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Chapter 1634: The last ‘princess’ and the funeral boat


At the Dragon Blood Tribe of the Dadamar Forest.

Ever since the ‘sun’ first appeared in the sky of the Black Dragon World, it had already risen a total of three times.

In other words, in the Black Dragon World’s time, three days had passed.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes slowly.

His eyes were bloodshot and full of exhaustion, and his body temperature was low.

He had been unconscious for over three and a half days. This was the longest ‘sleep’ he’d had recently.

“Yo.” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s voice sounded by his ears.

Song Shuhang turned his head and found that Scarlet Heaven Sword was lying by his bedside, watching a movie on his phone—its body was standing upright with its hilt on a pillow. It was clearly a sword, but in its current state, Song Shuhang took it as if it were ‘lying down’.

“Dididi~” At this time, the low battery warning sound rang out from Song Shuhang’s phone.

He then saw Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword flip around flexibly, and place its sword tip on the phone.

“Papapa~” A small arc of electricity shot out from its tip.

The battery of the phone quickly went up… And it was back to full in the blink of an eye.

It was the ‘charging technique’ that Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber had developed!

Well, it was a magical technique that could be learned at the First Stage, after all, so it was normal that Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword could learn it with a glance.

After charging the phone, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword flexibly flipped back, and went back to watching the movie.

The whole process was very smooth and showed great familiarity. It was clear that this was not Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s first time charging the phone.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Why was he getting the impression that Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword was slowly heading towards becoming a ‘waste sword’?

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “You’re finally willing to wake up?”

“Mm-hm, I’m finally up. I slept for… quite a while this time.” Song Shuhang raised his right hand and gently rubbed his eyes.

Afterward, he silently circulated the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯, rousing the energy of the golden cores in his body, and getting spiritual energy to flow through his body, allowing himself to drive away the abnormal state which the excessive sleep had left him in.

His bloodshot eyes recovered, and his body temperature returned to normal.

“For you, this is not a bad thing,” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said slowly. “After sleeping for three and a half days, and taking the time you’ve spent in the Black Dragon World into consideration, the CD of your Resurrection Gold Coin has already gone down by four days.”

“That’s true.” Song Shuhang nodded. At the same time, he drew his left arm cautiously—Li Yinzhu had been sleeping sweetly on his left arm.

After placing Little Yinzhu’s head on a pillow and covering her with a sheet, Song Shuhang sat up.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “What happened while you were unconscious?”

Under normal circumstances, with Song Shuhang being at the Fifth Stage Realm, not to mention him having a Sixth Stage physique, he shouldn’t have been unconscious for so long.

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “While I was unconscious, I finished a ‘Golden Core Composition’. I now have seven small golden cores, with only one lacking a Golden Core Composition.”

The Forever Impregnable Holy City, The World-Ending Holy Sword, The Once Absolute Voice of the Sage of Ancient Times, The Limitless Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, The Star of Creation and Destruction, and the virtuous lamia’s The Connected World.

Of his seven small golden cores, it was only the ancient witch’s divine blood that still did not have a composition.

“…” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.

It really seemed as if Shuhang was racing against time when it came to this matter. When others were out cold, they would be focusing on trying to recover and leaving their ‘unconscious’ state as soon as possible. But Song Shuhang took advantage of the time he was unconscious to draw a Golden Core Composition.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword really wanted to show Song Shuhang a polite smile, but it was a sword, after all, so it couldn’t make such an expression.

“I used quite some time to make the Golden Core Composition, but during that time, I also received some fragmented information.” Song Shuhang rolled over and got off the bed.

He was in a wooden attic at this time, and he went to open a door to the balcony.

Song Shuhang went to the balcony, and looked up at the sun floating above the Black Dragon World.

“That’s me.” Song Shuhang pointed to the ‘sun’ of the Black Dragon World.

“…” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.

You also got some news while you were out cold?

When the sun of the Black Dragon World had risen, Scarlet Heaven Sword had sensed strong energy fluctuations.

The ‘sun’ in the sky was the light emitted by a large amount of energy after exploding. This kind of explosion was not a random explosion, but rather one that accorded to a certain set of rules, and was supported by a large formation. After exploding, the energy turned into a small sun, emitting light and heat.

Due to the long distance, Scarlet Heaven Sword had not observed the structure of the newborn ‘sun’, so it wasn’t clear on how it was able to continue burning.

It estimated that the energy of this little sun was not any less than that of a ‘Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender’.

Moreover, for this ‘little sun’ to maintain its state, it needed to expend a lot of energy at every moment.

