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Chapter 1764 The Demon Emperor“s inheritance unveiledMm-hm, that’s decided then, Song Shuhang silently thought to himself.If the ‘inheritance space’ can scare Scarlet Pupil, that should be enough to make him feel that the inheritance is powerful. And overall, that’s a good thing.

Demon Emperor, the structure of your inheritance is now mine!

The time it took to remove the Dragon Network Node was much longer than what Song Shuhang expected.

When the Dragon Network Assistant executed the command, it needed to cut off the Demon Emperor’s node and the surrounding Dragon Network area, and then dig it out entirely.

It would take decades or even longer for this severed node area to recover from this. During this long period of time, this area would not be protected by the power of the Dragon Network, and it would become a forbidden zone. If a new external force were to invade, this area would become an undefended Achilles heel.

Therefore, after digging out the Dragon Network Node, the Dragon Network Assistant laid out a layer of defense over the place to isolate it.

The Dragon Network Assistant said, [Reporting to Administrator Tyrannical Dragon, the node removal is complete.]

“Then onto the next step!” Song Shuhang opened his hands, made a pose, and said, “Right, is there a way to shrink down the area of the Dragon Network Node?”

As the Inner World had undergone several upgrades, its entrance had expanded a lot. However, it was still not yet large enough to accommodate the entire Dragon Network Node.

Previously, when Senior White moved the Death Forest into his Inner World, he had to cut the forest and the land into small pieces before transferring them inside little by little.

The Dragon Network Assistant replied, [The Dragon Network Node itself is a product of the materialization of energy. As such, it does not need to be shrunk, it can pass through spatial gates of various sizes without a problem.]

But now they were back to their original problem—the Demon Emperor had made it so that the demonic god pillars were spatial-force resistant, so it was unknown if they could be dragged into the Inner World.

Song Shuhang said, “In that case, we can only try.”

He clapped his hands gently, and then a transparent crystal lotus projection appeared. From this lotus projection, countless roots stretched out, quickly engulfing the severed ‘Dragon Network Node’.

Song Shuhang’s original intention was to have the lotus roots wrap around the Dragon Network Node, and then drag it back into the Inner World.

However, when the lotus roots made contact with the Dragon Network Node, the severed node began getting absorbed by the lotus roots.

It was like throwing a dry sponge into the water, which would make the sponge automatically begin absorbing water. As soon as the lotus roots touched the Dragon Network, they began absorbing the node.

As a result, all of the demonic god pillars lost their ‘footing’ and became exposed.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Afterward, the lotus roots wrapped around the demonic god pillars one by one, dragging them into the Inner World in batches.

The pillars could restrain spatial forces. However, when the lotus projection wrapped around them, their properties were blocked.

Song Shuhang remarked, “Although there was a minor mishap, everything generally went smoothly.”

Now, the next step!

His consciousness moved into the Inner World.

The Inner World Assistant was busy tidying up Song Shuhang’s messy Inner World. Through its continuous effort, things were moved little by little, similar to when putting together a puzzle, allowing the Inner World to give off a neat and beautiful vibe.

When Seeing Song Shuhang’s consciousness went into the Inner World, the Inner World Assistant stepped forward, and said, “Administra…”

As it was halfway through addressing Song Shuhang, it suddenly paused.

Because it was no longer appropriate to call Song Shuhang ‘Administrator Tyrannical Dragon’ in the Inner World. The Inner World belonged to Song Shuhang, so he wasn’t just an administrator, but the owner of the entire world.

After the Inner World Assistant paused for a while, she said, “Mister Tyrannical Song, how would you like to deal with the batch of demonic god pillars that were just transferred in?”

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “I want to move them somewhere else.”

The Inner World Assistant blinked. “Where to?”

“Look at me.” Song Shuhang stood on the edge of the spring, and shouted, “Senior White, please open the gate. I have a batch of things to store in your ‘world of the black lotus’.”

At this time, the voice of Little Sun ‘You’re Busy T233’ sounded. “Password.”

“???” Song Shuhang.

Since when did the world of the black lotus have a password?

Song Shuhang asked, “What’s the password?”

You’re Busy T233 responded, “If you don’t know the password, then tell a joke. This is what my master said.”

“Jokes are so boring, why don’t I do a dance instead?” Song Shuhang seized this opportunity, frantically trying to display what he wanted to display. He really wanted to do pole dancing.

You’re Busy T233 replied, “My master said that he wasn’t interested in seeing dancing. If you don’t want to tell a joke, then sing a song.”

“I’m okay with that.” Song Shuhang laughed. He had just composed a short song, and now it was time to put it to use… Ah.

If he sang that song, then he’d be a goner. The Inner World would definitely become his graveyard.

Right, that idea wasn’t bad.

Yu Jiaojiao had an underwater cemetery. After his Inner World expanded in the future, he could also create a luxurious cemetery for those who had special requests.

…Those such as Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark, or those practitioners of systems who needed ‘cemeteries’ for their cultivation, or those practitioners who were fond of using cemeteries for their means of resurrection.

He already thought of what the advertising would be—[Luxurious Inner World VIP Cemetery, interested?]

You’re Busy T233 asked considerately, “№ Tyrannical Song, when you sing, do you need me to sing along with you?”

“Okay,” Song Shuhang replied. “But do you know what I’m going to sing?”

You’re Busy T233 said, “Of course, we have a mental connection.”

After saying that, it began to sing the soundtrack. “Dangdang~ Dangdangdangdang~ Thumpthump~ Dingding~ Dangdang!!”

Song Shuhang’s face immediately became pale.

You’re Busy T233 asked suspiciously, “Are you not going to sing? Do you not want to sing anymore?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

It’s not that I don’t want to, I don’t dare to!

“Is there something wrong with this song?” You’re Busy T233 asked. “I’m leading with the rhythm so that you can sing your song. № Tyrannical Song, why do you have such a look on your face? Are you not feeling well?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m suddenly feeling uncomfortable. My body seems to have suddenly weakened, so I’m going to go and get well first,” Song Shuhang said, and quickly added, “Let’s just talk about the password some other time, see you.”

At this moment, the passage to the world of the black lotus opened.

Senior White Two’s power emerged, engulfing all the demonic god pillars, and dragging them into the world of the black lotus.

“My master said that the cost for storing them here is one Ninth Stage spirit stone per day. You have to pay it in a lump sum when you come to pick them up.” Little Sun smiled.

Afterward, that slender ‘demonic god pillar’ was spat back.

Little Sun continued, “My master said that this is the pillar of the inheritance. The restrictions on it have been undone, so you can play with it by yourself.”

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