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Chapter 1653: It could do that?

“The job that suits me?” Song Shuhang asked curiously. “What kind of job is it?”

Lady Kunna said, “The one with the highest compatibility with these two magical techniques should be the job ‘Wakeman Mage’.”

The tribal chief of the Dragon Blood Tribe then brought Song Shuhang and Lady Kunna to the ‘Class Transfer Ceremony Altar’.

Wakeman? Song Shuhang translated the word in his mind.

This word seemed to be an exclusive vocabulary of the ‘Black Dragon World’.

If translated into Chinese… It should mean something along the lines of sacred, pure armor or robes?

From this, it could be seen that the work of those who made subtitles really wasn’t something anybody could do. Some words simply contained too many meanings, making it very difficult to properly and wholly translate the meaning.

Song Shuhang said, “Will I be able to change my job?”

Lady Kunna smiled slightly. “Just follow the process first. Regardless of whether it succeeds, we’ll have to try it out first. If you can’t change your job, I’ll just have to think of other ways.”

Lady Kunna was full of confidence when she said this.

This confidence was founded on her wealth of knowledge… as well as the group behind her, who had the same tastes as her, her companions in the famous ‘Philosopher Group’ in the Black Dragon World.

If this did not work, then she could still talk and research with her companions to see if they could create a new magical technique specifically for people like Mr. Shuhang who had not transferred even after reaching higher levels.

When she was confident, Lady Kunna was quite charming. The old tribal chief beside her couldn’t help but glance at her a few more times, nodding slightly and admiring her.

At the class transfer altar of the Dragon Blood Tribe.

This altar was similar to the altar that Song Shuhang had seen in the temple when he had been in Black Pupil XIII’s dreamland.

The old tribal chief stretched out his hand, and took out fingernail-sized pieces of black dragon spirit stones, sprinkling them on the edge of the altar and laying them out along the formation.

Afterward, Song Shuhang stepped into the center of the altar as instructed by Lady Kunna.

Then, Lady Kunna began the transfer ceremony.

The ceremony was not complicated… It carried the same style as the Black Dragon World temple—no extravagance, no formalism, only sincere service to the people.

After Lady Kunna finished praying, she took out her ‘magical power top-up device’, tapped it lightly, and began the ceremony.

At the same time, she arranged for several jobs that fitted Song Shuhang.

In this way, they would be able to screen for the mage class suitable for Song Shuhang much faster so as to reduce the consumption of the ceremony.

In Song Shuhang’s eyes, the Dragon Network that filled every nook and cranny of the Black Dragon World resurfaced.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang’s mental energy and consciousness were led along by the Dragon Network. Following the guidance of the Dragon Network’s energy, he finally arrived in a consciousness space.

The space was similar to the tribulation space of the Black Dragon World, but this space was more peaceful and full of light.

When Song Shuhang’s consciousness appeared, the consciousness of Lady Kunna who was opposite him appeared at the same time.

At this moment, she held a huge staff in her hand, and pointed it at Song Shuhang far away.

On the staff, different marks could be seen rotating.

Each mark represented a job change that matched Song Shuhang.

Looking at this situation and scene, Song Shuhang suddenly thought of something.

Since the Dragon Network World can do all this… Can the main world’s ‘Virtuous Network’ also do something similar?

If so, can this be turned into a legendary [VR Game]?

No, no, I should concentrate and gather my mental energy.

I’m changing my job, what’s with all these random thoughts I’m having?

After staying in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ for a long time, my thinking has really become jumpy, and there’s no cure for it at all.

Song Shuhang concentrated.

The marks that had been surrounding Lady Kunna’s staff fell, and made contact with him.

But when each marker came into contact with Song Shuhang, they were repelled, bouncing away.

Lady Kunna frowned slightly.

She selected six job runes that were the most suitable for Song Shuhang, but none of them allowed him to make the transfer. It wasn’t that they weren’t suitable, but that Song Shuhang couldn’t change his job at all.

Sure enough, it didn’t work, Lady Kunna silently said in her mind.

The ceremony continued, and 10 more job runes drifted past Song Shuhang.

However, Song Shuhang’s body seemed to have the ability to rebound the runes, with the runes all being bounced away.

Lady Kunna said, “It failed.”

Song Shuhang responded, “It’s fine, we were mentally prepared for this. Failure is the mother of success, and we need not be afraid of failure.”

…Sure enough, he didn’t have any fate with a wonderful class like a spellcaster. For things like magical techniques, having the Flash Technique + Lightning Palm + Battery Charging Technique was enough.

“Mr. Shuhang, your words are always so beautiful,” Lady Kunna said and smiled. She slowly put away her staff. “That’s right, we were mentally prepared for this. For now, let’s leave this space.”

After saying that, her figure slowly disappeared from this ‘transferral space’.

After about 20 breaths…

“…” Song Shuhang.

Hey, what’s going on?

Why did I not disappear?

Lady Kunna, it couldn’t be that you forgot to take me out, right?!

What’s with me and these teammates that bait me? Lady Kunna!

