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Chapter 1682 This build is trash

Wait… Scarlet Pupil is still a kid! When Song Shuhang sensed the Sage’s eyes on his virtuous diamond ball slowly opening, his heart fell into a panic. For a child, the Expert’s Appraisal was simply too overbearing, and it was likely to traumatize them.

Eh, wait a moment.

This isn’t really the Scholarly Sage. It’s just a part of my Golden Core Composition. It’s not like it can pop out of the Golden Core Composition and launch the ‘Impregnating Gaze’ or something, right?

As he thought of this, Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief.

The Sage in the Golden Core Composition didn’t use the ‘Expert’s Appraisal’, but rather was merely using Song Shuhang’s ‘primordial soul’ to lock onto the young Scarlet Pupil in the distance.

Could it be that… the opportunity for the finishing touch of this Golden Core Composition lies with this young man?

Or is it that although this boy doesn’t have any talent for martial arts or magic, he has the talent to be a scholar? Could that be why the Sage in the Golden Core Composition resonated with him? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

If so, that would be rather enviable.

The style of scholars was great.

While Shuhang was thinking this, the Scholarly Sage in the Golden Core Composition closed his eyes, no longer paying attention to the boy…

That’s it?

Could it be that even the legendary Sage, who created the scholarly faction, is unable to do anything about this boy?

In that case, there might really be no hope for this boy.


On the lawn.

The young Scarlet Pupil stretched out his hand, and wiped his sweat and tears.

Then, he sat up vigorously.

He softly said, “It’s still early. I should practice another 100 times.”

Although he knew he was foolish, he did not give up. All these years, he had persevered.

He could still go on!

In that instant, Song Shuhang felt sorry for this child.

It’s a pity that my main body isn’t here right now. Otherwise, with the eyes of the Scholarly Sage, it might be possible to see which cultivation system this child might be best suited for and if he has any hidden talents, Song Shuhang inwardly said.

Thinking of this, he looked at Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword again.

Song Shuhang asked, “By the way, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword… Can you see if this boy has any special talents?”

At the end of the day, it was a divine weapon through and through, an existence that had seen the world from high above. Thus, it might be able to see something special in this boy.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword seriously said, “Mm-hm, I can see that this boy named Scarlet Pupil… can eat chicken wings without spitting out the bones. This is a very powerful talent. He can eat chicken several times faster than ordinary people.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “What now? Are you going to make contact with this boy?”

Song Shuhang sighed. “I feel like that would be very troublesome. This boy might just be stupid beyond our imagination.”

Having said that, his primordial soul slowly descended from the air and floated to the boy’s side.

Ordinary people couldn’t see primordial souls. Even cultivators, when they were below the Fifth Stage, wouldn’t be able to detect the existence of primordial souls. As for Song Shuhang, who had Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s protection, as long as he didn’t take the initiative to show himself, perhaps even an Eighth Stage Profound Sage wouldn’t be able to sense his existence.

Being able to bring out your primordial soul truly was a useful skill.

After Song Shuhang appeared next to Scarlet Pupil, he revealed his primordial soul.

The spear technique that Scarlet Pupil was using at this time just happened to be a spinning spear move.


The spear swept through Song Shuhang’s body.

At this time, Scarlet Pupil realized that there was a figure standing behind him.

He was taken aback. He grabbed his spear, and then assumed an offensive posture. “Who is it?!”

“There’s no need to be afraid.” Song Shuhang showed a warm smile, and said softly using the language of the Black Dragon World, “I’m just a passerby.”

His face, which made it look like he was someone who wouldn’t hurt anyone, could be quite useful sometimes. When meeting others for the first time, he could always leave an impression of being a ‘nice guy’.

But this time, Song Shuhang failed to make use of his face.

Scarlet Pupil became even tenser, with his breathing even picking up in speed.

He held onto his spear tightly and stared at Song Shuhang—as long as Song Shuhang moved even a little bit, he would lift the spear and stab at him!

Song Shuhang stepped back gently, waved his hand, showing that he was harmless, and then said, “I see that you’ve been practicing the spear for a long time, but it feels…”

Scarlet Pupil replied first, “I know, I don’t have any talent.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Song ‘Lines Always Stolen’ Shuhang.

Fairy Creation and the virtuous lamia had already been constantly snatching his lines. Now, even this foolish little brother of Black Pupil XIII was snatching his lines?!

Song Shuhang tentatively asked, “Are you interested in changing weapons, like a saber perhaps?”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said that this boy was not fit to practice the ‘spear’, but he wasn’t someone inherently stupid. However, even if he did change to the sword, the staff, or the saber, it might still not change anything.

But Song Shuhang was good with the saber, so if he really wanted to guide this child, it would be best for him if it were on the ‘saber’.

Anyway, the weapon hardly mattered when it came to Scarlet Pupil. That being the case, it would be better to choose the one that Song Shuhang was best at.

“No, I prefer to practice with the spear,” Scarlet Pupil said earnestly. “Actually, the weapon is not that important, but I’ve already practiced the spear for several years now… and I want to be a combat mage like my brother in the future, and the spear is one of the weapons best suited to combat mages.”

Song Shuhang let out a long sigh.

