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Chapter 1710 I was just feeling a bit nervous, so I called out to youSong Shuhang felt complex emotions well up inside him.He currently felt very much like he was in the scene of a drama—one where Character A was holding a huge chopper to Character B’s neck, and yelled, “Do you trust me? Are you willing to believe in me?”

Song Shuhang felt like he was Character B at this time.

If I say that I’m [Unwilling], would this extremely enhanced version of the ‘Lightning Palm’ explode right on my forehead?

Lady Kunna… You’ve already led things to this point, can I still not believe in you?

And so, Song Shuhang seriously asked, “Do you believe in money?”

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

WTF! When I get back, I definitely have to cut apart Song Shuhang’s brain to see just how exactly that death-seeking brain of his is wired!

The dragon-eyed Kunna earnestly replied, “…Not really?”

“Then I believe in you a little bit,” Song Shuhang said and nodded. I don’t believe in money, either. I’m always short of it.

In addition, Song Shuhang just thought of another thing—Senior White had the attribute of ‘seeking good fortune and avoiding misfortune’, and when he came out just now, he immediately ran into the ‘Ninth Stage Heavenly Tribulation Realm’ together with his clone.

Did that mean that Senior White was actually seeking good fortune this time as well? And he was avoiding misfortune?

If it was to seek good fortune, then there wasn’t much of a problem on their side… but if it was to avoid misfortune, then Song Shuhang felt that he was in danger of dying.

The dragon-eyed Kunna said, “Thank you.”

[Beep~ Fat Ball has granted you higher Dragon Network authority.]

Song Shuhang’s consciousness once again covered the entire ‘Dragon Network World’.

This time, he had a clearer view of things. Song Shuhang could even vaguely sense all of the specific things that the Dragon Network was touching. This feeling, to paraphrase a line in myths, was akin to “God’s eyes are everywhere”.

Last time, when the dragon-eyed Kunna granted him some Dragon Network authority, Song Shuhang sensed two huge black holes in the Dragon Network.

One had the aura of ‘Lady Kunna’, while the other black hole faintly leaked the aura of a cultivator.

And currently, the black hole belonging to ‘Lady Kunna’ was now cleared for Song Shuhang to see. Song Shuhang could see that it was a ‘Dragon Network’ node.

Similar to what seemed like the ‘finishing touch’ of the ‘Virtuous Network’, the black hole where Lady Kunna’s node was was the core of the entire ‘Dragon Network’.

“Eh? If this is the core of the Dragon Network, what is at the other ‘black hole’?” Song Shuhang looked at the other black hole curiously, but it remained blurry, and he couldn’t sense what was within.

The dragon-eyed Lady Kunna said, “It’s an indescribable existence. You can’t mention it. When you mention its name, it will feel it. Mr. Shuhang, please believe in me more.”

Song Shuhang asked, “No problem, I can believe in you more. What do I have to do?”

“You just have to believe in me. Thank you, Mr. Shuhang.” Lady Dragon-Eyed Kunna waved her hands vigorously.

Scarlet Heaven Sword and Fairy Creation were still locked on to her.

If she really were to play any tricks, Scarlet Heaven Sword and Fairy Creation would join forces to deal her a vicious blow.


In the void, the giant ‘Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Palm’ came bearing down.

In the ‘small dragon scale worlds’ covered by the heavenly tribulation, all the creatures fell into despair, so much so that they couldn’t even bring themselves to scream.

The practitioners above the Fifth Level all had a look of hopelessness on their faces.

Compared to them, ordinary people were happier. After passing out, they had no idea what was taking place.

But for those who were conscious, they could only watch as this disaster descended. Their bodies couldn’t move, nor could they resist… And even if they could resist, it would be in vain. Compared to the disaster in the sky, their power was simply nothing.

They were feeling true despair.


In the castle of the Dragon Blood Clan.

Scarlet Pupil stopped practicing his fist technique, and looked up at the sky.

The castle was also under the heavenly tribulation. At this time, most of the Dragon Blood Clan members in the castle had fallen unconscious.

The ‘bronze ring’ on Scarlet Pupil’s wrist was shining, and the imprint on it was burning hot. The Sage Seal was protecting him, preventing him from losing the ability to move under the aura of the heavenly tribulation.

In addition, his current physique was also somewhat different from others. Coupled with Song Shuhang’s ‘Sage Seal’, he was still alive and kicking in the face of the aura of the Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation.

Looking at the heavenly tribulation that was suddenly descending from the sky, Scarlet Pupil pondered for a while, and then continued to practice the ❮Basic Steel Hands Technique❯.

He was not fearless. In fact, he, who had experienced death, knew the horror and despair of death much better than others.

When faced with death once more, his heartbeat sped up wildly, and he could hardly breathe because of the despair-inducing feeling of powerlessness that filled his heart.

Scarlet Pupil solemnly said, “It is at the instant when a person is on the border between life and death that they can burst with huge potential.”

He frantically unleashed the basic fist technique, one punch followed by another, roaring out the mantra of the fist technique at the same time.

His long black hair hung behind him as he continuously sent fists flying out.

His white skin gave off a strange beauty under the flashes of lightning.

As he continued sending out one punch after the other, it was as if his heart had suddenly jumped.

