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"Shuhang, you’ve come," Tubo sat on the bed and rubbed his red eyes—he was very unwilling to accept it! Previously, he was the one with the best capacity for alcohol in the dormitory. After they had taken turns to drink, Song Shuhang, Gao Moumou, and Li Yangde would be lying on the ground.

He wasn’t sure when, but Song Shuhang capacity for alcohol had suddenly skyrocketed. Afterward, he never saw Shuhang getting drunk again. Every time, he would have an awful appearance while Song Shuhang didn’t even seem to have drunk anything.

Song Shuhang lifted the breakfast in his hand and said with a smile, "Yes. And we should immediately set out once you’re done eating. We should move while the other students are still sleeping and avoid the traffic jam.

Yandge took the breakfast and replied, "I won’t return home right away. I still have something to do."

Previously, he had mentioned that he finished developing a program with his colleagues and that he had to go to a conference or something. Therefore, he needed to stay in Jiangnan College Town for a while.

"I’ll go to a few places with Yayi during this summer vacation. Therefore, I’ll directly go to the airport and won’t take any crowded metro or train with you," Gao Moumou yawned.

Recently, Zhuge Zhongyang had been glued to his butt, and he hadn’t had any free time to spend with Yayi. Now that summer vacation was about to start, he decided to secretly book plane tickets and go on a trip with Yayi. All of this was in order to get rid of that damnable Zhuge Zhongyang.

"Yangde, since you’re staying at Jiangnan College Town, why don’t you accompany Song Shuhang and me to my grandfather’s place? In a day or two, strawberries will also be ready for picking." Tubo said to Yandge.

Since he was going to his grandfather’s place, the more friends he was bringing along the better. This way, even if he made a mistake and angered his grandfather, he wouldn’t get a beating since there would be other people around. If there was no one else but Song Shuhang with him, however, maybe his grandfather wouldn’t care and would still give him a lesson.

Yangde thought a bit and nodded, "Sure."

"It’s settled. Shuhang, Yangde, and I will go to my grandfather's place. Gao Moumou will accompany his girlfriend," Tubo laughed and jumped down from the bed.

Soon after, he called out pitifully and was about to cry. He quickly lifted the sole of his foot and blew some air on it.

Song Shuhang asked, somewhat confused, "What happened?"

"When did I injure my foot?" Tubo gazed at his foot and noticed that there was a freshly-made burn scar on his sole.

"Oh, I think I know the reason." Gao Moumou pushed up his glasses and said, "It happened yesterday night. Tubo suddenly got out of bed barefooted and went to the table by the window to smoke a cigarette. I thought he was sober, but apparently, he was still half-drunk. Once he was done smoking, he threw the cigarette butt on the floor and stepped on it as he always does. As a result, he let out an agonized scream which scared me to death. After screaming, he went to bed and fell asleep again. At the time, I thought it was nothing serious."

"Gao Moumou, you heartless bastard. Why didn’t you help me check the state of the injury?" Tubo felt like crying.

"Hehe," Gao Moumou pushed up his glasses. "You think I’ll check the foot of a man in the middle of the night? I have no such fetish!"

Yangde nodded and said sincerely, "Tubo, smoking isn’t good for your health. You should be clear by now, right?"

"Clear my ass!" Said Tubo with tears running down his face. He was really unfortunate to have made friends with these evil roommates.

"The way things are, we shouldn’t take the train to go to your grandfather’s place. We might as well take a taxi to go there." Yangde said.

"It seems this is the only way," Tubo bitterly smiled. However, taking a taxi was quite expensive. Especially when it was a five-hours ride.

"Don’t worry. We won’t need a taxi. I asked my friend to lend me the car. We can drive till there," Song Shuhang waved his hand.

"Friend? Oh, are talking about the friend that recently came to Jiangnan College Town to look for you?" Tubo’s eyes lit up.

Ten minutes later, the three of them had finished packing their things.

Shuhang and Yangde supported Tubo who slowly hobbled toward the entrance of the underground parking area.

"Have a safe trip~" Gao Moumou waved at the three from the entrance of the dormitory.

The three roommates arrived at a side of the hatchback. Song Shuhang opened the lock and helped Tubo get into the car. Next, he put their luggage in the rear.

After getting into the car, Tubo strangely looked at Song Shuhang.

He and Yangde sat in the backseat.

Song Shuhang turned on the GPS, and after setting J-City’s Luo Xin street area as the destination, he pressed the accelerator and set off.

