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Chapter 1633: I’m the man who’ll become the king of serial works

Originally, Song Shuhang planned to paint the ‘Heavenly Court Composition’ on the ‘mechanical core reactor’.

But now, he’d gotten a new inspiration.

This composition still had his own ‘self’ as the prototype, and he would start by drawing a character.

This was Song Shuhang’s own style when painting a ‘Golden Core Composition’. This character could have various identities, but they all essentially represented ‘him’.

The golden-armored warrior that stood guard outside the Impregnable Holy City, the man wielding the Holy Sword of the End while facing off against the universe, and the Sage conducting a speech were all essentially the same person.

The figure drawn this time possessed a metallic luster.

In the center of the composition, the steel manifestation was in a cross-like posture.

Afterward, Song Shuhang began to paint a school of steel fish.

He first drew the prototype of a fish.

But while he was painting, another inspiration suddenly emerged in his mind.

A memory.

Last time, when he entered the ‘Virtuous Network’, he met Senior Melon Eater, who had taken him to see a magical treasure that was claimed to be able to ‘destroy stars’.

This treasure possessed an ultrlong-range attack that could obliterate a small mountain with a single shot. As long as there were enough of them that they could blot out the sky and earth, they would even be able to decimate a world.

At that time, the terrifying ‘star-killing magical treasure’ had caused Senior Melon Eater to laugh so much until it peed itself.

However, not mentioning who would even go through with forging so many of these star-killing magical treasures, even if there were indeed that many of them, how much energy would it take to operate them?

According to Sage Monarch Melong Eater, if one wanted to operate a planet-sized, star-killing magical treasure, finding a matching energy core would be the biggest problem.

Theoretically speaking, the small ‘star-killing magical treasure’ could indeed be produced with regards to their energy cores. There were many cultivators who could forge a magical treasure capable of destroying a small mountain with a single shot.

But when the number rose, these star-killing magical treasures would still require energy. They couldn’t just bring their own dry rations, could they?

As for the big shots who could indeed supply the energy needed by so many star-destroying magic weapons… They should be capable of destroying stars on their own, so why would they bother forging so many small magical treasures?

People who could use them could not provide them with the energy they needed.

Those who could provide them with the energy did not need them.

The ‘theoretical’ star-killing magical treasure was in an awkward position, and its actual usefulness was very low.

At this time, Song Shuhang had a strange idea.

In his mind, he recalled the design concepts that Sage Monarch Melon Eater showed him.

The individual ‘star-killing magical treasures’ were at the level of ordinary Fifth Stage magical treasures, and Song Shuhang could understand their forging process and design concepts.

So he tried to merge the ‘star-killing magical treasure’ with the ‘steel fish’ in the Golden Core Composition.

When others composed their Golden Core Compositions, they would carefully consider every step they took for fear that they would make a mistake and regret it for the rest of their lives.

After all… there was no room for regrets when it came to the golden core.

However, when Song Shuhang drew his Golden Core Composition, he was completely devoid of any pressure. His hands simply moved on their own.

His Golden Core Compositions were made in rapid succession, each one drawing from his various experiences.

Moreover, Song Shuhang didn’t worry about making mistakes at all.

He had no distracting thoughts in his heart as he only concentrated on the things he ‘wanted to draw’, turning his inspirations into pictures on the golden core.

This state of mind allowed one to create a Golden Core Composition that best suited oneself as it was a process that gave free rein to one’s will.

Song Shuhang tried to combine the strange fish and the star-killing magical treasures, and the process went smoothly.

They were rather similar in body shape, and were supposed to be in groups. They had many things in common, and there were almost no contradictions between the two.

After a few breaths, the first ‘star-killing fish’ appeared on Song Shuhang’s Golden Core Composition.

Star-killing fish? Fish of destruction? World-destroying fish king?

Forget it, the name should appear on its own when I complete the ‘Golden Core Composition’. There’s no need to think about it now.

The more Song Shuhang drew, the more his emotions flowed.

His fingers danced, leaving illusory lines as they moved.

The star-killing fish were drawn one after the other, neatly and orderly winding around the steel manifestation in the Golden Core Composition, covering it gently.

This scene was the last scene before the steel manifestation was blown up.

Song Shuhang’s fingers moved faster and faster, and the school of star-killing fish was drawn little by little.

After drawing the first ‘inspiration’ that came to his mind, Song Shuhang temporarily stopped painting.

He looked at his ‘core reactor’. The things he drew only occupied about a quarter of the core reactor.

However, the first ‘inspiration’ he wanted to draw had already been drawn.

He didn’t want to draw only ‘star-killing fish’ as that would reduce the quality of the Golden Core Composition.

“Big Brother, you’re awake~ Did you fail?” Suddenly, a voice rang behind Song Shuhang.

It was the virtuous lamia.

