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Chapter 1648: Apologies, I couldn’t help but laugh

№ Hamster exclaimed, “My hand slipped!”

“???” Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang asked, “What did you see after scanning the code? Was it the picture of an altar? Or was it an invite to add me as a friend? Or was it a prompt that told you to raise your level?”

“…” № Hamster.

There were actually so many options that could pop up? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

After a few moments, № Hamster replied, “It was an invite to add you as a friend.”

“Then you definitely chose [No], right?” Song Shuhang laughed, and said, “I don’t mind, so you don’t need to use your ‘hand slipping’ as an excuse. The reason why I pulled you over was to see what would happen when you scanned it.”

“…” № Hamster.

What were the exact words to show that one was feeling greatly aggrieved and annoyed? Anxiously waiting online, please hurry.

It suddenly wanted to die.

With an indignant feeling, № Hamster’s consciousness silently withdrew from Song Shuhang’s dantian.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “What happened?”

Song Shuhang gave a thumbs-up. “Sure enough, it has nothing to do with race. After № Hamster scanned the code, it was given the same option to add me as a friend just like what happened for Yinzhu.”

“Then why do I have to raise my level?” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword felt dissatisfied.

Song Shuhang squeezed his chin, and said, “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, perhaps you’re missing something. № Hamster and Yinzhu might simply have something that you don’t.”

While saying that, he glanced at Li Yinzhu and the demonic hamster.

He discovered that there seemed to be an ‘intangible’ connection between the two of them; it was as if they had grown fonder of one another.

“Eh?” Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up.

He stared at the demonic hamster carefully.

The latter avoided his gaze subconsciously.

Yeah, I really do feel closer to the demonic hamster.

Song Shuhang reached out and tried to touch the little head of № Hamster.

The latter once again subconsciously wanted to evade, but halfway through doing so, it was as if it had decided to stop its actions.

Song Shuhang gently touched its head. “Good boy~”

“Squeak~” The demonic hamster narrowed its eyes, and let out a comfortable cry.

So cute.

After a long while.

The demonic hamster angrily said, “Your sister, don’t touch my head casually!”

“Hm, my sister will be born in about eight or nine months.” Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Of course, it could also be a younger brother.”

“…” The demonic hamster.

There was simply no way to have a proper talk with this guy!

It silently picked up its flying sword, leaped onto the railings, and then looked into the distance, filled with a sense of having experienced the vicissitudes of life.

At the side, Little Yinzhu blinked her eyes.

Song Shuhang reached out, picked her up, threw her high up, and then caught her.

Song Shuhang used to do this a lot when he played with his younger cousins.

“Hehehehe~” Little Yinzhu let out a sweet laugh that sounded like the sweet ringing of a silver bell.

“Something that Little Yinzhu and the little hamster has that I don’t have…” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword fell deep in thought.

Racial discrimination was already eliminated—adding Song Shuhang as a friend had nothing to do with one’s race.

Was it a fleshly body?

After all, it was a magical sword, so it didn’t have any flesh or blood.

However, a fleshly body wasn’t something that one could obtain just by raising one’s level, right? As such, it couldn’t be that.

Unless we’re talking about what happened in Song Shuhang’s dreamland experience where a divine weapon cultivated with the ‘saber-nurturing technique’ will one day gain a human form.

However, Scarlet Heaven Sword felt that the ‘saber maiden’ in Song Shuhang’s dream shouldn’t be real. Scarlet Heaven Sword had seen a large number of Immortals’ divine weapons in its life, but it had never seen any that had gained a human form.

Therefore, it speculated that the other party wasn’t a ‘transmogrified saber’, but was originally something like an ‘invisible saber insect’. Then, after its cultivation had reached the Fifth Stage, it had gained the ability to assume a human form.

If it had nothing to do with one’s race or one’s body, then what exactly was the reason?

As Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword thought about it, a knock was heard on the door to Song Shuhang’s room.

It was the aura of the Dragon Blood Tribe’s old tribal chief and Lady Kunna.

“Mr. Shuhang, are you awake?” the old tribal chief said, and smiled—last night, he had sent the 2,000,000 units of magical power flow to Mr. Shuhang through the temple, and the other party should have received it by now.

He wanted to confirm whether Mr. Shuhang was satisfied.

Song Shuhang gently caught Li Yinzhu and put her down.

Then he silently grimaced. “I’m awake, please come in.”

The old tribal chief and Lady Kunna pushed the door open and went in.

The old tribal chief laughed, and said, “Hahaha, Mr. Shuhang looks great today.”

Song Shuhang responded, “It’s thanks to the old tribal chief. The 2,000,000 units of magical power flow came right on time. With that, I was able to move from the Dragon Network’s Fifth Level to the Sixth Level.”

“So that’s the case,” the old tribal chief said happily. “It brings me great joy knowing that I was able to help Mr. Shuhang.”

It seemed that Mr. Shuhang was very satisfied with his gift.

The old tribal chief showed a bright smile on his face.

In fact, when he had sent the 2,000,000 units of magical power flow, he had been quite worried—this was because most experts, especially young experts, were very face-conscious.

Gift-giving was also a skill. If the gift was given too directly, the young expert would likely feel uncomfortable and awkward.

But Mr. Shuhang was very direct in expressing his joy.

