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"The word ‘Meteor’ was inscripted on that flying sword," answered Venerable White.

"Meteor Sword?" Young Mistress Candy suddenly thought of something, "Could it be senior Liu Tianzong’s ‘Cold Flame Sword’?"

That was the famous and weird senior of the Penniless Thief Sect!

"You have someone in mind? Tell me more," Venerable White smiled. His smile had some sort of mystical, magical power, causing Young Mistress Candy to subconsciously spill every detail she knew.

"Senior ‘Cold Flame Sword’ Liu Tianzong. A hundred years ago or so, his nickname was still ‘God Hand’ Liu Tianzong. He was an outstanding member of our Penniless Thief Sect, and could frequently explore sealed areas that even the elders in the sect could not unravel to search for treasures," recalled Young Mistress Candy. She was not that old herself, so most of the things she knew about Senior Liu Tianzong was something she was told by her master.

However a hundred years ago, senior Liu Tianzong found the residence of an ancient cultivator. He spent a lot of time getting through layers of traps before he managed to dig into the residence. According to him, he ultimately gained only a flying sword and a statue.

He did think of bringing that statue back to the Penniless Thief Sect. But for some reason, he buried the statue back into the ground halfway through his journey, only bringing back the ‘Meteor Sword’ back to the sect.

After that, once he got back, he went into secluded meditation and frenziedly practiced. He even hardly went to search for treasures anymore… the elders in the sect said that his God Hand ability went to waste.

Thereafter, ten years ago, he suddenly reemerged and rushed out to make a name for himself. It didn’t take him long to make his new name, ‘Cold Flame Sword’, resound in the world.

It should be something like this," said Young Mistress Candy.

As for the more private matters of Senior Cold Flame Sword, she did not reveal them—for example, the day Senior ‘Cold Flame Sword’ Li Tianzong went back to the sect, his face was dull and lifeless.

Second day onwards, he crazily started to look for women—at least three per day, with the maximum of five or six. This continued for almost a year. At that point in time, the elders in the sect thought he was a lost cause. But a year later, he actually went into secluded meditation for about 88 years. When he came out of secluded meditation, he had already become an extremely strong swordsman.

Venerable White nodded his head lightly. This ‘Cold Flame Sword’ Li Tianzong should be the person who took his Meteor Sword.

"Then do you know where the Cold Flame Sword is right now?" Asked Venerable White.

Upon hearing the question, Young Mistress Candy suddenly became clear-headed again. She panickedly looked at Venerable White, refusing to answer his question—she was worried that Venerable White would harm the senior from her sect.

"Don’t worry, I have no intention to harm any of you," Venerable White said, "I just want to retrieve my Meteor Sword, that’s all."

Young Mistress Candy still refused to make a single sound.

It seemed that Senior ‘Cold Flame Sword’ Liu Tianzong was going to save another senior from Penniless Thief Sect, ‘Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist’. Someone used a meteor to suppress him for almost 200 over years.

This matter concerned the safety of two seniors, so she didn’t dare to say any more!

"You sure are cautious, little girl. It’s okay, you can stay at my place for a couple of days first. After a while, I will bring you along to look for ‘Meteor Sword’," smiled Venerable White.

On the other side, after receiving True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s call, Song Shuhang couldn’t be more confused.

He immediately opened his phone and entered the Nine Provinces Number One Group’s chat in an attempt to look for some clues.

The Nine Provinces Number One Group was very lively because it seemed like there was a popular senior who just came back from defeating an ‘aboriginal deity’ abroad.

A few minutes ago, Fairy Lychee sent a 😊 in the chat room.

The dao name, ‘Lychee’, sounded kinda weird. It came to be because her master decided to give all his disciples a bunch of odd names on a whim.

There were also Fairy Nectarine, Daoist Priest Tosca Pear, Daoist Priest Pineapple, Fairy Cherry… they were all fruit names. Compared to a dao name like Fairy Nectarine, Lychee was already considered quite alright.

After being called that for a long time, she became numb to it and pretty much got used.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Welcome back, Lychee."

Fairy Lychee: "Thank you, Senior Yellow Mountain. I finally came back. This trip took some time, that aboriginal deity’s main body actually hid very well, within a strange subspace. However, ultimately, I managed to locate it and gave it a taste of a thousand rumbling thunders, finishing it off.

Scholar Drunken Moon: "Welcome back~"

"Fairy Lychee, how were your gains from this trip? The next time you hunt for aboriginal deities abroad, you must remember to invite me along," exclaimed Immortal Master Copper Trigram, who had just been unmuted.

"The gains are still ok, but recently, the aboriginal deities are becoming poorer and poorer. I think we should search for those that hadn’t been beaten by people for a long time," said Fairy Lychee, and then sent quite a number of pictures.

In the picture was an Asian girl with big eyes, a carefree smile, and two dimples on her face. A snake or a worm-like body lying on the ground beneath her feet was one type of aboriginal deity.

There were many types of aboriginal deities—some of them were oddly-shaped monster beasts, and others were temple deities. There were also some people who transformed into aboriginal deities due to using special cultivation techniques. [1]

The pictures behind showed her spoils—some quite decent refining materials, as well as pill refining ones. There was also the huge corpse of the aboriginal deity. Under normal circumstances, cultivators seldom kill aboriginal deities as they might bear some unnecessary bad karma, which was very troublesome.

However, that aboriginal deity had offended Fairy Lychee so badly that she killed it off directly.

Medicine Master: "Fairy Lychee is still as beautiful as ever, %*—#)!¥#"

The words at the end of the sentence became a messy code. Most likely, Riverly Purple Mist was next to him. One could understand what just happened. By complimenting the looks of another girl in front of Riverly Purple Mist, Medicine Master was really asking for death.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain calmly ignored Medicine Master, and wrote in the group chat: "Lychee, if you have the time, you should send more pictures in the chat group."

"?" Fairy Lychee was puzzled.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain quickly changed to private message mode, and messaged Fairy Lychee: "Well, you know, True Monarch White, now Venerable White, had already come out of secluded meditation, so a fellow daoist who joined the chat group recently is entertaining him."

"Ooh." Fairy Lychee replied in understanding—understanding my a*s! Can it be that the new fellow daoist wants to have my pictures in return for agreeing to entertain Venerable White?

At this time, Immortal Master Copper Trigram appeared: "Haha, speaking of Fairy Lychee’s pictures, I have here with me a naked picture of Lychee. Skin as white as snow, very dazzling!"

"What?! 😱" Fairy Lychee was shocked—when did she ever take a nude picture? Let alone with skin as white as snow?!

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: "Even though my aesthetic sense of beauty might be different from you human beings, how about you send it and we shall see?"

Dharma King Creation: "I’m interested."

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman: "If you wanna show it to us, I don’t see a problem with that."

Medicine Master: "...—%#W"

Immortal Master Copper Trigram laughed satisfiedly, and sent a ‘naked picture’ of Lychee.

A fresh bunch of lychee fruit, their outer layer removed, revealing the soft and tender white pulp on the inside; looking fresh and delicious...

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