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Chapter 1651: Song ‘Slightly Lonely’ Shuhang

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword calmly said, “Speaking without holding back, and also showing your thoughts on your face; blowing yourself up from time to time; fear of heights and high speeds; having many mental dramas. Now, you’ve got a problem with your hands… You’ve really heavily ill.”

Song Shuhang asked, “But I feel like I can still save myself…?”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword quickly replied, “There’s no saving you. Just wait for death and say goodbye.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Behind him, the virtuous lamia’s head had quietly appeared at some point. When she heard Scarlet Heaven Sword’s words, her eyes lit up… Her lines’ database was updated again.

And unlike other lines, this line could be used in a wide range of situations.

Li Yinzhu crawled into Song Shuhang’s arms, raised her head, and asked, “A’Song, you still haven’t confirmed it. Does your small golden core already have the finishing touch?”

Song Shuhang touched Li Yinzhu’s head with grief, and said, “Ah, it’s done. I just finished it.”

Li Yinzhu’s eyes widened.

The demonic hamster on the railings in the distance turned its head, and said, “In other words, your golden core has already become a ‘Lustrous Golden Core’? Which means that you have to get ready to transcend the tribulation next?”

Song Shuhang said, “Under normal circumstances, there should be some preparation time. After getting their Lustrous Golden Core, cultivators usually have a lot of time to prepare their tribulation-transcending formation and the like, I should be no exception to this.”

…In addition, he was in the Black Dragon World. Could the heavenly tribulation even descend here?

With the Sage’s eye, Song Shuhang had seen [The scene of big shots gathering to place their wards down in the Ancient Nether World]. From that, he could ascertain that the ‘Ancient Nether World’ and the ‘Black Dragon World’ were very special existences, corresponding to the Netherworld and the main world.

However, the heavenly punishment could directly influence the ‘Black Dragon World’.

From this point of view, there was a high chance that the heavenly tribulation could also directly descend into the ‘Black Dragon World’.

After the demonic hamster thought about it for a while, it suddenly got up, cupped its fist for Song Shuhang, and said, “Farewell!”

“???” Song Shuhang.

№ Hamster, what do you mean? Are you implying that I’m going to definitely die during this coming tribulation?

We clearly just added each other as friends, this isn’t very friendly of you.

“I’m also at a stage where I’m about to transcend my tribulation, but relying on my master’s sealing, I’ve been delaying the descent of my tribulation.” The demonic hamster took out its toothpick-sized sword and jumped onto it. “Anyhow, I’ll be staying away from you in the near future lest I get involved in your tribulation and destroy my master’s plan. See you again some day!”

After saying that, the demonic hamster quickly flew away without turning its head back.

Natural and unrestrained, true swordsmen never looked back.

“…” Song Shuhang.

“A wise move,” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword commented. “If two people who are about to transcend the tribulation stayed together, it would be extremely dangerous. It would be equivalent to having two time bombs next to each other, ready to detonate at any time. Transcending the tribulation as a group might be refreshing the first time, but it will eventually lead you to your grave.”

Song Shuhang quickly said, “Senior, please stop talking about this topic. I feel like I’m going to get trauma.”

He remembered the scene of the group tribulation that he had been in—it was a 5+1 type heavenly tribulation. The whole tribulation process was extremely stimulating, with each of the members of the group nearly dying several times. Looking back at it now would still cause them to shiver in fear.

Had it not been for the virtuous lamia, the puppet maiden, and the Almighty Merchant, Song Shuhang’s body would’ve already gone cold several months ago.

Song Shuhang’s heart beat even faster when he thought back to the finale of that tribulation where that ‘heavenly tribulation nuclear bomb’ had let out an excessively large explosion.

Even several days after having gone through that, Song Shuhang would still have nightmares of it. This trauma was at least at the level of four rooms, three halls, and two toilets—not counting the area shared by him, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, Daoist Priest Horizon, and Fellow Daoist Eternity.

In Song Shuhang’s arms, Li Yinzhu frowned and thought for a moment, and then got out of Song Shuhang’s arms.

Song Shuhang asked, “What’s wrong?”

Li Yinzhu learned from the demonic hamster’s actions, cupped her fists at Song Shuhang, and said, “Farewell!”


Her long silver hair was tied into a ponytail, and her silver eyelashes flapped one by one.

“Little Yinzhu, are you also at that stage?” Song Shuhang immediately realized.

Little Yinzhu nodded, and seriously said, “Mm-hm, in fact, I’ve long been at the peak of the Fourth Stage, and yesterday, with the bonus from the ‘Black Dragon World’ Dragon Network, I was placed on the verge of having to transcend my tribulation. However, as long as I don’t get involved in other people’s tribulations, it should still take some time before I have to do so.”

After saying that, she brought out her sword orb.

The sword orb turned into a blade of light.

She gently leaped onto it and flew away. “See you again some day!”

Then, she copied how № Hamster had looked, and quickly flew out.

In other words, she was a third time bomb that could explode at any time.

Song Shuhang responded, “Eh? Wait, Little Yinzhu, where are you going?”

