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Chapter 1632: Yes, yes, yes, I am a princess, look at my long hair!

The weak signal on the opposite side seemed to have gotten stuck. After a while, the signal reconnected with № Tyrannical Tyrant. “№ Tyrannical Tyrant is not a princess?”

The steel manifestation replied, “№ Tyrannical Tyrant is № Tyrannical Tyrant.”

The weak signal said, “Determined as a ‘non-princess’ item. Appraisal result is a recyclable item. Recommending to be transferred to the disassembly workshop for three-step disassembly. The outer shell is to be converted into building materials, the core is to be transferred to the energy core workshop, and the consciousness is to be transferred to the main system to enhance the main system’s calculation speed.”

№ Tyrannical Tyrant froze.

[Reporting, № Tyrannical Tyrant is about to be broken down!] It quickly sent out a distress signal to the main body.

№ Tyrannical Tyrant was in great danger!

But this time, the main body did not reply to it… Because of the extreme pain that had just been shared with him by the clone, his consciousness was out.

The thousands of steel fish slowly swam over, gently rolling up the steel manifestation and moving it just like before.

№ Tyrannical Tyrant struggled, but it was ‘stuck’ and unable to move.

After two breaths…

Song Shuhang’s consciousness shifted to the steel manifestation.

After the ‘core reactor’ became part of Song Shuhang’s small golden core, the connection between the steel manifestation and Song Shuhang had deepened. The depth of their relationship was now second only to the one between Shuhang and his ‘clone’. As long as there was no special barrier that blocked their connection, Song Shuhang’s consciousness could ignore any distance and reach the steel manifestation.

…This function was discovered just now, after Song Shuhang’s main body passed out from extreme pain.

After his consciousness shifted to the steel manifestation, Song Shuhang twisted his neck and made an abnormal sound, creaking twice. Subsequently, the steel manifestation changed from the ‘immortal boat form’ to its ‘human form’.

Along with this change, the steel fish that were engulfing its body stopped.

They could sense the changes in the ‘steel manifestation’.

Immediately afterward, the weak signal connected to Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation again.

In Song Shuhang’s consciousness, a ‘signal link’ had appeared.

Then, a voice sounded in Song Shuhang’s consciousness. “Excuse me, are you a princess?”

Song Shuhang replied, “No, I’m a man.”

The voice said, “Determined as a ‘male’, a ‘non-princess’ item. Continuing to perform the three-step disassembly procedure.”

“!!!” Song Shuhang.


Just because I am not a ‘princess’, the steel manifestation is going to be disassembled?

How sexist!

“No, wait,” Song Shuhang quickly compromised. “Alright, I’m a princess!”

He decided to buy some time first.

Anyway, there weren’t any outsiders here, and nobody would see how he compromised.

The voice continued, “Ding~ Task modified, target has been determined to possess ‘princess’ identity. First, checking hair length. Ding~ Judged as fail, target’s hair length is short, fails to meet the ‘princess system’ status. Ding~ Transferring to [three-step disassembly] process.”


Which dumbass stipulated that a princess has to have long hair? Can’t there be a princess with cute and short hair? Long hair is beautiful, but short hair has its own pros, okay?

“Wait! My hair can grow.” Song Shuhang felt so tired. “Let me recover some energy first. I can make my hair grow back.”

“Permitted, please wait a moment.” That voice was unexpectedly reasonable.

The strange fish that surrounded Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation slowly dispersed. Finally, two of them attached themselves to the steel manifestation, giving it a stream of pure energy.

The strange fish were not only able to take away energy, but also give it.

After getting this energy… should I activate the ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’ to escape? Song Shuhang silently thought to himself.

No, it won’t work.

The Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’s range was only 500 meters, and the steel manifestation couldn’t run without energy afterward. It would still end up in the hands of these strange fishes.

So, he could only try something out.

It was time for Senior Creation’s ‘hair growing technique’ to shine.

It was just that he had no idea whether or not the hair growing technique would work on the steel manifestation.

Theoretically speaking, the hair growing technique focused on stimulating hair and making it grow.

However, the steel manifestation did not have a fleshly body.

He was at a dead end, so he could only give it a try and hope for the best.

It was best if he succeeded, because if he failed… the steel manifestation would be torn down, destined to have no more fate with him. It really felt as if he was destined to be unable to possess a chat group clone.

“Hair growing technique!” Song Shuhang activated the magical technique.

In the next moment, black hair quickly grew out on the steel manifestation’s head.

The steel manifestation was created using Song Shuhang’s main body as the template, so its hair was short and made of steel.

But now, long, human-like black hair covered the short steel hair, growing until reaching his waist.

