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2125 Sincerely, White, who has always missed you

It was worth mentioning that the ability to make a trip to the main world was extremely valuable to a Netherworld Ruler.

Song Shuhang asked, “Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet, do you have a recording function?”

The message on the coffin lid was a message from Wielder of the Will White to Senior White Two, so it was his responsibility to deliver it to Senior White Two.

Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet said calmly, “Sorry, but I’m a stone tablet and not a phone. Don’t think that just because I can vibrate, I’m suddenly like a phone.”

“You disappoint me. How can you call yourself a tombstone without a camera?” Song Shuhang sighed. It seemed like there was nothing else he could do; he could only retell the story to Senior White Two.

Of course, in the process of retelling, he would have to pay special care to replace the nickname “Netherly White” with something else.

The stone tablet: “…”

Do tombstones in this era need to have a camera?

The nebula on the coffin lid continued to spin.

The voice of Wielder of the Will White echoed in their ears again.

“Now, let’s get to the main point. Since you have come to this desert and our gravestone, you must have entered this world with Little White, right? Are you happy? Also, I’m very sorry. Back then, I promised you that I would leave you a little sister, but it seems that I’m going to have to renege on my promise.”

Song Shuhang and the stone tablet entered a state of contemplation

With the info they got from the message, they wondered if it was possible that the main world’s Senior White was really the trump card that Wielder of the Will White left behind. Did Wielder of the Will White somehow fail to leave a little sister behind and left a little brother instead?


Wielder of the Will White continued, “Just now, were you wondering if Little White might be the sister I left for you? You must have thought about that in your mind, right? Unfortunately, Little White is not the sister I meant to leave you with.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

The stone tablet: “…”

Was he trying to bait them on purpose?


“Little White is Little White, a ‘White’ who has a different past and birth from us. He has nothing to do with my experiment, and I did not interfere with him in any way. However, he still appeared before my eyes in the end.”


“The ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯ needs to be improved, but I have no time. It’s just another seed I casually planted. As for what interesting changes happen in the future, Netherly White, you will have to see that for yourself.”


“The current Wielder of the Heaven’s Will is the eighth one. Pay attention, because the next term will be extremely important. The world will change during the ninth term. The spiritual energy in the universe will be renewed, welcoming a new great era. Whether destruction befalls the world or a new era comes to life will depend on the fortune of the ninth Wielder of the Heaven’s Will.”


“Netherly White, I wish you joy every day. Sincerely, White, who has always missed you.”


After the last buzzing sound, the nebula on the coffin lid dissipated. Wielder of the Will White’s message had concluded.

Song Shuhang had a look of confusion on his face. “Is that it?”

Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet said, “It seems so. That was the end.”

Song Shuhang frowned.

The “message” that Wielder of the Will White went through so much effort to leave was too brief, and it didn’t contain any important clue.

If this was the message, wouldn’t it have been fine to just get someone to send it to Senior White Two?

Song Shuhang said softly, “Considering that Senior White Two would use his only chance to enter the main world for these few lines, I really don’t think that Wielder of the Will White would play around in this kind of situation.”

There’s no way Wielder of the Will White could be so unreliable.

There should be a hidden message somewhere, something that only Wielder of the Will White and Senior White Two can understand…

Or is it possible that the real message can only be heard if Senior White Two lays down in this coffin himself?

Song Shuhang carefully recalled the content of the message and analyzed it.

“Little friend Song, don’t think too much about it.” The stone tablet sighed and said, “In fact, my master is truly capable of doing such a thing. His personality changed after he became the Wielder of the Will. According to his own words, shortly after becoming the Wielder of the Will, he went too far while playing around with his powers, resulting in some changes to his personality.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

He placed his hand on the coffin lid and asked the stone tablet, “Can the message be replayed?”

The stone tablet replied, “I don’t know as I was passively activated just now. I didn’t have an active hand in making the message appear.”

Song Shuhang’s hand kept stroking the coffin lid.

Seeing this, the stone tablet asked, “Do you want to use your secret appraisal technique again?”

Song Shuhang shook his head and said, “I may have found a clue.”

When he carefully analyzed the message of Wielder of the Will White, he realized that the buzzing noises in the message were quite frequent.

The noise at the beginning was Wielder of the Will White adjusting the settings in order to allow his voice to be recorded. But then, every time between messages, there would be a strange buzzing sound.

With the ability of a Wielder of the Will, after adjusting the frequency once, it was impossible for there to be problems repeatedly, right?

So, could it be a clue that Wielder of the Will White left?

The real message should be encrypted in the buzzing sounds…

Song Shuhang sighed and said, “If I can listen to it again, I might be able to get the complete message that Wielder of the Will White wanted to leave to Senior White Two.”

Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet said, “I’ll try.”

Its body began to vibrate again, trying to recreate the resonance between the tomb and the coffin lid.

A while later, nothing happened other than Song Shuhang’s fragile primordial soul becoming numb from the shock.

“It seems people can only rely on themselves in the end,” Song Shuhang said with a sigh. A light shone from his palm, which was pressed against the coffin lid.

The secret appraisal technique was activated again.

What he wanted to appraise this time was the hidden information left by Wielder of the Will White, which might be directly related to the Heaven’s Will. The price that he would have to pay this time was obviously going to be large.

Song Shuhang carefully controlled the secret appraisal technique. If the price of the appraisal was too high, he would stop it forcibly.

After a while, he felt the price for the appraisal.

The price was completely beyond Song Shuhang’s expectations—it was so small that he hardly felt anything.

[An ordinary coffin lid that was once mysterious. Until a few minutes ago, it seemed to be hiding a big secret, but now that the secret has been revealed, the coffin lid has become a very ordinary coffin lid.]

Song Shuhang: “…”

Sometimes, I really wonder what’s the point of having the secret appraisal technique!

If I really can’t do anything, then I might just have to take this coffin to the Inner World and see if Senior White Two can restore and obtain the information on it.

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