As he said that…

“Fwoosh~” Li Yinzhu quickly flew back.

She sat on her knees, pinching her chin with one hand as she thoughtfully said, “That’s the problem, I don’t know where to go.”

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples.

At this time, if the Inner World could be opened, he could transfer Li Yinzhu into the Inner World first.

She was different from the demonic hamster.

№ Hamster was born in the Netherworld Realm, and there was almost nothing it had not come by before. It had a tenacious survival ability, so no matter the environment, it would be able to live well.

As for Li Yinzhu, although she was also at the peak of the Fourth Stage, she wasn’t that accustomed to surviving on her own.

After all, she had been ill since birth, having lived most of her life with the cold disease. Later on, she was in the state of being sealed inside an ice coffin all year round.

To be honest, it was already incredible that she had even reached the Fourth Stage.

Since her childhood, she had been under the protection of Daoist Priest Li Tiansu, and rarely came in contact with the outside world.

Even her temperament today was no different from that of a child.

How could Song Shuhang possibly have peace of mind if she were placed alone in the outside world?

“In that case, let me take care of Little Yinzhu,” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said. “I won’t be able to help you when you transcend your tribulation anyway. You can prepare some pills for Little Yinzhu, and I’ll take care of her for a while. When you’re done with your tribulation, I’ll bring her back.”

“That sounds good.” Song Shuhang began to dig out all kinds of pills from his spatial equipment.

“I’ll take Little Yinzhu to practice near the Dragon Blood Tribe, and prepare her for her tribulation. In addition, while I’m away with Yinzhu, if Lady Kunna is free, you could ask her to teach you the Black Dragon World’s magical techniques.” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s voice sounded from Song Shuhang’s belly.

The magical techniques of the Black Dragon World could be stored in the ‘magical power top-up device’, and that would be a great help when transcending the tribulation.

“I got it. Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, just send me your coordinates,” Song Shuhang said. “Fairy Waiting for a Promise, let Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword come out.”

The virtuous lamia’s figure came out from behind Song Shuhang. Then, she opened her mouth, and spat out Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Scarlet Heaven Sword fell by Li Yinzhu’s side, and picked her up with a light touch. “Farewell!”

After speaking, it flew away with a whoosh~.

In the room, only Lady Kunna, the old tribal chief, and Song Shuhang remained.

Seeing № Hamster, Li Yinzhu, and Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword leave him one after the other, Song Shuhang got the feeling of being ‘left behind alone’.

Please take care of yourself, lonely old Song Shuhang…

“Mr. Shuhang, why did they all fly away?” the old tribal chief asked in confusion.

When Song Shuhang was talking with the others, they had been using Chinese—after all, № Hamster and Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword did not speak the language of the Black Dragon World. Therefore, the old tribal chief and Fairy Kunna couldn’t understand what they were talking about.

“They have something they have to make a trip for, but they should be back in a few days.” Song Shuhang let out a lonely smile.

Then, he sat and looked at Lady Kunna. “Lady Kunna, time is precious, we can’t waste it in vain. So, why don’t we start learning magical techniques today?”

Originally, he had planned on setting another time for an appointment with Lady Kunna for the discussion on the cultivation system and the Black Dragon World’s mage system.

But now, with the ancient divine witch blood having turned into a ‘Lustrous Golden Core’, who knew when the heavenly tribulation would come for him?

Song Shuhang hadn’t even prepared a tribulation-transcending formation for the Sixth Stage heavenly tribulation.

Right now, the only way he could quickly increase his chances at transcending his tribulation was through the magical techniques of the Black Dragon World.

“If Mr. Shuhang wants to learn, then we can start doing so now,” Lady Kunna said with joy.

For a scholar like her, knowledge was the greatest thing in the world.

She couldn’t wait to discuss spiritual energy with Song Shuhang.

For an equivalent exchange, she would also bring out her knowledge of the Black Dragon World’s magical techniques.

A square table was set.

Shuhang, the old tribal chief, and Fairy Kunna each occupied one side.

Below, there were many young Dragon Blood Tribe combat mages that neatly sat in rows like students attending a class—even the tribe’s reconstruction project had been put aside.

Lady Kunna had a great reputation in the Black Dragon World, and she was considered a great teacher.

Nobody would want to miss her lecture.

“First of all, Mr. Shuhang should already have a good grasp of magical techniques, the magical power top-up device, and the Dragon Network, right?” Lady Kunna said. These were considered fundamental knowledge.

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “Yes.”

From having gone through [Black Pupil XIII]’s dreamland experience, he had mastered the most fundamental knowledge of the Black Dragon World.

Lady Kunna asked, “So, Mr. Shuhang, when you were in the Second Stage, what job did you transfer to? Was it healer? Combat mage? Strategy mage? Or a different job?”

“???” Song Shuhang.

I’m supposed to get a job change when I reach the Second Stage?

Then why did I not receive a prompt to change my job when I entered the Second Level of the Dragon Network?

Song Shuhang smiled wryly, and said, “I didn’t change my job.”

“How is that possible?” Lady Kunna’s eyes widened. How was this guy able to rush to the Sixth Level of the Dragon Network without changing his job?

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