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Chapter 1715 Who the f*ck stabbed me in the backSong Shuhang had only started learning the Karmic Saber Technique, so he could barely use this powerful saber technique.

But at this moment, he was wielding the ghost-handle saber, which was of no small origin. This saber was a transformed version of the Karmic Spear, a divine weapon condensed from laws by the Ancient Nether Chaos Will. As long as he used the correct method to guide it, he would be able to use the power of karma once.

The ❮Karmic Saber Technique❯ designed by Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword gave him the means to guide it properly.

With that, Song Shuhang was able to successfully use the karmic power contained inside the ghost-handle saber.

And because of the seven big shots who were linked to his seven small golden cores through karma, this move was actually able to draw out their power.

Song Shuhang himself was taken aback by the effect of this saber move.

Is this move using the karmic threads which link me to my seniors to borrow some of their power? If that really were the case, this wouldn’t be some Karmic Saber Technique. Instead, this would be the ‘If You Can’t Beat the Other Party, Run to Your Parents for Help’ Saber Technique.

When this saber slashes down, who would be able to block it?

The only regretful thing is that… this ghost-handle saber that came from the karmic spear can only be used once. It might be cool this time around, but there won’t be a next time. Who knows what realm I’ll have to be in order to dish out a saber move like this again…

Anyway, since I’m already slashing out this move, I’ll finish this move on a high note. As he thought to this point, the saber in Song Shuhang’s hand suddenly slashed down.

The seven small golden cores resonated crazily with one another.

The first small golden core ‘Tyrannical Saber’ said, “Holy City, Impregnable!”

The colorful monster core’ Tyrannical Song’ said, “Holy Sword, World-Ending.”

The virtuous diamond ball ‘Tyrannical Scholar’ said, “Holy Sage, Universal Education.”

The royal blood demon core ‘Tyrannical Demon’ said, “Holy Blood, Limitless Curses.”

The core reactor ‘Tyrannical Tyrant’ said, “Holy Core, Star of Destruction.”

The ancient divine witch blood ‘Tyrannical Witch’ said, “Holy Altar, The Universe.”

The ancient nether dragon soul ‘Tyrannical Dragon’ said, “Holy Dragon, Dragon Network Summon.”


He started accumulating power.

“???” Song Shuhang.

And this phase happened to take quite a while.

To put it simply, there was enough time for Song Shuhang’s enemy to lop his head off dozens of times.

Song Shuhang’s image of him handsomely swinging his saber and causing the enemy’s downfall had completely disappeared.

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

In its eyes, Song Shuhang’s saber had stopped halfway, just as if it were stuck.


In the distance, explosions boomed from the movement of the Demon Emperor’s spear.

Wherever the spear went, even space began to collapse.

The dragon-eyed Lady Kunna crazily condensed golden light, and blasted it out at the spear.

The spear seemed unstoppable, and the dragon-eyed Lady Kunna was barely able to suppress it despite the support of the Black Dragon World. At the same time, the Demon Emperor seemed to have some apprehension when faced with Lady Kunna. The power of the spear was restrained so that it wouldn’t kill Lady Kunna.

The two forces were at a stalemate, maintaining a delicate balance.

Fairy Creation once again condensed a Scholarly Rune, but this time she did not use it to attack. Instead, she attached the Scholarly Rune to Lady Kunna’s body to give her a boost so that she could last longer.

The virtuous lamia guarded Song Shuhang, propping up a ‘Virtuous Palace Projection’ to prevent him from being disturbed while accumulating energy.

Scarlet Heaven Sword walked beside Song Shuhang in case anything were to happen.


Meanwhile, Song Shuhang’s ❮Karmic Saber Technique❯, which had its first karmic thread linked to Senior White, took the lead in giving him some energy back. A ray of power was transferred back to him, and this added the ‘Space-Time Traversal’ effect to Song Shuhang’s saber move.

Senior White was currently in the Ninth Stage Heavenly Tribulation Realm, but he still took the time to help Song Shuhang.


Senior White Two followed right after, and a ray of power containing the laws of ‘destruction, ruin, and doom’ integrated into Song Shuhang’s saber move. These were the most violent energy types that the ruler of the Netherworld controlled. Along with the feedback of power from Senior White Two, there was a message: “Beat him hard! In addition, pay attention to your own safety. The Ancient Nether Chaos Will seems to be rather unstable, and I’m guessing it might temporarily be shattered.”

The Demon Emperor had pushed the ‘Heavenly Punishment’ into the Ancient Nether World in order to crush the Ancient Nether Chaos Will.

However, the Ancient Nether Chaos Will wasn’t something that could be wiped out. As long as the Ancient Nether World was still there, even if the Chaos Will was shattered, it would recondense after a period of time.


