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Chapter 1650: Why is my hand so impetuous

Did this ‘good fate’ have to be so exaggerated?

It’s already amazing for you to give me a ‘Golden Core Composition’. If you make it buy one get one free, adding the ‘finishing touch’ on top of that, wouldn’t that be too much?

We hadn’t agreed on this buy one take one free scenario at all.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness entered the Inner Sight state, and quickly went to observe the Golden Core Composition on his ancient divine witch blood core.

It was a complete QR code.

Looking at it all over, he really couldn’t find anything it lacked.

In theory, it was already a ‘complete’ Golden Core Composition, a composition lacking nothing. And with that, the golden core should directly enter the ‘Lustrous Golden Core stage’ from the ‘Purple Golden Core stage’.

What was next would be having to prepare means to transcend the tribulation, and getting ready to face the heavenly tribulation.

Wasn’t the ‘finishing touch’ supposed to be the most difficult and most important step while one was in the Fifth Stage Realm? Wasn’t it said that there were many cultivators who would even be stuck at this step for several dozens of years? Wasn’t it said that one needed the right timing, the right place, and the right situation to accomplish the ‘finishing touch’?

Song ‘Heart Chilling While in Extreme Despair’ Shuhang.

My resurrection is still on cooldown.

No, that isn’t what’s most important.

I still haven’t begun on the composition for my life-bound golden core, right?

If the ancient divine witch blood core were to attract the heavenly tribulation, what would happen to my realm after I transcend the heavenly tribulation?

At that time, would I be counted as having ascended to the Sixth Stage?

If this small golden core truly becomes a ‘Lustrous Golden Core’, then what do I do?

Should I learn from ‘Daoist Priest Horizon’, and nonstop look for people to impart my strength to?

Song Shuhang pinched his chin as he fell into thought.

In fact… if Song Shuhang really wanted to impart his strength, it wouldn’t be as troublesome for him to do so as compared to Daoist Priest Horizon.

This was because he had stamped many people with his Sage Seal.

This included many disciples of the various sects of the different seniors in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’.

It should not be forgotten that the Sage Seal had the function of ‘long-distance power transmission’. Although it would consume a lot of spiritual energy in accordance with how far the transmission target was, the function worked completely fine.

A picture emerged in Song Shuhang’s mind.

One day, his Lustrous Golden Core’s strength skyrocketed, bringing him closer to having to transcend the tribulation. Then, he immediately activated the strength-imparting ability of his ‘Tyrannical Song Sage Seal’, spreading about one day’s worth of strength to each person he had stamped the seal with.

After all, he couldn’t send them too much power.

“No, I’d rather just go against the heavenly tribulation than become Horizon 2.0” Song Shuhang shook his head vigorously.

It was not like he hadn’t transcended the heavenly tribulation in the past. He’d been seeing old heavenly tribulation pretty much every other month, if not more frequently. They should be very familiar with one another at this point. If he really couldn’t do anything about it, he’d just have to meet old heavenly tribulation again.

After they acquainted themselves with one another a bit more, perhaps the next time he transcended the heavenly tribulation, old heavenly tribulation would give him some leeway?

“Sigh~” With a heavy sigh, Song Shuhang’s consciousness lightly tapped on the ‘ancient divine witch blood’.

The ‘ancient divine witch blood’, which was originally as thin as paper, had returned to a round and chubby form.

The QR code covered the entire ‘ancient divine witch blood’, again confirming that there was no place left to fill.

“Is there any saving it?” At this moment, the voice of Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword sounded.

Song Shuhang replied, “Nope.”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword comforted, “Then… you should prepare to transcend your tribulation. Come out, let’s discuss the means of transcending the tribulation. Afterward, we’ll do everything we can to bring you as far away from others as possible for your heavenly tribulation, giving you a solo tribulation. This way, it should at most be a heavenly tribulation of the Sixth Stage. If the heavenly tribulation doesn’t mutate, you should be able to face it head-on.”

Song Shuhang was silent for a moment, and said, “Senior, in those few sentences of yours, I feel that you’ve planted several flags for me.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “You’re thinking too much. These are my well wishes for you, I’m comforting you, you idiot.”

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Thank you, Senior.”

After being reminded by Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, Song Shuhang found that… if it was just the simple heavenly tribulation of the Sixth Stage, he really did not have to be afraid.

Among other things, just having the virtuous lamia with her ‘Virtuous Palace projection’ would allow him to transcend the heavenly tribulation of the Sixth Stage while lying down.

Song Shuhang felt some reassurance in his heart.

Then, his consciousness got ready to withdraw from his small dantian.

Before leaving, his consciousness body stretched out its fingers, and lightly touched the ‘ancient divine witch blood’ core again.


In the next moment, the entire ancient divine witch blood core lit up.


Song Shuhang entered the state of creating a Golden Core Composition.

“???” Song Shuhang.

The Golden Core Composition state?

What happened?

Could it be that I was drawn to the Golden Core Composition world of my ‘life-bound whale core’, forced to make the composition for my life-bound whale core?

Am I being forced to complete the Golden Core Composition of my life-bound golden core in one breath, and then complete all the ‘finishing touches’ of the small golden cores?

Just as Song Shuhang was thinking this, a huge ancient divine witch blood appeared in front of him.

A ‘QR code’ pattern could be seen shining on it… It was like it was the paint for the Golden Core Composition.

