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Chapter 1716 Power struggleThe Demon Emperor said, “I now rule the Black Dragon World and the Ancient Nether World. The laws of two worlds are providing me with their po—”But before he could finish what he was saying, he felt an intense pain coming from his back—a dazzling saber slashed at his most vulnerable spot.

His defensive demonic god pillar, Demonic God Body, Myriad Demon Armor, Protective Demon Flame… All of his 600 kinds of defenses were split by a single saber.

This saber knew his vulnerable spot better than he did. The brute force behind the blow was terrifying. It was as if it had the power of a world-destroying wild beast. Vaguely, he felt as if there were over 2,000 unparalleled Ancient Holy Apes boosting the power of this single saber.

A domineering saber intent came with it, completely tearing his flesh apart. In the domineering saber intent, there was an aura of authority… This saber intent came from an existence who believed themself to be close to being ‘invincible in the universe’.

The moment the saber qi entered his body, there also was also the ‘power of time’ that began to erode him—the power of time, which was among the most mysterious powers in the universe, would allow one to become invincible in one’s realm once mastered.

And this power of time was extremely domineering. The Immortal body of the Demon Emperor could not stop the erosion at all. The area where he had incurred a wound from the saber was aging at a speed visible to the naked eye.

However, the most terrifying thing was not the power of time that came with the saber qi, but rather the powerful laws contained in the saber move.

They were the violent laws of ‘destruction, ruin, and doom’. These three violent laws existed solely to obliterate things. Moreover, the level at which these laws were being displayed was inconceivably high, beyond what ‘cultivators’ could grasp.

These three laws were injected into his body along with the saber intent, wildly destroying his physical body, and causing the entire body structure to collapse.

Moreover, these three laws directly cut into the ‘void’ through his physical body, going for the Demon Emperor’s life-bound star, which he had condensed in the void.

They were determined to destroy him completely!

The Demon Emperor’s huge body crashed to the ground as he was no longer able to stand still.

Demon blood spewed from his back and spilled to the ground.

The ground was corroded by his blood, and turned into unhallowed ground… If this continued, this area where demon blood had fallen would eventually become a forbidden area for living beings.

A single slash caused the Demon Emperor’s physical body to fall into a quasi-death state. If this continued, even his Immortal Source would be damaged.

The wound on his back was not big, but his body was constantly being ravaged by the power of time, the three violent laws, and the domineering saber intent.

It was like a reamer inserted into a watermelon. Although only a small hole was made outside the watermelon, the reamer would keep on cutting apart the inside of the watermelon, turning it into juice.

Intense pain assaulted the nerves of the Demon Emperor. He hadn’t felt this kind of pain for a long, long time. As an Immortal who had already forgotten the concept of death, he’d also forgotten what it was to feel ‘pain’.

“Ah!” The Demon Emperor mobilized all of his power to suppress the power of time, as well as the three violent laws.

The ‘Will of the Dragon Network’ had already been swallowed in his belly. Nevertheless, just like how it was with the ‘Will of the Ancient Nether’, it would be reborn sometime in the future if he did not take proper measures.

But at least for now, with the Will of the Dragon Network having just entered his body, he ruled the Dragon Network and possessed all the authority.

“Give me all the magical power inside the Dragon Network!” The Demon Emperor mobilized the power of the Dragon Network, trying to use its power to stabilize his injuries.

At the same time, he was also mobilizing the power of the ‘Ancient Nether ‘.

At this time, the Demon Emperor did not have the luxury to bother with the conflicts between the energy of the ‘Ancient Nether’ and the ‘Dragon Network’, and he could only put all his focus on dealing with the injuries his body had received.


Meanwhile, Song Shuhang fell back weakly after slashing out the most powerful saber move of his life.

Above his head, the 2,000 Holy Apes disappeared, and the powerful force brought about by the Blood Sacrifice dissipated.

The Blood Sacrifice had caused him to lose over half of his blood, and this portion of blood that had disappeared from the ‘sacrifice’ could not be recovered through pills or magical techniques in a short time. In addition, the weak state that it left him in would linger for a considerable length of time.

At the same time, the Sage’s eye in his left eye socket emitted a puff of white smoke, almost scorching his eye socket.

Seeing that Song Shuhang was about to fall, Fairy @#%×, who was behind him, gently supported him and took him into her arms.

In Song Shuhang’s hand, the ghost-handle knife born from the ‘Karmic Spear’ slowly dissipated into particles.

How unfortunate. It was such a wonderful treasure, yet there was only one chance to use it.

Song Shuhang weakly said, “Thank you, Fairy.”

