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"Had I taken action when the cold qi just started to appear on the surface of the young lady’s body, I might have been to save her. But at this moment, unless I show my divinity in front of the masses and become an Eighth Stage Sage Monarch, there is absolutely nothing I can do to save her," said Cave Lord Snow Wolf earnestly. [1]

Apart from Cave Lord Snow Wolf, there were some others who practiced ice techniques, but it was not their specialization. The only one who specialized in ice techniques was Cave Lord Snow Wolf. He called the shots when it came to ice techniques within the group.

"What is the issue with that cold qi? Is it because there is a problem with an organ within the body?" Probed Song Shuhang. A problem which couldn’t be solved with magic... perhaps we should try the science & technology combo? The Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan was a fine example of the amalgamation of science and cultivation.

"Little Friend Shuhang, are you saying that we should try to perform a surgery to replace an organ? It’s no use. Even her body was sealed in an ice coffin, therefore the cold qi must also have penetrated every inch of her body to the extent that it might have affected her soul. Don’t tell me you can change her entire body and soul?" Cave Lord Snow Wolf mercilessly shattered Song Shuhang’s fantasy.

"Ah, it truly is a tragic story," Song Shuhang sighed—Senior Li Tiansu, don’t blame me, ok? It is beyond my power, there’s nothing I can do! Senior Li Tiansu’s spirit in heaven, please don’t transform into a resentful ghost to haunt me, ok?

As a good person, he had the will but lacked the power to do anything.

Breakfast—dishes made meticulously by Penniless Thief Sect’s Young Mistress Candy.

As usual, she had the whole hearty giggle going on, but compared to yesterday, she had more energy and vitality today.

Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh—if this young lady really became dull-witted, he really wouldn’t know how to deal with her; yet at the same time, she shouldn’t become a housekeeper for the rest of her life.

Before he left, Song Shuhang rushed over to wave goodbye to Doudou and Senior White, saying, "I’m leaving. Doudou, please do not make any trouble!"

Doudou rolled his eyes and turned his head towards Venerable White and said, "Senior White, Song Shuhang was actually making an indirect complaint—even though he told me not to make any trouble, in reality, he was directing it at you."

Venerable White laughed hollowly.

The hand that Song Shuhang was waving with stiffened—Doudou, why are you blatantly revealing the brutal truth!? There are some things that we know in our hearts but should not say out loud! When you spell it out it doesn’t have that good an impact, does it?!

Jiangnan College Town. Finals have started.

Speaking of diplomas, Jiangnan College’s diploma was really valuable, therefore, the students were all going to try their best.

Before finals, Song Shuhang was also slightly nervous.

That was because he would be reviewing all his homework with all his might on the night before every exam in the past. But last night, he actually went to bed really early. Since this was a deviation from his usual habits, it made him feel kinda uneasy.

After the exam papers have been given out, Song Shuhang was scribbling away furiously…

Subconsciously, he had completed the entire paper.

‘Why does it feel like it was pretty simple?’ Song Shuhang thought. He lifted his head and looked at his surroundings—all other students were still struggling to answer the questions.

Only rustling sounds made by pens scribbling on paper could be heard in the entire examination hall. He lifted his head once again and looked at the clock—heavens, only three minutes had passed.

Just how fast was his hand writing for him to answer all questions and fill the entire examination paper within three minutes?

What should he do now? He could only hand in the paper after half an hour, right?

A moment later, Song Shuhang secretly sighed. He held his pen and pretended to keep writing as he closed his eyes and started practicing the

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