It’s really great that I was able to help Mr. Shuhang with those 2,000,000 units of magical power flow.

The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched slightly, and he turned to look up at the sun outside.

Communication really is a skill, he said in his mind.

It seemed that the Black Dragon World did not have any sense of ‘irony’ at all. It appeared that the old tribal chief had not heard the ‘irony’ in his words at all, completely ignoring it, and taking it as if he was truly satisfied with the gift.

My heart feels so stifled~

However, the old tribal chief had honestly sent those 2,000,000 units of magical power flow with good intentions. The other party had truly been intending to help him.

What else could Song Shuhang say?

Of course, he couldn’t really blame the old tribal chief.

So, he could only choose to smile at this time!

Song Shuhang showed a warm smile—there were many complicated thoughts hidden in the depths of this smile.

Lady Kunna blinked, and curiously said, “Why is Mr. Shuhang in such a hurry? You have actually gone from the Fifth Level to the Sixth Level right away? Did you not need to make more preparations? I originally wanted to come over today and teach Mr. Shuhang several practical magical techniques that can be used when transcending the tribulation.”

Song Shuhang continued to smile. “Time does not, the spring breeze blows, and the drums of war sound. When the east wind comes, how can I still worry about whether or not I’ve prepared?”

“Mr. Shuhang’s words are so complicated.” Lady Kunna looked confused.

Song Shuhang seriously said, “Hahahaha, anyway, I successfully entered the Sixth Level of the Dragon Network. It is a great occasion and deserves to be celebrated. In addition, although I’ve successfully entered the Sixth Level, I will still have to request Lady Kunna to guide me in the magical technique department. Having many skills is not a burden, I do need to master some more magical techniques, after all.”

Magical techniques could still be used when he transcended heavenly tribulations in the future, and he needed to learn more. This was especially so when it came to defensive magical techniques. Nevertheless, powerful magical techniques that could go against the heavenly tribulations, as well as auxiliary magical techniques, were also very important.

When Scarlet Heaven Sword heard Song Shuhang say “having many skills is not a burden”, it suddenly couldn’t help but laugh.

You’re at the Fifth Stage and still use basic fist techniques to fight others, just when did you have “many skills”.

Song Shuhang turned his head and glanced at Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword bitterly.

“As long Mr. Shuhang wishes to learn, feel free to look for me at any time.” Lady Kunna squinted her eyes as she smiled, and said, “In addition, I’m also very interested in some of the special magical techniques that Mr. Shuhang has.”

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “We can hold a mutual discussion then.”

This was the style that a cultivator should have when communicating with other cultivators.

“Right, Shuhang.” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword suddenly thought of something. “You should let Lady Kunna’s mental energy enter your dantian, and have her scan the QR code.”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword felt that it could find the reason behind what had happened.

“Eh? Will that be okay?” Song Shuhang asked rhetorically—Fairy Kunna wasn’t a cultivator, so would she really be able to scan his golden core?

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Try it. I have a feeling that the answer behind my problems may be there.”

Song Shuhang nodded, and looked at Lady Kunna. “Lady Kunna, can you transfer your mental energy to my body?”

There was quite a significant difference between a cultivator and a mage from the Black Dragon World, so Song Shuhang wasn’t certain whether Lady Kunna’s mental energy could even enter his dantian.

Lady Kunna replied, “Sure.”

Song Shuhang said, “Alright, try releasing your mental energy. You don’t need to release too much, just a small bit. After releasing it, have it move to my body, I will then guide your mental energy to my dantian.”

“Dantian?” Lady Kunna was puzzled, but her eyes glowed with a fiery light. The intuition of a scholar told her that Mr. Shuhang was going to show her something very special.

She closed her eyes, and then tried to split off some of her mental energy, and attach it to Song Shuhang’s body.

In the next moment, she suddenly felt Mr. Shuhang’s mental energy flexibly wrap around her mental energy, and drag it into his body. His way of using mental energy was very different from that of the Black Dragon World.

Song Shuhang said, “Don’t be nervous, relax.”

Cultivators’ and Black Dragon World mages’ cultivation paths were different, so the way they used their mental energy was different as well.

Song Shuhang brought Lady Kunna’s mental energy into his life dantian first.

In the dantian, the huge fat whale golden core was spinning leisurely.

Lady Kunna curiously asked, “What is this?!”

Why is there a strange fat fish in Mr. Shuhang’s body?

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “This is a golden core, I’ll explain to you when we hold our discussion. For now, just follow me.”

Then, while bringing Lady Kunna’s mental energy with him, he went upstream, passing through the small golden cores, and arrived at the ‘ancient divine witch blood’ core.

Lady Kunna felt like she had just gone through a wonderful trip, with every small golden core being a tourist destination.

The instincts of a scholar made her wish to stay and research everything.

Song Shuhang said, “Here, this is what I wanted you to see. Can you try to cover it with your mental energy, and see if anything happens?”

Following his instructions, Lady Kunna covered the QR code with her mental energy.


Lady Kunna felt her mental energy spread infinitely, turning into an unimaginably huge net.

The net and the QR code connected.

[Do you want to become an ally of Song Shuhang? YesNo.]

Does it even need to be asked?

Of course, she would choose ‘yes’.

Lady Kunna clicked on the ‘yes’ option without any hesitation.

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