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Chapter 1644: Senior White, I’ve found you

Due to not having been able to meet Sixteen yesterday, Song Shuhang was even more mentally prepared today.

And as he had expected, he didn’t get to meet Soft Feather.

If he’d met Soft Feather, that would’ve been a welcomed surprise.

“Where to?” the taxi driver asked after he got into the car.

Song Shuhang replied, “Train station, please.”

“Alright.” The taxi driver smiled. “The distance is just right. I’ll be able to get off my shift afterward.”

Song Shuhang smiled politely, and then fell into contemplation.

He still couldn’t believe that he’d mistaken someone else for Soft Feather.

How the hell did I mistake the bookstore’s shop owner for Soft Feather? Song Shuhang pinched his chin, deep in thought.

He carefully recalled the scene where he had mistaken the shop owner today.

Thinking back to that back view… He couldn’t have been wrong—it was definitely Soft Feather’s back view.

Song Shuhang was still confident in this regard.

Soft Feather’s figure, hairstyle, and walking posture were all unique. Because of Spirit Butterfly Island’s cultivation technique, her steps were light, and one step of hers was equivalent to a few of ordinary people’s… The reason she could do that wasn’t just because her legs were longer than average!

However, when she had turned around, she had inexplicably gotten the gentle appearance of the bookstore’s shop owner.

This mysterious unfolding was really beyond Shuhang’s expectations.

[In other words, Soft Feather never existed from the beginning. She was merely a figment of my imagination. Every time after renting a book, I would look at the shop owner, and then add various features to her in my mind.] Such a thought appeared in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Then, like ‘review bombing’, it was played repeatedly in his mind.

It was a sort of brainwashing!

The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth rose, and his mood brightened.

Obviously, this thought was not his own. It was a thought that was forcefully injected into his mind by the virtual world.

Tsk, besides review bombing, does this guy have no other means?

That thought furiously played in his mind, but his mood became more cheerful.

How should he describe this feeling?

Hmm, it was probably similar to what he felt when he watched Lady Onion rush up to him in her onion form and attack his calf vigorously with her cute little fists.

Lady Onion would attack vigorously, leaving afterimages of her fist, and from time to time she would even jump up and kick him on the knee.

However, this still could not change the fact that her attacks were completely ineffective on him.

At this moment, this ‘virtual world’ was just like Lady Onion, and its ‘review bombing’ was akin to Lady Onion’s fists. Although it appeared to be quick and vicious, its actual effects were quite poor.

Moreover, the more it tried, the happier Song Shuhang felt.

The feeling of seeing the other party grit their teeth and put all of their strength into their attacks but deal no damage to him was also a kind of ‘experience’.

When the taxi driver was looking at the rear mirror, he suddenly saw Song Shuhang’s weird ‘happy’ smile, and this caused his scalp to go numb.

Originally, he had still been pondering taking advantage of the little time left in his shift to bring the young man around. However, after seeing that ‘happy’ smile on Song Shuhang’s face, he immediately killed this thought.

He delivered Song Shuhang to the train station as quickly as possible. After collecting the money, he hurriedly left.

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

When did I offend this taxi driver? Why did he look like he was avoiding me as if I were some disaster? he wondered in his heart.

Although he had an ordinary body now, his experiences were still there. From the expression on that taxi driver’s face, he could easily guess the other party’s thoughts.

Ever since I got on, I haven’t done anything weird, have I? He and I barely even exchanged any words.

Song Shuhang scratched his head, turned around, and headed for the train station.

Not in a hurry, he went to get the ticket first, and then went to get something to fill his stomach.

Ordinary people’s bodies are really troublesome, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

After a cultivator reached the Fourth Stage, their food intake was no longer that important… Eating was just for enjoyment, and immortal dishes, which could enhance a cultivator’s strength as well as bring delight, were the only ‘feast’ a cultivator would desire.

Having to eat because of hunger was really quite troublesome.

Coach… Sure enough, I still want to cultivate. Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

In terms of his cultivation career, he had never really had a coach or teacher.

Despite that, he’d accepted several disciples.

Hmm, looking back, the seniors of the entire ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ could be considered both his teachers and his friends.

The train headed to a small town in Nanhua Lake City.

After getting off at this town, there was still some distance to Lin Yao Village.

Song Shuhang touched his wallet, and looked up at the sky.

I’ll first go to Lin Yao Village to see the Celestial God Temple, and then… If that doesn’t work out, I guess I’ll have to look for a place to stay around Lin Yao Village tonight. He yawned, feeling slightly tired.

I can’t even handle this? Sure enough, I lack exercise. Song Shuhang got off the train station, and then took a taxi directly to the Celestial God Temple.

“Eh? Brother, are you also going to the Celestial God Temple to pray?” After hearing about Song Shuhang’s destination, the driver immediately became enthusiastic.

“Mm-hm, I’ve been plagued with a lot of worries recently. After hearing that the Celestial God Temple has proved very effective for many people, I wanted to go over to ask for some blessings,” Song Shuhang replied with a smile.

