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Chapter 1659: Senior Song, you are mine too


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Just as Song Shuhang thought, the one with the long pair of legs that came out of the spatial channel was Soft Feather, appearing youthful and beautiful as she stood in the sky.

I was just thinking about accessing the Internet through the ‘Virtuous Network’ to contact Soft Feather and ask her some questions. I didn’t think that she would come over before I could even do so.

Moreover, she directly came out of a ‘spatial gate’.

This is definitely not Soft Feather. At the very least, she definitely isn’t the Soft Feather I know, Song Shuhang said in his mind.


Soft Feather had just ascended to the Fourth Stage; there was no way she could open a spatial gate.

Song Shuhang said, “Fairy Waiting for a Promise, Fairy Creation, get ready.”

Fairy Creation stretched out her hand and brought out the ‘Sage’s eye’.

The virtuous lamia reached over to Song Shuhang’s left eye socket, and removed his eye. Then, Fairy Creation moved forward and put the Sage’s eye into his eye socket.

After having gone through this process several times, it went like clockwork.

Song Shuhang’s body did not reject the ‘Sage’s eye’ at all, and it felt as if the Sage’s eye was a part of his body now.


Immediately afterward, the virtuous lamia attached herself behind Song Shuhang, bringing out her ‘variant blood bone’.

After thinking about it, she took out the ‘virtuous flat imperial hat’ as well.

Only a small amount of its energy had recovered. The virtuous lamia put on the flat imperial hat, but did not activate it. She merely brought it out just in case it was needed.


Song Shuhang asked, “Fairy Creation, can you sense Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s location? May I trouble you to find it and ask it to return?”

“Mm-hm.” Fairy Creation nodded. Her figure rose into the air before quickly heading out of the Dragon Blood Tribe.

Song Shuhang raised his head again and looked at the sky.

The small sun moved slowly around the Black Dragon World according to its orbit.

The place where Soft Feather appeared was right beside the small sun.

Soft Feather said, “I’ve finally locked onto you again. I said: you are mine!” After that, she directly stretched her hand out towards the small sun.

Song Shuhang closed his eyes. In the next moment, he shifted his consciousness to the ‘steel manifestation’, which was inside the small sun.

The steel manifestation shook its right hand slightly, ascertaining that the ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’ was still intact on its hand.

With this magical treasure, Song Shuhang felt slightly more reassured.


As Soft Feather’s hand touched the area right around the small sun, it suddenly came to a stop.

Her gaze peered directly through the little sun to Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation, who was within.

“…” Soft Feather.

“…” Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation.

“Aiyah. Isn’t this Senior Song?” Soft Feather covered her mouth and chuckled.

Song Shuhang asked, “Soft Feather?”

“That’s right, it’s me.” Soft Feather reached out to stroke her long hair, and gently flicked it back. “I didn’t expect to meet Senior Song here. Senior Song… You really are everywhere, or should I instead say that we’re particularly tied by fate.”

Song Shuhang showed no expression on his face, and the steel manifestation showed no expression, either.

“But Senior Song, what’s with your current state? This steel body, is it a clone or an incarnation?” Soft Feather giggled, laughing very cutely.

The light of the small sun shone on her, setting off her snow-like skin. This coupled with the extraordinary temperament that she was unintentionally displaying really made her appear like a lofty goddess.

Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation looked at Soft Feather calmly.

There was clearly something wrong with Soft Feather.

That temperament of hers was proof of this.

Well, there were several possibilities.

1. She was Soft Feather… but perhaps possessed by a future Soft Feather? However, this possibility was unlikely.

2. She was not Soft Feather.

If so, could she be Soft Feather’s… mother? Grandmother? Ancestor?

If not those, Song Shuhang had another terrifying guess—the Heavenly Emperor.

This was the last thing Song Shuhang wanted to be faced with.

“It looks like I guessed it right, this should be an incarnation of Senior Song. So, where is Senior Song’s main body? Is it somewhere in the Black Dragon World below?” Soft Feather’s eyes moved to the ground below. “I’m guessing that Senior Song has secretly locked onto me with the ‘Impregnating Gaze’, and that divine sword that slashes out with saber intent is with your main body, is that right?”

It’s the worst scenario. Song Shuhang felt his waist throbbing again—the injury he got from the Ancient Nether Chaos Will was faintly hurting.

With the Soft Feather in front of him speaking of matters of such a level, Song Shuhang was naturally able to immediately deduce her identity.

She was the ‘Heavenly Emperor’ of the Ancient Heavenly City.

As for the reason why she had Soft Feather’s appearance… that should be related to Soft Feather’s kidnapped ghost spirit.

The Heavenly Emperor was currently possessing Soft Feather’s ghost spirit.


Song Shuhang got a sour taste in his mouth when he thought of this.

His and Soft Feather’s ghost spirits really had similar fates.


The two ghost spirits had been pulled out from the same ancient tomb, and their fates afterward were extremely similar.

Song Shuhang’s ghost spirit was borrowed by the scholarly faction’s Lustrous Scholar… only to never return.

Meanwhile, Soft Feather’s ghost spirit was forcibly borrowed by the Heavenly Emperor… still being away from her to this point.

“However, neither Senior Song’s Sage’s eye nor treasured sword can stop me. I really am quite lucky today.” Soft Feather smiled. She stretched out her hand, and then a series of shining runes appeared in her palm.

It was the Imperial Rune.