At this time, the little sun had been burning for over three days.

“My steel manifestation is in this ‘little sun’, acting as its core,” Song Shuhang said with a stifled heart.

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “Your steel manifestation? Wasn’t it captured by those remote-controlled magical treasures?”

“Yeah, and because of my head working in magical ways, it ended up becoming that little sun together with those ‘magical treasures’.” Song Shuhang sighed.

His eyes looked directly at the little sun.

The sun’s rays did not burn Song Shuhang’s eyes.

Through the blazing light, he could see the steel manifestation deep in the core, slowly rotating while posing as a ‘cross’.

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “What’s the matter with this little sun?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Well, it’s the sun boat funeral ceremony for the last princess of Star Nation.”

During the three days he was unconscious, he had received a lot of fragmented information through his connection with the ‘steel manifestation’.

After he finished piecing everything together, he could roughly understand what was going on with those steel fish.

Scarlet Heaven Sword remarked, “I haven’t heard of any Star Nation.”

After saying that, it flew to Song Shuhang’s side with the phone, and looked at the sun in the sky. “However, a sun boat is something that appears in the myths and legends of many worlds. Your steel manifestation is in that sun boat? As an offering?”

Song Shuhang said, “No… I was treated as a princess.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword turned and looked at Song Shuhang. “Are you joking with me? In what way is your steel manifestation anything like a princess?”

Song Shuhang said, “Well, it was the result of my head working in magical ways.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword replied, “Okay, I understand. Anyway, you’ve done something big… What do we do with your steel manifestation? Do you need me to blast the sun and bring it out?”

It still had a decent amount of energy left in its body. The biggest consumption it had experienced was when it was dealing with the karmic spear of that ‘woman made of flames’.

With the energy it still had left, it should be able to destroy the little sun if it worked together with Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang softly said, “No, not for the time being. Let it stay in the little sun for now. Anyway… it won’t last for much longer.”

The final mission of that lair, along with its countless steel fish, was to welcome its princess and then create a ‘sun boat’ to send her off.

According to the ‘fragmented information’ he had received, they had planned on having the sun boat burn for a total of 500 years.

However, the lair and its steel fish in the sky of the Black Dragon World had collected too little energy. At most, the little sun would shine for 10 days to half a month before burning out.

Song Shuhang had received some messy memories in his unconscious state.

The first was the word ‘Star Nation’, which was obviously the kingdom of that ‘princess’, the steel fish, and the fish’s lair. However, as for where that nation was and when it was from, he had no clue.

But from how everything was for the [last princess]’s sake, it could be taken that Star Nation had already fallen.

The ‘sun boat’ ceremony was a funeral ceremony of Star Nation, but… it was also a means of ‘seeking life in death’.

[When the princess’s life is about to end, she will return.]

The first mission of the steel fish was to build a large lair and continuously collect various kinds of energy. Before the princess returned, they only had one mission, and that was to do their best to collect as much energy as they could.

Their second mission was to welcome the returning princess.

And their final mission was to transform into a sun with the princess and become a sun boat.

The sun boat would follow the trajectory of the world for 500 years.

500 years later, if the princess could come out of the ‘sun boat’, she would regain her youth and become stronger.

If the princess did not come out of the ‘sun boat’, the sun boat would take her body and float deep into space, eventually disappearing.

This kind of ritual sounded as if it were full of mystery.

But in fact, it was not that complicated.

If you were to use a cultivator’s logic for this… then you would end up with something like the following. With the princess’ life coming to an end, she had to close up and use a special ceremony to aid her breakthrough.

The sun boat ceremony should be a ceremony used to increase the success rate of people in seclusion in Star Nation.

If she broke through, the princess would naturally enjoy a rise in strength and an increase in lifespan.

If she failed, she would naturally die…

Based on the scale and energy intensity of the ‘sun boat’ ritual, it could be inferred that the level of the seclusion should be for the ascension from the Eighth to the Ninth Stage. It could also be a step taken towards Immortality from the Ninth Stage.

If things had gone according to the script…

The princess of ‘Star Nation’ left the seeds for a sun boat here as a way out for herself.

If her lifespan was reaching its limit one day, she could come here to go through the sun boat ceremony.

But halfway through, the script seemed to have met with an accident.

The steel fish, which were the seeds for the sun boat, lost contact with their ‘princess’.

It was as if the princess of Star Nation had been erased, leaving nobody with any memory of her.

Other than the clues ‘Star Nation, princess, long hair’, nothing had been left of her…

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