ‘龟息’ runes, and after that, putting both hands together to combine the seals of the technique would fully activate it, causing one to enter the state of turtle breathing.

Also, each ‘龟息’ rune only consists of a few simple strokes.

How should he put it… he felt that all the techniques that Venerable White taught him were very similar in how they were being used. They either required engravement of runes on the palms and the usage of mental energy to activate them, or required the user to lightly call out the name of the technique, or required combining the seals of the technique on the palms in order to perform them.

All these techniques... don’t tell me they are from the one-person sect ‘White’ that have been magically altered by Venerable White?

Under Senior White’s personal guidance, Song Shuhang, who had activated the ‘Turtle Breathing Technique’, allowed himself to enter the state of turtle breathing.

He put both hands together to combine the turtle seals, activating the technique!

In the next moment, he felt his heart rate slowing down and his breathing… ceased!

Breathing was originally a human instinct, human beings do not need to deliberately control it—they breathe instinctively. But as of now, he had stopped breathing just like that. He personally did not feel any difference or discomfort, it was as though not breathing was innate.

Such a feeling was very strange.

...There was a nagging feeling telling him that this was not Turtle Breathing Technique but a death-bringing technique.

"Not bad, based on your current level, the Turtle Breathing Technique can last for around two hours. When the technique’s efficacy is about to run out, I will remind you to renew it. In that way, your problem pertaining to breathing in space would be solved." Senior White laughed.

However, just solving only the problem of breathing was insufficient to survive in space.

Without a spacesuit, the vacuum, extreme temperatures, radiation from the sun, as well as micrometeoroids in the space could endanger the human body.

For example, in vacuum, the nitrogen in the blood within the human body will become gas, causing its volume to increase. Without wearing a high pressure airtight spacesuit, the human body would be in jeopardy as a result of the huge disparity between the difference in pressure within the body and the one in the external environment.

To Venerable White, these were no problems. To a cultivator, as long as he was a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor who had condensed the golden core, his corporeal body was strong enough to withstand the harsh conditions in space. If the problem of breathing was solved, a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor was able to live and work happily in peace in outer space.

However, Song Shuhang was a mere First Stage cultivator, his body was only a little stronger than an ordinary human being’s, which was insufficient for him to withstand all kinds of dangers posed to his body in space.

"Yeah, without the spacesuit, I need to give you another form of protection." Venerable White said and took out a notebook from his pocket.

It was that kind of small palm-sized notebook. Thereafter, Venerable White started flipping through the notebook and started drawing with his finger.

"Senior White, what are you doing?" Song Shuhang asked carefully.

Venerable White replied, "Drawing a talisman to protect you and keep your life when you’re drifting in space. What a pity, if you had prepared two spacesuits, you’d then be able to have a more genuine experience of an astronaut’s day in space."

"Hahahaha." Song Shuhang forced a laugh—In actual fact, I never really thought of wanting to experience the life of an astronaut!

Besides, you can use a notebook to draw talismans?

Ever since Senior White refined a flying sword from the tree branch, he once again renewed Song Shuhang’s knowledge of talismans.

"Ok, done!" Venerable White tore a page from his notebook and folded it into a tiny piece before passing it to Song Shuhang, "Put it into your pocket, it will protect you just like a spacesuit once we pass through the earth’s atmospheric layer."

Even though he wanted to laugh at this whole ‘talisman drawn on notebook’s page’ thing, since this item concerned his safety, Song Shuhang accepted it carefully and put this ‘talisman’ into his pocket.

As they were speaking, suddenly, the ‘disposable flying sword helicopter edition’ seemed to encounter a boundary of some kind and Song Shuhang’s vision went black.

Thereafter, a bunch of bright stars appeared in front of his eyes.

We had already passed through the atmospheric layer, and entered space?

I haven’t even experienced the entire process properly.


"It really is extremely beautiful!" Song Shuhang widened his eyes and felt like he didn’t know where to look at—every corner was just beautiful. It was the kind of scene where people can’t help but etch it in their memory forever.

He was still within the helicopter’s fuselage, with a layer of protection set up by Venerable White on the outside. Since he could still talk, he decided to take the chance to express his feelings—he wouldn’t be able to make any sounds in a while when they arrived in space and had to leave the fuselage of the helicopter.

"Very beautiful, right? I have always liked flying out to take a look since a long time ago… actually, there was a period of time where I wanted to look for a planet in space to go into seclusion. However, there was a lot of problems I couldn’t find solutions to, so I gave up." Senior White smiled.

After laughing… Venerable White suddenly went into a daze.

The majestic and vast starry sky of space triggered one of his old memories, causing him to get lost in his reminiscence.

Senior White… was distracted.

However, senior was distracted, but the ‘helicopter-style flying sword’ had not stopped—it continued flying so fast it seemed like teleportation.

At this time… a sharp-eyed Song Shuhang suddenly realized that, in front of them, there was an enormous object moving slowly, approaching them.

"Eh, Senior White, there seems to be something in front! Ah, Senior White, hurry turn around, we’re gonna crash!" Song Shuhang shouted loudly.

However, Venerable White did not respond to his shouts even after a long time.

Song Shuhang looked at Venerable White—Dammit, Senior White is distracted!

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