The black hair was long and bright.

Song Shuhang swung his head.

The ‘hair growing technique’ was really great; it never disappointed when it came to growing long hair.

The voice softly said, “Redetermining identity. Ding~ Successful, hair length is up to the standard. Welcome back, Princess. We have been here waiting for your return.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

That’s it?

There are no other procedures to determine one’s identity? No DNA testing or something like that?

What the hell is up with only checking the hair length?

Are you really looking for a princess?

Ever since this group of remote-controlled magical treasures appeared in the Black Dragon World, have they not encountered a single long-haired girl?

It was a miracle that no one had duped them yet!

At this time, the gentle voice continued, “Confirmed to have found the princess, mission complete.”

At the next moment, all the steel fish in the lair swam back, wrapping around Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation.

“???” Song Shuhang.

“Long live the Star Nation.” That gentle voice continued to sound in the ears of Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation.

In the next moment, a violent explosion engulfed the ‘steel manifestation’.

The enormous energy accumulated in the lair had detonated.

[The final mission… Confirmed to be completed. Princess… may you rest in peace… may you have a longer sleep.] An intermittent voice sounded in the steel manifestation’s ears.

Song Shuhang’s heart felt very tired.

He now understood that the final ‘mission’ of these damned things was to retrieve the princess, and then give her a magnificent explosion to send her to heaven.

Just what is the grudge between you and your princess?

Could it be that from beginning to end, these steel monster fish hadn’t been looking for their princess seriously? And they just wanted to find a ‘princess’ that met their criteria, and complete their final mission?

In the rumbling explosion, neither the steel manifestation nor the 10-armed statue were spared.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness was kicked out of the ‘steel manifestation’.

“In addition to the steel manifestation, my ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’ is also at the center of the explosion.” Song Shuhang felt his heart ache when he thought of this.

That was a Ninth Stage magical treasure, and it was also a precious item with spatial abilities.

He could only hope that it wouldn’t get destroyed…

Otherwise, the losses he suffered would be really heavy.

Today, the people of the Black Dragon World saw one of those legendary ‘stars’ for the first time.

The light shining in the sky spilled down to the entire Black Dragon World, dispelling the shadow of the evil energy.

The light was so warm, and the people of the Black Dragon World involuntarily looked up to the sky, reluctant to move their eyes away even if they were hurting.

They involuntarily stretched out their hands to welcome the light of the legendary ‘sun’.

It was completely different from the light brought by the ‘protective layer’ of the Black Dragon World. This light gave off a feeling of blazing heat. When it shone on their skin, it felt warm, just as if their whole body was being filled with power.

In some places where the defenses of the Black Dragon World had been breached, the evil beasts and zombies that had sneaked into the various ‘small dragon scale worlds’ felt uncomfortable. They liked the darkness, and hated this dazzling light.

In the Blood Dragon Tribe in the Dadamar Forest.

The old tribal chief woke up.

Previously… when the people around him saw him fall unconscious, they hurriedly cast a healing technique to save him.

The old tribal chief opened his eyes in a daze. At the next moment, he saw the warm sunshine. As soon as he looked up, he saw the sun hanging high up in the sky.

“Ah!” The old patriarch let out a surprised cry, and he tremblingly stretched out his hand. “This… Is this the light of a star? Yes, it is exactly the same as the stars recorded in legends. It’s just like the light of those Saints when I first peered into the Dragon Network.

“If this is the light of a star, then am I going to enter the Dragon God’s Kingdom now?” the old tribal chief murmured. “My biggest regret in life is that I have seen several geniuses fall, not having the ability to help them. I wanted to contribute more to my tribe and the Black Dragon World, but I didn’t expect to leave the world before being able to do so and enter the Dragon God’s Kingdom. Ah… I’m too old already.”

According to the Dragon Blood Clan’s records, they were descendants of the Dragon God, and they would enter its kingdom under the guidance of the ‘light of a star’ after death.

“What follows is the era of the youth. Although I’m very unwilling… it’s all over for me.” The old tribal chief stood up tremblingly, basking in the light of the sun and spreading his arms out wide. “Receive my soul, your highness Dragon God!”

Around him, the other members of the Dragon Blood Tribe could only blink as they watched their old tribal chief perform a one-man show.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness returned to his own body.

However, he didn’t wake up immediately.

His consciousness had now entered the ‘core reactor’ located in his small dantian.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and touched the core reactor; countless transparent energy lines emerged from it.

These lines could be used as the paint for the Golden Core Composition.

“The Golden Core Composition…” Song Shuhang reached out and touched the core reactor lightly.

An impulse had appeared in his heart, and he was eager to portray it.

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