Song ‘Needs Some Love and Care’ Shuhang.

He looked around in this huge ‘job transfer space’, and felt a throbbing pain in his waist—it had to be the wound caused by the stab of the ‘Ancient Nether Chaos Will’ before.

Song Shuhang sighed deeply.

“Then the question is, when will I disappear?”

Do I have to wait for the altar ceremony to use up all the energy?

Or do I have to wait for Lady Kunna to reenter and take me away?

Shuhang is very tired and wants to retire.

After a few more minutes.

Song Shuhang sat hugging his knees in the corner of the transfer space.

Did Lady Kunna forget about him?

Or could it be that the ‘job transfer space’ everyone entered was different every time, so after Lady Kunna forgot to bring him out… he was now trapped here with no way to get out?

“What horrible luck today.” Song Shuhang stood up, and began to look for a way to leave this space.

Continuing to wait and do nothing was not a solution. People couldn’t always rely on others; they had to learn to save themselves.

Song Shuhang said, “Fairy Waiting for a Promise!”

Before, in the Black Dragon World, the virtuous lamia could be summoned, so what about this space?

If the virtuous lamia could be summoned, then she could bring his consciousness back, or at least he could have her go back and notify Fairy Kunna to end the ‘transfer ceremony’.

After a while, he found that the virtuous lamia did not respond to his summoning.

“Could my connection with the fairy have been blocked?” Song Shuhang said in distress.

Right, the job transfer space was a place that couldn’t be affected. Once disturbed, transferring to the wrong job could affect one’s life, so it was understandable for it to have the function of shielding the inside from external influences.

Song Shuhang thought, Apart from the virtuous lamia… is there any other way for me to contact Lady Kunna, such as sending her my location or something?

After that, he immediately thought of the QR code and his connection with her as an ‘ally’.

Maybe through that, he would be able to contact Lady Kunna.

But how do I use my consciousness to guide the energy of the small golden core?

After all, this space seemed to be strongly shielded.

Song Shuhang tried it out.

The connection between him and the ‘ancient divine witch blood’ was also restricted.

However, a shiny QR code projection appeared in front of him.

It was his QR code Golden Core Composition.

“…” Song Shuhang.

What was the use of condensing the QR code and projecting it out?

Just as he was thinking this, a light slowly condensed in the place where Lady Kunna originally stood.

Did Lady Kunna finally find him?

In the next moment, the figure of a black beauty appeared in that position.

The figure had the exact same appearance as Lady Kunna.

The same dress, the same huge staff, and the same exquisite facial features.

However, Song Shuhang frowned slightly.

The consciousness in front of me should be Lady Kunna, right? I can even faintly sense the connection between me and her, that intangible connection where we’ve added each other as ‘allies’ through the QR code.

…But something felt wrong.

In front of him, Lady Kunna opened her eyes, revealing her red-golden vertical pupils.

Her gaze fell on the projection of the QR code pattern in front of Song Shuhang.

“Beep~” A loud sound rang in the space.

[Do you want to become an ally of ‘Song Shuhang’? YesNo.]

This option materialized and emerged in front of ‘Lady Kunna’.

Lady Kunna’s eyes did not move. She just stood there quietly, motionless.

After about 20 seconds or so…

[Because you have not responded for a long time, proceeding with the default option, ‘Yes’. ‘Ally’ added successfully.]

“!!!” Song Shuhang.

What kind of weird operation was this?

Why did I not know that the QR code still had such a function?

Afterward, Song Shuhang felt that he and the ‘Lady Kunna’ in front of him became more cordial.

Between them, there was a feeling that they had become reliable companions.


The entire transfer space collapsed.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness returned to his body.

When he returned, he found the virtuous lamia appeared behind him, gently shielding him.

“Great, Mr. Shuhang, you are finally awake.” In front of him, Lady Kunna let out a breath of relief. “You passed out just now. I thought there was a problem with the ceremony, and I was given a fright.”

The old tribal chief said, “Mr. Shuhang, you might have consumed too much energy in the past few days, and your body has become weak. Tonight, I will ask the tribe’s chef to make a meal for you to help you out.”

Song Shuhang showed a complicated smile. “Thank you. How long have I been unconscious?”

The old tribal chief said, “About a first-order bone.”

When converted, that should be about an hour and a half? Song Shuhang rubbed his temples.

He stood up and used his Inner Sight to inspect his body to see if there was anything wrong with it.

The life-bound whale core was OK—nothing happened to it.

The small golden core, colorful monster core, virtuous diamond ball, blood demon core, and mechanical core reactor were all also OK, and there was nothing wrong with them.

Nothing had changed with the ancient divine witch blood which had turned into a Lustrous Golden Core, either.

Finally, Song Shuhang looked at his seventh golden core, the ancient nether dragon soul. After looking at it, he saw a ‘dot’ shining on this small golden core.

Flashes of small dots, like those on the screen of a phone that would prompt one to update one’s software, were particularly conspicuous.

His OCD made this rather unbearable.

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