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Chapter 1643: Cheer up

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Children’s Day, June 1st. Song Shuhang failed to meet Su Clan’s Sixteen.

However, he did not give up. Because immediately after was June 2nd, the day when Soft Feather rushed to the Jiangnan area in his memory, and ran to the ‘Luoxin street area’ ​​near Jiangnan University Town.

Soft Feather was another very important turning point in Song Shuhang’s life.

Medicine Master’s prescription in the Nine Provinces Number One Group had attracted Song Shuhang’s attention earlier. But it was the medicinal materials provided by Soft Feather that had truly pushed Song Shuhang onto the path of cultivation.

If there had been no Soft Feather passing through the Jiangnan area, there would’ve been no medicinal materials, nor the experience of catching a ‘ghost spirit’ with her, leaving it such that God knew when Song Shuhang would find out that the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were real cultivators.

Maybe when he was already dying of old age, he would suddenly discover that all the members of the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ were big shots flying in the sky. But at that time, he would already be about to pass away, unable to even walk, let alone being able to cultivate.

When that happened, he could only tearfully pass on his ‘chat account’ to his young grandson, and let him live the life of a cultivator that he dreamt of.

Then before he died, he could watch as his grandson who inherited his chat account stepped into the world of cultivation and became a genius among cultivators… Well, the premise was that he had a grandson.

June 2nd, Sunday.

Song Shuhang got up early in the morning again. Instead of going out, he turned on his computer and booked a train ticket to Lin Yao Village in Nanhuahu City.

If this virtual world made him avoid Su Clan’s Sixteen, and even prevented him from meeting Soft Feather today, then Song Shuhang could only go to ‘Lin Yao Village’.

There, Senior White was about to leave his seclusion.

He planned on going to the Celestial God Temple in Lin Yao Village where the statue of Senior White was.

When booking the ticket, Song Shuhang ran a quick check online.

He found that in ‘Lin Yao Village’, there happened to be a very famous Celestial God Temple, and he found that the incense there was burned continuously.

It must be Senior White. Song Shuhang’s eyes narrowed.

He booked a ticket, and then washed up before heading to the Luoxin street area.

When he got there, he found himself out of breath.

This feeling of being out of breath is really just like how it’d be in the dreamland. Song Shuhang stopped, bought a bottle of water, and sat on a chair in the Luoxin street area for a short rest.

From what he could recall, ever since he became a cultivator and ascended to the Second Stage, he never panted from running.

Sure enough, it was really great to be able to enter the world of cultivation.

Coach, I really want to play basketball…


Ugh, I mean, I really want to cultivate again.

Song Shuhang leaned on the chair, and looked up at the blue sky.

The life of ordinary people was very peaceful, and there wasn’t any danger.

They didn’t need to worry about weird things like suddenly exploding and dying. They didn’t need to worry about enemies barging in through one’s window in the middle of the night. They didn’t need to worry about Celestials suddenly popping out and digging out their golden cores. They didn’t need to worry about the heavenly tribulation. They didn’t need to worry about the CD of their Resurrection Gold Coins.

However, he really wanted to cultivate.

In this virtual world where he couldn’t access the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’, in this world where he couldn’t even practice the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯, he was even more certain of this.

He still wanted to cultivate.

The goal of becoming Wielder of the Will and obtaining eternity felt quite distant.


In that case, should he first become an Immortal?

It was midsummer, and the beauty-loving girls in the Luoxin street area had long gotten dressed in youthful and dazzling attire.

Because it was close to the University Town, most of those who were shopping in the area were young students.

When Song Shuhang leaned back in the chair, he could see a dazzling array of long legs and slim waists…

Then, he found that he had changed a lot.

At the beginning, he remembered that when he sat on a chair to rest, he didn’t pay much attention to the thighs all over the streets. It was because he wasn’t too interested in them—he believed that since men had thighs of their own, what was so interesting about them?

But now, he actually found them rather attractive.


Song Shuhang murmured, “Hmm, have my aesthetics changed?”


Right, at what time did Soft Feather arrive in Luoxin street back then? Song Shuhang thought back.

He remembered that back then, after he finished his morning jog, he went to buy some food to eat.

Then, after about an hour or two, he saw Soft Feather passing by with the crowd in the Luoxin street area.

Afterward, at the entrance of a meat shop, he met her properly.

The encounter between him and Soft Feather could be described in one sentence.

Suddenly looking back, and the person he was looking for was there, amidst waning lights.

Song Shuhang softly said, “In other words, there should be about an hour or two left before then?”

Yesterday, I failed to meet Su Clan’s Sixteen.

Will I be able to meet Soft Feather today?

If the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group existed in this virtual world, then Soft Feather and Su Clan’s Sixteen should exist as well.

But if Su Clan’s Sixteen didn’t transcend her tribulation in the city yesterday, would Soft Feather still go to Luoxin street area today?