He didn’t know how to use the spear.

The only powerful skill related to the spear he knew of was probably that move that the Ancient Nether’s Will had used against him some time ago—the karmic spear, called [Ming-Yin-KPo] in the language of the Black Dragon World.

This spear technique had been noted down by Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, who was now deciphering it in order to convert it into a saber technique.

“Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, how’s the progress on the Ming-Yin-KPo Spear?” Song Shuhang asked.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword replied, “Stop dreaming. That spear technique requires one to be at the Sixth Stage or above to be used. In addition, you need to have a very deep understanding of karma to use it…”

Scarlet Pupil hadn’t even managed to master basic spear techniques after so long. It was highly probable that he wouldn’t be able to learn an advanced spear technique even if he worked hard for his entire life.

“How troublesome.” Song Shuhang turned his head, and continued to look at the thin boy.

Scarlet Pupil didn’t scream, didn’t ask for help, but looked at Song Shuhang vigilantly. Perhaps he could sense that Song Shuhang had no malicious intentions, or perhaps he simply didn’t even think of ‘calling for help’?

“It seems that I can only try using that technique and see what I can do,” Song Shuhang said. “I wonder if my primordial soul can perform the ‘secret appraisal technique’.”

Song Shuhang looked at Scarlet Pupil, and sincerely said, “Scarlet Pupil, if you believe in me, come here and let me appraise you.”

“No.” Scarlet Pupil shook his head. “Those evil demons are said to tempt people just like what you’re doing now. I won’t cooperate with you.”

“Do you want to know where your brother Black Pupil XIII went?” Song Shuhang smiled slightly, feeling that Scarlet Pupil would take the bait.

“Yes!” Scarlet Pupil nodded vigorously.

Song Shuhang said, “Come here and let me appraise you. I will tell you where your brother has gone.”

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Song Shuhang’s words really weren’t the best to listen to. People who didn’t know the context would probably think that he was committing a crime should they hear him say this line.

“Okay!” Scarlet Pupil thrust his spear into the ground, and ran to Song Shuhang’s side.

He truly was a huge fool.

Song Shuhang’s primordial soul stretched out his hand, and rubbed the boy’s head vigorously.

Scarlet Pupil did not resist, and let Song Shuhang rub his hair.

After a while, Song Shuhang took off his ‘glove’ and placed his palm on Scarlet Pupil’s body, urging the ‘secret appraisal technique’.

The secret appraisal technique was successfully cast!

In the ‘Scarlet Dragon Cave’, where Song Shuhang’s clone was, a few more wounds appeared on his body out of nowhere.

Fairy Creation turned around and flicked her hand to cast two healing techniques on him. After a while, the wounds on Song Shuhang’s clone recovered.

After the price was paid, the result of the appraisal was sent back to Song Shuhang’s consciousness.

[Scarlet Pupil: Nine years old. A hybrid between a member of the Dragon Blood Clan and a human. He is a child born to Black Pupil XII and a human woman; he admires and respects his genius big brother. His martial arts talent is extremely poor, his affinity for magic is extremely poor, his comprehension ability is extremely poor, and his physical growth is extremely poor. This build is trash, it is recommended to register a new account.]

“This kid is nine years old?” Song Shuhang looked at the thin little boy in disbelief—this boy was the size of a four-year-old.

Whether it was martial arts, magic, or comprehension, this boy had a poor talent in all of them.

The result of the appraisal was not false; this guy’s build really was trash.

Is there anything I can do to help? Song Shuhang continued to urge the ‘secret appraisal technique’ in an attempt to obtain more information.

It might be due to the influence of Black Pupil XIII, but he felt close to Scarlet Pupil.

If he could help this little guy, then he would do so.

If he didn’t have the ability to help, then… he could only give up. After all, he was not an omnipotent god.

The secret appraisal technique did not send him back any more information.

There were two possibilities as to why this happened.

One was that Scarlet Pupil was truly hopeless, and nothing could be done to save him.

The other possibility was that he had no way to further appraise him for the time being, as his authority and strength were not high enough.

Being hindered by insufficient authority had happened to him before.

The secret appraisal technique wasn’t something that could solve everything.

“Is it fine now?” Scarlet Pupil asked. “Now can you tell me where my big brother is?”

“Of course.” Song Shuhang put on his gloves, and said, “He has gone to the main world.”

Scarlet Pupil asked, “The main world? What’s that? Where is it in the Black Dragon World?”

Song Shuhang shook his head, and replied, “It isn’t in the Black Dragon World. It’s a larger world that you can reach after leaving the ‘Black Dragon World’.”

Scarlet Pupil’s eyes widened.

It was unknown if he could understand the meaning of Song Shuhang’s words.

“I have a set of skills called the ❮Steel Hands Technique❯,” Song Shuhang suddenly said. “This set of skills isn’t complicated to learn. After learning it, you only need to practice it repeatedly every day, and you might make some progress in it. Are you willing to try learning it?”

Scarlet Pupil seriously said, “I want to be a combat mage.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

This guy wasn’t just stupid, he was also very obstinate.

“But, if it can make me stronger, then I want to learn it,” Scarlet Pupil added. “What price do I have to pay to learn it?”

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