When they arrived at the school gate, Tubo said in Yangde’s ear, "Yangde, do you think that Shuhang’s friend is a girl?"

"?" Yangde was somewhat confused.

"The name of this car model is ‘Mademoiselle Car HappyKitten XY’, and it’s from a Chinese company specialized in making cars for women. No man would buy this type of car. Therefore, Song Shuhang didn’t come home for the past few days because he was fooling around with a girl," said Tubo evilly.

Yangde was enlightened; he also nodded in approval.

Song Shuhang, who was now driving, had a 😓 expression. Even if Tubo spoke in a low voice, with his current hearing, he could clearly understand each of his words.

This was really unjust!

His understanding of car models was limited to the most famous ones. Little did he know that the car he had casually chosen was for women only!

Jiangnan College Town was about five hours of drive away from the place where Tubo’s grandfather lived. Luckily, today’s weather was pretty good, cloudy with no sun. Thanks to this, the temperature wasn’t too high. Otherwise, they would have turned into dried shrimps after driving for five hours in the sun.

At first, Song Shuhang was planning to take turns with Tubo to drive. But now that Tubo’s foot was injured, he was the only one that could drive.

Tubo and Yangde, who were sitting in the back, were merrily chatting and eating the snacks they had prepared.

Time passed by little by little… they took only one break along the way.

After four and a half hours of driving, they were finally approaching J-City’s Luo Xin street area.

At this time, Tubo and Yangde were sleeping.

However, Song Shuhang suddenly slammed on the brakes and stopped the car on the roadside.

Tubo rubbed his eyes and asked, "Have we arrived?"

But after looking around, he discovered that they were still on the mountain road that led toward the Luo Xin street area village. They would still need another ten minutes of driving to arrive at their destination.

So, they hadn't arrived yet...

He looked somewhat confused at Song Shuhang.

"Oh, we’ll arrive soon. You guys keep sleeping. I’m getting out of the car to exercise a bit. I’m tired, and I want to stretch my legs," Song Shuhang turned around and said to Tubo with a smile.

"I see. After all, you’ve been driving for 4-5 hours straight. If only my foot wasn’t injured, we could have taken turns, and you wouldn't be this tired. Sorry for being such a burden," Tubo chortled.

"It’s alright," Song Shuhang swung his arms and stretched his neck.

He was staring at the road, twenty meters ahead of their current position.

An illusory and hazy figure was standing in the middle of the road, emitting eerie ghost qi.

It was the figure of a tall man wearing an ancient armor. A scary mask covered his face, and he had silver-white long hair. Huge chains were entwined around both his hands, and at the extremity of these chains, two blood-covered knives hung from them.

Pieces of glass and other plastic materials were scattered in the surroundings of the figure. These were the aftermath of a car accident. It seems that no one had cleaned them up yet.

"Is that a ghost?" Song Shuhang muttered.

Did this ghost dare to come out in broad daylight due to this cloudy weather?

When he was pondering, the vision of the ghost fell on Song Shuhang. However, he didn’t pay too much attention to him. He shifted his gaze and looked again at the car parked on the roadside. It seemed that his task was to create car accidents on this road.

There was only one low-rank ghost soldier, and Song Shuhang had determined his rank through his aura. However, it was impossible to destroy this evil spirit without revealing his presence to the one controlling it.

Song Shuhang went forward and arrived in front of the ghost soldier. The ghost was around two meters tall, a head taller than Shuhang.

The ghost soldier kept looking at Song Shuhang, but as before, he didn’t take any action.

A low-rank ghost soldier didn’t have much of an intellect. After being subdued, it would mechanically execute the master’s orders and wouldn’t take actions on own initiative.

Basic Fist Number One!

Song Shuhang used in his right fist; all the power of qi and blood from his Heart and Eye Apertures was concentrated there. He hit the evil spirit’s chin with all his might.

"Aaaah~" The big and tall ghost soldier was sent flying and fell on the ground a moment later, sending out ghastly cries.

The strength of this low-level ghost soldier was equivalent to a cultivator that had just opened his Heart Aperture!

Song Shuhang took a few steps forward. His speed didn’t seem too fast, but in truth, he was very quick—this was the ❮Virtuous Man’s Ten Thousand Mile Walk❯!

In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of the evil spirit.

The ghost soldier didn’t even have the time to get up when Song Shuhang swung yet another fist. He violently hammered the ghost soldier’s head, aiming to turn it into a bloody pulp. At the same time, he also used his knee to hit its chest, making him unable to get up.

After the time it takes to breathe thrice… the head of the ghost soldier was turned into minced meat, and its body had turned into a mass of black mist.