That was uncertain.

If the chance of seeing Sixteen yesterday was still 50-50…

Then the chance of him encountering Soft Feather today was probably only about 30% or even less.

“Hmm, I shouldn’t just sit here and wait.” Song Shuhang got up from his chair.

He went to buy breakfast to replenish his energy.

Then, he took the initiative to look around in the ‘Luoxin street area’ as it would be inefficient to just sit and wait.

Although there was more than an hour left before he had met Soft Feather, Soft Feather probably arrived in the ‘Luoxin street area’ ​​ahead of schedule, and took some time to search for the Ghost Lamp Temple.

Song Shuhang circled around the Luoxin street area. He walked slowly in a circle around the meat stall where he met Soft Feather back then.

He set a timer on his phone. If he did not find Soft Feather before the countdown, he would return to the meat stall and wait.


An hour and a half later, Song Shuhang threw the snack bag in his hand into the trash can.

Sure enough, he hadn’t been able to find Soft Feather…

It’s almost time. He took out his phone and glanced at it, and then went to the meat stall.

Since it was the weekend, there were many more pedestrians than usual.

Song Shuhang followed the crowd, moving along without delay.

By his ears, he heard the sound of various conversations among the crowd.

He also seemed to have blended into the snake formed by the flow of people.

Suddenly… Song Shuhang paused.

At the corners of his mouth, a smile appeared involuntarily.

A dozen meters away from him, a tall woman was walking on the street holding a big box.

Long black hair draped down her back, fluttering slightly in the wind as she moved. The proportion of her legs was obviously longer than that of the surrounding crowd, making her extremely conspicuous.

In addition, there was also that youthful and beautiful outfit of hers.

Although it was just a view of her back…

I found you, Soft Feather. Song Shuhang felt happy.

He squeezed through the crowd and walked quickly to where Soft Feather was.

When he was about 10 meters away from her, his brain quickly got to work.

In that case, is Soft Feather the key to breaking the game?

But what am I supposed to say to her?

Soft Feather’s thinking was relatively jumpy. When meeting her for the first time, one would feel that she was polite, cute, and respectful of seniors. However, if you continued to be in contact with her, you’d find yourself unknowingly having been brought into a trap.

While he was in thought, Song Shuhang quickly got close to Soft Feather.

But in his mind, he still hadn’t figured out how to talk to her.

No matter what, I should say hello to her first… Since she has appeared here, then she should be looking for the Ghost Lamp Temple. I have the information she needs, and it would not be a problem to catch up after we start talking, Song Shuhang said in his mind.

Then he squeezed over to Soft Feather’s side. “Yo, hello. Are you looking for…”

Eh? This doesn’t seem right.

Soft Feather’s silhouette turned out to be different from what he imagined.

Not good… I got the wrong person.

The girl with long black hair turned slightly and squinted at Song Shuhang.

She was tall, but looked like a typical Jiangnan beauty.

The corners of her mouth rose in a smile, and she stroked her long hair lightly. “Oh… I remember you. You’re Song Shuhang, right. Did you get bored on the weekend and go out here to meet up with beauties? I didn’t expect you to be the proactive type. I really didn’t see it before.”

Song Shuhang patted his forehead.

At this moment, he really wanted to die.

The woman in front of him was the owner of the bookstore.

The shop owner had always been sitting in the bookstore, holding a book and watching quietly. When she was in the bookstore, she would wrap her long hair behind her head, appearing gentle, graceful, calm, and mature.

Ever since Song Shuhang first graced her bookstore, he had never gotten to see this youthful side of her.

Also, when did your legs grow so long, shop owner?

Okay… Once Song Shuhang recalled carefully, it seemed that every time he went to the bookstore, the shop owner would always be sitting.

“Shop owner, you have misunderstood,” Song Shuhang seriously said. “I mistook you for someone else. I was waiting for a girl, and I mistook you for her.”

“A textbook answer.” The shop owner smiled slightly. “I’ve seen similar answers in many books.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

The shop owner stopped and smiled. “Alright, I won’t make fun of you. Young people are meant to be lively, and there are many beauties in the Luoxin street area. One failure doesn’t mean failure forever. If you cheer yourself up, chances are that you’ll be able to get someone. Young man, don’t be discouraged.”

“Shop owner, your answer is also a textbook answer.” Song Shuhang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Those lines are generally used for someone who is broken-hearted.

The shop owner smiled slightly. She let go of the box, fixed Song Shuhang’s collar over, and then patted him on the shoulder. “You got this!”

Then, she waved her hand and continued to carry the big box away.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples in distress.

Fortunately, this was just a virtual world.

He got up again and looked around in the Luoxin street area.


The sky was getting dark.

Yet, Song Shuhang still could not find Soft Feather.

“As expected…” He sighed slightly, strode out of Luoxin street area, called a taxi, and went directly to the train station.

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