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2160 A game without a true winner

A few minutes later…

Two figures stood above the clouds at an altitude of 10,000 meters, overlooking the scenery below.

The three-eyed young man asked, “Are you ready?”

Song Shuhang nodded.

He seemed to be mumbling something, and the beats “one two three four, two two three four” could be heard vaguely.

The three-eyed young man coughed lightly and said, “In twenty seconds, all of our means to fly will stop working, your Lotus Blossoming Steps included.”

“The ten seals on our bodies will completely seal our spiritual energy, and even power of virtue will become unusable.

“And the curse of weakness I personally crafted will weaken our physique to a very interesting level.

“There is also the random acceleration formation, whose acceleration will change every fifteen seconds ranging from 2x acceleration to 11x acceleration. Who will fall to the ground first and who will receive fewer injuries will be left up to luck!”

The three-eyed young man had ultimately agreed to Song Shuhang’s proposal.

Although he felt that Song Shuhang had a strange idea of luck, he found the game very exciting, so he did not mind playing it.

As for the result of the bet, he wasn’t worried about it in the slightest, especially since little friend Tyrannical Song was a relatively unlucky person.

The young man planned to enjoy the game and have fun.

Song Shuhang nodded. “No problem.”

“Three… two… one!” The three-eyed young man snapped his fingers.

A layer of golden runes wrapped their bodies, a sign that the bet had started.

At the same time, the seals on their bodies were activated, which negated all of their means to fly.

Song Shuhang and the three-eyed young man fell down from the clouds.

“Aaahhh!” Song Shuhang yelled.

The experience was so exciting that even his mumbling turned into a series of shouts.

Only the heavens knew how, with him being a cultivator, he still had a fear of heights.

“Hahahaha!” The three-eyed young man laughed wildly.

The energy in their bodies was completely sealed, and their strength had been limited to that of a normal human being. When falling from a height of 10,000 meters, even breathing was hard.

This kind of game was really too stimulating.

Why did I not think of such a great game in the past?

This amnesiac version of Tyrannical Song is way more fun than this previous self.

After the two of them had fallen for a few hundred meters, the random acceleration formations on their bodies were activated.

It was time to see who was luckier.

Young Tyrannical Song’s luck seems terrible today. His acceleration will definitely be above 8x. As for me, I feel pretty lucky today, so I should be able to stay below 5x, the three-eyed young man thought to himself.


The random acceleration formation on his body was activated first, and the 9x acceleration made the three-eyed young man’s face go pale.

Is my luck so bad today?

Still, it doesn’t matter. No matter how unlucky I am, I will definitely be luckier than little friend Tyrannical Song… His luck is usually terrible.

With this thought in mind, the three-eyed young man looked over at Song Shuhang.

The acceleration formation on Song Shuhang’s body had also activated, going straight for that 10x burst.

Haha, just as I expected. The three-eyed young man smiled.

But in the next moment, the light of the acceleration formation on Song Shuhang’s body suddenly dimmed, with the acceleration dropping to 2x.

The three-eyed young man was baffled

What just happened? Why did the acceleration formation go from 10x to 2x?

Since when is little friend Tyrannical Song so lucky?

Perhaps it’s not his luck but some kind of blessing…

His third eye firmly locked onto Song Shuhang.

For a second, he felt as if Song Shuhang’s hair had become soft and silky and grown until his waist. His figure also became slender, while exuding infinite charm.

The three-eyed young man said angrily, “Is he using a luck cheat?”

From the looks of it, little friend Tyrannical Song is affected by a powerful blessing.

With the help of this blessing, his shitty luck has turned around.

The young man wanted to spit at Tyrannical Song for being a vile cheater, but with the difference in acceleration, the distance between them kept widening.

The farthest distance in this world is when you are using 8x acceleration and I chase behind you at 2x acceleration. You move further and further away, and despite trying my best, I will never catch up with you!

This was the tragic difference between 8x and 2x acceleration.

I refuse to believe that the effect of this blessing will last until the end of the betting match! the three-eyed young man thought to himself.

Blessings or prayers that enhanced one’s luck were always temporary as it was impossible to permanently increase someone’s luck.

When the effect of this blessing dissipates, Tyrannical Song’s horrible luck will resurface.

Fifteen seconds later…

The random acceleration formation was reset.

The 8x acceleration affecting the three-eyed young man became 9x acceleration.

The 2x acceleration affecting Song Shuhang remained unchanged.

The three-eyed young man: “…”

He felt that he was really unlucky today.

Could it be that Tyrannical Song’s blessing can curse the people around him while blessing him? Or does it allow him to absorb the luck of the people around him?

The three-eyed young man felt that he was onto something.

Another fifteen seconds later…

The three-eyed young man moved up to 10x acceleration, while Song Shuhang moved up to 3x acceleration.

The distance between the two grew larger and larger.

In Song Shuhang’s eyes, the three-eyed young man had turned into a small black dot.

The faster you fall, the worse your death will be, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

The winner of the game seemed to have become clear.

“As expected, I am very lucky today,” said Song Shuhang with a nod.

This feeling of being surrounded by luck was wonderful.

“It would be great if I had half of today’s luck every day in the future.”

“Boom~” A loud bang brought an end to the betting match.

The three-eyed young man hit the ground first, leaving a crater in the ground with his 5x acceleration at the time of the impact.

His body, which had been weakened, was seriously damaged.

The three-eyed young man lay in the crater, hissing in pain.

He said softly, “It seems that this body… will have to be sent for maintenance.”

After a while…

“Boom~” Song Shuhang created another crater right beside him.

“I won,” said Song Shuhang tremblingly while lying in the pit.

“Yeah, you won.” The three-eyed young man glanced at Song Shuhang, who looked miserable.

Although Song Shuhang won the bet, there was no true winner in this game as they were both seriously injured.

One suffered a level 50 serious injury, while the other a level 100 serious injury.

“Take them, the pills and the magical treasure. They are yours.” Seeing the seriously injured Song Shuhang, the three-eyed young man’s mood improved a little.

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