At this time, the ghost spirit residing in Song Shuhang’s Heart Aperture came out of its own volition. It revealed only half of its body and grabbed that mass of black mist with one hand, swallowing it down. Afterward, it smacked its lips, satisfied.

"Ah?" Song Shuhang looked at the ghost spirit, somewhat confused. It could recover energy by eating other ghosts?

He hadn't completed his synchronization with the ghost spirit yet. Therefore, their ‘consciousness interlinkage’ wasn’t always active. Thus, at this time, he had no idea what the ghost spirit was thinking.

But now that he knew it could eat other ghosts to recover its strength, he would make sure to let the ghost spirit eat to its heart’s content during this trip to the Luo Xin street area.

Song Shuhang retracted his fist and heaved a sigh.

It seems that J-City’s Luo Xin street area has some problems. Ghosts are now running rampant and even causing car accidents on the main road. Is this the doing of Altar Master’s underlings? Or maybe it is another loose cultivator specialized in ghosts who came over here, bringing this ghost along?

No matter who it was, now that he had eliminated this ghost soldier, the opposite party would quickly notice it.

At that time, Altar Master’s underlings would surely come to take a sneak peek at the situation. Thus, he would be able to discover their whereabouts from the clues they would leave behind!

In the car, Tubo was looking at Shuhang, somewhat puzzled. First, he punched the air. Next, he took a few steps forward and started to randomly punch the ground as if trying to hit something. Had he been possessed or something?

"Did he accumulate so much stress after driving for five hours straight?" Tubo rubbed his forehead. Shuhang isn’t planning to beat me up, right?

At this time, Song Shuhang returned to the car humming, "It’s all good. Let’s go!"

Tubo had the face of someone trying to curry favors. He said with a smile, "Shuhang, you must be really tired. I’ll give my grandpa a call and tell him that we’re about to arrive."

The car started, its destination—Luo Xin street area village.

Tubo called his grandfather, "Hello, Grandpa. I’m coming over with Song Shuhang and another classmate. We’ll be there in a little more than ten minutes.

"Did you take the taxi?" Tubo’s grandfather asked. But his dignified manner had toned down quite a bit from the last time. He sounded weak.

"No, we’re coming by car," Tubo replied.

"Then, be careful, especially on the mountain road that leads toward the village. In the past few days, there had been three car accidents in that place already," Tubo’s grandfather said.

"Don’t worry. We’ve already left that place behind," Tubo said with a smile. At the same time, he couldn’t help but glance at Song Shuhang.

What a coincidence. Wasn’t it the same place where Song Shuhang stopped to exercise for a while?

Ten minutes later, Song Shuhang parked the car in Grandpa Tubo’s courtyard.

Tubo’s grandfather was already waiting at the main gate to receive the guests.

After the car stopped, Tubo got out and gave his grandfather a bear hug. Soon, Yangde also got out while rubbing his eyes. Shuhang too got out after parking the car.

"Grandpa, let me give you a brief introduction. These are my roommates, Li Yangde and Song Shuhang. You’ve already met the latter," said Tubo with a smile.

"You’re all welcome!" Tubo’s grandfather warmly welcomed Yangde and Shuhang.

However, once Song Shuhang parked the car and locked it, Tubo’s grandfather stared for a while—he was a bit disappointed. That mysterious girl from the last time didn’t come?

The reason he thought of Tubo’s friends after those strange incidents in the village was exactly that mysterious girl.

But, now that Song Shuhang was finally here, the mysterious girl wasn’t. He couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. However, he quickly regained his composure.

After all, he was the one that asked Tubo to bring over his roommates. He couldn’t lack in courtesy now.

Song Shuhang also gave Tubo’s grandfather a bear hug and said, "Grandpa, we’ve come to visit you again!"

Tubo’s grandfather laughed heartily. He really liked this polite youngster.

When he hugged Tubo’s grandfather, Song Shuhang slightly frowned.

There were some traces of ‘ghost qi’ on the grandfather’s body. This would happen only if one came in contact with ghosts recently.

Moreover, his body felt weak. Was his vitality sucked out by a ghost?

After separating from Tubo’s grandfather, Song Shuhang looked all around… even if he couldn’t see it, he could perceive through his mental energy that the surrounding area was engulfed in eerie ghost qi.

Traces of the presence of ghosts could be found in the entire Luo Xin street area. Usually, these traces would disappear under the sunlight. But now that the weather was cloudy, some of them had stayed behind...

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