From the broken karmic thread that connected to the ‘Sage’, something was sent back as well. Song Shuhang thought that this karmic thread was useless, and that he couldn’t get anything from it, but unexpectedly, it still worked—Song Shuhang’s left eye burned hot as if it were about to explode.

At the same time, the Sage’s eye gave Song Shuhang a lot of information. It locked onto the Demon Emperor in the distance, and sent back a large amount of information to Song Shuhang’s mind. These data indicated to Song Shuhang where he should cut with the saber, and what posture would prove the most effective. The data even took Senior White’s ‘Space-Time Traversal’ and Senior White Two’s ‘Three-In-One Violent Laws’ into consideration!

From this broken karmic thread, the precious combat experience of the Sage had come to guide Song Shuhang.


Then, something was transferred over from the two Pavilion Master Chus. The power he received from them was a bit beyond Song Shuhang’s expectations. What they passed on was not the power of their path to immortality, and it had nothing to do with the ‘Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion’.

The power of the two Pavilion Master Chus, one positive and one negative, one of life and one of death, condensed two trees which shot up to the sky behind Song Shuhang. However, the two trees were just a ‘passage’, and there was another power that came through the passage and descended on Song Shuhang’s body, buffing the ‘Karmic Saber Technique’—it was saber intent, extremely domineering saber intent.

This saber intent was completely inconsistent with the personalities of the two Pavilion Master Chus.


The next karmic thread was the one that belonged to the Heavenly Emperor.

[Beep~ The Heavenly Emperor has remotely transferred 10 seconds’ worth of strength over, along with the message: Senior Song, it’s really surprising that you would ask me for help. Here, receive my power, Senior Song!]

“…” Song Shuhang.

Honestly speaking, if he had the option, Song Shuhang would have been unwilling to contact the Heavenly Emperor for her power, and would have probably rejected her.

The Heavenly Emperor lent her power to Song Shuhang, and she was quite generous. What she sent over was the ‘power of time’, her most fundamental power and the foundation of her path to immortality.

The power of time was passed on to the ❮Karmic Saber Technique❯. It had become a saber that could make people old!


Then, it was the turn of the Striped Dragon.

The Striped Dragon was still wrapped around the pillar, acting as a relief sculpture.

The Striped Dragon replied, “Borrowing strength from me? Ugly, rejected.”

While he said that, the karmic thread belonging to ‘Cheng Lin’ in the bundle lit up slightly.

Afterward, the countless powers that the Striped Dragon possessed went onto a large wheel, which soon began spinning. Finally, one of the powers was randomly selected, and went to buff Song Shuhang.

“…” The Striped Dragon.

What else could it say at this time?

Anyway, the power that belonged to the Striped Dragon fell on Song Shuhang’s saber, eventually affecting Song Shuhang’s body.

This was a type of witchcraft called ‘Blood Sacrifice’, one of the many powers that the Striped Dragon had.

[Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon] had mastered a large number of magical techniques, and he was very good at researching new things. The Inner World, the Nine Virtues Phoenix Sword, the Wielder’s small black room, the world of the golden lotus, the world of the black lotus, and many other things were his doing

Among the many topics he had touched upon was ‘witchcraft’.

And this ‘Blood Sacrifice’ technique was a type of short-duration witchcraft that blessed one with explosive physical power at the cost of their blood.

Such a coincidence? When Song Shuhang sensed this power, his heart thumped.

After all, when the QR code on his sixth small golden core ‘ancient divine witch blood’ was scanned, the image of a man standing by an altar and dripping blood on it was what would appear.

Anyway, the witchcraft ‘Blood Sacrifice’ was activated.

The power belonging to the Striped Dragon spurred Song Shuhang to guide the Blood Sacrifice technique.

Song Shuhang’s small golden core’s composition seemed to resonate with it, accepting this ‘Blood Sacrifice’ technique.

Immediately afterward, Song Shuhang felt that more than half of the blood in his body was boiling and being sacrificed.

After losing more than half of his blood in an instant, Song Shuhang’s face became pale, but he did not become weak.

On the contrary, a kind of terrifying power unceasingly burst out from within his body.

It was the power of the Striped Dragon plus that of the Golden Core Composition and the Blood Sacrifice technique.

Song Shuhang’s physical power was raised to the limit.

On top of his head, a huge Holy Ape emerged, holding a scripture in its hand. This time, there was even a scholarly garment added to its body.

And behind this huge Holy Ape, there were more than 2000 smaller Holy Apes arranged in a square formation, neatly following the huge Holy Ape. They also wore scholarly garments, and held scriptures in their hands.

The numerous Holy Apes above Song Shuhang’s head chanted in the language of the ancient era, appearing as if they were reciting scriptures.