This was one of the indications that the Heavenly Emperor was an expert at the same level as the Scholarly Sage.

The Scholarly Sage had created the ‘Scholarly Rune’, which possessed unfathomable and supernatural power when used by the Sage. Each Scholarly Rune contained the power of the Laws.

The same was true for the Imperial Rune.

“At first, I was only planning on taking this fish lair magical treasure back and making it into a suitable magical treasure, but never did I expect that I’d meet Senior Song’s steel manifestation while doing so. Senior Song, you are mine as well!” Soft Feather (Heavenly Emperor) giggled as she stretched out her hand and pressed the ‘Imperial Rune’ on the small sun.

“I refuse!” Song Shuhang resisted.

She stole Soft Feather’s appearance, now she wants to take my steel manifestation as well? Dream on.

Below, Song Shuhang’s main body released the ‘Impregnating Gaze’ without hesitation.

Expert’s Appraisal. The time has come for you to see whether you’re an expert.

Song Shuhang didn’t have much hope in the ‘Impregnating Gaze’.

The last time he faced the Heavenly-Emperor-possessed Soft Feather, Song Shuhang had also used the ‘Impregnating Gaze’, but she easily blocked it with her Imperial Rune.

The Impregnating Gaze was called ‘Expert’s Appraisal’ because true powerhouses were immune to it.


The Scholarly Sage’s eye… As long as it was brought out, it was nigh impossible to evade its attacks without preemptively detecting it.

In the sky, the Heavenly Emperor did not bother dodging at all.

This time, she didn’t even use the Imperial Rune to defend herself, letting the ‘Impregnating Gaze’ fall on her.

After the Impregnating Gaze reached her body… it suddenly went straight through.

It was as if her body didn’t exist.

Immediately afterward, the Impregnating Gaze fell on the ‘steel manifestation’.

Song Shuhang’s face suddenly turned pale.

You have used ‘Expert’s Appraisal’ on your steel manifestation.

Appraisal Start.

It has been identified that your steel manifestation is not a peerless expert, it has failed to resist.

And so, the steel manifestation entered the pregnancy stage, and after 10 seconds, the labor stage.


Feel a mother’s love!

Song Shuhang quickly transferred the part of his consciousness attached to the ‘steel manifestation’ back to his main body.

Heavenly Emperor praised, “Amazing, even an incarnation made of steel isn’t immune to this eye technique. The magical techniques that the Scholarly Sage came up with truly are spectacular.”

As she spoke, the ‘Imperial Rune’ in her hand had already enveloped the entire little sun.

The small sun in the Imperial Rune began to die down, and it no longer resembled a sun.

As the small sun was extinguished, the energy in Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation began to recover. A portion of the energy of the ‘small sun’ was poured back into the steel manifestation.

With energy, there was a chance it could escape.

“Hah! This time, I came prepared. I won’t let there be any accidents.” The Heavenly-Emperor-possessed Soft Feather chuckled. “Senior Song’s incarnation, you are also mine.”

“Spatial jump!” Song Shuhang immediately issued an order to the ‘steel manifestation’.

After having recovered its energy, the steel manifestation immediately activated the ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’, and spatial fluctuations emerged.

However… the spatial jump failed.

Under the blockade of the ‘Imperial Rune’, the steel manifestation failed to complete the spatial jump… Only the Ancestral Witch’s Blessing glove was able to flash out from the gap in the ‘Imperial Rune’, falling down.

Right after that, the glove descended straight to Song Shuhang’s position. This was a treasure that, after having gone through refinement, would return to its master as soon as it could sense their aura.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand to catch the ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’, putting it on his left hand.

“At this time, it would be great if Senior White and Senior White Two could return from the Ancient Nether.” Song Shuhang sighed.

He was in quite a bit of trouble.

“Whoosh~” At this time, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword quickly returned with Little Yinzhu and Fairy Creation, landing firmly in Song Shuhang’s hands.

“The Heavenly Emperor?” Scarlet Heaven Sword asked aloud. It had been watching the changes of the small sun just now, and it had immediately been able to guess the identity of the ‘Soft Feather’ in the sky.

Song Shuhang nodded.

“Why do we run into her everywhere?” Scarlet Heaven Sword said. “But this time, I’m full of energy. Destroy her!”

It had gotten Scarlet Heaven to fill it with energy in order to deal with a situation like the one right before it now—Song Shuhang, this guy, had the tendency to inadvertently trigger big shots.

Scarlet Heaven Sword called, “Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique, strongest form!”

Flames raged on the sword, and the saber intent rushed towards the night sky, burning the skies and boiling the seas.

Fairy Creation quickly took Li Yinzhu and moved away.

“Boom~” The pavilion where Song Shuhang was located was reduced to ashes by the flames in an instant.

“It’s too late, Senior Song.” In the sky, the Heavenly Emperor smiled. “It’s all mine now, goodbye.”

Ripples emerged.

Then, in the sky, the ‘small sun’ disappeared.

And along with it, Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation, which was inside the small sun, also vanished.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword shouted, “Use the saber controlling technique to send me over to her!”

“See you next time, Senior Song. I am currently busy preparing for this new body to transcend the tribulation. The next time we meet, your main body will be mine~” The Heavenly Emperor’s figure retreated slightly, merging into the spatial channel before disappearing.


Unexpectedly, the body of Soft Feather’s ghost spirit, which she was occupying, still needed to transcend tribulations?

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