This time, Fairy@#%× did not joke around. She continued to gently support Song Shuhang.

Fairy Creation came to Song Shuhang’s side. At this time, she, too, was quite surprisingly not messing around. She stretched out her small hand, and placed it on Song Shuhang’s eye socket, taking off the scorching red Sage’s eye and putting back Song Shuhang’s original eye.

“Wait… Fairy Creation, wait a minute. If you put my eye back right now… Aaah, it’s too late.” Song Shuhang felt as if his eyeball had been put back into a boiling hot pot. He felt it burn, and when he tried seeing through his left eye, he could see nothing but darkness.

My eyeball won’t end up ruined, will it?

At this moment, Scarlet Heaven Sword next to Song Shuhang had just come to its senses. “F*ck!”

The power of the saber move just now was simply too terrifying. And this was not only in terms of destructive power, but even more so in terms of the terrifying laws that were infused into it.

Song Shuhang weakly said, “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, can Lady Kunna be taken out of the Demon Emperor’s belly?”

The dragon-eyed Lady Kunna had been swallowed by the Demon Emperor, but she shouldn’t have died. Song Shuhang could sense that the karmic thread between him and her had not been severed.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “I’m going to take a look.”

[Beep~ Demon Emperor Hezhi is using his authority to forcibly extract all the magical power of the Dragon Network. Administrator Tyrannical Song, would you like to stop the actions of Demon Emperor Hezhi? Yes/No.]

Song Shuhang responded, “Huh?”

There is such a feature?

The Demon Emperor wasn’t dead yet. As he was an Immortal, it was incredibly difficult to kill him once for all.

Song Shuhang said, “Be careful, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword. The Demon Emperor is extracting the power of the Dragon Network to recover. Don’t go over there first, you should stay by my side for now.”

Afterward, he did not hesitate to choose the ‘Yes’ option.

Of course he would choose to stop the Demon Emperor from extracting the magical power of the Dragon Network to recover.


At this time, the Demon Emperor was frantically extracting magical power from the Dragon Network to heal his injuries. He felt joyous as he completely ruled the Dragon Network. He could draw its power and use it however he wanted.

[Beep~ Tyrannical Song has used his Super Administrator Authority to restrict your forced extraction of power from the Dragon Network. Restrictions have begun to be placed…]

“!!!” Demon Emperor.

In an instant, 10,000 different swear words appeared in his mind, including curses in various languages, both ancient and modern.

Every swear word was aimed at ‘Tyrannical Song’.

The thing that the Demon Emperor regretted the most at this moment was that he didn’t pinch Tyrannical Song to death earlier because of his ‘lack of care’ for the other party.

At that time, I shouldn’t have said anything, and just pinched that guy to death.

In addition, I am currently the ruler of the Dragon Network, why can some Super Administrator’s authority overrule mine!

The Demon Emperor was very annoyed.

[Beep~ Tyrannical Song’s attempt to restrict your authority has failed. Insufficient permissions.]

“…” The Demon Emperor.

Why did you even send the message if that was the case?

For crying out loud, take back that guy’s ‘Administrator Authority’!


Over at Song Shuhang’s side.

[Beep~ Super Administrator Tyrannical Song, attempt of restriction failed. You don’t have sufficient authority to restrict the other party’s forced extraction of power from the Dragon Network. Do you wish to change the command to ‘slow down the circulation speed of the Dragon Network’s magical power’ so as to allow for the normal operations of the Dragon Network to be maintained? Yes/No.]

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and said, “Yes, yes, definitely yes.”

This is bad. Has the Demon Emperor already obtained the highest authority in the ‘Dragon Network’?

[Beep~ The Dragon Network’s magical power circulation speed has been successfully slowed down. Please select the magical power circulation speed level: slowest, slow, normal, fast, extremely fast…]

“Slowest, slow it down as much as possible!” Song Shuhang said, and added, “Only allow for the basic operations of the Dragon Network.”

[Beep~ Command has been issued. Magical power circulation speed has been set to ‘slowest’.]

[Beep~ Demon Emperor Hezhi has attempted to take back Tyrannical Song’s Administrator Authority…]

[Beep~ Attempt failed. Tyrannical Song’s Administrator Authority has a set time limit of 20 days, and cannot be taken back before then.]

“Wonderful!” Song Shuhang was delighted.


The Demon Emperor continued to combat the injuries of his body.

[Beep~ Tyrannical Song has used his Administrator Authority to set the Dragon Network’s magic power circulation speed to ‘slowest’. This allows for only the normal operations of the Dragon Network.]