However, as long as the person could understand the language of the ancient era, they would be able to understand that the Holy Apes were really just saying—Pog, Pog, Pog.


The last karmic thread connected to the Will of the Dragon Network, the dragon-eyed Lady Kunna.

The Will of the Dragon Network represented by Lady Kunna was unable to provide much help to Song Shuhang right now—she was using all her strength to deal with the spear. In addition, her source of energy, the ‘Dragon Network’, was currently blocked. Otherwise, she could have provided Song Shuhang with a steady stream of energy.

The only thing she could provide Song Shuhang was her mental energy. She directly linked the mind of the Dragon Network to Song Shuhang.

The temperature of Song Shuhang’s scorching hot ‘Sage eye’ suddenly dropped.

Song Shuhang was having trouble bearing the large amount of information that was being transferred over from the Sage’s eye. But with help of the Dragon Network’s mental energy, the information suddenly became very clear to him.


Great physical power, the Dragon Network’s mind, the Scholarly Sage’s eye’s combat assistance, the Heavenly Emperor’s power of time, the domineering saber intent provided by the two Pavilion Master Chus, Senior White Two’s Three-In-One Violent Laws, and Senior White’s Space-Time Traversal.

The ❮Karmic Saber Technique❯ was finally complete.

This saber move was simply too terrifying. Under normal conditions, Song Shuhang would be unable to handle this saber. His body would not be able to withstand the power it held, and would collapse as a consequence.

But now, with the strengthened physique from the over 2000 Holy Apes, he could perform this saber move without problems.

Demon Emperor Hezhi, take this!

Song Shuhang held the ghost-handle saber with both hands, and suppressed the urge to roar.

I can’t waste the ‘Space-Time Traversal’ effect added by Senior White!


But just before Song Shuhang was finished accumulating his power, Demon Emperor Hezhi laughed wildly. “Hahahaha~ It’s done, it’s done!”

My plan has finally succeeded today.

Inside the Ancient Nether.

The incarnation of the Ancient Nether Chaos Will was crushed by the combined effort of the several clones of the Demon Emperor and the force of the Heavenly Punishment.

One of Demon Emperor Hezhi’s clones possessed the power to restrain the Ancient Nether Chaos Will.

The demonic god pillar in the hands of that clone could cause the Chaos Will to freeze in place for a few seconds.

With the power of the Heavenly Punishment, the Ancient Nether Chaos Will was finally shattered.

The Heavenly Punishment dissipated.

Theoretically speaking, even if the Ancient Nether Chaos Will was destroyed, it could still revive and recondense after enough time.

But Demon Emperor Hezhi had long prepared for this.

He had placed a special demonic god pillar in the Ancient Nether, which was then thrown into the sea of evil energy. This pillar would cooperate with his clone, and the Demon Emperor would take advantage of this moment when the Ancient Nether Chaos Will was destroyed to get his clone to briefly seize control of the Ancient Nether World.

This control was temporary. When Ancient Nether Chaos Will recovered, the control would inevitably be taken back.

However, this was exactly what the Demon Emperor had wanted.

After gaining control of the ‘Ancient Nether World’, his main body in the Black Dragon World could finally do whatever it wanted.

Demon Emperor Hezhi said, “Dragon Network, starting today, you belong to me!”

The dragon-eyed Lady Kunna remarked, “You aren’t my type.”

She gritted her teeth, and the golden light in her hand exploded, sending the spear flying back.

At this moment, the figure of the Demon Emperor moved through space, appearing beside Lady Kunna.

Afterward, he reached out and grabbed her.

Lady Kunna wanted to evade, but the stick-shaped demonic god pillar on the back of the Demon Emperor flashed. Just like the ‘Ancient Nether Chaos Will’, Lady Kunna was stuck in place for an instant, unable to move.

During the millions of years when the Demon Emperor had developed the demonic god pillar to restrain the Ancient Nether Chaos Will, he naturally did not forget to make another one to restrain the Will of the Dragon Network.

He grabbed Lady Kunna, and… swallowed her in one bite. The body of the Demon Emperor was no longer in human form. His real body was 10 meters tall, looking like a true demonic god.

The Demon Emperor was very happy today.

After swallowing Lady Kunna, his will would reign over the Black Dragon World and the Ancient Nether World.

Both worlds became his.

At this moment, he had an opportunity to touch on the concept of ‘immortality’.

Next, it was time for him to squeeze that annoying Tyrannical Song to death.

The Demon Emperor turned around, and looked at Tyrannical Song.

It just so happened that Song Shuhang was swinging his saber at this time.

In the next moment, the Demon Emperor was struck by a bright saber on his back.

“???” The Demon Emperor.

Who is so courageous to f*cking stab me in the back… Is it that Sage White again?

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