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Chapter 1702 Senior Song, your words are so trueWait, no, it’s Scarlet Pupil… Black Pupil is already dead.

What was the relationship between Scarlet Pupil and Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark?

The way they revived looked so similar.

If someone claimed that the two had nothing to do with each other, Song Shuhang wouldn’t believe it.

Fairy Creation said, “Just to inform you, my magical technique hasn’t even begun doing anything yet… His resurrection has nothing to do with me.”

Song Shuhang said, “Could it be that there’s a bone of eternity hidden inside Scarlet Pupil’s body?”

However, Scarlet Pupil’s body did not possess an aura of ‘eternity’.

After all, Song Shuhang had come into contact with things related to ‘eternity’ several times in the past. Senior Skylark’s bone of eternity which the fat ball had forcibly taken away, the ‘pseudo-eternity mode’ which Senior White had activated, and his smoky form all had something to do with ‘eternity’.

Song Shuhang’s primordial soul moved forward, and went to Scarlet Pupil’s side. He then stretched out his hand to use the ‘secret appraisal technique’ on him.

[Scarlet Pupil (New): Nine years old, a hybrid born from a member of the Dragon Blood Clan and a human. The account has been re-registered successfully. Hidden talent has been activated, talent cooldown time: 10 years.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

It really referred to deleting the account and re-registering by getting stabbed to death and reviving?

In addition, he knew that this was the effect of Scarlet Pupil awakening a hidden talent, and not a bone of eternity.

“Mister, it feels so good to be alive.” The white-skinned Scarlet Pupil rubbed his head against Song Shuhang’s palm, then grinned. “While death is scary and fills one with despair, the moment when one revives is filled with hope and magnificence. I quite like the feeling of revival.”

The current Scarlet Pupil was no longer the black and thin boy. Now, his skin was white as snow, like a hard-boiled egg that had just been peeled.

Besides the change in his skin color, he now also had long black hair that stretched all the way to his legs… Hair this long would definitely prove to be quite a headache when excreting waste. In the world of cultivation, it was said that the expert who had researched the fasting technique was a fairy maiden who had long hair that reached her waist.

Anyway, after Scarlet Pupil became white, he no longer looked thin and weak.

While Song Shuhang was in thought, approaching footsteps could be heard in the distance.

Scarlet Pupil’s parents and experts of the Dragon Blood Clan had come.

Song Shuhang smiled slightly and patted Scarlet Pupil. “From today onward, you will be a brand-new Scarlet Pupil.”

Scarlet Pupil was dumbfounded.

Song Shuhang looked around him. After doing so, he took a circular copper plate from a table near them. His primordial soul held the copper plate tightly, and he rubbed it firmly in his hands while using spiritual energy.

In the blink of an eye, the copper plate was rubbed into a copper ring.

Song Shuhang willed it, and the [Tyrannical Song Sage Seal] appeared in his hands.

He then willed for the Sage Seal to shrink in size. He grabbed it and stamped a seal on the copper ring.

Afterward, he handed the copper ring to Scarlet Pupil. “Wear it… I will come to see you again in a few days.”

“Okay, Mister.” Scarlet Pupil took the copper ring solemnly, and put it on. “Mister, when can you tell me how to head to the ‘main world’ that Big Brother Black Pupil went to?”

“I’ll tell you when you finish your Foundation Establishment.” Song Shuhang smiled slightly.

In the distance, the figure of Scarlet Pupil’s father—Black Pupil XII—emerged, rushing where Scarlet Pupil was.

At the same time as he appeared, Song Shuhang, Scarlet Heaven Sword, and Fairy Creation all disappeared.

While in their primordial soul state, as long as they didn’t want to be seen by others, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see them.

“Scarlet Pupil?” When Black Pupil XII saw his son, his jaw looked like it was going to fall off.

How did my stupid son, who was black and thin, become white and robust?

And what’s with this hair?

And what’s with the blood all over the place?

If it weren’t for him still being able to sense through their bloodline connection that the boy in front of him was Scarlet Pupil, he would have wondered if his stupid son had been switched.

“Dad, from today onwards, I am a brand-new Scarlet Pupil!” Scarlet Pupil gave his father a thumbs up—that was what Mister told him. Although he didn’t quite understand what it meant, it sounded very cool to him.

Black Pupil XII said, “Could it be a blood awakening?”

His stupid son was a precious hybrid, but he had always been stupid and caused others’ hearts to ache. But now, perhaps his son had awakened… And along with that, perhaps his entire being had undergone earth-shattering changes.


Song Shuhang, Fairy Creation, and Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword floated in the air, and did not leave immediately.

At this time, in Song Shuhang’s small dantian, the virtuous diamond ball’s Golden Core Composition, ‘The Once Absolute Voice of the Sage of Ancient Times’, began to heat up.

Waves of insights and inspiration unceasingly flooded Song Shuhang’s mind.

This was what he needed to add the ‘finishing touch’ to the virtuous diamond ball’s Golden Core Composition.

On the small golden core, the Sage’s hollow ‘right eye’ flashed repeatedly, tempting Song Shuhang to fill it in right away.

Tsk. Previously, when I wanted to fill in your right eye, you’d repeatedly avoid me. But now, look at you trying to tempt me to add the finishing touch and fill your right eye! Do you think I’m so cheap as to do whatever you want whenever you want me to? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Even though he was thinking this, he still sent his consciousness into the virtuous diamond ball, and into the ‘Golden Core Composition Space’.

The inspiration for a finishing touch would sometimes come only once in a lifetime. If it was missed, it might take years or even centuries for another opportunity to present itself.

This was not the time to vent his frustrations.

‘The Once Absolute Voice of the Sage of Ancient Times’ was as peaceful as ever.

The Sage sat high above and delivered a speech, while all the intelligent creatures in the universe below listened to him.

Everyone was equal before knowledge.

Song Shuhang stretched his hand out towards the right eye of the Sage.

By the way, what is the effect of the Sage’s right eye? Song Shuhang wondered when he was adding the finishing touch to the eye.

The Sage’s left eye had the Impregnating Gaze, so did his right eye have a matching eye technique?

This time, the ‘Sage’ in the composition did not evade him.

The right eye was successfully painted on.

With that, the virtuous diamond ball transformed into a Lustrous Golden Core.

Consequently, the strength of Song Shuhang’s body once again upgraded to a new level.

In the right eye of the Sage, there was no magical technique, but there was an illusory figure looming in his pupil.

The figure had long blue hair, which was long and thick.

She wore a small white hat, standing in the distance like a blue flower in an icy world.

Song Shuhang suddenly said, “Sometimes, men really have to thicken their skin so that they can get a wife.”

Just look at the Sage. He had cultivated to the point where he could suppress the entire universe, earning everyone’s respect.

He managed to beat everyone who came at him, leaving nobody unsatisfied.

Everyone was convinced, and admitted that he was the most qualified person to inherit the position of Wielder of the Heaven’s Will.

With the status and strength of the Sage at that time, it would not be difficult for him to find Skylark.

However, he was so thin-skinned that he couldn’t bring himself to look for her, thinking that he was not the person Skylark was looking for, so he gave up.


[The Heavenly Emperor has added you as a buddy and attached a message: Senior Song, your words are so true. How can one find a wife without being thick-skinned?]

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