[Beep~ Failed to take back Tyrannical Song’s Administrator Authority. Tyrannical Song’s authority cannot be taken back for another 20 days.]

“!!!” The Demon Emperor.

F*ck this useless thing.

This Tyrannical Song really is a shiet-stirrer. Although his authority isn’t as good as mine, as long as he operates the ‘Dragon Network’, he can step in and f*ck things up.

Most importantly, his authority cannot be taken back for 20 days.

When my injuries get better, I’ll kill this guy. The Demon Emperor gnashed his teeth hatefully.

Fortunately, in addition to the Dragon Network, he also had the Ancient Nether World which could provide him with a steady stream of power to heal his injuries.

Just as the Demon Emperor was preparing to increase his extraction of power from the Ancient Nether World, suddenly…

…the flow of the Ancient Nether World’s power began to slow down as well.

It seemed that another ‘ruler’ had appeared in that place, and they had begun to do things to limit his absorption of power.

“???” The Demon Emperor.

What’s going on?

The Dragon Network has Tyrannical Song, but who’s in the Ancient Nether World?

As he thought of this, the consciousness of the Demon Emperor descended straight into the Ancient Nether World. He was currently the ruler of the Ancient Nether, so he could easily ‘see’ everything that was happening with just a thought.

Soon, he found the other ‘ruler’, and it appeared that the other party had no intention of hiding.

A handsome figure appeared in the consciousness of the Demon Emperor.

The figure had long hair that reached his back, wore a fluttering robe, and sat on a throne.

His eyes were as dazzling as stars, and there was a charm that could not be described with words radiating from his body. It was as if everything in the universe was eclipsed by his presence.

At this time, the power of the entire Ancient Nether World was surrendering to him.

Sage White?

No, that isn’t right. This isn’t Sage White.

Sage White doesn’t have such terrifying power, and his temperament is slightly different.

On the throne, the figure that looked exactly like Sage White raised his head, and glanced at him.

With this glance, the Demon Emperor’s consciousness received a great shock.

The other party was the greatest evil in the world, the ultimate destruction, the root of slaughter, and the source of all wickedness. In addition, there was a terrifying mind attack that came with that glance.

On the throne, Senior White Two smiled slightly, an evil yet charming smile.

He prepared this mind attack a long time ago, and he’d been waiting for the other party to come check on him.

Senior White Two softly said, “I did say that as long as you dared come to the Ancient Nether, I’d make the trip memorable.”

It was a pity that only the other party’s consciousness had come over.

If the other party’s physical body was here instead, Senior White Two would have had an even more memorable gift prepared for him.

Senior White Two loudly announced, “From now on, this Ancient Nether World… is mine!”

It didn’t matter if this place belonged to the ‘Ancient Nether Chaos Will’ once. He was the ruler of the Netherworld, the source of all evil, so it was normal for him to rob someone else’s territory.

In the worst case, when the Ancient Nether Chaos Will recovered, he could simply confer her as a ‘vassal’.

Regardless, this place was set to be his.

But before taking this territory, he had to get rid of the pillar the Demon Emperor had inserted into the Ancient Nether World, as well as his hidden clone, so that the other party would not be able to bring him trouble.


The Demon Emperor’s consciousness received a direct hit from Senior White Two. At the same time, the energy he was receiving from the Ancient Nether was being cut short, and the Dragon Network was slowed down by Song Shuhang.

The badly injured Demon Emperor couldn’t bear it anymore.

With his consciousness, he summoned his clone in the Ancient Nether World to return and protect his main body.

Immediately afterward, his main consciousness fell into a strange comatose state.

Spatial fluctuations ensued, and the clone of the Demon Emperor traveled through space, carrying the seriously injured main body.

The Demon Emperor’s clone glanced at Song Shuhang and the others, and then disappeared with his main body.


The Demon Emperor was gone, and Song Shuhang did not have the strength to stop him from leaving.

At the same time, he received another message from the Dragon Network: [Beep~ Demon Emperor Hezhi has fallen into sleep mode. While in this mode, the highest authority has temporarily been transferred.]

Song Shuhang obtained the highest authority to the Dragon Network, although it was only temporary—for 20 days.

When he obtained the highest authority to the Dragon Network, a bold idea emerged in his mind.

During this time, can I connect all the seniors of the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ to the Dragon Network?

And perhaps he could also add the other fellow daoists who he had a decent relationship with, as well as his disciples and monster pet Lady Onion.

This small matter should be easy to achieve with the Dragon Network.

After the idea emerged, Song Shuhang supported his weak body and decided to make it come true.

Bold ideas had to be put into practice in order to lead to success; otherwise, it would just stay as a fantasy!

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