At the last moment, Scarlet Pupil felt like a living spring had been dug up in his chest, and a kind of ‘qi and blood energy’ began pouring out of his chest.

His Heart Aperture had opened.


The dragon-eyed Kunna called out, “Mr. Shuhang!”

Song Shuhang responded, “I already believe in you greatly. I feel like my faith in you has already reached its limit.”

The dragon-eyed Kunna said, “No, I was just feeling a bit nervous, so I called out to you.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

In the next moment, the heavenly tribulation’s enhanced version of the Lightning Palm suddenly disappeared!

Under the influence of Song Shuhang’s ‘Dragon Network Authority’, that huge Lightning Palm had been suddenly transferred to where the other black hole in the ‘Dragon Network’ was located.

Lady Kunna wants to use the heavenly tribulation Lightning Palm to destroy that other black hole in the Dragon Network? Song Shuhang instantly came to a realization.


The enhanced Lightning Palm crashed into the other black hole in the ’Dragon Network’.

The dragon-eyed Kunna solemnly shouted, “Authority, cut off the energy!”

Following her order, the ‘energy’ of the entire Dragon Network came to a halt in an instant, and remained in a static state. In this way, that ‘black hole’ region could not be assisted by the energy of the ‘Dragon Network’.


The enhanced Lightning Palm exploded, directly obliterating the outer cover of the black hole area. With this, Song Shuhang was finally able to see what was inside through his ‘Dragon Network Authority’.

In that area, there was also a ‘Dragon Network Node’ with a structure almost similar to Lady Kunna’s Central Dragon Network Node.

Inside this black hole node, demonic god pillars could be found. Each demonic god pillar was engraved with the image of a different demonic god. They were planted in that Dragon Network Node, wildly absorbing the energy of the Dragon Network.

This demonic god pillar looks so familiar. Song Shuhang frowned slightly.

While he was in thought, he reached out and lightly touched his left eye.

Right, it was from the scene of the big shots planting wards in the Ancient Nether that the Scholarly Sage’s eye had shown him.

Among them, there seemed to be a demonic sect elder who was an Immortal, and had planted his own wards in the Ancient Nether.

I remember that that big shot was a terrifying existence who had escaped to the Ancient Nether after failing to obtain the position of Wielder of the Heaven’s Will.

After failing in that battle, he had managed to survive. The strength of this Immortal is among the highest tier…

The demonic god pillar in this ‘Dragon Network Node’ was exactly the pillar of that Demon Immortal.

In other words, am I currently cooperating with Lady Kunna in fighting against that big shot from a demonic sect?

“…” Song Shuhang.

Song ‘Feels Uncomfortable When Not Provoking a Big Shot Every Day’ Shuhang.

Sometimes, you can’t just place your faith in those who don’t want money. It’s very much possible that they don’t want money, but they don’t want to live, either.

Today, Song Shuhang had gained another life experience.

And while he was busy summing up his life experience, the dragon-eyed Lady Kunna had already drawn the power of the Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation nine times, and merged it with Song Shuhang’s Sixth Stage heavenly tribulation. After doing so, she produced super-strengthened heavenly tribulation Lightning Palms, and then threw them to the Dragon Network Node of the Demon Immortal.

For some reason, Song Shuhang remembered the scene of himself and his friends using firecrackers to fry fish back when he was very young.

This was the feeling this scene was giving off.

This unexpected feeling is rather moving, Song Shuhang silently thought to himself.

By this point, over 30 enhanced Lightning Palms had been thrown in, the constant ringing of explosions coming from the node.

At the Dragon Network Node of the Demon Immortal, most of the demonic god pillars had been blown off.

“This is the method you’ve chosen to go with? You’ve bided your time for so long just to draw over the Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation?” A dull voice rang out from the Dragon Network Node.

The voice continued, “What does a mere Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation account for when compared to me? I’ve gotten a taste of heavenly tribulations of this level back when I was still ascending to the Eighth Stage. You’ve disappointed me greatly. Your judgement, your methods, your plans, your abilities, none of them are worth mentioning. Because of this, I shall suppress you.”

His voice, which was swollen with inordinate arrogance, was a kind of demonic tune, good at destroying people’s minds.

When the Demon Immortal had become an Immortal, as long as he spoke with a volume loud enough, he could make creatures with insufficient mental energy go mad. He was a moving disaster, a moving nightmare.

“Who is this arrogant guy?” Scarlet Heaven Sword said. Not even Scarlet Heaven, who was one of its masters, was this arrogant.

The dragon-eyed Lady Kunna stretched out her hands, opened them slightly, and flung them into the air.

In the next moment, three enhanced heavenly tribulation Lightning Palms were thrown into the Demon Immortal’s node.

Along with them… there was also a seed.

It was a transparent seed with the tiny figure of a woman curled up within.

The seed split at the moment it was sent to the node.

It was a strand of the ‘Ancient Nether Chaos Will’, which Song Shuhang had given to Lady Kunna.

The seed split apart, and the aura of the Ancient Nether Chaos Will leaked out.

In the next moment, a thunderous change happened to the enhanced Lightning Palms.

The heavenly tribulation had turned into Heavenly Punishment.

Under the heavenly tribulation, there was still a ray of hope to live. But under the Heavenly Punishment, there was only death.

The Heavenly Punishment was the embodiment of destruction.

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