Wait, could it be… Song Shuhang thought of a possibility.

My ‘ancient divine witch blood’ had never actually gotten a ‘Golden Core Composition’?

Could the ‘QR code’ that has appeared before not have actually counted, which is why I am now being made to draw this Golden Core Composition again by myself?

This makes sense! Song Shuhang realized in his heart.

No wonder he didn’t feel much of a connection with its ‘Golden Core Composition’ even though the ‘Golden Core Composition’ of his ancient witch golden core had been completed.

And… from the beginning to the end, the name of the Golden Core Composition had never come to his mind!

It turned out that he still needed to paint it himself.

Song ‘Revived and Filled With Vigor’ Shuhang.

He stretched out his hand, tapped on the ‘ancient divine witch blood’, and began to follow the QR code pattern.

Song Shuhang did not modify anything, and he did not change anything.

He was actually very satisfied with this ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’.

Shuhang also saw the function of ‘adding friends’ hidden in the ‘ancient divine witch blood’ pattern favorably, feeling that it suited the ‘ancient divine witch blood’ very well.

For this Golden Core Composition, Song Shuhang only needed to ‘black out’ the pattern.

This was the third most relaxing one among all of his Golden Core Compositions. He didn’t have to think too much when painting it at all.

The most relaxing ones were, of course, the two painted by the virtuous lamia and his ghost spirit in his place.

The process of blacking out the ‘Golden Core Composition’ was very easy.

Song Shuhang’s speed was very fast.

Anyway, all he needed was to follow the pattern right before his eyes.

Not long after, the entire ‘QR Code Golden Core Composition’ was already nearing completion.

What was left was the final stroke.

This stroke was the ‘most difficult stroke’, the finishing touch.

Even if he only needed to black it out, Song Shuhang could still clearly feel the importance of this stroke.

He had a feeling in his heart.

This stroke represented the golden blood that flowed from the wrist of the man standing by the side of the altar in the ‘ancient witch altar’ scene!

It was the core of the entire scene, the most essential point.

“I’ll just paint until this point,” Song Shuhang said softly.

In this way, all of his seven small golden cores were in a state of only lacking the ‘finishing touch’.

Neat and tidy, pleasing to the eye.

Song Shuhang said, “After my life-bound whale core has also gotten a ‘Golden Core Composition’, I will add all the final strokes of the various Golden Core Compositions in one breath!”

It felt pleasant thinking about accomplishing all of the final strokes of his Golden Core Compositions neatly.

Song Shuhang said, “Moreover, I can feel that the time has not come yet.”

The finishing touch required the right time, the right place, and the right situation; all had to be present.

One should not force it when not given the opportunity.

This situation was just like what it was for his third composition, ‘The Once Absolute Voice of the Sage of Ancient Times’, where he clearly knew that the last stroke was the right eye of the Sage who was conducting a speech. He even felt that his understanding and spiritual energy were sufficient at the time, and he was fully capable of painting the Sage’s right eye. But as the opportunity and time had yet to come, he did not go through with doing it.

At this moment, the ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’ in front of him also gave him the same feeling.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and drew towards the last stroke. “Even if I try to force the final stroke, all kinds of things would happen to prevent me from doing so.”

He felt so in his heart.


Song Shuhang’s finger pressed on the ‘QR code composition’.


The final stroke was blacked out.

“!!!” Song Shuhang.

As he added the finishing touch, the entire ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’ seemed to come alive.

At the same time, the name of this Golden Core Composition also emerged in Song Shuhang’s mind.

[The Witch Altar Hidden in History.]

It was a very apt Golden Core Composition name.

Because this witch altar was hidden in the ‘QR code’.

“Wait!” Song Shuhang felt his waist throbbing.

Why did I finish it?

There was clearly a strong feeling in my heart that I shouldn’t make this final stroke no matter what, feeling that the time had not come yet.

Why did I do it?

This doesn’t make sense!

The dark golden ‘ancient divine witch blood’ had already begun to transform.

It first went from being a ‘Solid Golden Core’ to a ‘Purple Golden Core’—although it wasn’t a Golden Core originally, after entering his dantian, it came to possess some of the characteristics of Golden Cores.

The dark golden blood became purple gold.

Immediately afterward, it advanced from being a ‘Purple Golden Core’ to a ‘Lustrous Golden Core’.

The divine blood changed from purple-gold to a lustrous color.

Its whole body was as lustrous and transparent, glowing with a faint golden color.

In the next moment, this ‘Lustrous Golden Core’ began to feed back power to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang’s physique greatly improved.

Song Shuhang’s spiritual energy gained depth.

Song Shuhang’s divine sense expanded.

It was as if his entire body had been completely reborn once over.

The ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯ and the ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯ circulated automatically.

32 Ancient Holy Apes appeared above his head, holding 32 Scholarly Scriptures in their hands.

This time, their formation had changed again.

The huge Holy Ape was still in the middle. 10 Holy Apes were arranged in a small circle, while the remaining 21 formed an even larger circle, surrounding Song Shuhang and the large Holy Ape.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness withdrew from the ‘small dantian’.

He looked up at the sky with a look of despair.

“What did you just do?” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword asked—why did it get the feeling that Song Shuhang had just become stronger again?

Song Shuhang calmly replied, “An impetuous hand is a disease that needs to be cured.”

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