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1725 Damned patch

The sword technique contained a supreme law, which perfectly complemented the sword.


With a single slash of the ?Heaven-Cast Profound Yellow Sword?, the heavenly tribulation flood dragon was smashed to pieces.

The flood dragon dissipated, turning into pure spiritual qi.

As for the ?Heaven-Cast Profound Yellow Sword?’s sword qi, it did not dissipate completely. The roaring sword intent rose into the sky, cutting open a chasm in the ‘tribulation clouds’ in the sky.

How blissful!

This was the feeling of using sword techniques, and it was wonderful.

Song Shuhang’s hands, which were holding the sword, were trembling... This was because the Holy Sword of the End was too big and heavy, making his wrists quite tired after wielding it for such a long time.

He recalled every moment of himself wielding the sword.

He might have been defeated in terms of sword talent, but he was still able to deliver this slash, which he would remember for his entire life.

He recalled the burst of sword intent, comparing it with a burst of saber intent...

“Eh?” Song Shuhang suddenly paused.

Is it just my misconception? When I used the sword intent... Why did it feel like it wasn’t that different from saber intent? It felt like the difference between egg fried rice and omelet rice, whose taste is actually not too different.

Behind Song Shuhang, Venerable Yellow Mountain looked at the remnants of profound yellow qi in the sky, having a moment of silence.

He couldn’t have mistaken it—what Song Shuhang had displayed just now was his unique sword technique, the ?Heaven-Cast Profound Yellow Sword?, inherited from his lineage.

Was it because of the strange ‘primordial soul resonance’ just now? Did that allow little friend Song Shuhang to borrow my power and perform the sword technique?

However, now wasn’t the time to be thinking about this.

“Little friend Shuhang, your heavenly tribulation should be over, right?” Venerable Yellow Mountain said. “Let’s put an end to this strange ‘primordial soul resonance’ we’re experiencing. You can then move away from me.”

Getting involved in Song Shuhang’s heavenly tribulation had caused the difficulty of his tribulation to rise. Fortunately, Song Shuhang had no problem dealing with the increase in difficulty.

In addition, Venerable Yellow Mountain felt that his own ‘tribulation’ was coming. This ‘tribulation’ was the one he needed to face to reach the Fifth Level Area of the Dragon Network.

And he didn’t want to involve Song Shuhang in this other ‘tribulation’.

“Senior Yellow Mountain, we’re not quite there yet. If I’m not mistaken, there should still be one last wave.” Song Shuhang looked at his small dantian.

With the destruction of the heavenly tribulation flood dragon, the colorful monster core melted and turned into a Spirit Lake, one with nine layers of depth like the others.

If no accidents occurred, he should have one last wave of the heavenly tribulation to face, which was meant for his first small golden core.

Venerable Yellow Mountain sighed. “Alright, then. Quickly get past the last wave of your heavenly tribulation. After that, we should move away from each other as quickly as possible.”

Just as they were talking, spatial fluctuations emerged behind Song Shuhang.

As soon as the two turned their heads, they saw Thrice Reckless Mad Saber’s figure exiting a spatial passage. With a swish, he fell behind Song Shuhang.

“Aaaaah, I almost died!” Thrice Reckless screamed.

Similar to Venerable Yellow Mountain, he was also in his ‘primordial soul’ state.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber got up, laughed, and said, “Eh? Senior Yellow Mountain, you’re here as well? I thought that I was the first person to break into the Fifth Level Area of the Dragon Network. I even used some small tricks to enhance my mental energy, so I didn’t expect Senior Yellow Mountain to still be a step ahead of me.”

Venerable Yellow Mountain looked at Thrice Reckless, and then had a moment of silence. As he’d been taking care of Soft Feather and Doudou, he didn’t want to ‘ascend’ right away. But after breaking apart the ascension cloud a few times, his ‘primordial soul’ was directly sucked from his body and wrapped in a cloud before being brought to Song Shuhang.

But how come Thrice Reckless had also come in the form of a primordial soul?

Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t he have physically been lifted up by the cloud as he ascended here?

“Eh? Hello, Uncle, you look familiar. Who are you?” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber looked at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang replied, “It’s me, Senior Thrice Reckless. I’m Song Shuhang.”

“...” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber replied, “Shuhang, have you been squeezed dry? Why are you so old?”

“It’s hard to explain in a few words. Anyway, Senior Thrice Reckless, how did you get here?” Song Shuhang asked, and he quickly communicated with the ‘Dragon Network Assistant’ in his mind.

Previously, Senior Yellow Mountain had broken apart two clouds before his primordial soul was taken to the transit station he had for the Dragon Network—Song Shuhang.

However, how did Senior Thrice Reckless also end up here?

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, “After entering the Fifth Level Area of the Dragon Network, a cloud formed under my feet, and I entered into ‘ascension mode’. However, since the construction of my new immortal cave hadn’t been completed yet, with its zenith being sealed, I got stuck when I rose to the top. Soon after, my primordial soul was drawn out, and got pulled into a place similar to a spatial tunnel. I was quite interested in that place, so I tried breaking apart a wall of this tunnel. Unfortunately, I was thrown to you before I could do anything.”

“...” Venerable Yellow Mountain.

“...” Song Shuhang.

He hurriedly ordered the Dragon Network Assistant to patch this bug. “Is it possible to make it so that when the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group enter a state of ‘ascension’ after reaching the Fifth Level, they don’t get sent to where I am? If it is, then please implement this change immediately.”

He was in the middle of transcending his tribulation. If the fellow daoists from the group were to come one after the other, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The Dragon Network Assistant shook its head—the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, who were in the main world, were connected to the Dragon Network through Song Shuhang. When they ascended, and when their primordial soul was drawn to the Black Dragon World by the power of the various ‘laws’, they would definitely bump into Song Shuhang first.

“Then I’ll change the conditions. If any of my senior’s primordial souls come here, they will be moved at a distance of 500 meters away from my body. Can this be done?” Song Shuhang hurriedly asked.

After a short pause, the Dragon Network Assistant nodded, indicating that this could be done.

“Hurry up and apply the patch then,” Song Shuhang urged.

The seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were very hands-on.

Since Senior Thrice Reckless had already come, this meant that the other seniors were likely to be well on their way.

Song Shuhang absolutely did not dare underestimate the abilities of his seniors.

But just as he said that, several figures appeared one after another around him.

Yu Jiaojiao’s father, True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon.

True Monarch White Crane, who he had not seen in a good while.

And someone who hadn’t appeared much in the Nine Provinces Number One Group much recently, True Monarch Eternal Fire.

The three True Monarchs all appeared as ‘primordial souls’.

True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon said, “Where is this place?”

True Monarch White Crane said, “Is Senior White here? I seem to smell him.”

“What a headache. I just wanted to play with the Dragon Network mini-game to relax a bit. Why was my primordial soul drawn out and brought here?” True Monarch Eternal Fire said in distress.

True Monarch White Crane said, “Shiet, it’s Song Shuhang.”

After a while, it looked up. “Shiet, a heavenly tribulation again?”

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

The speed at which the Dragon Network Assistant was implementing the regulation couldn’t keep up with the speed at which the seniors of the group were coming over.

Immediately afterward, several other figures emerged.

Fairy Lychee, True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, True Monarch Fallout, and Scholar Xian Gong.

Afterward, Fairy Dongfang Six, Wandering Monk Profound Principle, Dharma King Creation, and Cave Lord Snow Worf all came out of a spatial passage as well... And it seemed that there were more seniors behind them heading over as well.

The damned patch wasn’t implemented fast enough!

Everyone is already here.

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