She had been destroyed by the spear earlier and was still recovering. At this time, she had only just condensed her head. She was floating in Song Shuhang’s small dantian, watching him paint.

Her line was a line from a song.

“No, this is what I wanted. Everything is under my control.” Song Shuhang smiled slightly.

Everyone else’s Golden Core Composition was a still picture.

However, Song Shuhang had come across much more. His Golden Core Compositions included ‘positive and negative flip pictures’, ‘dynamic pictures’, and ‘Drost effect pictures’.

Therefore, he felt that a Golden Core Composition shouldn’t be monotonous. It could take on many forms.

This time, he wanted to adopt a brand-new style for this Golden Core Composition!

He stretched out his hand, and drew a square frame on the ‘core reactor’, enclosing everything he had just drawn in that ‘frame’.

Under that frame, he continued to draw the second inspiration that emerged in his mind.

Once more, he drew the steel manifestation, as well as the countless star-killing fish and the lair. But this time all the star-killing fish, together with their nest, were exploding.

Song Shuhang had become familiar with exploding scenes.

After all, it wasn’t his first time drawing explosions. He had experience.

After finishing the second ‘inspiration’, Song Shuhang once again picked up the brush, and added a black frame.

The two inspirations occupied exactly half of the ‘core reactor’.

The virtuous lamia had already condensed more than half of her body at this time. She tilted her head and curiously looked at the Golden Core Composition drawn by Shuhang. “A comic?”

It might have been because it was too surprising, or that there weren’t any suitable lines in her “line” database, but she had used her own voice when saying this.

“Yes, a comic,” Song Shuhang said. “Nobody said that one couldn’t just draw a comic-style Golden Core Composition, right? Why does the Golden Core Composition have to be one picture? I’m going to draw four frames today. If my experiment is successful this time, when I start on the composition on my ‘life-bound whale core’, I could even draw an entire series on it. Now, are you afraid?”

“…” Fairy @#%×.

Song Shuhang’s brain had finally broken.

To publish an entire series on a Golden Core Composition was something that only he could think of.

When they were in the midst of creating their Golden Core Compositions, ordinary cultivators would be especially careful, making each stroke with utmost care and consideration. It was especially so for their ‘final stroke’, where many did not even know where to start.

Who was so idle to make it more difficult for themselves, and draw an entire series on their own original dantian?

Song Shuhang continued, “The third inspiration.”

The steel manifestation was still at the center of the picture. This time, what emerged from Song Shuhang’s brush was a rising sun. In the sun, the lair and the countless star-killing fish were faintly visible.

Under the sun, there was a black world. The light of the rising sun shone on the world and brought warmth to it.

Although Song Shuhang’s main body was unconscious and had not personally witnessed the ‘sun’ in the sky of the Black Dragon World, he relied solely on his deduction to construct this image.

This third scene was the state of the Black Dragon World at this time.

He then went on to draw another box.

In this last scene, the style had changed suddenly—this scene was connected to the first painting.

The first, second, and third frame formed a story.

The first and fourth frame formed another story.

With the steel manifestation at the center, countless star-killing fish congregated. They were arranged neatly. They turned in unison, and then released an attack with the cannons on their backs.

Hundreds of millions of lights gathered, attacking a certain part of the void.

The ray of destruction. After a certain number of star-killing fish was reached, the super long-range attack of this school of fish could theoretically destroy a star.

Behind these hundreds of millions of lights, there were numerous lairs. The dense lairs could provide energy for the star-killing fish. The star-killing fish gathered energy from the area around them, and stored it in their lairs.

This was only a rough design, and it also only had theoretical significance, with it being too difficult to implement in reality.

However, Song Shuhang wasn’t really planning on recreating it in reality.

He was only drawing a Golden Core Composition by relying on his impulse and inspiration.

“The last part.” Song Shuhang lifted his finger, and his eyes fell on a blank position in the last part of the ‘Golden Core Composition’.

That was the location where the light gathered.

That was where the ‘enemy to be destroyed’ was supposed to be.

“The finishing touch… Let’s stop here for now.” Song Shuhang finally retracted his finger.

He wasn’t in a hurry to add the finishing touch to his small golden cores.

After all, there was still one small golden core with no composition.

The opportunity had yet to arrive.

“Overall, the composition is complete.” Song Shuhang stopped.

Then, the ‘name’ of the Golden Core Composition appeared in his mind.

It represented a painting of technology and cultivation—Star of Creation and Destruction.

“Hmm, the name is better than I thought.” Song Shuhang squeezed his chin.

The name he thought it would have was ‘The World Destroying Sun of Star-Killing Fish’.

Fairy @#%× blinked.

It turned out that Song Shuhang really succeeded.

In the future, he wasn’t really going to draw a whole series on his ‘life-bound whale core’, right?

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