The taxi driver said, “You’ve come to the right place. Although the Celestial God Temple in our Lin Yao Village is rather small, it is very effective. Regardless of whether it’s for a child, or for studies, or any other request for that matter, there’s a great chance of receiving the blessing of the Celestial God.”

Song Shuhang nodded with a polite smile.

The driver said, “Speaking of which, people nowadays are really strange. When I was young, everyone went to the Celestial God Temple to pray for a son. Everyone wanted their daughter-in-law to give birth to a son. However, in recent years, whenever people go to the temple to pray for a child, most of them pray for a daughter, and each wants a beautiful daughter. I really don’t understand the thinking of the young.”

Song Shuhang laughed. “Perhaps because daughters are relatively more caring? Or, because there have been too many prayers for sons back then, so people are now praying for daughters to balance it out?”

“That makes a lot of sense.” The driver gave a thumbs-up.

Song Shuhang leaned against the car window, and couldn’t help but think of Li Yinzhu…

Then, he suddenly felt really old.

Whenever a topic on daughters was brought up, he would think about having a daughter himself.

The driver asked, “Right, what are you going to the Celestial God Temple for?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Hmm, actually, I don’t really have anything specific to request. It’s just that things haven’t been working out well for me recently, so I want to ask for some peace of mind.”

The driver nodded. “You’ve got a very good mentality. Recently, I also took a few young students like you to the Celestial God Temple. They all begged to be academically successful. However, I’ll tell you something… When it comes to studies, most of it depends on yourself. Even if the Celestial God gives you a blessing, it won’t really do much. If you don’t work hard by yourself, what is the use of relying on the Celestial God’s blessing?”

Song Shuhang nodded silently, smiling sincerely.

‘Young students like you.’ He found himself liking hearing this sentence very much.

It seems that it’s been a really long time since anyone has called me young.

Song Shuhang asked, “Right, sir. What exactly does the Celestial God in the Celestial God Temple look like?”

“How should I describe it? It’s hard to explain in one word, but the statue of the Celestial God looks like a real immortal!” the driver replied.

Song Shuhang smiled and nodded.

An immortal-like statue… Maybe he wouldn’t return empty-handed this time.

Sure enough, Senior White will always be the most special one.

The opportunity to break the game this time seemed to be Senior White.

Lin Yao Village, near the Celestial God Temple.

The driver stopped the car, and said, “This is as close to the Celestial God Temple as I can bring the car. You will need to walk up there by yourself. Do you see that light? That’s the Celestial God Temple.”

Song Shuhang looked into the distance. This temple was in the same location as the temple where Senior White had left his seclusion in his memory.

“Thank you, sir.” Song Shuhang paid the fare and got off.

He began quickly walking to the Celestial God Temple.

The closer he got to the temple, the greater a sense of excitement he felt in his heart.

Yes, it was this temple.

Even the appearance was the same as he remembered; the layout and specifications had not changed.

Just that it was a bit more lively than he remembered.

The square in front of the temple was brightly lit.

Many people came in and out to make their prayers.

I’ll go in and have a look first. Song Shuhang tried to keep calm, suppressing the joy in his heart.

After all… the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Therefore, he had to calm himself down before he really went to see the statue of the Celestial God.

Song Shuhang approached the temple entrance step by step.

Those who came to make a wish lined up neatly.

He obeyed the order and entered accordingly.

Before entering the door, he bought two sticks of incense.

In the Celestial God Temple, the incense smoke was everywhere.

There was still a line of people in front of him, men and women, young and old, who were muttering words.

Song Shuhang quietly raised his head, and looked at the statue of the Celestial God.

In the next moment, he finally let out a long breath of relief.

This was the statue of the Celestial God…

In other words, the statue of Senior White before he left his seclusion.

The Celestial God Statue had long hair, and his hands formed a hand seal, appearing very lifelike.

It was a godly work of art.

Song Shuhang’s heartbeat could not help but speed up… This time, he was filled with pure excitement.

I’ve finally found it!

At this time, Senior White should still be closed up in the statue, right?

If there was no interference from foreign objects, Senior White should officially leave his seclusion at the end of this month, June 30th.

The crowd slowly moved forward.

Soon enough, it was Song Shuhang’s turn.

He put his hands together, and softly said, “Senior White, I’ve found you.”

Now, what should he do?

Senior White, who was in seclusion, couldn’t hear voices from the outside world at all. Even if he brought away his statue, he had no way to interrupt his seclusion.

How he was to summon Senior White was a big problem.

Did he have to wait until the end of the month when Senior White exited his seclusion?

Song Shuhang looked at the statue again.

After a while, he frowned slightly.

Back then, when he first looked at the statue, he saw Senior White’s real figure spontaneously emerge in front of him. His eyes were like stars, his white clothes were like snow, and he was as beautiful as an immortal that had descended into the mortal world.

This time, there was no such feeling.

This statue… It can’t really just be a statue, right?

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